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  1. Bowhunter2004

    Dodge dependability

    I have a 2014 Ram 1500 Laramie, it has 115,000 miles on it allready from all the back and forth I was doing to the farm out west.... it’s the best riding, straightest tracking vehicle I’ve ever owned... It honestly drives better than an S class Mercedes, and a Yukon Denali, much smoother ride... but I did dump some cash into allready. Catalytic converters last week to pass inspection, front end work and shocks, AC needed Freon. So it has had some issues, but it drives excellent.
  2. Bowhunter2004

    Monster Smallies!

    Great fish! I always wanted to do Lake Erie for the monster smallies, hopefully I’ll get around to it one day.
  3. Bowhunter2004

    Need to vent

    F ing idiots on 101.5 all week “7th weekend in a row of rain for Jersey” instead I get sunburn doing odd jobs around the house on a beautiful day when I could have been on the boat. Oh well, I’ve been meaning to get things done around here anyway. But yeah, meteorologists are clueless.
  4. Bowhunter2004


    For many years I did all day sits during the rut on public land or on outfitted hunts to maximize my chances, now I hunt a private farm that’s quality managed with all the timber being a sanctuary that no one enters. So now I hunt from pre dawn to 12:30pm then I run back to the house to grab a quick lunch and to stretch out for a 1/2 hour with the alarm set for 1:30 in case I doze off, then back in a tree by 2pm. That little break is all I need to completely revitalize myself and fire me up for the afternoon sit. That’s my everyday routine in November out west. At this point in my life, It’s much more enjoyable than all day sits and has proven to be very successful. If I was to pick the absolute most succeful hours of the day for mature bucks, hands down it would be from between 10am to noon. More than half the bucks I’ve posted on here over the years came at high noon in mid November. We’ve all read it in our favorite hunting magazines, but it’s an absolute fact! If you are hunting an area where mature bucks actually exist (not NJ) MATURE BUCKS WILL BE ON THERE FEET CRUISING BEDDING AREAS FROM MID MORNING TO MID AFTERNOON until they are locked down with a hot doe.
  5. Bowhunter2004

    Favorite place to relax?

    1. Out west in a tree stand or on the porch at my farm house. 2. Driving around an hour before dark in the late summer looking for horns. 3. On my John Deere tractor on the farm mowing lanes and clover fields.
  6. Bowhunter2004

    Snappers on the move

    Seen one Rusting across a road today, fastest turtle I ever seen.
  7. Bowhunter2004

    Back in 2008 Deal or no Deal

    That’s awesome Will, god bless you, your living your life to the fullest with your beautiful wife and daughters.
  8. Bowhunter2004

    2nd season clover growth

    Clover looks great, no weeds, very healthy. Doesn’t look like it needs a mow yet.
  9. Bowhunter2004

    Got my 2017 Fall Bow Buck Mount Back

    Great public land NJ buck. Congratulations.
  10. Bowhunter2004

    Fall planted clover and alfalfa

    Tom, I’ve had very good success with the throw and mow method with Rye, clover,turnips and rape. Only thing different I do is I have someone spray it two weeks before I get there, then I broadcast my seed and fertilizer, then mow all the dead vegetation and drive over it bunch of times.. I find the degree of success with this method is very contingent upon receiving rain. The throw and mow method has been a god send for guys like us that live 1000 miles away from our farm. I was always trying to get away with skipping a step with my conventional planted tillage/plots. I’m still a total amateur, but having a great time learning and still managing to feed some Deer in the process.
  11. Bowhunter2004

    Fall planted clover and alfalfa

    Winter Rye has been a major part of my food plot plan on my farm, it grows anywhere, with very little amending of the soil, suppresses weeds like no other. I plant end of August/ early September either as a cover crop to clover or as a fall food plot combined with buck forage oats. It stays green all winter and is a major attractant only second to corn. I actually got multiple trailcam video footage of both bucks I shot last year in my rye/oats plots more than any other food source. I plant my brassicas end of June, early July, but I rarely hunt over those plots, mostly planted as a holdover late winter food source.
  12. Bowhunter2004

    Ladders and chainsaws, not a good combination..

    That guy all the way up on the top of that ladder that got clipped, got to be dead.
  13. Bowhunter2004

    Need a Prayer

    Prayer sent.
  14. Bowhunter2004

    Which would you rather have.......??

    I’d give back half the money I ever made for more quality time. Money can be a great thing, but when I talk to god, I never ask him for more money,or materialistic items... I beg him to please give me more time so that I can continue raising and guiding my 7 yr old son and my 24 year old son through there life and to not take me to soon. It would devastate the little one. DEFINATELY MORE TIME.