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  1. Just go rage and be done with it. 🤣🤣 Just kidding.
  2. Thanks. I will pick up a physical copy of the digest instead of the digital one. I got that regulation set from nj fish and game sight. You can download separate from digest. I was thinking that 150 thing is wierd.
  3. Just have a top map of the area in the cabin. See if you add other seasons people hunt the early season then come up for rifle
  4. Well, I lucked out. I have access I am checking that will be using Reg set 5. Going tomorrow to put up a stand (hopefully) and maybe a blind. So, this is private property. *FYI I do see about the 3 points on one side minimum. * what does it mean by antlerless permits purchased? We have to purchase doe tags now? AM I allowed to bow hunt on Sunday? Reg set 5 zone 35* It has been a long time since I hunted archery in NJ. 1. Question, when hunting from a blind, even though i have written permission, if I am within 150 of the land owners home, I still need to be elevated? 2. Am I reading this that the regs are for regular bow season I can take 5 does, just check in, every time i get one, and one buck for Spet. oct seasnon then 5 more does for Nov permit season and another buck? 3. Then permit muzzle loader 5 more does (antlerless) and another buck with the permit? regsets19-20.pdf
  5. My point was how do you know you need a permit rather than just hunt on the twp property?
  6. So how is the general public supposed to know which twp's you need a permit to hunt?
  7. Right on! Never forget! We are here for you!
  8. My daughter uses this one. https://www.cabelas.com/product/RELEASES/3072718.uts I never saw the hero but what I don't like about the one she has is it doesn't auto close. You manually close and open.
  9. Words have meaning. Labels have meaning. When you come out of a government body and you publicly label a group and want to restrict that groups rights to commerce and other types of business, because business are living things, you are then I would say engaged in government oppression. I would go far enough to say creed, with regards to firearms, is being violated. The government states they will not do business with anyone affiliated with a group they publicly labeled as a terrorist group. This directly impact that business in their ability to conduct day to day business and anyone as a member of the NRA could face repercussions due to that government's body labeling the group, thus its members as terrorists. If this is not an attack on freedom of speech by the government, an attack on the second amendment, then what is? This is a direct attack on freedom of speech, let's not forget making donations is freedom of speech, and the NRA is a 2nd Amendment group which speaks for it's members as a collective organization, and the 2nd amendment.
  10. THEY voted for these people in office. Someone had to put these people in office and want them to do their bidding. If the people in the city disagreed we would hear that on the news.
  11. Am I as a member, allowed to sue for slander given they have labels me as part of a terrorist organization? This could effect everything in my life.
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