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  1. deadonshot2

    How many Deer Permits do you pay for?

    Extended bow- 2 zones + buck tag, permit shotgun- 2 zones + buck tag. A minimal of 6 tags. Some years I buy a third zone if I find a buck worth hunting in the third zone.
  2. deadonshot2

    It amazes me how quick they grow up!

    I likey. Good luck with him
  3. deadonshot2

    Ozonics anyone?

    I have to disagree with you. I have hunted many a windy days in this spot and direction is always changing. I hate/love this spot. I always have 1-3 bruisers every year. But that wind is so dam challenging. I do not think I ever hunted that spot with a constant wind direction.
  4. deadonshot2

    Ozonics anyone?

    I think the wind is important and even more important in other places. I hunt a private spot that has houses/horse farm/etc. I could have sweated all day, climb in my stand in the afternoon and have a good buck walk right into my scent more times then not and not affect him. They seem so used to human odor. That same spot when I was putting up my stand, I was banging metal together while building it and sweating like crazy. I had an 8 pt walk to within 15 yards with breeze blowing right to him. Now some other spots that are more secluded-- these deer smell you a 100 yards away and snort you out of the tree. The problem with some of those spots is that the wind swirls 99% of the time- so I hunt that spot when I get constant action on cam several days in a row at a buck I am looking to kill. So yes the wind is more important in some spots compared to others.
  5. deadonshot2

    So what broadheads everyone using

    Muzzy 100 gr 3 blade. Watch them drop within sight
  6. deadonshot2

    Deer regulations out... no hunter’s digest just yet.

    The digest only changes minimally every two years when there are rule changes. What is so hard about printing a different cover every other year and getting the digest out to the public by July? And if it is because of advertisers-- just make it a two year fee for the advertisers. This state really can not do anything right. The digest does seem to be out a little later each of the last few years.
  7. deadonshot2

    NJ group finds voter fraud?

    The credibility was lost when the article says independent think tank led by self-described conservatives and libertarians. In order for an independent study to be accurate is if all partied were involved. It is not like there were laws guiding them from going off track to find a predetermined conclusion. I am in favor of voter id/fingerprints/etc but not as it has been proposed in the past. It was being done as a suppression to low income voters. But if a bi partisan bill could make it a reality that would be great for our country.
  8. deadonshot2

    Some New Revenue for NJ

    you forgot the part of them pocketing more as well.
  9. deadonshot2

    Camera stolen. Montville/Kinnelon area

    That feeling sucks when you walk up and find your camera stolen. I did find a stand that was stolen from me before. I never could catch anyone hunting from it though. I let it stay there all season a few years ago. Now it is back in one of my spots. I have had a couple cameras stolen but never did relocate those. Sorry to hear that you joined the club.
  10. deadonshot2

    Doe with Quadruplets or not?

    I had a doe a couple years ago with 4 fawns during early season. I just assumed she inherited one or two from another doe who may have been road killed. For as many as claiming to see that many does with 4 fawns-- it is more likely some fawns were adopted versus born to single doe. A doe that has 4 fawns is rare. Buck's pictures may support that doe had all 4 fawns though. That one is a runt and is what is probably expected when a doe has 4 fawns. Either way it is always good to see a healthy fawn recruitment for future years to come.
  11. deadonshot2

    New Spot

    Good luck with that big guy Larry.
  12. deadonshot2

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    In the 70's and 80's any pizza in Trenton was great. Maruca's, delorenzo's, pizza plaza, roma bar, etc. Down in Camden county, I have yet to find good pizza in the 25 years down here.
  13. I like the ladders since they are convenient and no noise climbing the tree in the dark. I always have my climber in the truck in case I need a quick move to take advantage of an opportunity though.
  14. deadonshot2

    So true. I'm guilty to a certain extent.

    I do not understand the competition when it comes to hunting. I have steered people to a few places and they have killed a bigger buck then me that particular year-- I was happy for them, not jealous. I have gotten some members from that other site (RIP) their first deer by putting them in some of my spots. That is more enjoyable to me. Now I do like to kill some good racks, but age is a better trophy to me then rack size. I had the wide 8pt I posted a pic here last year and a four point at the same stand. I would have been happy with either one since they were both 4 1/2 or older. But it was not meant to be- doe busted me before the 4 pt took the one more step I needed and the closest the 8pt ever got was 60 yards. But I enjoyed those hunts and even thought after each encounter if I would actually be a little disappointed that the hunt would be over if I killed either of those deer.
  15. deadonshot2

    Chicago Violence Problem

    Even with that spike the shootings and murders are down this year in Chicago. They are placing additional police on the streets by extending their shifts and cancelling vacations. That obviously is not sustainable for a long period of time. But it appears they were making some progress until this past weekend.