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  1. Really? Quartering away that's a bad shot? Hope your kidding.
  2. It amazes me what this sport has come too. Such a shame.
  3. MK-85, FF black powder, 300 gr. XTP, 44 or 45 doesn't care
  4. Friday I took the kids fishing. We fished Ambrose, had some action until the tide and wind were against each other. Only took home one fish. Loads of dogfish. Not many boats out for a Friday in August.
  5. I wasn't sure on the whole crossbow thing so I bought a cheap one. Based on its reviews is was a lot of bow for the money, so I grabbed a CenterPoint. For the bow, arrows, scope, quiver, cocking rope it was less than 300 bucks. Does the job.
  6. I found it was easier to get a South Carolina license, changed my name to Jose and drive a 500 dollar beater. I dropped my insurance and claim I don't understand in English.
  7. After the cop got hit in the head with the bucket he should have arrested someone. No respect, those kids need to be taught a lesson.
  8. Bluegill on my Zebco push button reel when I was 7. Whooped my ass.
  9. I knew it was either Dan's fault or President Trump's fault. I just couldn't pin point it.
  10. My daughter is really busting my chops to go fishing. I may try this. Thanks fellas.
  11. Yup, its a money grab. And make sure you buy your buck stub. Lmao
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