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  1. I think every situation will give you a different answer. I have popped one up because of rain and been successful same day. But that was in an area deer are used to seeing people daily and always introduced to new things. On more pressured land where deer notice every leaf or branch that is missing I would set up/brush in/ not return for at least a week.
  2. Maybe if you complained about fluke fishing as much as you do about deer hunting you may change your fortunes. It is worth a try. Lol. I would rather be lucky with the bucks than the fluke anyday.
  3. I am waiting on the pics from Kansas not Costa Rica. But looks like a great time there also. Congrats on the fish . And lunch today looks awesome.
  4. Is there anything you are not willing to argue about. Give a rest dude.
  5. I agree. The last time this happened there were so many people under water when the markets corrected. My wife has been looking for the right place/property to build and she even came to her senses that we are not budging from where we are now. Makes no sense to over pay now and regret later. I have a good neighborhood but would like more property. But no need to move at this point.
  6. The bucks I end up killing usually show up mid October. I have had cams out since March but have not checked them. Won't go back in there until mid august. Won't get serious to narrowing down spots until late september. Too many changes happen in that 5-6 weeks.
  7. That ten looks like an 11. That kicker will probably be scorable.
  8. They may only get to about 6 feet long but get fat as hell. We had one slither into our campsite in early 70's at timberland lake campground. That thing looked like it could have eaten a 10 year old kid.
  9. There goes that trolling again. Not catching anything I guess so you keep trolling along.
  10. Looks like a great time with your daughter. We may not agree on politics/covid. But I never tire of your adventures with your family. That is what should be most important in everyone's life and you nail it. Congrats on the catch.
  11. This is her last olympics. I stopped watching football because of the kneeling so I share your sentiment. She is a cocky little b*&^% besides the kneeling which makes me dislike her.
  12. I get hating her for the kneeling, but you okay with our country losing or jealous she gets more p&^%$ than you? Just messing with you so don't be offended. I don't like her either. Just wish the team won though.
  13. I did only focus on the numbers and never saw the meter. No problem. Now go read article from tampa bay times ( sorry dont know how to link it on my phone) published on may 30th of 2020 and updated on july 24th, 2020. Notice where the update says the death toll from covid may be anywhere from 17 to 58 percent higher than was reported. The snapshot of pneumonia deaths from places like florida and texas that show 4 times more pneumonia deaths in 2020 versus previous years is not truly explained. You believe whatever narrative you want.
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