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  1. Rayorsa

    Saddle River Approves Hunt

    If UBNJ gets the contract, they will do a great job on this hunt. No doubts whatsoever.
  2. Rayorsa

    Gun Cabinet for sale

    I'll take it. Please PM contact info and we can set up a time and date for pick up.
  3. Rayorsa

    Opening day bird

    Well done Ken! We miss you at the meetings!
  4. Rayorsa

    Hey read this and puke

    Last I checked, the NJOA endorsed Kim Guadagno so 2A issues wouldn't be an issue today. Unfortunately, gun owners and sportsmen stayed home or voted Murphy in the last election... Building bi partisan support and educating legislators is the only way to survive in this state today. Education is key. Engagement is key. Throwing rocks doesn't work.
  5. Rayorsa

    Hey read this and puke

    Smart move for NJ sportsmen. Brilliant in fact. If Gov Murphy is set to dismantle hunting and trapping as we now know it, a deep rooted alliance with the second most powerful elected official in NJ (Sweeney) makes perfect sense. The game of politics is killing bills before they get to the governors desk...given the Senate Presidents excellent track record on hunting and trapping legislation, and his public disdain for Murphy, the NJOA played this hand well. If Sweeney doesn't like a bill, it's dead. For hunters, fishermen and trappers, this is good news. For 2A advocates, this is going to be a bad year. With both houses and the Gov marching to the gun control beat, hope for the best and expect the worst.
  6. Rayorsa

    Federation of sportsman club

    How can I help you? Ray
  7. Rayorsa

    Anyone Use NAP Thunderhead 125's?

    Interested in 3 packs.
  8. Statewide. Every bow hunter in NJ will be impacted if this legislation passes...
  9. He may be an azzhole, but he's a brilliant azzhole in my book...
  10. Rayorsa

    RUFF week ahead

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Your family will be in my prayers.
  11. Rayorsa

    Tonka's Law - ACTION NEEDED!

    Done. Simple.....took all of 2 minutes. We have no one to blame but ourselves if we do nothing....
  12. Rayorsa

    Back from Wyoming!

    Trip of a lifetime! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Rayorsa

    My 2017 Bear

    Well done! Nice bear!