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  1. Trophy8

    10/20 AM CHeck In

    Nothing but a BB and his sister.....I'm out. Different spot tonight.
  2. Trophy8

    The Walpack Inn-No longer hunter friendly

    Where did you obtain the info?
  3. Trophy8

    10/20 AM CHeck In

    In z9....
  4. Trophy8

    welp this guy is screwed

    As long as you haven't bought a permit before the season starts. ...you can purchase a buck tag when you buy the permit. If you purchase a permit before the season but no buck tag....once the season starts you cannot purchase a buck tag. You cannot just purchase a buck tag without first purchasing a permit. ...the system will not allow it.
  5. Trophy8

    9 Pter Down

    Good lookingbuck. ..Congrats
  6. Trophy8

    Big public land buck down!

    Great buck...Congrats!
  7. Trophy8

    What would you do with it??

  8. Trophy8

    few bucks from trail cameras

    Now your talking...hope you can shoot one.of them.
  9. Trophy8

    welp this guy is screwed

    Doesn't matter fall bow or permit bow...1 buck is allowwd
  10. Trophy8

    welp this guy is screwed

    You can only purchase 1 permit buck tag...BUT only after you have bought a zone permit..the buck tag is not zone specific as is the permit
  11. Trophy8

    10/19/18 CHECK IN-Afternoon Time

    Ok...so stay off the phone..be ready....that crunching sound could be him...I'm feeling it this morning. ..good buck will show!
  12. Trophy8

    welp this guy is screwed

    And some wonder what the difference is between taylor ham and porkroll.....
  13. Sometimes its the best way....Good luck....Hope the big one stops by at 20yds!
  14. Nice time tonight! Hey Lou...don't forget the face paint tomorrow while hunting in the blind. Todd...make sure the coffee maker is working in the blind....going to be chilly...