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  1. This thread is about Trump. You start talking about someone else does not make a whole lot of sense. McGahn, refused to fire mueller on several occassions, rosenstein refused to put out a false staement which both would have implicated them in obstruction. The conclusion (or more the passing of the judgement on obstruction) went to Barr. l. But from what the Mueller report says, if it wasn't for those that were directed to break the law by trump refusal to carry out those demands- Barr would not have been able to make that claim. But you should have issues just with the simple fact the president was directing people around him to break the law. Would you work for someone that directed you to break the law? Funny, how many people in this administration are willing to. When does that swamp draining begin? LOL. Talk about a deterioration of the country. When political sided lies become more important than the actual truth. When people are willing to defend such an open corrupt individual is very troubling.
  2. Mueller couldn't indict the president. WTF do you not understand? English? Mueller worked for the department of justice. The DOJ has a policy of not inditing a sitting president so it was never an option that Mueller had. He left it up to Barr- the same guy that wrote his letter to get trump to hire him in the first place. Because Trump knew Barr would protect him. It is no different then how Lynch protected obama/clinton during other matters. But just as you find contempt for those two, you should have the same for this president.
  3. UUUHH? Don McGahn was the presidents lawyer who stated trump would have an obstruction issue. And you think someone that does not practice law's "opinion" is just as good? WHAT? McGahn was involved and had details so yes he has a ton more credibility than the arm chair NJWW lawyer that did not have the first hand facts. Sorry if you disagree but I am certain, you would choose a lawyer with a law license over a NJWW lawyer now wouldn't you if you needed one? And as far as hypothetical-- McGahn refused to fire Mueller because he KNEW THE FACTS. That is why Guilianni is out there trying say McGahn got his story mixed up. Guilianni tried to say that trump never said to FIRE mueller. If it was not a big deal then trump would not have the dope guilianni out there with that dumb ass story. Are you guys really that easily fooled? All of these people trump appointed are out to get him? And all these people trump hired are all liars? Sorry, but there are masses of people here that are not actually accepting of ESTABLISHED facts.
  4. Well since a licensed lawyer (mcgann) stated that firing mueller would be an obstruction issue and also stated if trump testified he would be in a prison jumpsuit. I will take his word over an online pretend lawyer trying to convince that trump is this law abiding citizen. As far as other person stating if there was a crime that mueller would have charged trump. Well that is a person that is clueless about facts and yet i do not see you address that bullshit. Mueller could not charge trump with any crime because he worked for the doj and the policy is that you cant indict a sitting president. So that post about "until trump is indicted" is the biggest ignorant lack of acknowledging facts there could be. One final statement. The US government labeled wikileaks a HOSTILE intelligence sgency. One that the trump campaign happily used to influence the election. So how the hell can you posdibly think that is okay? You guys would find an excuse for anything trump did so i am not surprised. Lastly, you do not see me complaining that there was no collusion. But i see a group of people trying to spin the parts of the mueller report that you do not accept. Just like trump trying to discredit mcgann now.
  5. I know what he was doing. I just wanted to point out how big of a troll he is. And things he accuses others of are exactly what he actually does. We all cant forget the lively debate about entrapment where i never saw someone peddle backwards so fasr. Then of course his support for legalizing all drugs. No need to wonder why on that one
  6. First, you could never silence me. Second, i find what you have to say about as retsrded as it gets. Third, you have proven you come here to disagree with people because thats what gives you a hardon. So, i said i would accept ALL of the mueller report. I accept no collusion despite scratching my head about that conclusion. But i accept that. I also accept how trump attempted to get others to break the law. Yet you and others are okay with that. But you found clinton unfit because he lied under oath. I stated before that if trump were to testify under oath he would have purjured himself in under a minute. Want proof? His own lawyer stated that trump could mot testify or he would be in an orange suit. That speaks volumes. Just because you are too retarded (using your own word) to accept all the findings in the report does not make anyone else ignorant. Just you. Now please do not respond with your typical bullshit. Either dispute my statement or go troll somewhere else.
  7. Congrats on a great fish and a great story
  8. I was right there with you. I built an enclosure in the backyard in Trenton and kept 40 or so turtles for about 3 1/2 years. What did I know back then about it being against the law. Every single turtle was returned to Timberland Lake and the other lakes where Great Adventure currently owns (owned by Switlik parachute company previously). They would walk to me and eat hamburger meat right from my hand when I entered the enclosure. The entire neighborhhod knew I had all these turtles including the cops. People always wanted to come see the turtles.
  9. That is a very good price. I have picked them up even cheaper on ebay at about $4 a card but that deal does not come along very often. Nor does this one you posted. If anyone needs them they should grab them. I still have about 25 cards I haven't even started using yet or I would buy them. Thanks for posting.
  10. Most of us made many mistakes along the way and continue to do so 45 years later. Do not measure your success by what game you kill or how many. Measure it by the enjoyment you get by just being out there. Measure it by the amount of new friends you meet in the woods and fields. Because those times in the field create great memories that last a lifetime. And some of the people you meet will become great friends (and it is always good to have others to help you drag a deer every now and then.) for a lifetime. Good luck and enjoy the journey.
  11. I agree it is a stupid law. That is why I said previously we need new legislation before we need a new wall that costs us money to maintain. If trump (and no this is not a trump bashing post. It is a trump mistake made post though) really wanted to fix immigration he had two years to address it. My idea would have been legislate into law something about a hearing must be held within 30 days (the court can only handle so many cases each day) or person is returned to their country of origin. This would limit how many people are actually allowed to stay and slow the flow of people crossing into the US. Because if the courts are back logged they know they would not get that hearing within the 30 days and therefore sent back home. Then they would have to start the journey over again or decide to make their country better for their children. But once they set foot on our soil, we keep them until they have their hearing or are set among the citizens is absolutely crazy. The other mistake I think that would have pushed us closer is the bi partisan bill the far right talked trump out of. Trump would have 25 billion for the wall, the dreamers (who will have= safe haven through the courts until trump leaves office antway) would have gotten their path to being tax paying responsible productive citizens and we would have moved the needle on immigration reform.
  12. It would be my stance. I have a brother that did drugs, spent time in prison and don't even know if he is still alive today. I have not seen or talked to him since I was 21. I am 55 now. So I spent more than half my life without my own brother in my life because of poor decisions he made. My next door neighbor lost his son at 21 yrs old to heroin overdose. When it came up a couple years after the kids death the neighbor blamed the kids poor judgement. And I agree. I also have a sister in law who lost one of her brothers to an overdose. He was one that got hooked by taking pain meds after a surgery. So, I do feel for those that have gotten hooked simply following a doctors orders. Yes we can all say no, but most people trust their doctor more than anyone else. But I also have met several people who never had a prescribed med that are drug addicts because they chose to: associate with known drug users, attend parties that you pick a pill from a bowl periodically and swallow it while drinking alcohol (yea that is crazy as hell, why not just load a handgun and play russian roulette?). Lastly, I have had a hernia surgery. My wife has had a double mastecomy, both top and bottom valve heart repair and a foot or so of her intestine removed. I took an oxy two nights in a row which helped me through the night after hernia surgery. My wife took ONE oxy total after her three separate surgeries. So even those that become addicted because of surgery-- may have still made the wrong choice. Not all but certainly some.
  13. You have one of skit also. Dont piss me or hemlick off todd or your cat gets it. Lol
  14. No problem. I will take the pins out of the voodoo cat i call skit then. Lol.
  15. I know you stated them before. I didnt agree with you then and dont agree with you now about voting for murphy. BUT, i respect your decision and never accused you of being a closet liberal. Think about that my friend(s).
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