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  1. Trophy8

    Are you afraid? Be afraid.

    Yeah..shaking in my boots
  2. Trophy8

    She's here

  3. Trophy8

    GUILT OVERLOAD - I have a confession!

    Next time pay more attention to cooking the meat instead of the other things you apparently were doing....
  4. Trophy8

    GUILT OVERLOAD - I have a confession!

    Jack.....All good points for your dating profile. And you ask , where do I go from here?.....oh the issues
  5. Sort of...have access to 4k ranch. Hunting on our own tho...get to stay in motel...no more ground sleeping for me
  6. Trophy8

    Rare Fish ( For Me)

    Great day! Delaware holds a lot of surprises. I'll be heading up Tuesday, not sure at this point if its AM or PM.
  7. Trophy8

    First catch with my own fly

    Always fun to catch with home made flys...very much addicting to.make flys. ..congrats!
  8. Trophy8

    Shad fishing tomorrow?

    Yeah...that too. . The last fish was well.past the 5lb mark...no.state record but I'm guessing 7lb range
  9. Trophy8

    Shad fishing tomorrow?

    Back home.now, wind and rain moved in. First spot was a pick on silver spoon...not for me, but the other 4 guys caught about 6. Decide to move to another location, while driving Jack sends a text....where to try...I was already going. 2nd spot apparently was hot up until 8-8:30...then became a pick. Jack sent me another text with a tip....long story short...I caught 2 and lost a beast, he bent the hook....aghhhh. But fun morning. ..thanks to Jack. I know its.worthless without pics...the small shad is.all I got
  10. Trophy8

    Shad fishing tomorrow?

    Thanks guys....hope to be there by 7am....will report back.
  11. Trophy8

    DIY Colorado Archery Elk

    Farmingdales....approach your trip as a experience, if one of you get an elk, great but take it in stride. Elk will be where you find them. Might be 1/2 mile from camp or 5 miles from camp. Personally, I've never had a shot at an elk past 35yds. ...if hunting timber you just don't get shots at long distance. This year my son and I happen to have access to a 4k ranch....will be get an elk...maybe, but won't know until sept.
  12. Trophy8

    Velvet mount

    nice job
  13. Trophy8

    DIY Colorado Archery Elk

    How about incorporating some swimming into your program? Low stress on the joints, great cardio.