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  1. It's the glare off the top.....wear a hat
  2. Just as I got on stand, doe and 2 fawns came by. ..west wind, dryer conditions. ..should be some movement
  3. Good thoughts bring good rewards. Congrats!
  4. Oh My! Nothing but dinks....
  5. Great looking bucks! Good luck with them!
  6. Sit out EAB? Ok...So I have a Drop Tine buck as a target, other hunters around me, buck is still showing on camera.....skip EAB and start hunting in Oct.....Not a chance....IMO if you have a target you hunt it, after all it might take months to get the shot.
  7. Don't buy into moon thing fully. There was a changing weather pattern. Friday was cool, winds shifted...humidity climbed yesterday. Today tho warmer, winds from the w/sw...little dryer. Think PM sit could prove interesting. ..deer aren't always moving later....days are getting shorter at a fast clip.
  8. You can't hunt Zone 5...only Jack is allowed. .
  9. Good stuff...best of luck this season.
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