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  1. I'm sooo pissed I missed this by a few minutes.
  2. If everyone else bails I'll bring cash. I'm in South Plainfield.
  3. I would get 3" 00Buck and use your mod or full choke. Limit your shots to 30-40 yards and you'll be fine. Welcome and Enjoy
  4. I’m actually happy for Lawrence. Like the kid a lot and nobody deserves the hell that is the NY Jets.
  5. I’ve tried almost all of them but Haze has been my go to.
  6. I’ve had almost all of them but I always find Haze to be the best.
  7. Last of the Treehouse is gone so Kane Head High and Stone tonight. First beers in 2 weeks. Covid had me down and out for the last 12 days.
  8. Winner for most ridiculous post I’ve ever heard. Lol.
  9. Prayers to his family, friends and especially his son. I can’t even imagine.
  10. I was going to wait until after the holidays to see if anyone reloads. I’d be willing to buy all the components and pay for them to whip up some 7x57, .308 and .270 rounds.
  11. Same in PA. Before I moved back I would buy pistols OTC with simply my ID and a 20 minute check over the phone.
  12. I miss the days where you needed to practice to be proficient enough to hunt. I can see the day where you'll be able to sit in your living room and remotely control the crossbow and shoot the deer that's being recorded to your TV.
  13. I had one as kid. Mine escaped and we found him over 4 months later between my mattress and box spring. Hadn't eaten a thing and was no worse for wear. Awesome snakes. He lived for 18 years and was 6'4" when he died.
  14. I'm going to be spending the weekend in Sussex Co (Vernon Area) and I'm trying to find a place to sight in both 12GA and .270. Does anyone know of a range on the NY side that is open to the public? Everything I've seen is either private or indoors.
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