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  1. Spartans are leaps and bounds above the coverts.... I’ve ran approximately ten of each and the Spartans just keep going.
  2. Rocket steelhead and a Mathews switchback still kills them dead as long as I am able to still do my part. if not, An NAP sling blade from my 10 point Nitro X Crossbow.
  3. I shoot a few arrows a day out the sliding door. I do that all year long.
  4. Did you fire it up and get your first test photo to your Cell phone yet? This is your first cell cam right? Best feeling ever.
  5. Oh yeah that’s right. I knew there was something with the hooves. Damn it, I thought I was a deer expert for a minute there. Lol 😊
  6. She’s an EHD survivor.... supposedly that’s one of the characterIstics of a deer that was infected with EHD and survived.
  7. Bowhunter2004

    R.I.P. Elli

    Man that sucks... so sorry.
  8. Interesting, I’ll have to keep my eye on them. Let us know how the camera works out. Good luck with it and lock it up if your deploying it in NJ
  9. Joe, what made you go for the $399 Ridgetec over the $299 Spartan? I have eight 4G AT&T Spartans, they are extremely reliable. .. I’ve been extremely happy with them. Just wondering, I never heard of a ridgetec Prior to your post. They look like quality.
  10. I haven’t been there in a few years, but Don’t go out with the guide that has a pontoon boat, he’s a joke. Rent a boat buy a few bags of 4” senkos Rig them wacky style and in July they’ll be a bit deeper 25ft or so,they won’t be under all the boat docks like they are in early June. Tons of fish, great bass lake, my all time favorite.
  11. That’s a piece of shit for you and more proof for me that “not all lives matter”. I was on the edge of my seat hoping to see an exploding red stain through that cars back window. Can’t believe he drove away.
  12. Looks like the doe finaly woke up at the end. She should have stomped the shit out of him.
  13. That’s just spectacular! Awesome Fish.
  14. If quality is of no concern, a few acres Just about anywhere in Hunterdon county will get you all the deer you want. You can still get lucky with a big one showing up every now and then.... I dick around behind my house which is on 6 acres and have killed a few 140” deer on it.
  15. I became an expert in my field by telling everyone I came in contact with that,” I was an expert in my field” don’t forget the majority of society are sheep... they will easily follow someone that says there the leader. The power of suggestion shouldn’t be overlooked on your journey through life. The truth of the matter is, in the long run you better have the goods to back up your bullshit or you really won’t get to far for too long on the bullshit alone.
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