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  1. deadonshot2

    10/19/18 CHECK IN-Afternoon Time

    Nice buck Larry. Looks good in the jetsled. Sorry about the first one, but you sure got back on the horse pretty quickly. Congrats again
  2. deadonshot2

    Big public land buck down!

    Nice buck and great story
  3. deadonshot2

    FYI moon phase study.

    Thanks for sharing
  4. deadonshot2

    Poacher Caught !!!

    Big antlers really do turn some people into big idiots. What an ahole.
  5. LOL. Just because I choose to draw my conclusion based off 68 years of a persons background while many here draw theirs from watching fox and believing a person who has independently been proven to have told thousands of lies and misleading statements does not mean they have tds. But that is the weak argument and defensive mechanism shown by many here to defend their blind faith in a lifelong con man. While many here will say trump is this and trump is that-- they still TRUST a con man? Why can you not support the good of the country by speaking out against the things that are wrong? Did you and others have ods the last 8 years? Our right and even more important OUR DUTY is to speak out. It is to question (as many did the previous 8 years) things being done by our elected officials. Many here spoke out about obamacare , yet were in full support of trumpcare which was shown to be far worse then obamacare. That is pure stupidity right there. I dont like obamacare so please give me something worse. People in my age group (which many here are in that same age group) would have been priced out of healthcare at the time in our lives we would need it the most. How is trump caring for us? He was not (even called the bill mean), he was just trying to fulfill a campaign promise. While it is easy to love our pension plan growth last year, it is more important to stay grounded and not let the euphoria cloud the other things.
  6. It is indeed my opinion of him needing to be president with a lot of circumstantial evidence behind it. There has been less circumstantial evidence that have convicted people of murder in this country. But my opinion is no less then the opinion in the article saying he did not need it. This is a man who has filed bankruptcy 3-4 times? But through his stellar intelligence recouped that wealth each time? LOL. Try recouped it with ripping off contractors and shady business dealings with foreign nationals. But I still stand by my assessment (opinion) with the circumstantial evidence presented now and previous post that his ego needed it. He has talked about running for president for 20+ years--another piece of evidence he needed it for his ego. As for watching fox which obviously is the only reputable news agency in your narrow world? I watch both fox and cnn to see the opposing views and draw a conclusion on the information given by both. I do not draw my conclusion like many here after watching just the slant fox puts on things. I will say I do find David Gergen (CNN) who served republican and denocratic presidents to be the most honest unbiased between the two stations. I have seen him stand up for trump and seen him shake his head over things trump has done. The others on both channels are ALWAYS going to give you the positive or the negative based on the channel you watch. You are a typical party hack when you constantly refer people that have a different "opinion" then yours as a liberal,etc. I will not put my blind faith in a president who has a lifetime track record of this president. He gained his wealth through debt-- how well you think that will work out for the country? We are revenue neutral since the tax cut. The booming economy should have lowered (as history has shown) the deficit. Instead we added to the deficit. Call me what you want, but I am looking at the big picture LONG TERM and not short sighted like many. As far as going back to last 8 years, I would (but republicans like yourself can't seem to admit) actually take it back to 16 years when the shit really hit the fan. And even a little further with the housing bubble created by clinton. But make no mistake, only fools would put blind faith and trust in a lifelong con man.
  7. Good read but some incorrect statements within the article. The first one about being a billionare, etc and not needing the presidency is incorrect. The article actually mention exactly why he wanted to be president and it has nothing to do with loving the country. It is his ego and always has been. Remember when he pretended to be one of his alias to get onto the forbes 500 list? It is a status thing to satisfy his ego-- and nothing to do with loving the country. If he loved the country he would not have ducked the military. There are guys that would have happily served with far worse issues then some bone spurs. The second incorrect statement about paying his own way--That is completely and utterly false. First he appointed as many federal lobbyists as Bush and Obama combined. Second, he is making millions through using his hotels for foreign visitors. He stayed at his own resort (on taxpayer money) 25% of his presidency through the first year and half in office. And the majority of his money is made through foreign governments which he can now deal with more leverage then ever before. The character flaw spoken about is more then being rude and crude. It is about ethics. He was a con man his entire life and to think that has changed after 70 years on this earth-- you got fooled. Imagine a friend you knew in school who was always the sneaky kid, thief,con,etc. And you run into him 25 years later-- how far would you trust him? I have never denied disliking trump and readily admit he was the best of the worst set of candidates ever put forth in my lifetime. But I will never believe he has anything but his own interest in mind. One of his top campaign promises was the vets. That is probably the easiest thing to garner bi partisan support for. Yet we still have nearly half of the veterans homes rated a one out of five stars. And most recently there was vet arrested with a 200 pound bomb who is that upset with how he has not received the care he needs.
  8. deadonshot2

    Live Hunt with Bucksnbows and The Beard

    Rusty, Governor Murphy just signed an energency EO that all deer hunting on golf courses must cease at 6pm starting Oct 15th. Hurry up and kill something. LOL
  9. deadonshot2

    Live Hunt with Bucksnbows and The Beard

    Good luck-- who is hunting the truck bed in case the big buck does what he did last week? LOL
  10. deadonshot2


    It is the closest wma to my house and I never hunted it. I have a friend that lives a few hundred yards from there and doesn't hunt.
  11. deadonshot2

    Anyone else get 10 feet of rain last night?

    I hunt behind a ladys house near columbus and her road is still closed with water accross the road. Says I need a canoe to get to my stand. I wonder if it is easier or harder to shoot swimming deer? LOL
  12. deadonshot2

    Live Hunt w/LPJR, Rusty & Bucksnbows

    I hope you guys don't come with a new meaning for "playing the back nine". LOL Good luck gentlemen
  13. deadonshot2

    UBNJ Saddle River Hunt Lawsuit

    I agree. I have helped a few guys shoot their first deer from NJH. I have taken a friends sons out and am 1 for 2 getting them deer so far. I helped set a double ladder so this same friend can sit with her daughter trying to get her first deer. I am taking a 78 year old this wednesday morning to try to get his first bow kill. I got him involved in bowhunting at 72 years old. He bought his bow from David at Wyvern that I set him up with from NJH. I am still trying to get my neighbor through the apprentice program but his work schedule is all over the place. He is dying to give it a try but making money is top priority. We all have chances to contribute in some way.
  14. deadonshot2

    UBNJ Saddle River Hunt Lawsuit

    Well said Vito. As with any organization, there will always be circumstances that occur. They are not perfect. But they have OUR best interests in NJ hunting. If an organization is not for you- thats fine, just move on. But why would anyone complain or remark about an organization that actually supports us all? WE are all on the same team.
  15. deadonshot2

    Saw something cool today!!!!

    I am not sure they are breeding. Looks like a common game of leap frog to me.LOL