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  1. I have to admit-- that is funny.
  2. First mueller concluded there was not enough evidence to prove conspiracy. But he did mention several occassions where the campaign did attempt to collude which is not a crime (more of a political word) so I could care less about "collusion" Second, I was told I was wrong about christie for about 6-7 years also. But turns out 84% of people ended up agreeing with me in the end. I do not need others to agree with me like you do. I will stick to knowing the difference between right and wrong while you continue to find excuses for trump not respecting the constitution and breaking laws. Lastly, I stated several facts about trump in my first few posts of this thread and you did not prove a single one of them wrong. And since you have this obsession I am sure you would not miss an opportunity to do so. So those facts must have been dead on and you don't have enough man parts on your body to admit it.
  3. When there is some evidence about mueller colluding with the dems about russia, I will be right there saying it is wrong. But until there is evidence and not speculation that fox is pushing I will not draw that conclusion. Seems, I have no issue answering questions when asked, yet I can't get simple questions answered that a first grader could answer. I do not want crimes committed on either side and especially from the justice dept. But seems as long as it is a republican you guys will defend it until the end. Including the most stupid defense of "at least it is not as bad as obama or hillary" I can't believe that is even a defense.
  4. Aww so cute. Looney has another boyfriend to help make him feel better. It must be scary that the whole little group who will not debate facts turn to each other for support from the scary mean guy who is exposing their delusion. There is mo excuse to condtantly defend a president who dors not redpect not uphold the constitution. You are in the same boat as the people who defended obama during his over reach. That makes you just as bad as those that defended obama.
  5. So like i said. You got nothing. You got a rushed post walking into a meeting where i hit post instead of backing out to finish post later. Big deal detective. You believe what you want because that makes you feel better in your alternative kelly anne conway fact delusion. I am sure the delusion part you are used to with all the shrooms you did in your day.
  6. You got nothing as usual so the cartoon charade replaces the other tactics mentioned in previous post. Lol.
  7. Finally something that goes out way instead of treehuggers way.
  8. Ahhh, did you learn that talent from the bullshit artist himself? When you have to face facts and you have nothing to defend those facts then rely on spreading your personal opinion. Or as your following post references cnn. A fact is something that actually happened and would not matter the source. If you have info then please share. If not then i will take it you are in full agreement and your lashing out is kust your defense mechanism kicking in to protect you from the guy peeing in your cornflakes.
  9. So please explain why the guy who supposedly so good at keeping promises has not opened his mouth about this second middle class tax cut? Is it because he is mad his lie did not keep the house in the mid terms? Or was it more bullshit as usual? I love this "secret" mexico deal where mexico agrees to start negotiating. I never seen so many people fooled by smoke and mirrors. Or are they too deep in the hole they have to finish defending the liar or they look foolish? And you can call me anything you want. You could never offend me nor hurt my feelings. But if it makes you feel better because you can't even admit it is wrong for a president to cover for a felon- your opinion is useless. I think it is time for you to go back sucking trumps man boob now.
  10. I guess you don't like facts do you? Did he promise an additional muddle class tax cut before the results of the mid term? Have you not seen some of the senators now saying it does not appear that tax cuts will pay for themselves as promised? Sorry you do not like negative news-- you just claim it as fake news like trump does when he doesnt agree with something. Are you okay with him saying he has no problem not following the constitution this past week as well? Seems like the guy you should get mad at is the one you defend.
  11. Depends on one persons delusion of good and the reality of what good looks like. The one signature piece of legislation passed in two and half years was the tax cut. The one that republicans are now backing away from the notion it will pay for itself. The same president who was promising additional "middle class" tax cuts before the mid terms and hasn't mentioned them since. Isn't anyone tired of being fooled and toyed by this guy? That allegiance and a dollar will get you any size soft drink at mcdonalds.
  12. There is a product called pure ayre. It is 100% natural so it can be sprayed on the face even. And no issues if the dog got it in his mouth. I have seen it used by groomers on about 50 dogs when I was in the pet industry. That stuff works well. As long as they haven't changed the formulation in the last 5-6 years.
  13. Big boston fan here since the days of Bobby Orr. I still have a pair of his ice skates that his uncle got for me back in the 70's. I knew we were in trouble when we did not score in the first 10 minutes of the game. That just increased the Blues confidence and they definitely were hungry. Congrats to the blues. They were better on the night it counted the most.
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