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  1. Looks like you had a great day being an all american family. Always good to see pics like those.
  2. You are probably right or he is still remembering all the details for another episode of Mazz edition 100. LOL. He probably was on his way back home at the 5mph when it totally quit on him. He was stranded on the side of the road and his phone was dead. He couldn't charge it because his car was also dead. He finally had a police officer pull over- but he ended up getting a ticket for blocking traffic. But the officer did get a tow truck to come tow the dead car back to his house at an expanded charge since it is Saturday. Then when he got home his in laws were in from out of town and going to stay with him for a week. LOL
  3. Those brows are nice. Good luck with him.
  4. WOW, obama bowed. Trump is selling weapons to saudi arabia against congress wishes after they murdered a US dual citizen. And you think that is anywhere near equal? You keep telling yourself that about the economy. Investments have slowed way down and when the 2 year is out performing the ten year it has led to a recession every other time. You are not honest with yourself so how could anyone expect you to be here?
  5. Dude you could never approach my integrity level. You are a low life looking to score a few points with a couple other trouble makers on here. If I provided a thousand quotes it would not be enough for you. I don't need to prove anything like you are still apparently trying to do. You are meaningless site troublemaker who stalks my every post. The way you follow me around you should have all the quotes you are asking for. Ask yourself one simple question. I don't know you so why would I feel the need to lie to you? If I wanted to hide my "liberal agenda" as you call it, I would not have said I dislike trump from the get go. You are barking up the wrong tree.
  6. Those look like a lot of good eating right there. Great haul.
  7. Holy shit, he tweeted out that tarriffs are fast and easily won. And it would not matter where it was viewed since it came from trumps own twitter account. Did I lie about tarriffs- nope. So again you are trying to be deceptive or flat out lying crying joe. You may not call him king donald but you treat him like a saudi king. Your response that all the ills of the world are caused by liberals is just too convienant dont you think? Funny the stock market did not go bankrupt when liberal obama was in office. But according to trump it will if he is not re-elected. And my favorite campaign slogan from his rally in NH trying to use fear as a weapon-- "whether you like me or hate me you have to re-elect me." He was referring to the stock market. LOL. As far as referring to trump as an idiot -well if the shoe fits then wear it. Funny when you and others call obama a bunch of other things including referring to his wife as a monkey etc-- I did not say you were not american because you spoke out against the potus. Thats because WE have the right to when we do not agree. So shove your true colors up your arse. I make no qualms I dislike trump. Just like you have none about obama or hillary. I dislike all three- you choose just two of them. Big deal.
  8. Call me whatever you want. You just dont get it-- I could care less what you think. I know what several here think of you and it is not what you claim. Matt can verify the PM's I have in my mailbox from a good poster who is on this site telling me not to waste my time with you. I also saw another have a back and forth with you the other day about your deceptive claims. And did you notice, I did not give a single emoji like you girls feel the need to do when one calls me another name. I don't need others to make me feel a certain way like the girls (or as crying joe tries to claim us hunters) on here do. I don't need a group of people to verify I am a man. I would think when you need that you just identified yourself as having a vagina. Do you know what bathroom to use or you just look for the one with the skirt?
  9. Since you lost your debate you and lunatic went to the personal attack back up plan. Typical low lifes when all else fails refer to personal attacks. Do you want to get back to your crying about the stock market crying joe? Did you see three countries had to introduce stimulus packages to keep from going into recessions? Just yesterday the idiot or as you refer king donald claimed that he never said that tarriffs were going to be fast and easy. Really, how about the dozen times he said exactly the opposite at rallies or on his way to go play another round of golf? You may make excuses for him causing loses in your retirement that just makes you dumb.
  10. Hey don't forget about crying Joe on NJWW. My bears keep disappearing a week before the season. I only have scrub bucks because it is everyone else's fault I refuse to go find a good one elsewhere. I lost a bunch of money in the stock market. BOO HOO.
  11. I don't care what you think asshole. I know getting under your skin is fun but it is getting boring actually. Like I said before it is too easy to piss you off. Easier than shooting that fawn off a bait pile. I have already responded dozens of times and could not get a single response from you. That should tell everyone what they need to know about your deception. The icing on the cake of raising your blood pressure was when you had to stoop so low to show all that pent up frustration you used the word pu55y. LOL. Thank you for my morning laugh at you.
  12. So show me where I blamed bush for housing collapse. See more of you guys deception. Clinton did create that big old balloon that popped under bush. I have blamed bush for other things but not the housing collapse. But you guys are trying so hard to be deceptive. And yes lunatic I did vote for bill. As I would suspect (since some admitted in the past) several members here did as well so don't try that bs line you also use to try to deceive people. Deception is the greatest form of dishonesty and you are the master.
  13. If you think I would waste my time to try to prove your idiotic charge you are dumber than I suspected. Like I said, I could care less what you think. And if any other idiot wants to believe you well then you deserve each other. I have defended myself a thousand times already but you continue beating that horse. Funny how you demand something but you never answer a single question I have asked of you. You know why? Because you are the biggest lying pos deceiving people who buy into your crap because that is what fine trump sucking weasels do.
  14. Who are they you speak about? Any specific names or just a broad brush?
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