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  1. Trophy8


    If your serious about WT...jump on it. Personally I would jump on the opportunity, but with elk hunt and mulie hunt in 2020 I can't swing it. 20121...yeah I'm in
  2. Trophy8

    The boys are getting fired up....

    Nothing more than increase in hormones..just like pre rut....
  3. Trophy8

    Newbie decoy spread question .

    And it won't matter if you have 1500 decoys out.....cause all those birds will say...
  4. Trophy8

    Through the eyes of snowflakes

    truth is tough
  5. Trophy8

    Newbie decoy spread question .

    Nice job! Snows are funny birds....pick he wrong field and all you do is watch....even if the field is next to the one your in.
  6. Trophy8

    Anyone Bored Yet?

    Glad the season is over, time to shift gears. Training for solo elk hunt in Colorado, practice certain calls. 3D season is always fun, plus I enjoy being able to get outside and shoot, try some new arrow combinations etc. Researching travel plans for Sept hunt. May even bow hunt turkey this spring...might be moving is a real possibility....I've got enough to keep me busy....and lets not forget all the day dreaming.
  7. ..... Part of the conspiracy John??
  8. Trophy8

    How was your year? - Deer Hunting

    Looks like many of you had a great season in one way or another......some great looking deer. No deer for me this year by choice. Played cat and mouse with a few bucks, just couldn't put it together. Already planing for the fall.
  9. Trophy8

    2/17/19 trap check

    X2....you want some coyote or fox...let me.know Know of a black and a blonde yote
  10. Trophy8

    Wood splitting / firepit party - MARCH 9th

    Just for the record. ..I'm only bringing elk burgers if Louis plays nice And I have a feeling LTH altered the pics of.what was left in freezer. ..still feeling conspiracy theory. ..
  11. Trophy8

    Wood splitting / firepit party - MARCH 9th

    I'm sensing some type of conspiracy....
  12. Trophy8

    Corned moose

    Ok...I'm hungry
  13. Trophy8

    Wood splitting / firepit party - MARCH 9th

    I will bring some elk burgers.....I don't won't to hear it from Lou
  14. Trophy8

    Cool bobcat pics

    Neat pic!
  15. Trophy8

    Now I've seen it all!! TSS

    Yup and the 30" full Rem 870 still can do it...