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  1. Well if you don’t know a thing about snakes and don’t want to kill the thing what do you do. Lots of people buy snakes for pets and just dump them when they get to big. That’s what was more concerning
  2. Thanks guys. Didn’t know they got that big. Unless it’s just pic.
  3. Hey ladies and gentlemen. It’s been awhile since I been on life has a tad bit hectic. Hope everyone is doing well. My cousin went to take his garbage out and this guy was in the can. It’s been there for about three days now. Animal control said they don’t come out unless it bites someone. Well there is a little boy next door and he’s worried if this bites him. Says he tried to get it with a shovel but hisses at him and tries to bite him. Anyone know what kind of snake it is ? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. That’s an awesome shirt. Where did you get it
  5. Just had my wife’s pilot done. My mother in law has a Subaru and she just got a letter about hers being recalled and father in laws impala also recalled.
  6. I got 2 14 D. I must of messed up wanted D and E
  7. I haven’t gotten an email yet. Checked the website and seen I was awarded 14D for both lotteries I guess I messed up somewhere
  8. Problem is there is so many hens it makes it harder to get them. I’m not the greatest caller though
  9. I’m horrible at it also. Covered lots of ground couple weeks ago found two dead heads. Mice or squirrels got to the one. Was in the dirt so not sure how old it is. Still have some bucks on cams holding so I’ll try again in March.
  10. Zone 48. We do have some yotes. Guess the turkeys out number them. Lol
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