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  1. I'll be out in Zone 8 for a few hours in the AM. Doubt I'll hunt the afternoon. Good luck to all and be safe.
  2. My son had one that was still going strong at 260,000. He still regrets selling it. A handy person could keep this for a while.
  3. Winchester Model 70 Featherweight in 7x57. Still my go to rifle despite owning more than I can use. LOL
  4. Same here. I believe mine was a Topper Junior handed down from my uncle in the early 70's. My nephew on Block Island now has it.
  5. TTT and if no luck I’ll just buy.
  6. I’ve only seen them in NY while Turkey hunting but Scarlet Tanager is the sharpest bird I’ve ever seen. They almost glow when you see them at first light.
  7. Looking to trade Cabelas 9’ 8wt outfit for an equally priced 7’6”- 9’ 5wt. I’m in South Plainfield but not afraid to travel a bit for the right deal.
  8. I fish the Upper WB a ton during Turkey Season and it’s all Browns and SM Bass for me. As for Delaware Rainbows they were unreal as soon as they were hooked. You had your hands full for sure!! I’ll be up the weekend of the 18th and may revisit some of my old haunts on The Big D. Here’s a very young Lance on the Big D circa 1979.
  9. I was just about to ask about the Bows. I don’t fish the main stem much anymore, but when I did back in the 80-90’s we caught way more bows than browns. All beautiful fish though.
  10. I knew I’d get the right answer here. While I’ve heard of wad cutters, I’d never seen one. Thanks as always.
  11. A friend at work who doesn’t shoot gave me these that his father reloaded a few years back. Ive been hunting and shooting for 40+ years and I’ve never seen .38’s loaded like this. I don’t own a .38 but before I pass them along just wanted to check with all the knowledgeable folks on here. Let me know.
  12. I ordered arrows from them in the early 2000’s and when I called to order more almost 10 years later they still had my specs. Awesome shop for sure.
  13. Just the roosted hen until 10:00, then all hell broke loose. Saw 6 different gobblers but couldn’t close the deal. I’ve killed my share of birds, but I learned a few great lessons about setup and change of calls today. Funny birds these turkeys. I love hunting them.
  14. Had a hen on the roost 60 yards away yapping it up, but no Boyfriends in the area. She flew down at 6:30 which I thought was really late. Hoping she circles back with company later this AM.
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