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  1. I thought the pic of Lou and Rusty in the pool was good.....still trying to figure out who was the wife....
  2. Trophy8

    Ohio Crossbow Buck

    I'd quit if I shot one like that....Wow
  3. Trophy8

    Best STEAK?

    Hope you enjoy, WT will never taste the same... Have some sitting overnight..trying some Applewood rub...smells good.
  4. I think next year, we have to get Todd a Special Gift....seeing that someone took Todd's prize first thing with maliciousness intent.
  5. Great turn out last night!! Thanks to all that helped put it together!
  6. Trophy8

    LittleM shot a bear

  7. Well I'm just waiting at the bar....little early
  8. Trophy8

    Train Track Timberdooles

    Great pic....puppy looks happy!
  9. Every gun and load will be different, trying a new load, why not? For me, Hornady SST shoot best. Use what's most accurate.
  10. Hunting the stand with better wind was the right thing to do....LOU.....
  11. Just a side note....anyone attending from the "pork role"part of the sate....On the menu it's listed as "Taylor Ham"...
  12. Trophy8

    Big Monmouth County 10 point

    Stud! Congrats!
  13. Todd....don't let the guys try and manipulate you. Simple solution, you know I'll be there early to beat the traffic, so just buy me a drink, then you can leave early....obligation met.
  14. Trophy8

    For the Wood Guys.....

    But it's fun to watch them try....