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  1. ThatsABingo

    Would you rather.........

    couple inches from the shoulder. go for the double lung. if I am an inch off in any direction its still a kill shot.
  2. ThatsABingo

    9 /15 afternoon hunt check in

    In the tree. Wind is the opposite direction than forecasted.... pissed. Going to try and hold it out still have one direction they may come from that my wind isn’t blowing.
  3. Didn’t that happen a couple years ago and the guy who shot the dog got in big trouble. I’m a ups driver so I’m used to fending off dogs attacking me lol
  4. ThatsABingo

    Coyotes are back

    hear them howling away this morning.
  5. This morning I had a real slow but nice hunt. Only second sit of the season still looking to get my EAB doe. Saw a nice basket rack eight at about 50 yards. I was planning to sit until about 10 but around 8:30 I heard a woman screaming at the top of her lungs "Good boy! Here boy! Come back!"on repeat for 15 min straight. With all that noise I figured I might as well cut my losses cause I haven't seen much since the one buck. I pack all my stuff up and start walking out and do a little scouting. About half way back to the truck I see a ginormous German Sheppard coming out of the treeline charging right at me barking and teeth out. I had to stick my bow out in its face to keep it away from me and it keeps trying to get at me. Then I see the owner sprinting down the path screaming "no back! get over here! stop!" she finally gets the dog to get away and eventually puts a collar on it and walks away without even acknowledging me. Got to love the crazy to hunt public.
  6. ThatsABingo

    The Secret Life of Whitetails documentary

    Thanks for the share my wife and I love the nature documentaries. Will watch tonight.
  7. ThatsABingo

    Hunting in cattails

    Where those small trees are there is probably a buck bed. The little bit of raised ground keeps him dry. The does will probably be at the transition line where the cattails meet the hard woods. If you walked that transition line I’m sure you’d see a lot of deer sign. Then just follow the trail in to the cat tails to find out exactly where he is bedding. If there are no trees to set up in I would find a scrape or rub that is actively being used on the transition line and set up over that with an off set wind. I don’t hunt many cattails because there are not a lot by me but this is what I’d try.
  8. ThatsABingo

    I got a rock

    All I got is a rock too! Hunted a good spot wind was perfect and snuck in there perfect but guess what the deer were all on the other side of the field 100 yards from the parking lot!
  9. ThatsABingo


    I feel like they leave a lot of stuff "open for interpretation" so the wardens can use discretion or pick and choose how to enforce the law.
  10. ThatsABingo


    looks like a neck shot with a rage.
  11. ThatsABingo

    Which head are you shooting?

    Slicktrick raptortrick 100gr they flew perfect.
  12. ThatsABingo

    Good Luck to All

    Do you prefer us to call you before dropping off? Or just filling out the paperwork and throwing the deer in the freezer when we get there?
  13. ThatsABingo

    Fart or not to fart

    Fart away! Last year I had doe constantly fart for over five min. while eating some browse. I swear you could have probably heard it from over 100 yards away. I was cracking up the whole time and the doe was feeding only 30 yards away from me.
  14. ThatsABingo

    Which are you using on the opener?

    Compound. Debating whether to go morning and afternoon or get some stuff done in the morning and just hunt the afternoon when I'll have the best chance...
  15. ThatsABingo


    Pee out the stand. Tests show our piss is no different than any other animal scent wise. I only worry about the noise it makes.