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  1. Hetley75

    Individual Hawk helium sticks

    How much for the two ?
  2. Hetley75

    Can you say OUCH

    Best of luck. Hope you hammer one.
  3. Hetley75

    It’s been awhile

    Thanks guys As long as one of the guys in my group get one of them I’ll be happy. My little guy scouting with me.
  4. Hetley75

    Same buck ?

    Unfortunately these are the only ones I got.
  5. Hetley75

    Season for the books

    Great bucks man. Congrats.
  6. Hetley75

    It’s been awhile

    Ty weird I never see him in pm. Not even on cam. Only am.
  7. Hetley75

    Same buck ?

    That’s awesome Matt. Congrats. Best feeling on earth. You will enjoy the peace and quietness in the stand though I’m not going to lie. Lol
  8. Hetley75

    Individual Hawk helium sticks

    My brother has them. There awesome. I’ll shoot him a text. It’s all he uses.
  9. Hetley75

    Same buck ?

    Doing good Matt just busy. How have you been bud ? The site still looks great.
  10. Hetley75

    Same buck ?

    Pics are two years apart The front buck. Not wide one In back I just got this one again on cam. Thinking he’s just cruising through
  11. Hetley75

    Best wind indicators?

    I tie a piece of thread to my Stab.
  12. Hetley75

    Rut buck down

    Great buck. Congrats.
  13. Hey guys. Haven’t been on in awhile ( not to say I haven’t been lurking ). Between work and life I basically get one day a week. As for the hunting my luck has been bad. Just can’t seem to connect. A took off the week of Halloween but it was pretty dead. Had one shooter but wouldn’t come any closer then 55 yards. Fast forward to Sunday. Deer were everywhere. Saw a big guy but was on a mission and wouldn’t respond to any calls. Seen all deer take same path into the creek bed in in. After I got down I took a walk and found some rubs and a heavily used trails. So I found a perfect tree about 25 yards off the rubs where they funnel in from field. Well wish me luck hoping new set pays off. Need anything N wind and time. Lol
  14. Hetley75

    Loc on 4 sale

    Man I wish I had the money. I'd take that off your hands. Nice stand.
  15. Hetley75

    What the hell happened to Sportsman Center?

    I live around the corner. There's a for lease sign out front. Not sure if there going to smaller and lease half out. I usually go to Cheyenne now. Harry's for fishing stuff.