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  1. Hi, I'm responding to your comment on the thread "Buying land out of state, Pros and Cons?"

    My name is Joe 908-507-9790, if you send my your number I'd like to talk.

    thanks, Joe

    1. Bowhunter2004


      Joe, give me a buzz my name is Greg anytime mid day tomorrow  


    2. ForestGhost


      Hi Greg,

      This is Joe thanks for talking yesterday!

      I have a couple more questions, do you lease the property for farming, I think you mentioned that you did. Does the farm lease include hunting on the property? I'm just curious if a farm lease allows that party to use the land for other purposes besides farming. Does the property get a wireless signal from one of the telecom companies and do you use solar panel for electricity?

      FYI. the deer you posted on W&W are awesome,

      thanks, Joe

  2. I bought 150 acres in brown county illinois in 2012 then bought the rest of the farm which is the connecting 150 acres in 2015 then bought the house on 5 acres in 2018 that also connects to the farm. The absolute best three purchases of my life accept for the raccoons that busted into the house on this last trip. I spent the past week taking care of that but still Absolutely no regrets except that I didn’t buy the additional 120 acres on the other side of the dirt road when it came up. Too tired to type tonight, but PM me and I’ll give you my cell number. I’m the guy you want to talk to I
  3. God bless you guys if the shots are what you decided but that’ll be a big No thank you for me unless mandated for air travel. Closely monitoring the herd until then.
  4. I hope you bought that 3.5 acre property... lol. Congrats great bucks.
  5. That’s a shame, I always thought Dan was a solid guy teetering on legendary status with his great videos from back in the day.
  6. You know, I actually had quite a few guns in that safe, but the muzzleloader was loaded with a cap sitting ontop of the safe so I thought “hell this is going to be a chip shot I won’t be needing more than one shot”lol.
  7. The Savage 220 is now in the downstairs safe instead of the upper safe.
  8. I’m sticking with keith Stones story. The wife pulled the bullet from my gun. 👍🏻😃
  9. Yup, that was it. I’m sticking with your story. 😀
  10. Here’s a few from the past few years that haunt my dreams. Some where seen many times, one I shot with the bow thru what I thought was his heart only to never be seen again never recovered. Two were passed up by me multiple times the year before they were killed and then held by me when I found both racks hanging in the local taxidermists shop. I’m done talking about it I’m getting sick to my stomach again. By the way only one of them is a Jersey buck (giant with split G2 on his left side standing in the dark) and there all dead.
  11. Two of these bastards came down out of my woods while I was drinking my coffee just before the wife was about to let the lap dog out. He would have been breakfast for the big one. After he slipped behind that detached garage I dropped the phone and made the mad dash for the only gun I had on that floor which was my muzzleloader. I slipped a cap in it opened up the back door crept outside turned the corner and there he was 30 yds away on the edge of the yard and my woods broadside. BOOM! Took off running. Total miss. WTF is wrong with me this year? Even the wife couldn’t believe I missed that
  12. I run a whole bunch of Spartans and a bunch of coverts over twenty cell cams in total. Buy a spartan if you want to basically set it and forget it. They’re like the energizer bunny, They just keep going and going flawlessly sending me 100’s of pics a day for many months between pulling sd cards. The coverts work about half the time and send me only one picture per event wherein the spartan cams send me every pic. Covert has excellent customer service and keep replacing or repairing all my defective cameras when they stop working so I keep deploying them but there’s no comparison to the Spar
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