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  1. That is list is as fake news as it gets. Trump got two scoops, trump took a shit today. ONE major piece of legislation in four years is cimplete failure. Even that one piece was a lie. The tax cut will pay for itself. The budget office disagreed and guess who was right? It wasn't trump. When you lose any debate you simply go on to something else. You are o for about 10,000 just since the election. BTW, I am dying to see pics of all the 170" deer your friend (like we believe you have even one friend) has on his property here in NJ. Come on you have all kinds of pics and links and you want
  2. And yet he got 81 million votes-- 7 million more then the asshat trump. You know how many republicans had to have voted for biden for him to get 81 million votes? Seems like you have a bad case of BDS. As far as qualified-- the waitress at my local restaurant is more qualified then trump. He showed why it was abd idea to put an inexperienced lifelong fraudster into the position to run the country. It will take a long time to correct the damage he has caused us world wide.
  3. No anger here either. It is the freakin internet. And again in your last sentence you try to paint a picture. I must be one sucky dem if I was defending trump in 2016 especially against the likes of benedict gomez back on nhj. I have been asked a republican I would support for president- ben sasse. I am not a party puppet. I will vote for who is best qualified for the job without any regard to party. I bet if you asked a hundred people here if they would ever vote for a dem even if it was their own brother, mother, father, sister- the answer would be no. That is what hatred and closed minded
  4. So let's hear how trump supporters (real men LOL) would prevent a convicted trump from going to prison? Go to court house and try to intmidate witnesses? I hear roger stone is pretty good at that. Or you going to attack the prison and free trump? LOL You have a vivid imagination.
  5. First it is just fun getting nicky all upset. I will feel bad if he were to stroke out defending trump- but I just cant help driving the guy nuts. As far as your other nonsense. I sure did vote for biden and like I said I probably wont be happy with a biden presidency. But I also know our country would have been destroyed beyond repair with 4 more destructive trump years. So it was a sacrifice that needed to be made. While I do not get any benefit from the NRA either way I do not wish them demise. While they will never do anything for us here in NJ, they do serve a purpose nationally for gun o
  6. No, I just think you are allergic to facts that contradict your fantasy.
  7. WOOOOOOW. So you will not let a guy be imprisoned who would have been tried in a court of law and convicted by citizens of the US. And you are crying about states did not follow the constitution? You are radical.If you think real men are trump supporters again you are wrong. You are group of angry guys who can't get laid because you are too busy stroking your rifle and licking bullets to have a woman even slightly interested in you. So you form groups and do circle yanks while fantasizing about taking over the government. You have officially shown your radical side that I knew existed-- you ju
  8. LOL-- see when you do not like facts you give a smartass answer. SMH
  9. First step towards tyranny is getting rid of any opposition to your single message. You really are either slower then you appear or really will just argue any thing posted that does not sing trumps praises.
  10. You do know they will not even allow trump a cell phone in prison right?
  11. Let's start early on. Calling the press the enemy of the people. And now there are idiots all over the place thinking that if they don't like the story they can just call it fake and move on. While I agree there is a left spin on many stations- the spin is just as great on righty channels. In fact probably spins so far out of sight like OANN. I watch both and see how both parties react as an independent watcher. Like I said I defended trump right up until about the time he won the nomination. So saying I am a trump hater is not a factual thing since I was a supporter at one time. And if you th
  12. Yet you respond sometimes several times to same post. Just another one of your bullshit lies? And of course when you get smacked in the back of the head for being wrong again-- you post stupidity. You should be asking why the other poster accepts tyranny from trump but does not like someone held trump accountable. Oh thats right, because you accept the tyranny from trump also. Idiots do flock together.
  13. Go watch video. That is how I saw it. You may need something other then Fox to see it because no way they show it. I don't need to make up shit. I voted biden because trump was the worst potus in history. I am going to watch trump get paid back in court case after court case. Watching him and his slimy kids try to out run the law is going to be must see TV. Tax fraud, sexual assault, citing an insurrection-sedition just to start the ball rolling. Sit back and relax nicky. You are going to need to be tranqualized so you don't hurt yourself the next few years. LOL.
  14. Follow along slow poke. My response was the other dumb dumb referring to tyranny. I gave an example of how he openly accepted it when trump was doing it. You get it yet pokey?
  15. So do you have a court case that shows me differently? Because the only evidence in 60 court cases is dismissal after dismissal. Your claims are empty handed. I cite actual events like court dismissals and your own republicans. You got nothing and wont actually look at real evidence.
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