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  1. Based off the time of the picture. I think he caught a midnight snack. I can't tell what he has in his mouth though.
  2. That is what i was comparing. That long snout. So best guess is same deer but nothing definitive to know for sure.
  3. Larry that is a sweet looking boat.
  4. Can't wait to start putting stuff in the ground. I just picked up 32 pepper plants (10-12")from the greenhouse out in mullica hill on saturday. Some bells, cayenne and long hots. They had great plants last year. I planted and still had room and went back and they were sold out so I figured I better buy a little earlier this year. Probably get my cukes and zucchini started in another week or two.
  5. Oh dear God when does deer season start again? LOL
  6. The wma I hunt had a ton of bucks taken from it this past season. There were guys everywhere and they put a hurt on the buck population for sure. Not feeling optimistic for this coming season.
  7. If you can enjoy life financially- retire. No questions at all. My wife and I were on a call with our financial adviser the other day. I am looking at 4 1/2 more years and I would have excess money at that point needed to live the life I currently am at. My wife would like me to go 7 1/2 more years. I told her can show up for me those extra three years but I will be hunting and crabbing my ass off and now time for work. So it is simple decision if you ask me. If you can retire and still live life on your terms- do it and never look back. They are not going to throw that extra money you m
  8. That makes sense. Just I would definitely not bother to hunt them during the 1 bag limit part of the season.
  9. I was thinking same thing since I don't hunt them either. I couldn't imagine dragging out those dekes and setting up to shoot on bird.
  10. The somoans. They were on the fire escape of the CYO building smoking a joint before a match back in the day. And when they got in the ring I was walking by to use the bathroom and gave one a cheap shot to the calf. A guy sitting ringside thought it was part of the action. LOL. You forgot George "the animal" Steel. He bought drinks for everybody at the bar right accross from the CYO building. As nice of a guy you could meet. Those were the good old days.
  11. Sort of like the political statement you are making here? Or you have some kind of proof? The freakin virus is not a political party. It kills people from both parties. And just as bad are the ten of thousands who have permanent heart/lung/liver damage from the virus.
  12. I was thinking the other day it just about time Zipper posts some clams. I am waiting on the bushel of crabs coming in a few more weeks. I am sure those clams were delicious
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