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  1. That’s an awesome shirt. Where did you get it
  2. Just had my wife’s pilot done. My mother in law has a Subaru and she just got a letter about hers being recalled and father in laws impala also recalled.
  3. That’s an incredible pic.
  4. I got 2 14 D. I must of messed up wanted D and E
  5. I haven’t gotten an email yet. Checked the website and seen I was awarded 14D for both lotteries I guess I messed up somewhere
  6. Problem is there is so many hens it makes it harder to get them. I’m not the greatest caller though
  7. I’m horrible at it also. Covered lots of ground couple weeks ago found two dead heads. Mice or squirrels got to the one. Was in the dirt so not sure how old it is. Still have some bucks on cams holding so I’ll try again in March.
  8. Zone 48. We do have some yotes. Guess the turkeys out number them. Lol
  9. Went out today to pull my last cam and a stand. Pulled into farm and a bunch of turkeys in field. Few nice toms all fanned out. Checked cam and got this phone. This will be my first time out in a couple years, can’t wait.
  10. This is the exact reason I lost my nephew at the age of 22. Got addicted to the pain meds from breaking his arm playing sports 3 times. 20 bucks on street for one perk. Get a bundle of heroin for $10. A lot cheaper then pills. We lost him after a relapse from being clean for 6 month. No one one would be saying big deal If it was your son , nephew, niece , etc. it’s a sickness and a lot stems from prescribing pills. So someone just trying to get better turns into a addict and ruins there whole life and there families. To me it’s really sad.
  11. Glad you made it out there with nothing to serious. Our group always knows where we’re at. We do a group chat. I also have life 360 so my wife knows where I’m at through gps and can easily find me.
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