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  1. The Art of the Deal

    Actually you are incorrect. Remember Trump said he knew nothing about the money. Now Cohen obviously is a better deal maker then Clinton. LOL
  2. Super Hero James Comey

    Forgive me that I am not impressed with the president. I see nothing but a con man running the country. And that was the best candidate that this country put forth. Sad just very sad. When we feel that our country is best run by a con man that the standards have dropped below sea level. But please help me understand the things I do not understand? Did I get anything wrong in my previous post? Republicans whom Trump appointed could have put a stop to the Cohen raid. But obviously there was enough evidence to justify a search warrant after having had access to emails for months prior to that. Even Trump is not saying Cohen is an innocent man. LOL.
  3. Youth Day Turkey Down 10YO Granddaughter

    Congrats to the young lady. Way to get it done.
  4. Gobbler Down!

    Congrats to the young man.
  5. Super Hero James Comey

    Commey's book is nothing but has already been previous knowledge. His bigger threat is the Cohen investigation. That was orchestrated by republicans (several whom Trump appointed). What president calls a guy under federal investigation? And what president sends his lawyers to court (even though Cohen already had a lawyer) to represent someone under federal investigation? Those actions are only taken if you have something personally at stake in the investigation. Trump stated to russia and iran about you are judged by the company you keep. Well Flynn, manafort, gates and cohen do not seem like great company. And the 187 federal lobbyists he has appointed are growing the swamp to record porportions. Sorry, I am not distracted by his dictatorship abilities. For a bunch of 2A guys who preach the constitution, you are okay with leadership qualities of a dictator. When a president is calling for jailing of citizens, firing of citizens, attempting to discredit our law and intelligence agencies, deciding what he should hear on the news, etc-- that is a freakin dictator. Everything this president decides is based off his ego and nothing more. Examples-- healthcare bill is "mean"-- yet was upset it did not pass. Pulled out of TPP and now wants back in. It was just so he could keep a campaign promise. He tried the smoke and mirrors trick with the omnibus bill. He was okay with giving the defense dept a huge increase because he thought they would then let him have 25 billion for his wall. I wonder what John Barron is up to these days?
  6. Super Hero James Comey

    You actually believe that? Then why did Trump craft the lie about the meeting at Trump Tower? Why did he keep Flynn on for 3 weeks knowing he lied to the FBI? Don't be so naive. Just because Hannity ( who sleeps with Trump-- I mean golfs with trump) said that does not make it true. That is a small tidbit of memos and also cut down so they can slant them which ever way they want you to lean. Stand in the middle and watch the rats on both sides and you get a better picture.
  7. Super Hero James Comey

    Well Trump must be really bad at picking people since the search warrant had everything to do with people he appointed. Are you saying even the people trump is appointing are more interested in taking him down then following the law? Because I do not even see Trump claiming anything about any laws being broken in respect to the search warrants. I get about the dems would love to see him crumble. But the people he actually appointed? Even a republican billionare who donated 7 million dollars to the republicans during Obama's 8 years is now funding the dems and actually voted for Hillary because he thought trump would ruin the country. I just do not think the conspiracy theories work with the Cohen raids. And watching the reactions should give you some caution on defending this president.
  8. Don't Buy from Dicks

    If you are buying stuff that you need now then you are not boycotting. LOL.
  9. Super Hero James Comey

    So what does that have to do with republicans TRUMP appointed that are the ones investigating Cohen? The entire world can be against you and if you are innocent then you have nothing to worry about. Yet this president seems way too interested in the feds investigating Cohen. It is more then possible campaign finance laws. And if my lawyer was being investigated for things that did not involve me-- well I would not care in the least. I have said many times. I watch more then I listen. The actions tell a better story then slanted sides of a story being reported. But if you want to go back to the campaign, Trump said he was against lobbyists and there was no place for them to influence politics etc. Yet he appointed as many as the past two presidents combined. So if you are not at least suspect then you are ignorant to the facts.
  10. Don't Buy from Dicks

    Hardly- they were purchased to make money. Same group owned Sports Authority and currently owns petco. These groups have no interest in running these businesses. They strip them from within of all capital-- then oops bankruptcy. It is their plan going in. For instance. TRU was purchased for a billion dollars. They are currently 5-7 billion in the hole despite cutting back from 20 fulltime associates in the 1990's to 2. That is a 90% reduction. Yet you manage to lose billions of dollars? Vornado Realty (one of the groups that own TRU) is not hurting financially. They also own 49.5% of one of Kushner's largest real estate deals. Has more to do with stripping the companies versus anything a few people may boycott. When is the last time you saw a company fold because of a boycott?
  11. Don't Buy from Dicks

    I understand the skeptism. But years ago when TRU and Kay-Bee pulled toy guns off the shelf, they took the loss and destroyed the toy guns so it is probably legit story about Dick's. It is just a shame all the kids don't have any toy guns to fight off the indians anymore. LOL
  12. Super Hero James Comey

    But this whole Cohen raid and "nonsense" you refer to is being done by 100% republicans (most being appointed by Trump). The Mueller investigation is open for interpretation because we do not have all the facts (I know Steele Dossier). But make no mistake about it-- I do not want a corrupt individual running our country no matter who it is. So as long as the law was followed, then I am fine with letting the evidence lead both investigations to the end of the road. If that means it exonerates Trump- no problem. If it means it leads to impeachment (clinton style)- no problem. If it means he is charged and/or convicted of a crime- no problem. If there are charges brought forward for Hillary/obama/holder etc---- no problem. The only way to truly drain the swamp is getting ALL the swamp critters out. Trump appointed 187 Federal Lobbyists in his first year. That is nearly as many as Bush and Obama combined. So forgive me that I am very suspect of this "draining the swamp" everyone keeps thinking is occurring.
  13. Finicial Aid for illegals?

    When they have these political debates (whether state or federal) they should be segmented. They answer a broad overview with so much spin you really do not know where a candidate stands or can't prove how they stand on an issue. Make one debate about immigration both legal and illegal, another about economy/jobs, another about military/vets, etc. It would make it harder for any candidate to dance around one topic for two hours. And if they did, then they are hiding the truth and do not deserve our vote. Although murphy told people he was going to raise their taxs, etc and they still voted for him. Go figure.
  14. Super Hero James Comey

    You do realize there is footage of Cohen calling himself Trump's fixer. There is also footage of Cohen's attorney calling him Trump's fixer. So who exactly is "trying" to paint this picture? Because they can put away the paint. You may not like what is going but distorting facts is a losing proposition.. It takes any credibility away. I think you will see something on Hillary some where down the line so just be patient.
  15. Decent Find In My Backyard !!!

    Damn I lost a $100 bill the other day. Mine had a picture of a dead president on the front and some writing on the back. What does the one you found look like? LOL. Congrats on the find. Most I ever found was $65 that turned into my money. It was in an envelope. I had found several hundred once and placed it in my pocket and hung out in the area for a little bit. A lady appeared to be looking for something and I asked what she was looking for. It turned out it was her cashed paycheck and was in line at the store and didn't have the money to pay. It felt good to get her back her money.