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  1. thefirstndsecond


    The river edge in Burlington. Sylvan lake in Burlington TWP. Real quick those are the two I htink of
  2. thefirstndsecond

    what to look for in a kayak

    I have an old town vapor 12ft sit it. It is nice BUT a little difficult to get out of. I use it for fishing and dog training Ascend, oldtown, sit on top is what i would recommend. Lakes you'll be fine. Ocean and deep rivers or fast rivers no idea
  3. thefirstndsecond

    Discounted NRA Memberships - Midway USA

    Oh forgot to add, I have both my 4 year old and my 7 year old on the Easy Pay like membership. Someday I hope all four of us will get to go to the Convention.
  4. thefirstndsecond


  5. thefirstndsecond

    Discounted NRA Memberships - Midway USA

    I went to the local super market a few days after the shooting in Florida when people were calling NRA members murderers. There was an older man, late 60's proudly wearing an NRA hat. I felt ashamed because I was not. I shook his hand and said thank you. I understand the car situation, I do. I will not live in fear because of it. Being an NRA member is so much more than paying dues or money. It is staying active, writing, and meeting the politicians in their offices. NRA, GOA, and FOAC. Nothing is perfect and far from it. I still support and let them know when they make a decision I am not happy supporting. There are a couple good youtube channels I follow - check out the gun collective. Pretty interesting information from what we (voting members) are trying to do making NRA 2.0
  6. thefirstndsecond

    GRAPHIC PIC. woodchuck

    So, how many shots do you get out of one rage broad head?
  7. thefirstndsecond

    Got my first WHITE MARLIN today

    Looks like a great time! Also like the t shirt! Those shirts.com
  8. thefirstndsecond

    Uber Driver background checks?

    A buddy of mine drives for uber. Had three college girls get in and pass out until he dropped them off at their dorms. He read them the riot act when he dropped them off. Hopefully they don't do it again
  9. thefirstndsecond

    Uber Driver background checks?

    This came up in discussion the other day. Some parents are using Uber a kids shuttle while the parents are at work.
  10. thefirstndsecond


    If it is a Saturday sure...
  11. thefirstndsecond

    Pulled the trigger on a TRIAX (literally and figuratively)

    Nice! That is a very nice bow.
  12. thefirstndsecond

    So what’s up with fireworks in this state?

    Fireworks are now legal in pa to purchase and use. I can go and buy. we use them at camp.
  13. Savage 220 New harness New bow case for airport New jacket and pants
  14. thefirstndsecond

    Life Sux

    Sorry to read you are in pain. You are still here and changes happen.
  15. thefirstndsecond

    Youth Bow & Arrow

    At four just use the green string bow. Bob and AJ's sells a diamond bow that is adjustable for many years and lbs. I bought my daughter one last year and she loves it. She was 6. Comes with 3 pin finber optic sight, wisker bizkut, quiver and a few arrows. Also set up for realease. At 4 she wasnt ready at 6 she was doing well. The package has instructions for draw lendth and lbs. The limbs are indexed for do it yourself.