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  1. Hetley75

    Check-In 1-18-19

    Chilling up in a tree in zone 48. Nothing but turkey so far.
  2. Hetley75

    Covert Cell cams

    What’s the added cost monthly to your Verizon bill if you don’t mind me asking. I have three phones on now not sure I can swing more. Is it just the cost of another line ???
  3. Hetley75

    RH Mathews Switchback for sale

    Man wish I had the money and it was a 29inch draw. I loved my switchback. Still regret selling it.
  4. Hetley75

    First EVER harvest(s)!!!!

    Congratulations !!! Good shooting
  5. Hetley75

    Just an awesome year! Another great buck.

    Awesome buck. Congrats [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  6. Hetley75

    Best release?

    I love my true fire hardcore.
  7. Hetley75


    I’m using my phone and actually have way less ads then I did have. No big deal I just scroll past them.
  8. Hetley75

    Christmas trees as cover?

    I actually used the branches off one of my fake trees for one of my hang ons. Perfect all year long cover.
  9. Hetley75

    Finally caught up with this brute, my best to date

    Awesome buck congrats man [emoji106][emoji106]
  10. Hetley75

    Favorite bird mount

    I really want to add a pintail and a red head to my collection. Haven’t had time to hunt ducks anymore. I need to get a boat and start going again.
  11. I just went to the one in Delaware to return the wooltilite outfit my wife got me it was to small. Online said no one had my size. When I got to the store they had my size thank god cause the guy said they were probrably going to discontinue it because of the merge.
  12. Hetley75

    Favorite bird mount

    Just couple I had done
  13. Hetley75

    Bucks shedding like crazy already

    Still holding in 48
  14. Hetley75

    Cheap deer bait?

    Gibersons on 38 in pemberton 50# bags shelled corn for 7 bucks. Might work a deal with ya if your buying enough of it.
  15. Hetley75

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas all !!! Hope Santa brought everything you guys and gals wanted.