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First bear for me 12/7/15


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Had this guy behind me at 6:45, but it was so foggy I didn't want to take a bad shot. An uneventful day passed, until he showed up again at 4:49. From the tree stand he was turned looking at me. Shot went through his neck, right into the heart, and exited out the opposite side of his chest. Went 20 feet and died with a death moan. Dressed at 112.5 with two ear tags. Sahanas Taxidermy has the hide, and I'll get a half mount. Taken in Walpack with Ithica 12 ga., and Accutips.




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Congratulations on a fine bear and congratulations to all the sportsmen, organizations, Fish and Game Council and the Division who have been fighting a long hard battle to keep this bear hunt going.

it's been a long time and a lot of effort to get a bear hunt, now that we have one we must fight to keep it. Next year I hope you'll take a nice bear in the early season with archery equipment or a muzzleloader!


Again, beautiful bear


Remember Freedom isn't free, keep protecting what's right!


All the best,


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I was wondering... are you mounting the bear with the ear tags on?

Leaving the ear tags in. It's part of the history of the bear. When the season is over and things calm down for Fish & Wildlife, I'll give them a call and find out more about him.

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