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  1. I was just talking to a friend about the big fuel tank being a must. But I can't believe its a 445 dollar upgrade. They should just scrap the 27 gal tank and give every truck the 36.
  2. Most of the guys I know are getting 22ish on highway empty. have any idea what rear is in that truck? Those little engines pull hard, sounds like some jealousy on this site. Good luck with it..
  3. After reading this I wish Walmart would start offering more colors
  4. I agree, Johnny was a young kid who made a mistake. Probably like all of us at one time or another, just not getting caught on social media. I don't know him personally, but have talked to him at times and he was always respectful. He fishes hard and does very well.
  5. Yup, the gov. learns quick how they can make money. Iowa went from 10 a point to 50. Points always add a few hundred on top of your license. But the sheep keep buying them. Including me.
  6. I remember getting my hunting stuff at Woolco's. Same rubber green boots with the yellow laces every year . Froze my ass off. Then off to harry's for a half dozen 2018 Gamegetters because that was the only size I knew.
  7. I bought a bunch when I knew they were going out. I haven't seen them around in years.
  8. What are your favorite mouth calls or mouth call company. Its been awhile since I bought new calls, I think its time to get some new ones.
  9. I still use those actives, slugs and turkey loads
  10. We just cancelled cable tv. We now have Roku and Direct TV Now. Couldn't be happier.
  11. I have the same deal going on. I get the hump if I bend a certain way. How long will you be out of work? Did you get any mesh? The tv commercials on the mesh pushed me away the first time I considered getting it done.
  12. That poor tree looks like it gets it yearly.
  13. I got there around 1230, by the time I left it was packed.
  14. The reason towns frown on guys taking things set at the curb for the garbage man is their is always one slob that kills it for everyone. When windows are out they leave broken glass on the ground and take the aluminum. Grills, they take the aluminum and leave plastic and other parts on the ground. Or they just shuffle through a neat pile looking for the good stuff and leave the pile a mess. My advice, grab what you want, take the whole item and leave.
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