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  1. Good luck all back out tomorrow night
  2. Mixbaghunter

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    Need to send to the state .so they know how bad things are getting. I see more fox coyotes and bears then deer. I begin to believe that the state plan to get rid of deer and hunting in nj.
  3. I have a dum question any idea on prices this year . And are you still have your sale this year.
  4. Looks like you had a great class and caught a bunch of animals. I miss trapping every year I say I am going to get back out there. Thanks for all that you do for the sport
  5. Stick it out I haven't been see anything either good things will come.
  6. Congratulations on the buck and welcome to the sport
  7. Very quite here sit awhile. Then fill feeder . Give it a week or two then see what's going on
  8. I haven't seen much on camera in the last week in any of my spots . I figured they moved to acorns after storms knocked them down.
  9. Out in the blind in 2 already hot and humid. Not sure about pm maybe to hot see what camera says .plus long season no point in going crazy yet
  10. That's for the Florida man to use incase of bear attack
  11. Sleep in today hitting it hard tomorrow back to work sunday night
  12. What would happen if we all shot bears . What's the fine for shooting bear. Would fish and wildlife do anything.
  13. Out in my spot in 8 rough walk in no real path . Fixing up blind and replanting food plot. No stay but wanted to sit a little
  14. I put in a small plot with no plow mid August they ate most of it. There today replanting with a mix of no plow,radish,and a nother winter mix should be go in 2or 3 week .I am hoping for it to hold up till dec .
  15. I do believe that we need to stand together. I don't think the organization do anything for sportsman they dropped the ball back when this all started when we lost the first lawsuit to stop the bear hunt.
  16. Sounds like a plan but with the season started I don't see many people giving up a day of hunting to go . But I may be wrong. We need to do something
  17. At my renal in Newark found this guy eat in back yard .little 8
  18. Sitting out today will be out tomorrow some where.
  19. This would be great is there as ny phone # we can call to push it though. I lot of non hunter will want this as well
  20. Same hear my doe have moved on had a bunch every day fewer.
  21. Out in 2 looking for a doe. Yesterday was way to hot . Trying am hunt hoping they co.e thought after rain . Good luck
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