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  1. I have three (3) packages of Mustad brand THOR braided fishing line for sale. Line is brand new 2019 manufacture, sealed in the original manufacturer's packaging. Mustad sells this line direct for $17.99 EACH https://mustad-fishing.com/product/thor-braid-200yds-dg Manufacturer's part # TB200-DG-65 200 yds. 65 lb/test Diameter: 0.016"/0.41mm Color: Dark Green ASKING $30.00 SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR Will accept USPS Postal Money Orders for payment, & as always, the 1st "I'll take it" gets it.
  2. I'm still "loaded4bear" ... here & at NJH Living in NC now, but still like to login on the Jersey sites from time to time.
  3. Jay's photos illustrate why you should hire a PROFESSIONAL taxidermist. Otherwise, you might just have to settle for something like THIS...
  4. $4.20 each ... Sold in packs of ten for $42.00
  5. I'll just leave this here for my NJ friends ... You can now LEGALLY own & possess previously outlawed USGI AR-15 magazines by repurposing them into .458 SOCOM mags. (Since the ban is already in place, the conversion should be completed before the magazines are transported into NJ) All that's "needed" is a replacement floorplate identifying them as such ... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Socom-USGI-magazine-floorplate-5-56-10-round-458-socom-/253259668700 The only thing different is the identifying floorplate, stamped with caliber & magazine capacity. the USGI magazine body, follower, & spring all remain the same. Magazine will hold ten rounds of .458 SOCOM ammunition Since NJ makes it a point to specify in the statue outlawing the “large capacity ammunition magazine” that one need not also possess the accompanying weapon to be in violation, conversely, one would not need to possess a .458 SOCOM rifle or upper receiver to make the .458 SOCOM 10 round magazines legal to possess.
  6. Yuup. A little guy hit by vehicle in Hardwick today... still alive.
  7. Rick Dotzenrod is the man I was looking for ... thanks again, guys!
  8. What's the matter?Remember me? Bought gun cases.Particularly the waterfowl one lol.I am  2 miles from a particular person of interest,seen him post before,never checked him out,think hes nears the dominoes on 31

  9. Memory's failing me here ... looking for a little help. Does anyone here remember the name of the owner/gunsmith at the Clinton Outfitters shop on Rt 31 in Glen Gardner (across from Clinton Toyota)? He was formerly the gunsmith @ Ray's Sport Shop in No. Plainfield, before he left to go into business on his own. He closed up shop awhile back & I used to have his contact info handy, now I can't even remember the name I'm supposed to be looking for in my notebooks. Thanks in advance, l4b
  10. Not sure what part of the state you're in ... but if you're in his service area, Ron Jones is your man ... http://www.acpwildlifepro.net/ He's also a site sponsor & a NJDF&W trapper education instructor ... good guy!
  11. West New York, NEW JERSEY?!?!? ... Holy Dogshit!
  12. Like I said ... "I will no longer ship item(s) to NJ as of the date any new law(s) prohibiting them take effect, so please don't ask." Until that time ... What you do (or don't do) with them after you receive them, is your business.
  13. SOLD I have FIVE (5) BRAND NEW Glock factory OEM .40 caliber magazines available for sale. These are the standard capacity (13 rounds) mags for the G23/G27 pistols. (They will also function with the compact & sub-compact Glocks chambered in .357 Sig caliber, the G32/G37 respectively.) They are the latest Gen 4 style magazines, compatible with all generations - Glock Gen 1, 2, 3 and 4. These are all factory new magazines, bulk packaged in shrink wrap as Glock packages their magazines for military & law enforcement contracts. (see listing photos) GlockStore.com lists the same magazines for $29.95 EACH ... http://www.glockstore.com/Glock-Factory-High-Capacity-Magazines?gun-list=21 Asking $75 for all five (only $15 per mag), plus $7.20 to cover USPS Priority Mail shipping & insurance. Interested parties (18+) please reply via PM here on NJW&W. I'll accept USPS money order OR PayPal gift payment, & as always, the 1st "I'll take it" gets it. The NJ State Legislature will be voting on the "10 round magazine limit" bill this week ... get 'em while you still can! (FYI - I will no longer ship item(s) to NJ as of the date any new law(s) prohibiting them take effect, so please don't ask.)
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