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Just like clockwork. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.


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I sit in a tree every year with bow afternoon before 6/day. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of idiots that are patterning buckshot and shooting slugs the eve before the big hunt. As if the deer are not already on high alert enough after being hunted for 3 months! They are shooting on the same land they will be hunting for pete's sake!

Nothing spooks deer more than my stank… 

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I shot a big 10pt once….

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I'm in zone 11 now hearing gun shots all eveing. I'm glad.. at least they are paterning their guns.. that don't bother the deer unless they are being shot at. Guys shoot at my club while my brother hunts 100 yards from them and he has deer on the bait the whole time.. none alarmed from the shots



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I set a friend of mine up a spot for opening day of muzzleloader. He misses a deer at 30 yards. I asked him if he sighted his gun in and his response was "it was sighted in two years ago when I last used it." He then proceeded to ask me if he could sight it in on the property that I hunt. I am starting to wounder if this is the way things are done and me spending the time to get prepared before the season actually starts is wrong.

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Deer by me, southern zone 7 still acting naturally. Saw numerous bucks chasing during daylight past few days. I drive northern zone 7 if my sit doesn't work out and it is a completely different kind of hunting. Sitting with the bow is my passion but driving seeing tons of deer constantly is a lot of fun too.



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