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  1. ThatsABingo

    Not A GoodNight For Chevy

    That’s why I bought a Toyota. The in laws bought a brand new Chevy and a Cadillac and they have had nothing but issues with them. I had a Chevy for only two years and I could not stand it and had to get rid of it. Wife had a Chevy that was possessed and constantly broke down. Never buying a Chevy ever again.
  2. ThatsABingo

    7 Pointer found dead and gutted

    probably saw a bigger buck, killed it and left that one.
  3. When I worked there ammunition outsold every other department by a long shot. Shame.
  4. ThatsABingo

    Fish & Game is sucking big time on stocking

    I'm no master pheasant hunter and barely hunt them anymore but over the past three years I have heard less and less shots being fired on opening day and thanksgiving. I too used to limit out all the time now I'm lucky to see one.
  5. ThatsABingo

    How many days do you Hunt?

    Its a double edged sword lol
  6. ThatsABingo

    How many days do you Hunt?

    Word of advice get your wife bowhunting. My time in the field doubled when she wanted to start bowhunting
  7. ThatsABingo

    How many days do you Hunt?

    At least twice every weekend Sept.- end of Nov. Two weeks straight in late Oct./early Nov. Barely any in Dec. because of work. Then atleast once every weekend in winter bow.
  8. ThatsABingo

    Treestands and hunting clothes F/S

    Climber and hang on have been sold.
  9. ThatsABingo

    How often do you gamble on marginal winds?

    Think of wind like water flowing down a stream. It bumps and changes directions as it floats through the woods. So yes according to the weatherman it may say it’s blowing directly into a bedding area or trail you expect deer to come from but things like trees, creeks, and hills will change the direction of the wind and sometimes make it do a 180. The tough part of this is you never know until you are in the stand and drop milkweed. So you’ll have to either figure it out when you scout or set up in different trees until you find the right one that flows your scent how you want it to.
  10. ThatsABingo

    NJ rut activity

    had the biggest buck of the season hardcore chasing some does at 70 yards. 120 in eight point. The does were all herded up. Saw 12 come out of one bedding area. Oh yeah and this was all on public lol
  11. ThatsABingo

    Treestands and hunting clothes F/S

    Ladder stand and extensions are sold
  12. ThatsABingo

    Treestands and hunting clothes F/S

    The ladder is one man. Location is East Brunswick, Middlesex County
  13. ThatsABingo

    Treestands and hunting clothes F/S

    Readhead (Bass Pro) Bibs and Jacket XXL $50 Comfort Zone hang on (never used kept in garage) $25 SOLD Comfort Zone 16ft ladder stand (never used but stored out doors) never used stability straps included $40 SOLD Comfort Zone 5ft? ladder extensions $20 a piece SOLD Summit Viper Classic climber (used under 10x) $100 SOLD Location: East Brunswick, Middlesex County
  14. ThatsABingo

    Feral Cats

    Definitely have seen an increase. They are crawling all over the public I hunt. I wonder if they’ll affect the pheasant that get stocked.
  15. ThatsABingo

    You are high if you are hunting in this crap

    I took off today to hunt this AM saw chance of thunderstorms from about 3am to 8am decided to play it safe and not be in a steel tree stand 20ft off the ground when there is a possibility of lightning, Im pissed I waisted the morning but I would rather be safe and there is always this afternoon. Rut is just starting there will be plenty more opportunities.