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  1. As far as washer and dryers go, we stopped goin to box stores and went to a Speed Queen dealer. My machines are going everyday and was tired of repairing them. Speed Queen makes machines for commercial use. We have been very happy with them. Built in Wisconsin.
  2. Total purse for the Daytona 500 was somewhere around 23.5 million. Total purse for a local track isn't enough for a set of new tires. For that kind of money you better be aggressive. You can not compare the two.
  3. In American I call it gross
  4. Too many, cutting back next year. I heard the Monmouth Co. park permit went from 25 to 40? I didn't buy that either.
  5. Frozen ground and cold air with a wind has them up feeding before sunset. Ive had a few early birds but most of the deer are coming after dark. This is the worst winter bow weather Ive ever hunted in.
  6. Exactly what I was thinking.
  7. 16 pages all because mazzgolf was to cheap to tip the gar man at Christmas and in return he left his garbage. This is unreal.
  8. This is untrue. Gar man was just being an ass. As a matter of fact the dot has a mason dump that goes to the landfill with roadkill. What else would you do with a carcass other than throwing it in the trash?
  9. My sister in law loads her deer into her truck like Rusty, and shes about 5 foot even. Just sayin
  10. Actually 200 to 300 for me was on the Celsius side so 400 F wouldn't be too terrible.
  11. When I let my stove get too hot for my liking it gives off a smell similar to what you describe.. I have a burn indicator and 400 degrees is way out of the comfort zone. You may be too hot. The comfort zone on this thing is 200 to 300 degrees. This is on a single wall pipe about 18 inches above the stove.
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