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  1. I know of two bucks down today so far. One is common around the site. Waiting for story though.
  2. Thats hilarious. I should have put on my friends trump hat after we dragged him out of the woods.
  3. A lot of things factor into total harvest. Like this eab season had great weather and as a result of that and more people out due to covid the harvest should be higher. Last year we had crappy weather all week and gun club totals were down for most. So the harvest was down overall. Weather seems to play the biggest role in the overall harvest. Like heavy rain on key days like opening days of bow, shotgun, muzzy, will keep the total harvest down. As far as your question on liberal bag limits. It seems like some places are still over populated while others have decreased the herd to proper
  4. I don't shoot does until winter bow if I need a deer for the freezer. No special reason why. I would never shoot one right now since they are the best bait out in the woods right now.
  5. Come on guys. Almost 5pm, some good bucks should be hitting the dirt in the next 90 minutes. Good luck. Looking forward some pics and stories.
  6. No idea on weight. Definitely very big for pinelands. He was hell getting him out of that swamp. I never mounted a deer or worried about exact weights. I hunt because i love being out there. So i shoot what makes me happy. And fortunately i have been able cross paths with some good wma bucks. So not concerned with scores or weights. I hold the 10pt rack from a couple years ago and replay it in my mind. I am sure i will do the same with this one. I just hope a couple friends also score on some good ones this season. I know of two other 10pts but have not found where they spend their daylig
  7. Well, I had passed up some dinks and does first couple weeks of the season. But the last 10 days everything went cold all at once. So I had dropped a little corn about every 2- 2 1/2 weeks at this spot I just felt good about. I had not hunted because I had better bucks on cam elsewhere up until 10 days ago. So I went in yesterday afternoon with nothing set up other than a trailcam. So, I dropped a few pounds of corn. Went and cut a hole through a bush and sat in a chair behind it. Well a couple hours in after hearing guys talking and laughing, numerous trucks bouncing down the road, I hear a t
  8. Thanks for help last night David. Greatly appreciated. We will get you on a buck.
  9. I had a vacation day planned for today but saving since it looked like a washout. But looking at weather report this morning it looks like a dry spell this afternoon. Good luck. Things can happen fast this time of year.
  10. It was two years ago. I shot 9pt on last day of bow and recovered next morning on permit bow. I called CO and she said since shot during regular bow it gets tagged with regulsr bow tag. I know some guys got their panties in a bunch because they said it may not have died until permit bow. It is not the time of death it is when the deer is actually shot. I did not know proper procedure at that time. That is why i called the CO. Jack thanks for posting it because it may stop someone from pushing a gut shot deer this friday because they think they have to recover it before perm
  11. Getting ready to head in. Skipping ground blind to sit best afternoon ladderstand based off trail cams. I will deal with the drizzle. Good luck
  12. There are a lot more guys in the woods this year. I had one shooter within 20yds but no shot. Everything else has been dinks and does. Some afternoon pics of shooters but have not picked the right afternoon. I have two 10pts but both only night pics. I am dialing in on huge body buck. No idea about rack. Just set two cams. Found his core area with his unmistakable tracks. Also a dozen scrapes within 40 yds and and un believable rub. He is acting like he owns the woods so hoping i am getting closer to seeing him.
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