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  1. Please stop. We will never know the numbers because the guy who runs the country did not get tests until we were in the thick of it. Then says tests are not important- yet everyone around him gets tested daily? Masks are okay but everyone around him must wear one? And how about that record number of people dying of pneumonia in May in Florida because Desantis did not want to test his citizens. So all those covid cases were ruled as pneumonia. My niece has seen more people die in last 3 months then her first two years by a wide amount. You have doctors crying in hallways. And you are worried about how the media reports it? How about a federal plan to deal with this. All the medical professionals are asking- actually begging for one. But I guess it is more important to shoot 18 holes. And I guess as long as you align with the potus that porevents one from getting covid? I hope you are not asked the question in the hospital "do you want to live?" like my one customer right before they intubated him. As far as over reporting- it is actually under reported probably because of lack of tests and asymptomatic people. Your claims are great fox news talking points but not reality. And as far as this will all be over after the election- doubt it. I think we are headed down a bad road. We have had to cap our covid testing by 40% daily because there is a shortage again because of the increase in sick people. Philly is still a hotspot and a lot of people driving over the bridge to get tested. I am actually concerned that if we see too big of a spike this fall that WMA's get shutdown based off the closure of boat ramps now. Dems are the ones who were pushing for another stimulus. It is McConnel (the self proclaimed obstructionist) who is holding it up. Open the economy so we can look like florida, texas, arizona? There is 102 people linked to one bar in one of those states. Yeah lets open our bars here. It isn't the dems or the republicans who are going to determine when EVERYTHING gets opened. It will be this virus. We are on the virus timeclock no matter who the potus is. One thing is 100% for certain though. We should be embarrassed as a country in our handling of this virus. Other countries did the sacrificing- true sacrifice- and are doing great. You know less than 300 cases a day in several of those countires. While we watch our daily cases spiraling out of control. And the flu comparison is ridiculous. First the flu does not attack organs and brain like this virus does. Flu is dormant during the summer not like this virus. The flu does not leave the kind of permanent damage to lungs like this virus does. And now they are studying permanent brain damage as well. Thye flu people go back to work in a week. This virus they go back 2-8 weeks later because of the length of illness. It may be because I deal with covid everyday and speak to people dealing directly with covid every day that I am the way I am with this virus. But I definitely do not wish this virus on anyone. The flu has nothing on this virus.
  2. Of course the information is going to change. It is something new and definitely acting differently than most virus. Most virus are pretty dormant at this time of year- not covid. Most virus just attack respiratory system- not covid. It attacks organs and brain also. Again in relation to your family member. It only takes ONE time to make a mistake taking off that PPE to catch the virus. It is not like 100% fool proof. One time touching an itchy eye, rubbing itchy nose or within enough distance of someone else sneezing, etc. Things we are not aware of what we do 100% of the time. Our minds wander while we perform muscle memory tasks and can result in us doing something that compromised our situation. Your family member could have easily contracted it during one those instances and never realized they compromised themselves.
  3. Just be glad our state is somewhat stable. My niece in Orlando is working 84 hours a week minimum with covid patients. She worked 110 hours a couple weeks ago due to lack of help at the hospital. This crap is not something to be taken lightly. Our country has more cases now than any other time during this crisis. It is only a matter of time before it circles back around and punches us in the face again. Summer is supposed to be the time we see a pause in virus but instead we have the most amount of cases. This fall and winter can really be bad news. I certainly hope not but I am not totally optimistic about it.
  4. I heard as soon as he is released from prison he will be back here stirring up trouble. Not sure if it is all true but I heard it from a guy who said he heard from some other guy. So you would think it has to be true right?
  5. Hey, I agree with you. I hunt in the morning and check cams/scout mid day in same clothes. Then hop in my stand for an afternoon hunt in same clothes. It is really about that wind direction. And even then deer still come in with scent blowing right to them sometimes. I have not sprayed scent cover in 20+ years. In fact I have killed more deer and bigger older deer since I stopped being fanatical about cover scents, etc. Using a scent cover for $129 is crazy. Especially when it tells you just add water. Water is probably the first ingredient and you supply it to something that probably costs the manufacturer a couple bucks. Must be out of their mind.
  6. That's why this one did not get responses. Already beat that bear topic to death.
  7. Jaws was the number one movie about 6 weeks ago. That will be an answer to a trivia question at some point. What was the first movie to be number one 25-30 years after it was released as a number one movie?
  8. You were one the few that still posted over there. You will enjoy it much better over here. Great owner and the mods aren't too bad. Not as awesome as osokill but they are okay. Just kidding the mods are easy to reach if you ever need them. Welcome to the site.
  9. There are scumbags everywhere including in our own hunting community. Why vant people leave stuff alone. I just do not understand such nonsense. I remember helping someone from south jersey pistol club relocate a stand. We passed a camera and she wanted to check the sd card and put it back in camera. I said no leave it alone. Why would anyone touch something that does not belong to them? It is only a deer.
  10. Sounds like a great first trip. That tiger shark ripping through that tuna must have been a great sight.
  11. Looks like two real nice ones
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