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  1. Bring a small cooler to take some.home...
  2. Have some extra frozen elk burger...yes 3blade..some just for you. Couple frozen steaks as well. How well they'll be frozen by the the time I arrive. ..
  3. Anyone Not from Sussex county would know it's not a playhouse.....It's an URBAN TREE STAND...geeeeeez you Sussex county boys are funny...
  4. The time only accelerates more each year. Enjoy!!
  5. That Kansas moonshine is no Boonsfarm sissy sauce
  6. Maybe back off the hooch a little, even if it is just wine....
  7. John...your just a fluke catching machine....
  8. We all can't look like you....
  9. Are normal people going to be able to handle the Rusty hatchets??
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