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  1. Thunderchicken


    John - Buck154 All around great sportsman and a great guy!
  2. Thunderchicken

    Then and Now Pictures (rated G)

    Taking his hunter ed test... First bow kill! Age 10... age 14
  3. Thunderchicken

    Then and Now Pictures (rated G)

    5years old in the blind with me and fast forward to 16 calling in turkeys.
  4. Thunderchicken

    Youth Turkey Workshop and Hunt

    Nick both are welcome. Contact me at your convenience.
  5. Thunderchicken

    Youth Turkey Workshop and Hunt

    We are having a Youth Turkey workshop on 4/13/2019 and our 3rd annual NJ Youth Mentored Turkey hunt on 4/20/2019 details below any questions contact me.
  6. Thunderchicken

    Name your broadhead type

    3 blade reapers 4 blade reapers 3 blade VPA
  7. Thunderchicken

    Big Monmouth County 10 point

    Congrats! Beautiful buck!!
  8. Thunderchicken

    Let’s see your dogs - refresher

    My buddy Gunner.
  9. Thunderchicken

    Saskatchewan 2018

  10. Thunderchicken

    12/9/18 check-in

    Good luck 27!
  11. Thunderchicken

    It Snowed Last Night

  12. Thunderchicken

    Buck down

    Congrats Jay.
  13. Thunderchicken

    140" buck

    That's a shame for sure!
  14. Thunderchicken

    Millennium L220 18ft Double Ladder Stand F/S

    Great Stands. Good luck with sale!
  15. Thunderchicken

    Live Hunt In Hunterdon County

    Congrats John!!