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  1. I'll give you one tip that will help you immensely. Leave your phone in your bag. When you are in the woods hunting, do that. Hunt. I got caught up for a few years looking at BS on my phone in the woods. It really takes away from the whole experience. That and practice with your equipment until it's second nature. Good luck and enjoy. Lot's of good guys on here. Take advantage.
  2. That's awesome. Can't wait to see the video. Congrats to both.
  3. I can't remember his name but the older Gentleman at Sarco in Easton PA was very good.
  4. And the Lord did grin, and people did feast upon the lambs, and sloths, and carp, and anchovies, and orangutans, and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats
  5. Doe down! 7:10. 9 yard shot 40 yard recovery.
  6. I used to vacation in The Hideout when my kids were younger. Awesome place. Wish I had bought then.
  7. I did all that and it still says LanceinPA. If you can change it great. If not NBD.
  8. I couldn't change my name though. Haven't lived in PA in 2 years.
  9. Thank you for all the awesome offers I’m going to take notjust22s up on his. It’s one of the reasons I love this website tons of generosity
  10. Thought I would check here before just buying one. Looking for a hitch haul for a 2" hitch. I'm in South Plainfield, but would travel for the right price.
  11. Gym with a mask?? I'll pass. The sad news is I see no end in sight for this idiocy. Nobody can give an an end game for lifting all these restrictions. Vacine? Election? CDC? Our idiot Governor has exactly what he and the left want. Total control. BTW I guess I should change my name to LanceinNJ, since I've been here for 2 years now.
  12. Thank you sir!! Despite the hour wait it was well worth it.
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