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  1. If they can’t make that shot with their bow , they might as well buy a crossbow . and do the deer a favor .
  2. I actually was watching it the night they were qualifying. ‘absolutely amazed at the heights these girls get doing their performances. when she missed her landing bad she def had a look on her face wtf just happened . she was immediately distraught . ‘but seemed through the night she was also very distant from many of the team members during their performances . only congratulated a few and had her back turned to others . IMO there was some friction between the team . in what they are doing any distraction can be a bad. right now if she had her teams best interest she should leave the games . there is no reason to possibly instill doubt in the others seeing her sitting on the side knowing she us one of the best that ever lived , and now quit on the big stage
  3. No reason to only have to shoot a heart shot from the ground .
  4. All 1500. Gas daily drivers . the diesel 3500 hardly comes out of the garage . only to pull the boat or haul pellets
  5. My last 2 rams owed me nothing . one had 327K on it , the other 157K which I traded in for half the value of a brand new 2021 .. almost half the guts I know are now driving Dodge trucks and gave all found them just as reliable . .
  6. Been giants less than a mile off the beach for a week already
  7. They absolutely do nice work and if getting great thread work is someone’s thing I get the price . but when a guy wants three hundred bucks to wrap a blank you already own as a plain rod . IMO it’s ridiculous .
  8. She could probably buy three new rods for what mike would charge to rebuild that as a plain Jane
  9. Cork handles are fitted from the tip and slid down to the butt . in order to do that the whole rod needs to be stripped down and rebuilt . the repair that was done using Eva allowed him to just fix the rod at a much cheaper rate . as it got slid on without totally rebuilding the rod
  10. Tracey changed up the original recipe she had used .. draining the lime juice off entirely . Was much fresher tasting , without the over powering lime . both were great , but the nod def goes to the sea bass . . here’s how she prepped it . Put salt and garlic on fish and let sit for 5-10 minutes then added enough lime juice to cover fish. Put in frig for 30 minutes. Poured off lime juice . Then added a little squeezed orange and lemon juice. Added cooked corn, tomatoes, habanero, red onion, cilantro, olive oil. Sprinkled some Montreal steak seasoning, old bay and mixed it all together. . .
  11. Sorry for your pain buddy . Anyone who has had a great dog knows we lose a piece of us when they go . ‘but those good days and smiles made along the road is what keeps joy in our hearts . im sure you will pick a good spot for his last bed . .
  12. You can do either . using it in peddle mode the battery lasts much longer . I did 5 miles in peddle mode and only used 4% of the battery life . in straight electric it would do 34-40 miles on a full charge
  13. EXACTLY , im not willing to slow my hunting down because of my age . I sill hang a set of sticks and a hang on in minutes . ‘but it’s a chore carrying all of the gear in , especially my mountain areas . this will make it simple . just rode 5 miles up and down the small hills here , didn’t break a sweat . I only used a peddle assist of 2 and peddled everywhere I went . going up the hills was the same effort as riding in the flat . so still getting exercise , but at an extremely comfortable level . I def will be riding this bike doing more than hunting .
  14. Not sure the crawler will turn as freely as needed on a single track trail , because if it using four drive tires . so purchased the cargo trailer designed for the bike . it has Safty features on it to prevent bending the frames
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