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  1. I agree 100%. it’s only 5 minutes up the road from Char. Heres a little example B810520D-9A4C-4622-95D9-BC40A3DBB8D7.mov
  2. This is my seventh year of ownership for my farm out west. I certainly respect your opinion, but for me its the total opposite experience. Hugely rewarding experience in every aspect. I love everything about it. I think about being there every day of my life. Every trip out is filled with complete anticipation. Not once have I felt it was a hassle. The best way I can describe my experience is that I would buy it all over again at a higher price without hesitation even if the value kept going down, even with the 15 hour drives, hours spent in airports, Failed food plots, and an asshole neighbor. I have absolutely no regrets. The the things I’ve experienced, life lived and the memories are priceless.
  3. I’m not sure if your just looking for average deer hunting ground or If your intention is the serious pursuit of trophy whitetails? If it is, I wouldn’t be buying anywhere on the east coast except maybe MD and if it was Maryland for me it would be the eastern shore, but it’s going to be expensive and unjustifiable. I bought in illinois in 2012, then I bought additional connecting acreage in 2014 and a small house on 5 acres in 2017 that also connects to the rest of the farm. It’s been a major undertaking, but the 2nd time I purchased I paid $300 more per acre than my previous purchase. Now I’m seeing neighboring ground that’s asking $1000 more per acre than what I paid, and there getting it! I bought my farm for recreational purposes, but it turns out it was a good investment. I won’t be selling until I’m dead, but my advise to anyone, is to buy as soon as you can and begin enjoying it while you can and before you get priced out of the game. You know what they say, they ain’t making anymore. I have zero regrets, best purchase I ever made.
  4. Did you mean $2000, if not I’ll buy it for $200 an acre sight unseen.
  5. I had Ralph Cianciarulo and his camera guy in a tree 90 yds below me in Wisconsin one year. I was on an outfitted hunt on a farm that regular guys like me weren’t allowed to hunt the backside of the farm because it was reserved for a “ celebrity hunter” let’s just say I took a long walk in the dark with a climber one morning and found a shit load of sign that I setup on. Lol. I shit myself when I seen flashlights coming. They never knew I was there and they only stayed until 8:45am. I seen a few big ones back there that day, but didn’t have the balls to go back. I miss being young and invincible.
  6. Tomorrows will be my 54th birthday, the old man showed up with a birthday cake a few years ago and I let him in. Big mistake, now I can’t get rid of him.
  7. Kiss, Yanni and Barbara Streisand all in the same conversation. I seriously have to find somewhere else to hang out.
  8. Kiss was my 1st concert 12 years old Madison Square Garden 1977. That show and the alive 1 and 2 albums changed me forever. I spent the next 20 years playing guitar in rock bands trying to become a rockstar. No regrets whatsoever, I loved every minute of it and would do it all over again the same exact way. I have 9th row tickets for March at the garden with the wife and son. Gonna be a great show.
  9. I switched over to all ladder stands six years ago, they stay out all year. All but a few cell cameras come in in April then go back out end of June.
  10. I’m pretty sure these three guys are still alive and well in a certain parts of Ohio.... I ran into them on privately leased property two years in a row during gun season. They yelled up to me in my tree “we hunt wherever the F we want” and the one winked at me. that’s why I don’t hunt there no more.
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