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  1. No signs of EHD by me yet...keeping fingers crossed.
  2. Tom, These Spartans cameras work so darn good it’s ridiculous. I’ve been running a few over a year without touching them except for a SD card change. I use a 6v battery box with a solar panel and just literally walk away for sometimes 6 months at a time and they just keep sending every picture. I have not had a failure yet, nor have I had to contact customer service. I use the AP it works great! They actually work exactly how you imagined a cell camera should work . My Coverts have been behaving lately, but they just don’t compare to the Spartans. Good luck this year.
  3. Covert customer service has gotten increasingly difficult to get someone on the phone, but they keep replacing cameras for me for free so I can’t complain. I bought a Spartan last year to compare, I bought three more. Spartans are the bomb!
  4. Nice bucks, good luck. I think it’s going to be a good year for big deer I’ve been seeing some pretty good ones while making my evening rounds.
  5. Interesting, I like the built in battery/ solar panel, that saves on buying moultrie power panels or building 6v battery boxes with solar panels. I’ve been transitioning out of the Coverts the last year and into the Spartan go cams. They are easily ten times better than the Coverts. They send every picture they take instead of one out of a 100. I have a few Spartans hooked up to my home made battery boxes that have been running flawlessly without a battery change for over a year now. I’ve been very pleased with them.
  6. My all time favorite bass lake.
  7. Wow that’s phenomenal! Congratulations on an epic trip. I spent 5 hours on raritan bay today...bunch of dogfish and 3 shorts.
  8. The article said he drank his own urine to survive... I would have filled that den with so much of my own shit that the bear wouldn’t dare eat something that fowl. Or I would have drowned myself with my own urine.
  9. I was out in April with my two sons, did a little shed hunting, some chores and for a first youth turkey hunt with my 8 yr old. It was actually an epic trip we had a great time. My boys are not real outdoor enthusiast, so to get the little one out of the house and away from the Xbox and to actually get a bird was unbelievable. I don’t know what to expect this season with the possibility of not having crops, it could be a disaster. My clover plots are well established, for sure the grains and brassicas will be planted in July and August. My farmer won’t even answer his phone this week, I’m betting I don’t get planted this year. The tillable on my place is rough he’s concentrating on the high yield easy in and out farms.
  10. My farms 2 hours from St Louis along the McKee creek it’s been at flood stages for a while now... No corn planted yet on my place, might not even go in this year due to muddy conditions. Who ever managed to get there crops in will have all the deer this year. I still have a small chance that my corn will get planted, but plan B is to load the place up with food plots in July/ August.
  11. Other than my perennial clover plots, That’s what I do. Plenty of AG fields feeding them all summer long. Although, no corn planted yet on my illinois piece with all the rains.
  12. First video was 10am this morning on the way out. The 2nd video was 6pm on the way back in. It’s Crazy around. Im guessing it was a coyote that killed the fawn, then the fox found what was left of it this afternoon. 256B79AD-0AC7-43CF-B1F9-1A3F7423E0CB.MOV 8637DF02-5C0F-47A8-AB07-7030604606C5.MOV
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