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  1. Bluegill on my Zebco push button reel when I was 7. Whooped my ass.
  2. I knew it was either Dan's fault or President Trump's fault. I just couldn't pin point it.
  3. My daughter is really busting my chops to go fishing. I may try this. Thanks fellas.
  4. Yup, its a money grab. And make sure you buy your buck stub. Lmao
  5. How do you find these things, anchor up on a channel and chum? Or do you have to keep jumping around til you find them.
  6. A line I got from a guy I work with, "if I took your brain and put it in a bird, the dam thing would fly backwards".
  7. I can relate and couldn't agree more.
  8. My buddy has a 30 etec that he always has problems with also. My brother has a 25 Yamaha and that motor just keeps running. Its big, but simple. I know Honda isn't cheap.
  9. Why not run those Suzuki for the rest of the season, and get those Mercs in the winter?
  10. Dropping 40,50k or more on a boat your going to use a few months a year is as bad as dropping 300k on a farm to hunt a few weeks a year. But we all make mistakes.
  11. If that pic is recent, she is in beautiful shape.
  12. Same here 1999 f350 diesel, with original clutch. Original owner and still driving it.
  13. Got my filet at sea permit in today, so I'm thinking of goin soon.
  14. Maybe they get some type of permit, idk.
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