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  1. loaded4bear

    i have raccoons in my house...

    Not sure what part of the state you're in ... but if you're in his service area, Ron Jones is your man ... http://www.acpwildlifepro.net/ He's also a site sponsor & a NJDF&W trapper education instructor ... good guy!
  2. loaded4bear

    If you loved R.Lee

    West New York, NEW JERSEY?!?!? ... Holy Dogshit!
  3. loaded4bear

    F/S - Glock 23 factory 13 rd. magazines NEW

    Like I said ... "I will no longer ship item(s) to NJ as of the date any new law(s) prohibiting them take effect, so please don't ask." Until that time ... What you do (or don't do) with them after you receive them, is your business.
  4. SOLD I have FIVE (5) BRAND NEW Glock factory OEM .40 caliber magazines available for sale. These are the standard capacity (13 rounds) mags for the G23/G27 pistols. (They will also function with the compact & sub-compact Glocks chambered in .357 Sig caliber, the G32/G37 respectively.) They are the latest Gen 4 style magazines, compatible with all generations - Glock Gen 1, 2, 3 and 4. These are all factory new magazines, bulk packaged in shrink wrap as Glock packages their magazines for military & law enforcement contracts. (see listing photos) GlockStore.com lists the same magazines for $29.95 EACH ... http://www.glockstore.com/Glock-Factory-High-Capacity-Magazines?gun-list=21 Asking $75 for all five (only $15 per mag), plus $7.20 to cover USPS Priority Mail shipping & insurance. Interested parties (18+) please reply via PM here on NJW&W. I'll accept USPS money order OR PayPal gift payment, & as always, the 1st "I'll take it" gets it. The NJ State Legislature will be voting on the "10 round magazine limit" bill this week ... get 'em while you still can! (FYI - I will no longer ship item(s) to NJ as of the date any new law(s) prohibiting them take effect, so please don't ask.)
  5. loaded4bear

    2018 firearm plans??

    Interested in some ammo? ... 10 boxes of 90 gr. SPEER Gold Dot (200 rounds total), factory sealed boxes ... Shipped to your door $119.00 Let me know, -l4b
  6. BREAKING NEWS... NJDF&W Hunter Education class schedule for March and April was just posted today. The season's first class is scheduled for March 4th at South Jersey Shooting Club, Camden County. https://www.nj.wildlifelicense.com/ALS/course/course_report.php Attend class now and be ready for the upcoming Spring turkey & groundhog seasons. Don't wait ... avoid the crush in the Fall. Also, don't forget that youth hunters (10 to 15 years of age) who pass the hunter education training are eligible to receive their NJ hunting licenses for FREE. http://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/youthlic.htm
  7. loaded4bear

    For You Snake Lovers

    Cobra skin cowboy boots? ...
  8. loaded4bear

    Well guess Sportsmens Center location will now be a Thrift Store

    Sat through my trappers ed class there years back (classroom portion), then we did the "practical" part the following day on a farm just down the road ... Sad to see yet another NJ sports shop disappear.
  9. loaded4bear

    Ok, who pee'd in their cheerio's

  10. loaded4bear

    Polaris sportsman 700 and plow

    That would sell in a New York minute down here ...
  11. loaded4bear

    Some hunting/shooting stuff for sale...cheap!

    $100 for the Honda? ...
  12. loaded4bear

    Big sale walmart e windsor

    There clearing out all the hunting gear for the season, even here in NC ...
  13. loaded4bear

    Fox with serious mange.

    I'd rather take on a mastiff ...