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  1. I was thinking skunk. ..
  2. The guy has no class....but he suckered a lot of people. Lots of cheap flights to FL....if that's where he really is.
  3. This appropriate.....
  4. Is that at the doughnut shop??
  5. I just couldn't let this go...way to easy. Couple of our own here on NJWW...
  6. Meal looks good! Where's the fruit in the wine?....I only ask, as it looks kinda of Yuppi...
  7. When you are issued the Hunter Safety Card......it now has your CID number on it.
  8. Kind of feel sorry for the Bunny....he's going to log in expecting all kinds of good stuff.....only to find out he's been trashed....can't wait....his responses could be of epic proportion....
  9. Looks like you had a great day! Sorry I missed it.
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