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  1. The ones I have encountered were either a grown 40+ yo man, and a dad with kids who also road down a public regular road and flipped me the bird when he saw I was filming them.
  2. My understanding is they have to catch them in the act. The key seems to be calling them while you/they are there. During turkey season this spring we encountered two different groups, both living on bordering property. I have zero hesitation calling and reporting them.
  3. Bigwuhead Team 9 & Individual Buck – 9/24/2020 Buck - 10 pts Number of antler points - 8 pts Inside spread – 15” Left Point – 7.5” Right Point – 7” Picture Credit - 6 10+8+15+7.5+7+6=53.5
  4. Have a leak in the roof next to/near a sky light. I need to get the roof tarped ASAP. It's a single story, 800 sq ft house in Beachwood. Any roofers/contractors in the area or can anyone recommend someone who can get this done?
  5. I think I read the rules right, but want to make sure... I have a doe and a buck to enter. My doe pic doesn't have a weapon in the pic. Can I upgrade that entry once I remember to get my act together and include the bow in the pic?
  6. I figured this out last year... between 4 spots we spend less than $100 per season in bait/minerals.
  7. Open to all ladies 18 years or older! We are taking WITO Deer Camp virtual this year. In the same spirit as the event that started it all last year, we will run a virtual online course for 6 weeks and will include a ton of workshops/information and all the fun stuff we are known for (giveaways, contests, swag etc). If you or someone you know is interested, feel free to reach out to me with any questions or visit the website at www.witodeercamp.org This year the NWTF is excited to have NJOA on board as a sponsor and to bring back NJDF&W as a sponsor and of course our partners UBNJ &
  8. IMHO, based on the people I come into contact with through running mentored hunting programs and being an adult onset hunter myself.. our future is not in the youth. Right now and for the foreseeable future the only way we will grow ranks is by bringing in women (of all ages) and adult men 18-40ish. When We organize women’s events we literally have women of all ages from 18-60’s. These women are thirsty for hunting and want to dive in head first and learn all the things and it’s great that we are now in a place to provide programs in so many different disciplines and species her
  9. Yeah, it looks a little more severe of an angle than it actually is, but I hear you.
  10. 2019 WITO Deer Camp is a wrap. Thanks to everyone for the kind words, encouragement and support. Just wanted to share a brief update, as I am sure you will hear or see more about it sooner than later. We had 16 hunters, 5 of them took and passed hunter education to start their weekend. The hunters were treated to various workshops including dog tracking (Thanks to Darren Doran), Butchering & Processing (thanks to Newton HS FFA), Deer Biology (NJDFW - Carole Stanko), Wildlife Law Enforcement with a NJDFW CPO, Wild Game Prep and cooking (Chef Chad), where to hunt, how to find land a
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