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  1. Roll and tip. Google the process. Wooden boats are painted like this with really good results.
  2. Its refreshing to see a guy working on his own car doing a lot of the work himself.
  3. I used Glen L sneakbox plans. It is glass over plywood. It was a fun build. I ran my 9.5 hp on it with no issues.
  4. Looks good, probably saved yourself a lot of cash doing that yourself.
  5. I'm from a hunting family, although it will end with me as my children have no interest.
  6. If I was looking for something to clear brush and light use in the deer woods I would do some research on the battery powered saws. They are much quieter, they start every time, no gas and oil mixing. Perfect for the non firewood homeowner that is just trimming small stuff.
  7. For the solid head guys, check out Tooth Of The Arrow heads. I got the free sample, haven't shot a deer with it but it is pretty stout. Machined from a solid piece of steel.
  8. I used pioneer also, they did a good job.
  9. My H&R goes boom every time also, never an issue knock on wood.
  10. Guys just a heads up. I forgot I had left my muzzleloader loaded. The next season I pushed the bullet out only to find the powder pitted up my barrel where the powder charge was. This was with black powder so be careful. Gun still shoots good but that really pissed me off.
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