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  1. midwestxpress

    Can you say OUCH

    Dan your not hunting solo are you?
  2. midwestxpress

    I've been stewing myself over this

    I agree with yoda, you missed the boat to have him tossed. 4ac is too small. I shared a spot with another guy. I would hunt only on certain winds. When I wasn't there he would be and in my stand to boot. Get rid of him if you have that leverage.
  3. midwestxpress

    Veterans day six

    nice buck, good job
  4. midwestxpress

    Day three

    Dan while your out there hunting, a bunch of us thought you would be ok with us using your Contender. You always said the worst thing for a boat is to sit.
  5. midwestxpress

    Does this make sense

    Last yr I got in my stand around 10:45, I ended up killing a buck a 1:10. Any seat time during the month of November is positive. Even if it is here where the herd is the most out of balance in the nation.
  6. midwestxpress

    I saw this guy yesterday

    Pretty bird. Someday I'm gonna try to hunt them. Never had pheasant.
  7. midwestxpress

    Rookie Mistake

    I bring water, food just wakens my system then I got to get down which is a pia.
  8. I will not mount another deer unless it is bigger than 160. The money it cost to do one is getting crazy.
  9. midwestxpress

    Worst Stand Snack, Ever!

    The price of those things is crazy.
  10. midwestxpress

    Amazon Prime falls short on guaranteed shipping.

    I've been noticing things are taking longer to get here too. It's got to be the work load.
  11. midwestxpress

    Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs

    Jay your tires are probably leaking around the rim. My wifes car has the same problem with one.
  12. midwestxpress

    Magic fixes

    Seems as though you forgot to mention cameras. Seems everyone has multiple cams out sometimes all year. If you didn't have that cam on your homemade scrape would you have killed that beautiful buck?
  13. midwestxpress

    Trail camera ?

    I saw I think a Wildgame on Dicks web site for 40bucks. Its 50% off.
  14. midwestxpress

    Permit season reminder