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  1. thefirstndsecond

    What stabilizer does everyone use?

    I use stokerized. BUT most people at the shop use bee stinger - AJ has beestingers on all of his bows. He uses the one with a knuckle and counter weight as well. Uses the back one as a rest and helps with torque.
  2. thefirstndsecond

    Muzzy goes to work

    Nice job! I always have had faith is Muzzys!
  3. thefirstndsecond

    Buying Ammo Online ( Internet )

    I buy mine online ammoman.com shipped right to front door (live in PA) In NJ you can't have ammo shipped to your home correct? https://www.ammoman.com/ https://palmettostatearmory.com/ http://www.surplusammo.com/ https://www.wikiarms.com/group/9mm?sort=1&group=4 - ammo bot http://www.gunbot.net/ammo/rimfire/22lr/ - another ammo bot
  4. thefirstndsecond

    Brittanys: part two

    No that is not gun conditioning. But the book and join a navhda group
  5. thefirstndsecond

    Brittanys: part two

    While the dog is a pup you start with a cap gun while he is eating. This starts the process. Gun introduction is a take it easy. The wrong thing to do is go to a parade, a range, etc.. Wolter's explains in his book. I read his book a few times and then also used the NAVHDA book. There is a great video on youtube i think from willow kennels showing a gun shy dog in a crate and a trainer using bacon as a reward.
  6. thefirstndsecond

    Brittanys: part two

    So I used a cap gun while he ate. He ignored the cap gun and ate his food and didn't even flinch. There are many ways to work through things.
  7. thefirstndsecond

    Brittanys: part two

    So what helped me with my first hunting dog who is also a britt was wolters gun dog book. Also joined NAVHDA which was the best decision I ever made. The book will take you places but experienced people will bring you to a finished dog. Remember through all of this the cheapest thing was the dog. I can't wait to get my next pup.
  8. thefirstndsecond

    Public land bs has started

    See I often wonder why not leave a note with contact information. Then work together as a team for that area. Just don't tell anyone else... Let each other know when or days when the other will be there. Come up with strategy, maybe even split bait. By the way. Since I moved to PA I need to find a spot over here in PA for archery. Since I quit the a club of which I was a member for years in NJ, I need to find a spot for archery in Central or North NJ as well. I have a double ladder stand and a hand on stand with sticks. Any help would be great. Looking to get my daughter to sit with me a couple of times. Yea.. I know it is late.. yea i know odds are slim.. I can trade you a couple days of hunting with me on public land over a great dog.
  9. thefirstndsecond

    Rip Off OR Knock Offs

    Interesting. Since they are not that expensive to begin with no need for lifetime warranty. I would agree a name, brand, etc does carry value. I have heard about this from one of my buddies about these types of sights.
  10. thefirstndsecond

    Headed to the Dark side! Maybe?

    Ya should have came by the store ... especially if you were here in PA. Mention you were from NJ Woods and water..
  11. thefirstndsecond

    Cooperstown Classic

    Very cool and good luck. When i was in my early teens we played at Cooperstown Doubleday field. Some of us.. cough cough, got in trouble for trying to zip lock bags of dirt off the field.. we hid the bags in our pants.. Very cool good luck!
  12. thefirstndsecond

    Rip Off OR Knock Offs

    What about the guts? Sensitive to recoil?
  13. thefirstndsecond

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    Pizza and icecream are my favorites. This is the best you will ever have. I measure every other pizza to this mark. http://www.delorenzostomatopies.com/index2.html Fresh ingredients and the wait staff are top notch.