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  1. Already got two ground blinds set up and the third is going up tomorrow. I will be ready for the rain. Two tree umbrellas also. Took vacation for the week so not just sitting home because of rain.
  2. You have to be involved in what to feed your dog. There are many variables that play into your decision. Like how active your dog still is. How does need during hunting season and how much when he is not putting on the miles outside hunting season. Many vets are great and some are good about nutrition. But many dont know squat about nutrition. I worked in the industry for 9 years ans saw vets recommend beneful for dog with digestive issues. Read a lot of nutritional facts from some of the better foods on the market like merrick and blue buffalo. Natural balance used to be good until delminte bought the company from dick van patten. There are a lot of choices. Find a company that also has different proteins like lamb and venison. Dogs become more susceptable to developing food allergies as they age so having different protein source to choose usually takes care of the issue. Good luck choosing.
  3. Punishment should be the same for rhis ahole. Put him in cage and watch the water rise.
  4. I had a 10 foot ladder stand stolen a couple weeks ago that was on public but real close to private. Yet another stand much new and nicer are still standing and can be seen from the road. All over a buck, nothing special.
  5. Way too lenient. I understand that was max penalty but just shows that some updates need to be made to the laws and penalties. Hopefully the CO in the area will keep an eye on the douchbag and bust his balls every chance he gets. I am sure many that hunt that area will now that they are aware of the scumbag. Most states have a fine for killing the animal and a hefty fine for killing a trophy animal. That deer alone should have gotten him more than 2000 dollar fine.
  6. Which one in the picture did TW refer to as a hog again? LOL
  7. The few members left must not have anything to sell today.
  8. deadonshot2

    No Words....

    I hope each one of those players has career ending injuries, they blow their money and end up living on the streets. They will then be on their knees begging for money instead. Bunch of scumbags. And why i have not wztched football since they didrespected our military. You can spin it anyway you want by making an excuse it is not all the players. But the ones that dont kneel are just as bad for remaining silent and not standing up for our military and police. So f the NFL and every single lerson supporting those disgraceful pos by watching games, attending games and buying jerseys. You have zero right to complain if you are supporting the samr scumbags you are supporting. I usually interact daily with police and everyday i tell them stay safe and go home to their family. I thank the vets for their service each time i see them. Long retired and forgotten because they are not in uniform but we owe them that respect and it is great to see the smile on their face when you recognize them for something they contributed to our country a long time ago. Thescumbags in theNFL dont deserve our support if we truly respect our military and police.
  9. I bought three packs on my way home from work on friday. It was a great deal.
  10. I killed 3 foxs two seasons in a row and only saw one fox that third year on that property. But there was two running around this season together. Did not get a shot opportunity though. I figure les fox- less chance for killing the eggs/poults.
  11. I have had them on cam in several places. Including 4 in one pic. I would take any coyote out st any chance. I shot a stupid fox during first 5 minutes of legal light of 6 day shotgun a few years ago because it also was my turkey spot. Friend asked why i would do that. Told him not to worry the deer would still come. Sure enough we were rewarded an hour later. I shoot any predator any chance i get.
  12. Good dad right there. Congrats on a great family tradition.
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