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  1. Trophy8

    Bait free bow bucks- let's see them!

    Can't ever recall shooting a good buck over bait....have pics at night, but very rare during shooting hours. Some great bucks have been posted.
  2. Trophy8

    Bait free bow bucks- let's see them!

    Ah...yeah... Sometimes it better to be lucky than good....lol
  3. Trophy8

    Denali Vacation

    Have a great time...Hope you both enjoy!
  4. Trophy8

    Bait free bow bucks- let's see them!

    Todd's a show off..... We need to talk....
  5. Trophy8

    Removable antler

    Like it....it's probably the best way for an elk mount
  6. Looks good....congrats on a fine deer!
  7. Trophy8

    Single or Both Eyes Open to Shoot

    Both eyes open...if you have to shoot with one eye closed....something isn't right or one needs some lessons.
  8. Trophy8

    What's your weakness??

  9. Trophy8

    What's your weakness??

    Rum and coke....
  10. Trophy8

    First cam check

    Some good looking bucks!
  11. Trophy8

    Buck Hill Brewery/ W&W meet up

    I'm out...have to be up at 5:30 Besides, I only drink warm milk at night....before bed.
  12. Trophy8

    Groundhogs come out at night

    Beaver....head and body shape give it away
  13. Trophy8

    Call me gay...

    I'd be staring at that pic too....Good luck with him!
  14. Trophy8

    One really cool squirrel!

    That's pretty neat for sure!