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  1. thefirstndsecond

    Best release?

    How close are you to Bob and AJ's? They have all different kinds of releases. I like the Scott shark and echo. At the shop they have thumb, finger, back tension, Carter and Scott and tru something.
  2. Horrible news. My heart goes out to their families.
  3. thefirstndsecond

    Site theme update for mobile devices

    Ok now I see all kinds of ads in between post topics.. oh boy
  4. thefirstndsecond

    Beaver Mayhem

    Thanks I just had it stuffed. Naked gun quote
  5. Wasn't the federal rule over reach for state controlled areas? Why can't the state step in and take charge or put it to a vote?
  6. thefirstndsecond

    Site theme update for mobile devices

    Will the ads be removed in landscape view? I end up closing the pop up ads. Do they disappear for paid subscription? I really like the theme. Very easy to use on note 9. Love it nice work.
  7. thefirstndsecond

    Beaver Mayhem

    I knew it was going to be those beavers but I was hoping for something a little different. 😁🤣🤣 Lol
  8. thefirstndsecond

    For Sale Like New 2017 Elite Tempo, 10 Axis 340 5MM, $500 OBO

    Sold sold sold Thank you and have a wonderful night!
  9. thefirstndsecond

    Cabelas, Bass Pro..say it isn't so!!!

    Amazon will not be there for us when the time comes to get into the trenches. Amazon at the drop of a hat could say they are not selling anything hunting related - no knives, broadheads, etc.. I do not shop on Amazon for much in the way of hunting. Clothes - Cabelas and bigcamo.com (I am a husky man trapped in a fat body) Hunting supplies - cabelas, Tanner's, and Bob & AJ's
  10. thefirstndsecond

    The next two years

    Only a Cowboys fan would hit that... then second in line Pats fans
  11. thefirstndsecond

    For Sale Like New 2017 Elite Tempo, 10 Axis 340 5MM, $500 OBO

    Tempo is still for sale. 10 Axis Arrows Case Bow , sight, wiker bizkit, along with sling
  12. thefirstndsecond

    Cabelas, Bass Pro..say it isn't so!!!

    I would like more information. I would hate to see cabelas or bass pro abandoning the hunter and going for the sports arena.
  13. thefirstndsecond

    What gets you a bit upset?

    In fighting with other hunters. Leave season length alone. Just curb limits Stop electing assholes and then complain and expect things to change Stop stealing other people things Stop making more laws... - don't you realize you are only limiting your choices, rights, decisions.. BS.. bs makes me a bit upset The way places of employment have turned into places where lazy people coast and workers have to pick up the slack. Ok.. my middle aged rant is over.. Merry New Year!
  14. thefirstndsecond

    For All The Cowboys Haters

    Every Cowboys Fan -- lol
  15. thefirstndsecond

    Socialist want Driver Licenses for Illegal Aliens

    You ready do. Menendez set aside tax payer money for said licenses. The end game is to have the illegals vote.