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  1. I became an expert in my field by telling everyone I came in contact with that,” I was an expert in my field” don’t forget the majority of society are sheep... they will easily follow someone that says there the leader. The power of suggestion shouldn’t be overlooked on your journey through life. The truth of the matter is, in the long run you better have the goods to back up your bullshit or you really won’t get to far for too long on the bullshit alone.
  2. The real question is, will you be happy hunting mediocre bucks and chasing off trespassers?
  3. That looks Phenomenal, now can you deliver me a pot of that to Readington?
  4. The few times I hit the south branch around flemington sucked compared to other streams.
  5. Congrats Tom, that’s awesome! Something beautiful came to you and your family during an otherwise ugly time.
  6. I’m not sure who's the bigger liar or who likes to hear themselves talk more him or his brother? A Pair of Godless exaggerating A holes.
  7. So sorry to hear about your mom, my sincerest condolences and prayers sent to you and your family.
  8. I tell you that’s a pretty good idea! if I get credit for the seed, fert and herbicide for next year that would take some of the urgency out of the equation. I could show up in mid to late June and plant 15 acres of beans specifically for the deer without any concern about yield. That along with my other fall food plots and I’d be good to go. Crop failure, blue tongue, EHD, outfitter neighbors and now add in Covid 19 that can kill me into the mix. The risk vs reward is seriously getting out of control here. Thanks for the insight.
  9. Driving with everything we need for the week is Most likely how I’ll end up doing it. It take me fourteen and a half hours to do the trip, but will have to stop multiple times to fuel up. I figured If I drive it, I’ll have a copy of the deed and receipts for seed to hopefully satisfy any concerns as to why are we traveling so far from home. I’m really hoping things will be a bit different by the end of May and air travel would once again be considered Safe.. I’m Wishful thinking.
  10. That atheist douche bag made a lot of sense this time.
  11. It was stupid fishing on the musky for me today with the fly rod. Awesome day!
  12. Hi Tom, I’m sorry to hear about your uncle, that’s just terrible, I‘ll pray for him I hope he pulls through. I’m already scared... I told my wife that I’m as scared of this damn virus than I have been of anything in my life. Like you said, if I get it I’m dead. 😳. I may have one more Local farmer that may be able to plant me, I’m particular about letting the locals on the farm, to many horror stories of them taking liberties when your not around.ive bern lucky so far. I already use a guy out of Pike county to plant some of my food plots, very trust worthy and has become a good friend, but he can’t handle the 70 acres tillable planting... too busy with his day job and food plots that time of year.
  13. I appreciate all the solid advise guys I’m just not sure what I’m going to do, I’ll probably do a mad dash (drive) out there end of May. I have close to $20K in input cost alone plus tractor and planter, I’m into this DEEP. It’s 70 acres of tillable ground this is not food plots. I’m not anticipating much of a return on this planting, If I’m lucky il get my input cost back. I also have to pay farm services and a custom combine farmer to yank the beans in the fall so it’s basically a losing endeavor. My tillable ground is pretty rough the local farmers equipment are way to big to access my farm and they’ve all proven themselves to be unreliable, that’s why I’m doing it. I have to keep standing crops on the farm or I’ll lose all my age class bucks in one season to the surrounding outfitters. it’s a dilemma. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you.
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