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  1. I enjoyed a great day a field with Dylan Perotto and his grandfather Mark. I took him out today and got him his 1st turkey ever. The morning was quiet till about 10 o'clock and a couple fired up. We were fortunate to have this guy coming in spitting and drumming! He gave us quite the show till Dylan dropped him in his tracks! My son did most of the calling today, so that was an added plus to the already awesome day! 21.6lbs 10.5" beard and 1" hook Awesome job by Dylan!
  2. I heard that in PA. Okay cool. Nice job.
  3. Mike are they looking for anything specific?
  4. I'd like to donate this custom box call from Browns custom calls. Good luck youths! Looks like their already having a great season!
  5. Congrats fellas! That's the memories you'll never forget!! You 2 are having a great season!
  6. They do deer also. My turkey was $78
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