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  1. deadonshot2

    Rt 23 Fatal Accident Due to OD

    Dude, I have not posted on this thread so why you trying to start shit?
  2. deadonshot2

    Ugly Weather coming on Wednesday

    Turned to rain/freezing rain in south jersey. Just cleared the driveway and sidewalks before the freeze comes later.
  3. deadonshot2

    Through the eyes of snowflakes

  4. deadonshot2

    Through the eyes of snowflakes

    Are you still waiting for Trump to apologize to the guys who were falsely accused many years ago when Trump was calling for the death penalty? Why do you and others bring up stupid shit? There have been false statements/ lies/ accusations on both sides of the aisle. Why do you only worry about one side doing it? Do you approve of it happening if it has an "R" next to their name? And finally, why did you tag my post to make your stupid comment? I don't approve of any of it. The one that irks me to this day is actually Al Sharpton's false accusation in the Tywanya Brawley case many years ago. That smelled bad from day one. But hey I hope you like just trying to stir the pot.
  5. deadonshot2

    Through the eyes of snowflakes

    It is funny how the info about previous false police reports escaped the original reporting of the story. I hope they nail all three on hate crimes against white people. That would turn the tables.
  6. deadonshot2

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    By reading your last paragraph, we are in agreement. The wall will definitely help against illegal immigration. And the upgrades at our ports will help with the seizing of drugs. My point is that they can smuggle a lot more drugs with one driver in a car, truck, tractor trailer then people walking miles with it on their backs. That is the common sense part that supports the dea stats imo. Of course you can add or assume anything else to skew those results but more times then not it would just make those stats even less reliable.
  7. That does look very tasty
  8. deadonshot2

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    The bill passed supplied some money for things like additional border agents,etc. The emergency declaration I believe is truly just for the wall. And if not, why does trump not mention how much of the 8 billion is for wall and how much for other uses? Or does he only think the wall is important and those other things are not? Oh thats right he did not mention securing the border by upgrading capabilities, increasing border agents, training. He just promised a big beautiful wall that mexico is going to pay for. Don't you ever get tired of being lied to? You are okay with the president pulling 8 billion from the defense budget ( money mattis turned him down on previously) to fulfill a campaign promise? You are okay with going around congress to fulfill a campaign promise? He had 25 billion locked up for the wall last year and the obstructionist on the far right talked him out of it. That bill was a bi partisan bill with loads of support (graham/durbin). Build a wall but get the funds from congress the right way. You and others approving of the end around have truly exposed how you feel about the constitution. It is great if it supports your narrative, but you don't stand behind it when it doesn't support your narrative. A lot of very selective constitutionalists we have here.
  9. deadonshot2

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    100 tunnels? You don't say? So how effective was that wall then? What I find absolutely hilarious is that bastso posts info from the DEA website and everyone here was yes see we need the wall. When the additional information was added by me which supports different solution to the drug issue-- I am an obstructionist, and every other name thrown out there. Selective choosing of what parts you want to believe from the same source expose your ignorance. According to the DEA (and if you don't want to believe all of their info then you must believe we might as well abolish them as useless) the fentenoyl is bring manufactured in mexico (they state mexico has replaced china as top producer of fentenoyl entering the US). We know the majority of seized fentenoyl is at port of entry. We know the majority of those people caught crossing the border are smuggling mostly marijuana when they are caught. But you and other do not understand statistics. If 50 illegals are caught crossing the border and 1 of them has 10 pounds of fentenoyl and 10 other have 50 pounds each of marijuana. Then you catch 50 drug smugglers at the border crossing (in cars, trucks, tractor trailers) they are going to have a shit load more because it is being transported by something with an engine and not on someones back. Common sense as you call it would suggest ports of entry are going to have a lot more poundage then anyone walking through the border. And yes the port of LA and other ports need better upgrades as well. They have needed upgrades for years as reported many times going back as far as the bush administration when 60 minutes ran a piece about it I believe. But let me get this right-- you do not believe upgrading our ports, increasing agents and additional training are as important as a wall? I do. If you are going to just put up a wall, they will just climb over or TUNNEL under it. The border agents are the ones that arrest the bad guys not a wall. But as stated the wall can be very effective in some places and has proven to be noneffective in other places.
  10. deadonshot2

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    Where do I suggest we invade mexico? I said negotiate with mexico to do a joint miltary operation to locate and destroy the labs that are making the fentenoyl in mexico. You truly are just looking to stir shit.
  11. deadonshot2

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    How the f did you bring the 2A into this now? I am the one person that spoke out when Trump suggested they should confiscate guns and worry about due process later. Not the dems. Now that I straightened your misconstrued statement out I will move on to the next. We have discussed TWO issues. One being illegals crossing illegally and the second being the drugs flowing into the country primarily concerned about fentenoyl. The president stated he needs the wall to stop the drugs from flowing in. But the majority of the fentenoyl is entering through legal ports of entry as stated by the DEA. Not my guy feeling, not my assumption, but the known fact provided by the DEA. I simply think that when we are talking drugs that we need upgrades, training, additional agents at the border crossings. And as I have stated a million times that I am good with a wall to HELP keep illegals from entering. But as many here have previously agreed- that is not the total solution. A wall is shown on DEA website with illegals climbing over walls currently in place. So without upgrades and additional agents a wall is not as effective. But hey the 31% that approve of the emergency declaration (while 61% disapprove) will get that wall for you. While taking the money away from our military. I do not think (and who would have ever thunk I would be in the majority) that an emergency declaration was the way to go. At least we all know how little you think of the military.
  12. deadonshot2

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    You are now talking immigration reform when the subject was wall and drugs. And you say i am all over the place? So please read everything this time so we can get you off the short bus. First, i have stated a thousand times i am for a wall in strategic places to help with illegals crossing the border. But that does not solve the drug issue. And previous posts i have also stated immigration reform to make it less appealing to sneak into the US. So you think that we shouldnt negotiate (afterall we hired the great negotiator) military intervention in destroying rhe very places the shit is made at? Yet when people here have stated to put armed guards at the border and shoot anyone that tries to enter the country is fucked up? You didnt put that person down. And your last argument about prisons and walls keeping prisoners inside. I think the guard holding a rifle with legal right to shoot is the thing that keeps them in. So you are grasping at straws. But i expect as much from you. Anything to be part of that tiny group. Oh i did forget one thing about the wall. The dea website shows dozens of people climbing over it. So again we need more then a wall.
  13. deadonshot2

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    Thsts funny, i even offered a solution of negotiating with mexico on joint military intervention to destroy labs in mexico that are producing the fentenoyl. It cant get smuggled if it cant be produced. You have never offered a solution. You just cry for your little group to gain attention. A wall is not going to make a difference in the flow of fentenoyl. It will slow the flow of illegals. You do not comprehend anything but what you want to.
  14. deadonshot2

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    Like i said i did not Start any of the name calling. But if you want to get in the mud i will go there also. But i never start it. See just another of your deceiving posts to try to prove a point that can not be made. You and christie are perfect together.
  15. deadonshot2

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    AWWW, since I am the only one you attack, I know who you mean in your subtle post. I know it was just bait thrown out there but every now and then it is fun to take a bite. I reply as I have been addressed. I do not start the name calling or personal attacks-- you on the other hand are quite guilty of that. I guess you still have a sore butt from when I proved you wrong about christie. And now when facts (supplied from the DEA) support my post you have to relive it all over again. And your post is to try to silence someone because they do not think like you. Yep, shows how much of a conservative you pretend to be. You should place me on your ignore list so you don't have to be subjected to my mean posts. LOL.