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  1. Killshot

    Upright vs Chest Freezers

    I thought this was a mother-in-law post
  2. Killshot

    Something different, huge crane

    "Small pieces" lol.
  3. Killshot

    Basement Wall Sealer

    x2 on the Thoroseal. Manufactured by BASF. Little M is spot on. Also wire brush the hell out of the wall to scarify it.
  4. Killshot

    Something different, huge crane

    For God's sake, can't we just build. Am I right Lunatic?
  5. Killshot

    Something different, huge crane

    Thats really cool. That crane must be a monster to sit on those grade beams. Did they make you dig beyond the footing bottom and select backfill or put piles in too? Seams like technology is advancing big time and the concrete work is having to follow right behind to keep up. I just finished an oddball too. An architectural concrete waffle ceiling on a 5k/sf site in NYC with 200,000lbs of rebar, all for an art gallery.
  6. Killshot

    CupCake Thief Of Rockaway

    Thanks Matt, actually I put the fence up this year thinking like you do, it'll hold bears back and add some level of comfort when the kids are outside in the sandbox and we are in the kitchen watching. But after watching some security videos on youtube I'm dead wrong. The reality is a flimsy fence would slow them down more than a rigid style. They get caught up in a flimsy and apparently confused. Its sad to say we have to think about this shit in suburban NJ, and it'll only get worse without a bear hunt. We do everything we can to prevent an attack, leave dogs out with kids, keep doors open, bear spray, etc... And yea obviously jump on the easy stuff like keep garbage in garage, clean grill.... Have you seen this, it was directly in front of my house On a lighter note, I offered the bear cake for a year if he'd eat my mother in law.
  7. Killshot

    CupCake Thief Of Rockaway

    I live around the corner from the cupcake people. I'm 99% sure the cupcake bear, bear on fence, and the bear in this photo are the same bear. We have a bunch of bears all year, but this particular bear is a nuisance.
  8. Killshot

    Anyone with kids have new Ford Explorer

    We have 3yo twins and went with a 2014 Acadia and 2017 Durango. Both similar in size and layout to the ford explorer but the leases on the ford were big money compared to the durango when we looked. Acadia is the "beater", Durango I would recommend. But I will say this: they all suck when an adult is trying to climb into the 3rd row.
  9. Killshot

    Cub Cadet Snow Blower 325 obo SOLD

    I'm all over this depending on where you're located? Sorry saw the zip code after re-reading. Too far. GLWS
  10. Killshot

    The Joys Of Home Ownership

    https://www.homeserveusa.com/ $12.99 per month service agreement for leaking pipes. I've used it a few times. They come and dig the walls open / fix the leak. The only downside thus far is they don't repair the sheetrock but I DIY anyway.
  11. Killshot

    What's for dinner on this snowy day?

    That looks good. I'm going to soux vide some back straps later and touch them off one the green egg.
  12. Killshot

    Deer-a-thon 12/8

    I have two radios to add. And probably enough equipment for everyone. If anybody needs anything let me know.
  13. Killshot

    Deer-a-thon 12/8

    I'm in. See you at 6ish
  14. Killshot

    Deer-a-thon 12/8

    I'm really kicking myself in the ass. I can be in, but it didn't get the permit for a doe. I was at dicks today ready to buy it and didn't.
  15. Killshot

    Deer-a-thon 12/8

    I may be in. I need a day off with some excitement. Let you know for sure on Wednesday