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  1. Hello, Doing some dog training and would like to purchase some pheasants. Anyone know where I can purchase about 6 pheasants in the Central to South NJ areas? Hell, even in PA?
  2. Now that is something that is really cool. Can't wait to see it with the trailer.
  3. It is all over the news every chance they get. They use the term gun violence. It is a criminal issue not gun issue. The DA and mayor are complete assholes along with council. And the gov and the AG. All of them never address the criminal element and put it all on an inanimate object.
  4. Might be about to change given recent ruling.
  5. NJ, California, MD, and Illinois ruined America 😋
  6. All you guys stay over there. No deer here in PA
  7. It is well built. The colors pop. Correspondence was a little slow. Over all it is a nice product.
  8. Purchased this from http://www.raxxinc.com/shop-now.html For my buddies who have the shop. They loved it. Raxx did a nice job.
  9. Played baseball from 5 to 22. The drugs are ruining the sport. Young athletes just about have to take them to make it. The purity of the game is gone. There is a lot going on in baseball you just don't see all of it. Every person playing thinks about the up coming plays. The coaches strategies. It is a sham of what baseball has become. Maguire sealed the deal for me during the hearings. These players set records using drugs. I love the Yankees and the Philles but between the drug use and the BLM bull I have been done with baseball for a while.
  10. There was a guy in my old neighborhood in Burlington that had a suspended license for a long time. He drove his riding mower to sylvans lake while intoxicated and went back to jail. Clyde... hope you didn't move to north NJ lol
  11. Great news. Did they say how long replacements last?
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