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  1. deadonshot2

    Assunpink or Colliers Mills questions?

    The mill. There are always leftovers. During extended bow i saw birds on side of road between the first fields just about every afternoon. During 6 day as well.
  2. You have referred several times in the past my comments are due to trump hatred so that is what I was referencing and saving you the usual response. Trump does not have to hire them personally to be complicit. His knowledge alone and accepting of it should trouble you. And again the far left may want open borders but you are painting the entire party that way. I have proven time and again, I can speak out against dems making poor decisions/statements but you and many others can not do the same about a republican or trump. That takes away any credibility you have since your entire mindset is predetermined and biased. Trump will not have to worry about those illegals in the future working at his resorts though. Even Judge Napolitano (very strong trump supporter) stated trump is screwed. Had all the fox news anchors reeling and not knowing what to do or say. It looks like trumps safe space is getting smaller by the day. But you continue to defend a guy who directs people to commit felonies (which is a felony in itself). So you wanting me to compare what far leftists want (may be a waste of my tax dollar and should be illegal for them to receive my tax money but it isnt) and what trump is doing by being complicit with illegal aliens working for trump companies is still troubling. You are okay with an illegal act but condemn a current legal act. LOL. Yea okay looney. I dislike my taxs going to feed, cloth,educate, provide medical care for illegals as much as you do. But until we get new legislation (100% under control of republicans for last two years) we are going to continue to fund the illegals. Thank your freedon caucus for blocking the start of immigration reform. We could have been on the road to solving the issue instead of taking the exit ramp before we even hit the highway.
  3. Dude, do you see me defending the actions of dems? But republicans are not without blame for illegal immigration as well. I do blame the freedom caucus for killing the only bipartisan bill addressing illegal immigration and at least get the ball rolling. I only went back as far as bush but reagan was also willing to look at amnesty. So as I stated many times but many here can not comprehend- there is blame to go around with both parties when it comes to illegal immigration. I notice you only mentioned the things some dems support. How about trump with his illegals that work at his resorts and those illegals that built his casinos in AC? I guess they should be overlooked? Be honest with yourself. You are only willing to speak out against one side which makes your opinion worthless since it is 100% biased. And please spare me the you hate trump line. Just like you hate hillary because of her many flaws (I also dislike), I dislike trump for his many flaws.
  4. deadonshot2

    Good Guy Alert – BoneCollector85

    Great job bonecollector. I am sorry to hear about both your moms.
  5. Sorry but I have to laugh. Hillary was not voted in as president because of all her flaws (none of which I have ever defended). And you hang your opinion on tyranny because the candidate made a single statement about her party is needed in order to restore civility? HMMM very interesting. Trump made the statement repeatedly about "I am the only one who can fix this issue". Tyranny? Dictator? How has that gone the last two years? More companies have left the country, more companies have closed down, the two year average return on investments on retirmement funds is about average. And that is with giving companies a 20+% raise with the corporate tax cut. Interest rates are up. This stupid partisanship is destroying this country day by day. If you want to pretend it is not happening and both parties share the blame-- well that is on you. And since you want to hinge tyranny on a single statement here is one for you. Can you name the president who stated "confiscate the guns and worry about due process later"? Come on you are more intelligent then that to try to use a single statement as an act of tyranny. If so you must surely feel the same way about trump or you proved you have different bars set.
  6. My friend you are trying to state something incorrectly. First I have stated that I dislike hillary and if they brought the evidence in to convict her- then send her to jail. No skin off my nose. Second, I have stated throughout about the far leftists being an issue as well as the freedom caucus. Hell even most republicans see the freedom caucus as far right. Then lets address the obamacare-- not a fan here. My deductibles went up, my cost went up. But I am definitely not a fan of trumpcare that people around here were for. It was designed to price people in my age group out of healthcare when we would need it the most. So you bet I am going to speak out about it. So let me make this clear for you since you STILL can not comprehend basic english. I did not vote for obama or hillary. I did see trump as the best of the worst candidates this country has ever put forth. I have spoken out against obama and hillary (while you continually defend indefensible acts by an unindicted felon). Your opinion of the "middle tactic" is solely that. Just like my opinion that the middle is what is needed. I remember the days when senators/congressmen would come out with sour looks on their face and repeat each other-- we got some of the things we wanted and they got some of the things they wanted. And that was when our country was running well and the leader of the free world. And that was when we truly were the UNITED States of America and not the DIVIDED States of America. Your solution to every issue is to blame dems and like I said that is a cop out from facing reality. Your constant referral back to hillary to defend trump shows a lack of integrity on your part. Show me the evidence and I am there with conviction. Gowdy and republicans investigated for almost three years about benghazi and came up with what? Why do you think he is the angry little man he is? Because he could not pin it on her. And start facing reality and take ownership of some of the decisions made by republicans. They are no less corrupt then dems. You seem to have a skewed look at things. You had issues with Bill Clinton. You are probably one of the millions who stated he should not be running the country because of a BJ because he does not have the integrity to be president. Well how far did you have to lower the bar to think trump has the integrity? Not even a close call imo. The only difference is ken star was a republican with a hardon to nail clinton and found a lie about a bj. Mueller (R) was appointed by trump appointee (R) who trump highly praised when he made the commey recommendation. And mueller has been able to tie trump to felonies. I do believe hillary committed wrongdoing with the emails. But colin powell used a personal email as well and received a fine. Yet you and others feel she should receive a much harsher sentence? Talk about biased thinking. The uranium one deal I am not as familar with the specifics and reserve judgement on that front. But again if they find the evidence needed to convict hillary of wrongdoing- I will not be defending her like you do this administration.
  7. deadonshot2


    I havent hunted rabbits since the 70's. They were fun to chase back then but lost my spots I hunted them. There used to be a ton behind the GM plant in Ewing and also hunted them on a farm off millstream rd. in new egypt area. They are definitely a blast to hunt. They are the one animal that would get me back to doing some small game. Looks like you had a good hour of fun right there.
  8. deadonshot2

    Late Season (gun) for deer-Love it or hate it?

    Why not tip off the local CO if you know it happens every year? There was a gun club that used to push a federal property without guns and a silent drive until the 2 guys hunting on other side of dirt road legally tipped off the CO. Nobody goes on that property anymore.
  9. deadonshot2

    12/15 afternoon hunt - anybody else?

    Good luck boys. I am done til January 1st.
  10. So you have a predetermined conclusion that things can only be fixed by one party? How has that worked out the last two years? How is that retirement fund doing for us? It seemed to be the rallying cry for conservatives the first year but silence the 2nd year.How is that draining of the swamp going? I see another trump appointee had to resign over ethics violations-- how many does that make? Yet I still view the solution as needing both sides to come to the middle to ever make this country into the leader of the free world. At this point the only reason some countries show us a little respect is because we provide them with so much aid. The rest of the world think we a re a joke. I have heard about mueller going after things not part of russian collusion-- sort of like ken starr going way off track since he could not prove anything with a land deal. Yet Mueller has already tied FELONIES to the president. We have heard the tapes with trump and cohen. Yet people think it is better to have an unindicted felon as a president? But as I stated earlier-- the far right and far left need to be voted out so the ones that lean more towards the middle can make progress. Neither party is exempt from blame for the current state of affairs in our country. So stop trying to be a loyal soldier to an unindicted felon. Only proves a lack of integrity imo. This country needs people to face the issues not turn their backs and blame someone else. That is the cowardly thing to do.
  11. No, when you can't debate facts and only look at things through one eye is when you lost a debate. Further proof is when you pretend to hit the ignore button. LOL. But hey you are not the only one that cant accept reality.
  12. You do know that many republicans were in support of amnesty when bush was president right? You think 100% of them now are against it? NOPE. If you look at the bipartisan bill that was being floated it gave many illegals a path to citizenship-- also known as amnesty. So the list of republicans who did not support amnesty is much shorter then those that opposed. If you want the names-- freedom caucus. There done. You did see a handful of dems come out against ICE (the idiots on the far left). But there were also many that did not back that position. You just want to paint with that broadbrush because it fits your closed mind agenda. Try looking at it through both eyes next time.
  13. I am sure there will be leftovers. I saw a chukar during 6 day that has survived how many pheasants days up to that point? Because they stocked them for dog training before the season started. That has to be one lucky bird to survive that long. And there was 10-12 pheasant still hanging in the safety zone.
  14. deadonshot2

    Free Stuff

    Very nice offer. If you have any cats I put dibs in on Todd the mod and Tarhunts behalf. LOL.
  15. deadonshot2

    Late Season (gun) for deer-Love it or hate it?

    I like the option of hunting late season. I do not think I put much pressure on the herd because I have 12 or more spots I hunt. So I do not just hunt one or two places. I like the long season because I love being out in the woods chasing whitetails. I usually scout as much or more then I hunt when it comes to January/February though. I use that data to tell me where the deer went when there was a lot of pressure, where they are coming back to as the pressure eases (since most guys are done after doe days in mid-december). It helps me with how to transition each season or make game plans from the info obtained during these months. I hate seeing the clubs out there driving during January because you just know shed heads are part of that kill. I think deer drives after doe days is what should be eliminated to prevent the needless killing of shed bucks and also to reduce stress to the herd. One guy walking to his stand is not going to cause the stress that 15 guys walking through the woods yelling is going to cause.