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  1. We are down to about 100 tickets left and they're going fast. Please call me at 973-820-3364 to order your tickets or use PayPal on our website UBNJ.org
  2. Hunter 567 is another asshole who doesn't no what hes talking about! UBNJ accommodates over 200 bowhunters every year in our programs. Every year we get washouts people who didn't see a monster buck behind ever tree, or people who didn't hunt or shoot any animals. we maintain a waiting list, we do not run Free for All where we overload properties with hunters. we try to ensure a quality hunt for our hunters. We provide hunters with good back ground checks, no fish and game priors and willing to give all the information we request. Something I doubt Hunter(loosely used term)567 can provide! If its a good ole boys club name me one executive council member who participates in any of our hunts? None of us, but we work hard to ensure property is available to our membership! So go back to NJ Hunter where you can spread all the bullshit you want, you're just a coward behind a keyboard with your one post!
  3. 7 Days to go New Traditional only course with 15 targets plus our 30 regular targets for compounds or Trad bows. New class for Crossbows if you dare. lots of food and vendors Come on out and support your statewide Archery Organization, we need you now more than ever!!! The Anti's are on the march, only we hunters can stop them
  4. One Week to Go! Open to all bowhunters not just members! Open to all levels of shooters, not just Top Gun Great way to practice for the season ALL NEW TARGETS Where can you eat, drink and shoot for $10 bucks a night! You can shoot for fun if you like, come down and meet some great people! Jack 973-820-3364
  5. One month to go to a great summer league we put on every year at 4F Club in Freehold. We shoot 40 arrows a night at 10 brand new 3-D targets, the league is 6 weeks you need 4 weeks to qualify. There are 4 classes Open, Men Bowhunter, Women Bowhunter and Youth. Plaques will be awarded to top finishers in each class. 100% handicap league, open to all not just UBNJ members, GREAT PRE-SEASON PRACTICE Where else can you shoot, enjoy refreshing beverages and eat for $10 bucks. Come out see what the fun is about!!!!
  6. Myreezoning

    3 Days away

    We're back the first Father's Day shoot at Assumpink in 2 years It took a lot of cutting and Trimming to get the course back, but we got it done. This is the only 3-D shoot in New Jersey this weekend, so grab your stuff and your kids and come on out. Breakfast and lunch sold and my 100% guarantee we will NEVER sell you a pork roll egg and cheese on a hamburger roll!!!!!! Come out and support your Statewide Bowhunting Organization
  7. We got it done, we had 10 council members show up and we knocked it out in 6 1/2 hours. Using gas powered leaf blowers and rakes we cleaned every leave off the place. We installed new target Butts and housing. Put up backstops and removed all the debris for Sayreville DPW to pick up. Many township residents thanked us for our volunteer work and commented on how good it looked, they were very happy with us. UBNJ spent alot of money and manpower on this project, so we encourage you to use it and keep it clean! Thanks to : RJ Krajcsovic, John Erndl, Lorraine Bruno, Chuck Bogge, Ethan Bruzzese, Darren Doran, Rick Going, Barry Miller and Mark K(our moral support)for all your hard work and efforts. Thanks, Jack Spoto President UBNJ
  8. Attention: UBNJ this Sunday will be cleaning up and refurbishing the targets at the Public Sayreville Archery Range. The range is located on Range Road off of Bordentown Avenue and we will begin at 8:00 AM. We are looking for volunteers to come out and help us. Lunch will be provided by UBNJ. If you can help us message us on our Facebook Page or email John Erndl at [email protected] This is a public range, anyone can shoot for free without a permit and its easily accessible from Middlesex, Monmouth and Somerset County, Help us restore a good range for our Archery/Bowhunting Community Jack Spoto President UBNJ 973-820-3364
  9. You called, you wrote, you emailed! You won!!! Outdoor organization can do so much, but without the support of our membership, doing what needs to be done that helps us to be victorious! So give yourselves a big hand, you crushed Senate bill 3541 that would have banned all hunting contest, including big buck contest and field trials, etc. Now we need the same help to defeat Senate Bill 3611, that would keep youngsters under 18 from Trapping. 30 years ago UBNJ fought to help the trappers because we know when they're done with the trappers its onto bowhunting. so give yourselves a round of applause and Monday start phoning, writing and emailing those legislators! Jack Spoto UBNJ President
  10. I regret to inform you that we have reached the maximum of tickets we can sell so the event is sold out. We appreciate all your support and I'm sorry for those who reached out to me after we sold out. UBNJ will be sponsoring a venison/beefsteak dinner for our Northern Brethren on May 4th in Hamburg. Tickets will be going on sale soon, stay tuned for details Jack Spoto All the best
  11. Last week to buy tickets, few available but going fast
  12. Thank you, I appreciate the support of the good people of NJ woods and Water. My wife is devastated by the loss of her dear mother, but the support like yours have been a source of strength. Thank you and God Bless
  13. Yes but its a great dinner, new venue, lower price BEER INCLUDED! There was a rumor we were sold out no there are tickets still available but because we plan to cut it off a 200 tickets, get your tickets now! Prizes are coming in everyday, if you have a business or product you would like to donate feel free to call me at 973-820-3364
  14. Ladies and Gentleman, Since March began, we've had an influx of people requesting tickets, they're selling fast. I believe we'll sell out and there will be no at the door ticket sales. A lot of people are requesting I hold tickets for them. No can do, sorry! This is going to be our 15th and best dinner to date, an incredible night. Please call or e-mail ASAP 973-820-3364 or [email protected]
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