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  1. ThatsABingo

    Treestands and hunting clothes F/S

    Ladder stand and extensions are sold
  2. ThatsABingo

    Treestands and hunting clothes F/S

    The ladder is one man. Location is East Brunswick, Middlesex County
  3. ThatsABingo

    Treestands and hunting clothes F/S

    Readhead (Bass Pro) Bibs and Jacket XXL $50 Comfort Zone hang on (never used kept in garage) $25 Comfort Zone 16ft ladder stand (never used but stored out doors) never used stability straps included $40 SOLD Comfort Zone 5ft? ladder extensions $20 a piece SOLD Summit Viper Classic climber (used under 10x) $100 Location: East Brunswick, Middlesex County
  4. ThatsABingo

    Feral Cats

    Definitely have seen an increase. They are crawling all over the public I hunt. I wonder if they’ll affect the pheasant that get stocked.
  5. ThatsABingo

    You are high if you are hunting in this crap

    I took off today to hunt this AM saw chance of thunderstorms from about 3am to 8am decided to play it safe and not be in a steel tree stand 20ft off the ground when there is a possibility of lightning, Im pissed I waisted the morning but I would rather be safe and there is always this afternoon. Rut is just starting there will be plenty more opportunities.
  6. ThatsABingo

    Safety Harnesses?

    I use an older HSS Pro series harness. It's definitely one of the bulkier vest style harnesses but I don't use any packs when I hunt so having all those pockets to stuff works perfect for me. Not sure if this helps but just something to consider.
  7. ThatsABingo

    10/29 pm hunt

    Public land. Sitting on a real tight pinch point. Lots of rubs on way in. Wind is almost perfect but has an occasional swirl. Feeling pretty good about this spot today.
  8. ThatsABingo

    Scent control lol

    Scent control...... the biggest scam in hunting history.
  9. ThatsABingo

    10/29 check-in

    Woods were dead this AM. High winds, got down early around 9 did some scouting got a good idea of where I wanna go this afternoon.
  10. ThatsABingo

    Yay or Nay?

    Yay. Dilly dilly!
  11. Anyone have a lone wolf or xop set up the are looking to get rid of? I have multiple climbers and a ladder stand I could possibly trade? PM me if ya do.
  12. ThatsABingo

    10/13/18 afternoon check in

    Me and the wife went in blind to an area of public I never had the time to scout in the off season. Still hunted/scouted our way towards the back of the piece until we found fresh sign. Saw six deer total while scouting. Found a cluster of rubs 20 yards off a hay field. The wife is still getting used to the climber so had a noisy set up but didn't effect deer movement. Saw 5 does and a spike all within 30 yards from where we were set up but not what my wife and I were looking for.
  13. ThatsABingo

    10/13/18 AM check in

    Mine made pancakes
  14. ThatsABingo

    10/13/18 AM check in

    Sat only till 8 and got soaked still hunted/scouted my way back to the truck. Got within 30 yards of some bedded does but they knew something was up and jetted. That’s spot is a dead zone so probably done with it for this year. No good/recent buck sign.
  15. ThatsABingo

    First Experience at Assunpink

    the key to any public is to just find an area no one else is hunting. Even if you feel like an idiot for hunting there. There are times I’m hunting so close to my truck I can hit it with an arrow but I see deer. Like others said there are so many abandoned stands on these lands. But if you do see a bunch of stands it’s a good sign not to hunt there.