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  1. Exciting. ..tomorrow is another day
  2. That holds true more so on quartering shots .
  3. Broadside shot....Pin goes right on top of the elbow...hit the spot you take out top of the heart, hit 6-7 inches higher and you still have lung
  4. Hope someone scores tonight! Tomorrow pm sit should be good with falling temps in pm
  5. Any athletic sleeve would work as well.
  6. Rogers, Lancaster Archery, Midway It really depends on what I'm looking for
  7. Solid buck, Congrats!
  8. Good luck everyone, cooler temps should help with activity. Yesterday the young bucks were battling each other, some battles got down right nasty
  9. Agree, most often one is behind. I was told by a eastern shore duck hunter years ago to remember the 3 B's when pass shooting. Butt, Beak, Bang!
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