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  1. midwestxpress

    Snow sucks

    I'll bet no snow or ice in Belmar
  2. midwestxpress

    No deer.

    I find this time of year the deer don't bed far from a food source. They may be close enough that you are booting them on your way in to the spot and you don't realize it. They are as lazy as the day is long.
  3. midwestxpress


    I learned you have way too many good farms in way too many good areas.
  4. midwestxpress

    Shooting smoke

    crossguns are getting ridiculous price wise.
  5. midwestxpress

    How about those Cowboys!!!

    Jerry Jones son in laws are probably rubbing his nuts as he sits and cries over his play makers not making plays. My season is now complete!
  6. midwestxpress

    Your Choice for President !

    Turkey Wing
  7. midwestxpress

    Still hunting

    Yup, favorite time of year to bowhunt.
  8. midwestxpress


    Its Trumps fault
  9. midwestxpress

    Jet Sled?

    Never used one, is it better than using something with wheels?
  10. midwestxpress

    Carson Wentz...giving some back

    Everything I've read or seen about this guy just really shows what a stand up guy he is. The story of him wearing the Dutch Destroyers bracelet really got me.
  11. midwestxpress

    Expensive deer

    Their parents must be proud. The killing then dumping is what pisses me off.
  12. midwestxpress

    Finally caught up with this brute, my best to date

    That's a beauty, great way to end the season.
  13. midwestxpress

    Don’t get complacent

    Hope the gentleman has a quick recovery!
  14. midwestxpress

    Need a new archery shop....

    I love know it alls. I went into a lawn mower shop looking for fuel line. You would have thought I asked for the cure for cancer. Guy was an ass in front of his local guys. They are all over, just got to move on. Lots of good archery shops or even guys on here that are willing to help another out.
  15. midwestxpress

    Braid to Mono knots

    How does the balloon knot hold up in that test?