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  1. That’s like having a butter faced wife with Sophia Vergaras body. All the inches add up, but still ugly. 😝
  2. That’s a stud! Congrats to the huntress.
  3. I lost a few dogs with the 22mag. I killed one but I had to empty my clip in him. Not a good Yote round.
  4. During The mid November Rut During the full moon it’s pretty hard to beat 10am to 2pm. I’ve killed a lot of big ones between those hours. As far as NJ 6 day during a full moon,I’d say just hunt as much as you can whenever you can in the thickest shit you can find and wear a lot of orange
  5. Dave’s sporting goods Stuyvesant Ave, Union And Rays. I often Wonder what ever happened to the crowd of guys that use to gather there just to hang and shoot the shit. Those were magical times. The good old days. I miss it.
  6. No shots fired, no deer as far as I can see and hear out of my living room picture window. lol. Good luck guys, there’s not a big enough deer around for me to want to get wet. I passed 30 of them with the bow last night.
  7. I almost freaked! The guy looked like my illinois neighbor. Incredible buck.
  8. That’s a good one for potter county. I shot my first deer in potter county. When I was younger I hunted a lot up around ole bull state.
  9. I made it thru it but was less than impressed. Was hoping for more.
  10. I’ve been running a bunch of the browning strike force HD cams. They are fantastic! I’ve been very pleased. exceptional battery life, great trigger speed, great day and night pics and very dependable. They are now my #1 choice in a non cellular trail camera.
  11. Yeah I was a little wild back then, I would stand in the middle of the road when there weren’t any cars coming and shoot into the back of my garage so that I could practice at further distances. Jeez time flies, Mike that was 20 years ago. I hope all is well with you and the family.
  12. Tom, if you filled both your gun and bow buck tags then your done for this year. As I’m sure you already know, no matter how you add it up your only allowed two bucks a year in illinois. In future years if you fill your POH archery buck tag early, you can go buy a 2nd either sex non resident archery permit and kill your 2nd buck with archery equipment.... but if you fill that 2nd buck tag your firearm buck tag is no longer valid. I confirmed this with the game warden and keep his text on my phone to show anyone that may questions it.
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