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  1. Federal law...states in the eastern flyway. MD was 1 bird this past season. Has nothing to do with resident birds.
  2. It's the Lesser Canadian that's really having a problem... Though there appears to be a lot of birds...honestly the past few years the numbers have dropped dramatically. Since one can't distinguish between species it hurts all.
  3. Happy Birthday Jay!
  4. I will add for those that don't know...I now live in PA.
  5. Scary thing is..he's 6-2 and was 210lb playing lacrosse at UDel...now 185lbs..no strength loss...he can hump a mtn...heck..he packed out his own elk this past fall. That's my boy!
  6. For me personally...NO. My son went out this past Saturday afternoon...while I slaved doing honey do list stuff.. He fly fished a stream...catch and release...hammered them...yeah, I'm done with the put and take thing.
  7. If her major happens to be engineering, my son is a ambassador for UDel and will help with any questions. He chose UDEL over RPI for several reasons...can honestly say he is not looking back. Best of luck to your daughter!
  8. As a side note.... just remember that Friday night is for UDel...Saturday night is for her...
  9. Congrats! She will not only enjoy her time at U Delaware but will receive a good education. They have a high grad job placement after graduation. What's her major?
  10. Look great Jay! Hen shovler and gadwall, 2 ducks you don't see mounted often. Beautiful plumage. Greenwing teal...speaks for itself.
  11. 3 gallons of mix....how much damage can you do? A WHOLE LOT!!! That's going to be a bit of chain touch up. I remember back in my tree days with 1 gal, stihl 84 with a 4 and 5ft bar...oh the damage! Am so jealous Rusty! Enjoy the day everyone!
  12. How high does your drone fly?
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