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  1. Call them a dumb ass and never speak to them again. Then again if they were from Philly they are probably dem so keep them on that side of the river. 🤣😂 Just let them know about mag capacity and the stupid laws. There isn't any registration yet.
  2. Lol Ruff rider You guys are making me want to ride again...
  3. I second this!!! Swear by it. great product and i take care of mine. Works great. best 250 I spent.
  4. Shall not be infringed! Guess it must have been over looked.. Elections have consequences.... Where are the registration drives for the next election? Anyone reached out to their republican committees? Anyone? Sometimes it is easier to move than to stay and fight, but there will come a point where there is no where left to move too..
  5. Market prices.. supply and demand.. sheesh..
  6. I'll take 3 boxes of the 2 3/4 delivered
  7. Better business Call to the main company and show video That guy i bet was told to do that. Franchise needs to see that video.
  8. Wish you would have posted this 2 weeks ago. Nice bats
  9. All depends on what you are looking to do.
  10. Awesome! Heading to TAC in June here in PA then hope to hit the 100 in NJ. All depends on time.
  11. Anyone use sevr 1.5 titanium? I just ordered 3 125's.
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