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  1. Thunderchicken

    Supposed Hunter - Trash Hunter

    So he was intimidated by the sexy and hot hunter?
  2. Thunderchicken

    Supposed Hunter - Trash Hunter

  3. Thunderchicken

    Skills USA update 🇺🇸

    Thanks everybody for the nice words!!! Logan sends his thanks also!! Much appreciated!!
  4. Thunderchicken

    Skills USA update 🇺🇸

    Very cool Jay!! Man I hope!
  5. Thunderchicken

    Skills USA update 🇺🇸

  6. Thunderchicken

    Skills USA update 🇺🇸

    We spent the last week in Kentucky for the National Skills USA competition. Logan represented NJ in welding sculpture for his wild turkey piece. Well I’m proud to say against 43 other states he brought home the gold medal and 1st place!! What an awesome experience!!
  7. Thunderchicken

    2018 Velvet bucks/Trail cam pics

  8. Thunderchicken

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hazbro and Ms Grit

  9. Thunderchicken

    Happy Birthday LPJR

    Happy birthday Lou!!!
  10. Thunderchicken

    Jr's Yamaha YZ125

    Very cool Lou!! Tell Christopher congratulations and have fun!!!
  11. Thunderchicken

    Great Mixed bag

    Very cool day John!!
  12. Thunderchicken

    Hit the Big Flatbrook with BucksnBows and my son

    That's awesome Lou! Good stuff Brian!!
  13. Thunderchicken

    Great news for you whiskey drinkers

    I'll stick with my Makers Mark or Knobs Creek! Thanks for the suggestion though
  14. Thunderchicken

    Happy Birthday 3 Blade

    I'm on a delay! Give me a break!
  15. Thunderchicken

    Happy Birthday 3 Blade