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  1. deadonshot2

    Shooting at Arts Festival in Trenton

    Trenton has always had some ill advised areas-- but now you can label the entire city as ill advised. Definitely miss the old trenton days. Maruca's pizza, Michele Lorie cheesecake, Kramers bagels, and Roma bar and casino hotdogs. Even if any of them were still around I wouldn't go in to the city.
  2. deadonshot2

    Looking to buy a bicycle

    And I thought the bike was going to be for your kid for locking the keys in the car. LOL. Good luck with the recovery
  3. deadonshot2

    Nice One on Cam

    Definitely looks great. Good luck with him
  4. deadonshot2

    Anyone Going To The Def Leppard/Journey Concert?

    Foreigner did a concert for a company I worked for years ago. It was in the Ampitheatre at Epcott Center in Orlando. Just don't stand in the splash zone. I was dead center against the stage and got hit with sweat a few times. LOL It was a good show-- you will enjoy it.
  5. deadonshot2

    Bison Burgers

    Where did you have bison that tasted gamey? My wife who will not touch any of my venison actually liked bison burgers. And if they were gamey she would have never eaten it.
  6. deadonshot2

    Bison Burgers

    I have never been to that place but have eaten many bison burgers. I definitely prefer them over regular beef anyday. Give it a try and let us know how it was.
  7. deadonshot2

    Murphy Signs The New Gun Laws Today

    I guess we all feel safe now? LOL. What freakin planet did this moron come from.
  8. deadonshot2

    My December 29th/17 buck

    I would have thought 4.5 also. To have that much body weight ( was probably 200+ before the rut) in late december is impressive for a 3.5 yr old. He definitely had some good genes working for him.. He is a nice one for sure.
  9. deadonshot2

    Guess The NFL Eagles got The Message

    So please let me know if this happened or didn't. He called out obama for not using term islamic terrorist. Trump continually used it before and after he went to saudi arabia. But not once while he was in saudi arabia. He called out Treadeu and Macron while in US and sang a different tune face to face. And his actions have led to our allies distancing themselves from us while building stronger alliances amongst themselves. Any success does not piss me off. The lack there of does. Obamacare, obamcare-- where is the replacement? The only plan was worse then obamacare. Where is this infrastructure plan? The only put forth was throwing everything back to the states where you would be paying tolls on any major roadway in the state. Turns out it was only a backdoor tax hike. Thank goodness both of those failed. Now if there was a good replacement for obamacare that he pushed-- I would be right there with him. If there was an infrastructure bill that was not a hidden tax hike on middle class then I would be right there behind him. So stop trying to turn it into a dem/repub bs pissing match. I despise hillary and obama as much as trump. So stop your cnn talking point bs line.
  10. deadonshot2

    Guess The NFL Eagles got The Message

    I hope you don't think that "attention" is good. When you attack our allies while wishing to reward Russia for their sins (ukraine and Crimea), you have nothing more then a twitter tough guy with zero credibility around the world. These countries are pushing back on us like never before. They are also making better alliances among themselves without us. Not the position I think we should be in. How could Treadeu not be laughing at trump. Trump accused the canadians of burning down the white house a couple hundred years ago. And is using that as the national security threat to slap tarriffs on them? I think we should hurry up put a fence along the canadian border because they pose such a threat. LOL.
  11. deadonshot2

    Guess The NFL Eagles got The Message

    If you call bashing Truedeau and Macron on twitter and then licking their balls in face to face meeting-- yea he is one hell of a tough guy. Just like when he peddled his "obama will not say islamic terrorists". Then went to Saudi Arabia and never used the term. But as soon as he was back in the US he used it again. Trump is nothing more then a twitter tough guy.
  12. deadonshot2

    Guess The NFL Eagles got The Message

    Shepard is the lone exception along with the williams guy who both slant towards dems. But people like Hannity who peddles conspiracy theories is the star of fox. So when your star is purposely misleading the public then FOX is worthless. Yes CNN and others slant the other way as well. But knowingly running conspiracy theories makes you lose all credibility. Remember he ran the story about Rich even though he was given deails to the contrary before doing the show. Now he is peddling the "spygate" conspiracy. Even though those that were given the intelligence briefing have said that the FBI did EXACTLY as they should have. You can never get a 100% true story from any news channel and have to understand what slant to expect by what channel you watch. But conspiracy theories should be on A&E and not fox.
  13. deadonshot2


    There is a guy who hunts an area near me who likes that 10-2 time frame but he hasn't killed anything good in the few years I have talked to him.
  14. deadonshot2


    I use a lot of trail cams and would hunt mid day if my cams showed me that I should. But I know others have had mid day success and believe in it.
  15. deadonshot2

    Refurbished Moultrie Cams

    I have about 25 of the Moultrie Trace and they do take a lot of pics in some instances. I switched trees and stopped getting those shadow pics. Some places there was not another tree to capture the pics because of direction I wanted to capture and just live with the extra pics. But try moving the cam in a slightly different direction and it may stop the shadow pics.