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  1. In a different stand this afternoon. First sit here this year. My first sit here last year i killed a good 8pt. So hoping to repeat history.
  2. Deer still moving. Just had one go thru thick stuff. Could only see legs and part of body.
  3. Now i had spike walk under me and as soon as he walked off. Here comes doe and fawn. But no good bucks to be found. Very busy morning as they are coming from all directions
  4. Four more bald heads. Nothing with bone pretruding from its skull though. Wind direction is perfect. Had a doe 7 yds with zero cover between us and she never knew i existed. And only 10 feet up. Using only 2 sections of ladder stand.
  5. 5 bald heads so far. Deer defintely moving.
  6. Good luck grey. I am in my stand in zone 18. Just set camera here on saturday so still dont know what is around as far as bucks. I did shoot one of my bucks here last year syo we will see what happens.
  7. I disagree with no jail time for offense for killing a deer. Raising fines and/or raising the amount of years for loss of license will not deter scumbags like these poachers. But when it could mean facing mandatory 30 days jail time with most likely loss of employment-- it gives the scumbag real consequences. Also add a reward of 5-10 thousand to anyone turning in a poacher that leads to a conviction (lesser amount if convicted of less charges than poaching.) That would give some others enough reason to turn in these scumbags or reward someone like NB for his involvement. Want real changes to a problem, we need real consequences for the actions imo.
  8. Penalties are just not stiff enough in NJ. Poaching should carry an automatic jail sentence of at least 30 days. Something that has the ability to change the scumbags life in a hurry. Most guys can pay the fines easily so it is not a big risk to them. But if they had to spend some time in jail with the possibility that they would lose their job as a direct result they may think twice about the ahole decision they make.
  9. Been hanging out with this fawn since first light.
  10. Mixed results so far. Have seen some bucks cruising including the nice one i almost hit on woodlane rd burlington county. But i also have cam pics with 3 shooters feeding together in ocean county. So little strange so far.
  11. Work today for me but off tomorrow through saturday so ready to give it hell for 5 dyraight days. Check my cards yesterday and have some hood bucks finally showing regularly in a vouple spots. Lets see those dead buck pocs from those out hunting today. Cant wait to gollow along with that live hunt later with lou and brian.
  12. Great job helping some friends and creating lifetime memories. Congrats to the whole gang.
  13. Have you ever tried 1000 gram rubber boots with handwarners stuffed up near toes? I sit for hours with no issues and I hunt through mid february. One pair of wool (good wool socks, not some china pos pair.). Just a thought if you haven't tried it. I never had luck with electric socks. But again I only used those old ones with the 9v battery.
  14. Hoping to get anafternoon hunt in. Stuck at work til noon today. Lets see some more buck kill pics. Good luck everyone hinting this morning
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