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  1. If a thermostat and impeller doesn't change it then I'd look at a headgasket leaking exhaust gases into the water jacket.
  2. Sorry for your loss Bob
  3. You really want to shake your head, go listen to Dan Bonginos pod cast from yesterday.
  4. Makes me sick to hear stories like this young man. So tragic, RIP.
  5. It was veterans day and my son's school decided it wasn't important to close school. He was young probably 8 or 9. So I kept him home and we visited the Vietnam Memorial. He was interviewed by a women from channel 9 news. I don't remember his answers to her questions but I know I was proud of the young man.
  6. I was in Fisherman's Den today and overheard all the rental boats are spoken for. I think they have 10 but not positive. So that being said I may change my plans.
  7. Yeah I wouldn't buy more than 4. I draw bow zone 5 with either 3 or 4. Gun you can draw with 2.
  8. Your on double secret probation.
  9. That's a good choice. I know of at least 4 guys with either 25etec or 30etecs and every freakin year they got issues. I have a 14 Duranautic and opted for a plain ole carbed four stroke.
  10. If you plan on catching giants like that you may want to put a little more duct tape on that rod butt. Maybe gorilla tape. Just bustin
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