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  1. Best post on NJWW this year! Fantastic!
  2. Happy Birthday Jack!
  3. 2019-2020 Digest Feral Hogs With the ongoing presence of feral hogs in the Gloucester County area, New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife will allow deer hunters in Deer Management Zones 25 and 65 to hunt feral hogs during the regular deer seasons. Feral hogs must be checked. Hunters who harvest a feral hog must call (908) 735-6938 to schedule a time to check in the hog.
  4. Interesting pic (s)...so now we add fox to the list with coyotes and bears as fawn killers....they don't stand a chance
  5. Milk snake...both the head shape and markings are different than either a black racer or water snake
  6. With the track light on it..very distinguished looking...Looks great. Room has changed many.times since we met...just think...there was a.person who didn't like them...lol
  7. At 6-9 450lbs...he can lift what ever he wants...lol
  8. Trophy8


    Maybe pork roll...but not Taylor ham... You folk have to get with the program. ..
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