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Got a nice buck yesterday


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Great day to be in the woods. I took the day off knowing it would be my last day to hunt the fall bow season, and it worked out. Had a fox come in at 8:00 and put a good shot on it, and it fell in it's tracks. Saw a doe about 100yards out at 8:30am heading North. At 8:40 a doe came within 15 yards of me heading south, possibly the same doe. At 8:45 I had a small 6pt come from the East and pass by at 5 yards, and within 10 feet of the fox. Things quieted down for a while, and at around 10:30 I was thinking about getting down. Glad I didn't. At 10:55 I look to the West and see a small tree in some thick cover whipping back and forth. It wasn't moving with the wind, so I'm thinking a buck rubbing it's antlers, but I just couldn't see it. I reach for the binos and when I turn around I see a nice buck heading to me on a mission. He passed by the fox on the same trail as the 6pt, but in the opposite direction. He stopped behind some brush at 5 yards and I drew back. I had to wait for him to clear the brush and when he did I released. Complete pass through and a blood trail I could see from the stand. He ran hard for about 80 yards and then stopped and collapsed.






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