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  1. I am working all weekend but did talk to my second year student. She was hunting behind her house and had action all morning. She passed on a 4 pt trying to wait out a 9pt and 10 pt but neither offered her a shot. But the bucks did not seem interested in the does as they fed together. Eventually they bedded down separetly but within 100 yds of each group. This is in Gloucester county.
  2. Looks like you had a great day John.
  3. Went to pull a camera down Reed Rd (Jackson)that was out since March and as soon as I opened truck door the stench was very strong. Not sure if multiple or just one. Wasn't poking around in thick stuff looking for rotting deer. But obviously this area been hit because I actually went to pull this camera a week before season opened and someone had a huge pile of corn on my way in so I backed out. Yesterday the corn was all there with 6" high grass/weeds growing in the pile. So no deer visiting that pile in three weeks.
  4. Good luck to you and your daughter.
  5. Good luck GB and anyone else out giving it hell today. I am sitting a 5 hour conference right now but I will join you tomorrow out in the woods.
  6. No better wood than oak. Nice offer Monster.
  7. Good luck guys. I cant make it out til thursday.
  8. Awesome story. Great buck. Congrats
  9. Congrats Rita and Darren. Congrats to the hunter also.
  10. Who is "us" and who are "them"? It is not all liberals or consetvatives. It is far right and far left. The gap grows wider everyday because of "us". We accept unacceptable behavior. In fact "us" make excuses why it is acceptable. I do not want this be a political football debate but a relection. We watched one party make excuses for rioting and looting. We are watching another make excuses for a potus who was joyful watching police being attacked. So how does it make "us" better than "them" unless you find both appalling? If you dont find both appalling then you are "them". Again just trying to make a point and not be political.
  11. I voted to leave it. I shot a 10pt in 2018 with shotgun. One of my pellets took out top half of one of the tines. I never repaired it. Broken part of tine sits on my desk and rack sits in garage. I can understand if someone wanted to mount on wall and it happened like this or during ath run. Broken rack gets pass til next year in my book
  12. Swapped some sd cards this morning. Found a spot where 3 bucks must have been chasing a doe around. Criss crossed the road 5 or 6 times including up dirt road. Hung a new camera today and probably a new stand tomorrow. I got turned around after setting up camera and circled back to where I hung camera. I ended up walking parallel to iriginal trail and came out about 50 yds from where I was supposed to. Getting ready to head in for an afternoon sit in Z18. Good luck if you are out.
  13. Good GB. I woke up to thunder storm. I checked path and saw it over my hunting area. So rolled back over. Just ot to hunting area. Going to swap a few sd cards and maybe set up a few more cams in new areas
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