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  1. Got my first bear last week. Was not too big but was my first. Taxidermist skinned the bear and gave me the meat but no tag. Was just wondering who normally keeps the official tag they put on the bear's ear. Thanks. Edit: It was last Wednesday. Not last week.
  2. I am the one in the ground blind in the open field close to the parking area. Can't miss it. I was in a ground blind in the other field last year.
  3. I am in this lease. Found the add here last year and joined. Came back this year. I don't really know who else is on the lease. I come in, hunt and go home. I was not aware of anything going on but will keep an eye on this post. I got a bear there last Wednesday.
  4. I use a Jet Sled and an ATV loading single ramp to slide the sled up to the back of the pickup. I recently picked up a pulley system in case of a very large deer or bear that I can attached to one of the tie downs in the front of the bed. Have not used it yet but still hoping.
  5. Got this one on camera yesterday. Was not sure which forum to post it under, deer or bear.
  6. Thank you all for the replies.
  7. I am interested and not too far from you.
  8. I got this picture on my trail camera yesterday. Never seen a deer in August with a stomach this big. Any ideas?
  9. Thanks to all for the advice. I think I will go with the Talica 10 single speed.
  10. Thanks... I will look into the talica 10.
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