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  1. Little late, but consider a 260. Less recoil and plenty energy. 7mm-08 would be another choice.
  2. Agree not a woody and probably a ringneck. A little tip for you to identifying puddle duck vs divers....when flying a divers wings will be set back further on the bird, almost appear as there on the vary rear of the body. Puddle ducks are more centered. Good shooting!
  3. A lot has to do with not enough skin to get around 5-6" bases
  4. Maybe so, but with an older deer, any good taxidermist wouldn't use a doe
  5. No...not enough space for antlers. I'm in PA now, taxidermist I'm using has capes...if you get into a pinch I'm sure he could help you.
  6. Stud for sure..congrats!
  7. Awesome buck...Congrats!
  8. Totally disagree that a crossbow increases chance of penetration. ...there is nothing but skin to go.thru which.allows the arrow to.drive into the vitals. Think of the soft spot below the Adams apple....that's the spot you want to hit...deer, elk etc...Doesn't matter.
  9. Great buck...congrats!
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