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  1. I absolutely love my tundra. I have a 2013 with 170,000 miles on it. I will say the gas mileage isn’t that great but I honestly just had my first repair on it which was a water pump. Besides that just bulbs, brake pads, oil change. I will prob won’t bug any other truck but a Tundra.
  2. Yeah this is putting a hurting on me. I took a pay cut during the pandemic. Now gas prices are high as hell. I’m spending about 150 a week just to travel. Most food is now going up and it’s going to keep going up. Now taxes are being raised ? WTG sleepy.
  3. Wow hats off to him. That’s awesome. Thank god for him.
  4. Buddy sent this to me today. By exit 11 on I95
  5. Very sorry for your loss.
  6. If had my yard machine for 18 years no issues. I also have a craftsmen. Both work really well. I will say get Chains for the tires makes life a lot easier. Also make sure you put fuel stabilizer in it or drain the gas at end of season. Carbs in snowblowers aren’t that great.
  7. I’m very sorry for your loss. Prayers to you and your family.
  8. My dads best friend used to work at papas and we would go there all the time. I love the mustard pie. I have to say though. Vics and Marucas are both great also. I remember when maracus was where momma rosas is in hamilton.
  9. Chris I got us covered. Just found all my T shot.
  10. Lol. I was thinking of an only fans but then reality kicked in and realized no one would spend the money to see me. Lol
  11. I was always out trying to make money. I do my mothers and my mother in laws first. Then I’ll try to do some to make money. I just usually get off work to late and most are already done. I used to do my neighbors all the time up until my wife was out shoveling and the guy next door with two teenage sons did theres and just went in and never asked my wife is she needed help. Well now I’m The guy that goes about an inch from my property line.
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