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  1. I’m not firmiliar with that turkey zone but njdep has a list of public turkey hunting land on their website and it’s listed by zone. So you can see specifically what is in zone six. Pick two or three pieces go real early in the morning and listen for birds before season. As the sun starts to rise drive around fields looking for birds. Once you find birds half the job is done. Good luck.
  2. My money is on the white walkers winning and killing everyone. Complete twist like the show usually does
  3. Pride of America right there.
  4. I brine them in water with some peppers and onions. then shred it. makes perfect turkey sandwiches for a couple of days.
  5. starting to heat up been following a flock the past couple weekends. about 10 gobblers in this one flock. all gobbling on roost and some shock gobbles early morning. have them patterned down pretty good right now but that could all change come my time to hunt.
  6. that's why I shop at Cabela's and wear wrangler.
  7. Just read this and about to post it. It’s a shame what people do over a set of antlers. Guy was just a sore loser because he couldn’t get an arrow in the deer first. It’s sad.
  8. Nope best time of the year to scout. I have a lot of public still left to scout.
  9. aren't they also supposed to keep some standing crops for the wildlife also? WMAs that I have been hunting have been completely cut or have a minimal amount of standing beans.
  10. That’s why I bought a Toyota. The in laws bought a brand new Chevy and a Cadillac and they have had nothing but issues with them. I had a Chevy for only two years and I could not stand it and had to get rid of it. Wife had a Chevy that was possessed and constantly broke down. Never buying a Chevy ever again.
  11. probably saw a bigger buck, killed it and left that one.
  12. When I worked there ammunition outsold every other department by a long shot. Shame.
  13. I'm no master pheasant hunter and barely hunt them anymore but over the past three years I have heard less and less shots being fired on opening day and thanksgiving. I too used to limit out all the time now I'm lucky to see one.
  14. Word of advice get your wife bowhunting. My time in the field doubled when she wanted to start bowhunting
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