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  1. I have 2 H and R slug guns for sale. One 20guage and one 12guage. Both are scoped. PM or text me for details 609-352 -6957 as I'll be at work this evening. Must have valid Firearm ID card.
  2. My pleasure Todd! Anytime brother ! Awesome work as usual Jay!!
  3. I don't know... I hope somebody posts pages of the digest
  4. Great question Rusty! You definitely have to take that into consideration...
  5. Putz! Stop stirring the pot! This post was just starting to lose steam and Archer 36 was about to get out of witness protection!! WTF
  6. This is bullshit! I'm calling the GW and store manager!
  7. Birds were vocal right up to the last day yes. Zone 21 and 22
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