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  1. One Fat Striper.....

    Damn Chris that things a pig! I better hurry up and get the boat de winterized.
  2. Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro Review

    I’ve been using plot watchers for many years, they are excellent for setting up on a field to see where the activity is coming from and at what time. I keep a few on pic and stic stands so that f I’m torn between hunting two different locations on the same farm, I’ll just jam one in the ground overlooking the entire field on my way to another stand and grab it on my way out to see what I may have missed. Battery life and the amount of days you can store on an SD card is incredible. Two years ago I shot a buck in illinois, if it wasn’t for my plot watcher in the next field over 200 yds away capturing images of him cutting across that huge field, I would have never retrieved that Deer... We didn’t have much blood, and were looking in the total opposite direction.
  3. What are your goals for this coming deer season?

    Kill a booner in Illinois.
  4. Rompola Buck

    I always thought Mitch was a bad ass trophy hunter that just didn’t give a shit, no fancy gear, no nice camo, no food plots... just an old bow and a big buck, but somethings got to be fishy. Just like that Mark Anthony clown In illinois...consistently killing booners from the ground in a gilli suit. He assessed my farm for the last owner, I even named one of my stands the “ Mark Anthony stand” LoL. He was a total fake. He disappeared too.
  5. Close Call

    Wow that was close! Say your prayers tonight be sure to thank the lord for another day with your family.
  6. Found one

    Tom, I never have much luck on my illinois farm, even though I know there’s tons of bucks that survived we never seem to find much. This years results from 340 acres. Not very impressive.
  7. Getting Old Can Suck !!!

    Joe, don’t feel bad. I’m on the beach in the Caribbean today with the family and I got stuck on a lounge chair cause everyone wandered off. I couldn’t get up and out of the chair without blowing up my busted up aching knees, so I ended up laying there burning like a lobster. I figured it was better than flopping around in the sand clutching my knees in front of all the hot milfs lol. Nothing In life prepared me for this old age bullshit. I just didn’t believe it would happen to me or that I would ever slow down this much. This Sucks! I hope my pathetic story makes you feel better.
  8. Harry's BYE BYE

    Believe me! It’s inevitable Internet sales and Amazon will all but completely shut down most brick and mortar retailers. It’s just the way that it is. If your in any retail business and you have not allready positioned your company and secured a high ranking position on Amazon , Walmart, and1 st page Google position. Your among the walking dead.
  9. Mowing clover? Brush hog?

    Brush hog / rough cut mower is perfect. No need for a finish mower. Do you think you stressed it by maybe mowing it in the heat of the summer during a hot dry spell? Did it bounce back in the early fall?
  10. Wow! Really 5 miles away ? There isn’t a guy with a crossbow setup 50 yds away from you? That’s not fair, your hunting somewhere in Perfectville USA , where talking about shitty NJ here. I feel with the legalization of crossbows that are now capable of rifle like accuracy out to say 70 yds effectively turned our bow season into a 6 month gun season. All the orange army jerkoffs that showed up on opening day of gun season are now here on opening day of archery until the middle of February. Gone are the days when youd practice all summer, everyday, and slowly you’d actually become a bow hunter. Then come October 1st youd basically have the woods to yourself so that you can formulate a plan to hunt unpressured Deer. Now the woods are full of shit heads busting thru your setup asking you “Hey did you see any deers yet ? I just got this new crossbow, F’ing thing is unbelievable! I only hunted Deer for 6 day shotgun but now I’m a bow hunter, I never new bow hunting was this easy, I hunt every day with the crossbow now, unlimited doe season is F’ing great.... I give up, I just can’t compete with that. I ordered a crossbow.
  11. The LOVE ❤️ of a CROSSBOW

    I consider myself a die hard bow hunter, but I do have an order in for a new Ten Point Nitro X. I still would prefer that they have there own season or no season at all, but since illinois legalized them last year, all bets are off. I have a lot of pressure on my borders from outfitters and neighbors all carrying crossbows. I lost seven or eight good bucks this past year to crossbow hunters, some I passed up on, and two were my top hit listers. I have absolutely no plans of hanging up the bow, but I guess there will be situations now were I’d be willing to take the crossbow or maybe take both with me. For those that say crossbows are not easier than vertical bows, I say total bullshit! I seen my target buck At least 13 times last year and I never got him with my bow, and im ok with that, I had an unbelievable season pursuing him and he's still alive. He would have easily been dead on at least 3 or 4 of those encounters if I had a crossbow.
  12. Leasing farmland (to farm)-rates?

    I lease my rough tillable ground out to a crop farmer (out of state) for $150 -$200 an acre
  13. What Was Your Best Buy

    It’s not hunting related, but I bought my 1st home for 102k then sold it for 415k eight years later. I used some of the proceeds of that sale to start my business 16 years ago. If it wasn’t for that house, no way I would have ever started my company or would have ever been able to save any cash living pay check to pay check in a dead end job.
  14. What would be your DREAM bowhunt

    A Boone and Crocket buck on the Illinois farm with the bow. I’m not much interested in any other species or locations.
  15. Mathews Switchback XT for sale...

    Good price - great bow