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More rain


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I was looking at a newer pick up truck to replace the one on my mom's farm and I noticed that most of the vehicles on the dealer's lot had a green slime starting on them. 

"The Nation Which Forgets Its Defenders, Will Itself Be Forgotten".

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It is all Trumps fault! We have have to impeach that mother f**ker.  

What happen to the Ancient Anasazi, cliff dwellers, of American Southwest? Climate Change over a thousand years ago without industrialization. 

Maybe we should be checking out cow farts. Elsie the cow is killing us. 


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20 minutes ago, Bowhunter2004 said:

I’ve had it. Sick of this bullshit. 

50 and sunny yesterday in Illinois and going to mid 50s today and tomorrow with sun

Broke a sweat just walking to the stand

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