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  1. Yup. I didnt want any of it...when the government gets ab inch they take an inch on paper but 1 mile off the books.
  2. You might have a different view if you owned a business and states keep changing their laws. It would be hard to keep up and too much to lose.
  3. By not allowed I mean the company decided.
  4. They are not allowed because NJs laws are to freaking complicated and the cons out wieght the pros. Why be mad at the business. NJ laws suck we all know they suck.
  5. Awesome!!!!! I know i can't wait for the day when my girls can hunt with me. You must be thrilled! I can't wait to see this season's pictures!!
  6. thefirstndsecond


    I am very thankful for this locally owned and moderated forum. I believe overall we have a great thing here. I wish hunting pa was like this. Far to many forums have become legos of a corporation and the intimacy of a local forum is gone. Anyone start planning the socially distant gathering for this year?
  7. That is what gets me. These people go and spend money on quads and then expect the state to provide them a place to ride. This is the issue - the people expect the state to provide..... FOR EVERYTHING!! BUT DADDY I WANT A GOLDEN GOOSE NOW!!!
  8. No power until Sunday maybe... Anyone on here install home generators in Bucks County lol.. at least we have running water. Looks like a nice set up with the tent. Need an exhaust fan though.
  9. We still need to support the NRA and the other pro gun organizations. Divided we fall. Those of you who say look at NJ, the facts are the way the majority of the people vote in NJ or those that don't vote at all. I have seen it in the clubs, we call them FUDDS. Those who as long as they have their double barrel and rifle are happy. They don't support pistols, or AR's or the right to carry. They vote DEM in NJ and it is why you have the issues you do in NJ. https://foac-pac.org/Lapierre:-Ny-Ags-Move-To-Dissolve-Nra-An-Affront-To-Democracy/News-Item/11331 LaPierre: NY AG's Move To Dissolve NRA An Affront To Democracy :: 08/06/2020 New York Attorney General Letitia James’ announcement that she’s suing to dissolve the NRA is an “affront to democracy,” according to NRA executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre. In a follow up to his first tweet, LaPierre went on to say that “the NRA is well governed, financially solvent, and committed to good governance. We’re ready for the fight. Bring it on.” Meanwhile, in an email sent to NRA-ILA activist leaders obtained by Bearing Arms, NRA President Carolyn Meadows called the lawsuit a “baseless attack” not only on the gun group, but the “Second Amendment freedoms it fights to defend.” “You could have set your watch by it: the investigation was going to reach its crescendo as we move into the 2020 election cycle. It’s a transparent attempt to score political points and attack the leading voice in opposition to the leftist agenda. This has been a power grab by a political opportunist – a desperate move that is part of a rank political vendetta. Our members won’t be intimidated or bullied in their defense of political and constitutional freedom.” As evidenced by the lawsuit filed by the NRA today against the NYAG, we not only will not shrink from this fight – we will confront it and prevail.” The argument that James’ new lawsuit politically motivated is not without merit, particularly given the simultaneous announcement by Washington D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine that he too is pursuing a civil case of his own, this one against the NRA Foundation. At the heart of both cases are serious allegations of misspending on the part of NRA leadership, starting with Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre. James also named general counsel John Frazer, former General Operations head Josh Powell, and former treasurer Woody Phillips in her Thursday press conference, alleging that the four oversaw the misuse of more than $64-million in organization funds in 2018 and 2019. In addition to seeking financial restitution by the four executives, and barring them from serving in the employ of any non-profit chartered in the state of New York, James declared that she wants to dissolve the National Rifle Association entirely. If there was actual wrongdoing, there should be actual consequences, but as Allahpundit notes over at Hot Air, it doesn’t seem like much of a coincidence that James is filing suit against the organization and its leadership right as we head into the thick of campaign season, and it’s even more telling that she’s trying to dissolve the NRA rather than “clean house”. I think that’s the political angle here. Lefties are pointing out on Twitter that dissolution of a corrupt charity isn’t some unheard-of penalty; why, Trump’s own charity agreed to dissolve after James’s office accused it of misconduct too. But the fact that the NRA is facing the same death penalty as Trump’s nonprofit in deeply Democratic New York isn’t an exoneration from the charge that James is playing politics that liberals seem to think. The timing of the lawsuit may be designed to turn the NRA from an advocacy group that’s on offense against Dems this fall into a de facto legal fund that’s playing defense in New York. Maybe the bad publicity and the exasperation among NRA members that so much of their donations have gone to court battles over malfeasance instead of court battles over gun rights will lead to the group being starved of money going forward. In the end, they might choose to dissolve because fighting on is simply too expensive. Even those who’ve been critical of the NRA say that the push to dissolve the organization is “heavy-handed.” The Cato Institute’s Walter Olson and Georgetown Law Professor Randy Barnett were among those accusing the Attorney General of playing politics by trying to shut down the organization, rather than simply pursuing actions against individuals in leadership positions. The National Shooting Sports Foundation, which represents businesses in the firearms and ammunition industries, also released a statement Thursday afternoon calling out the “politically-driven” decision to try to dissolve the NRA. The lawsuit filed today by Attorney General James seeks to punish the over five million members of the National Rifle Association based on mere allegations of possible wrongdoing by a few individuals. NSSF is deeply concerned about the apparent political agenda to silence the strongest voice in support of the Second Amendment ahead of the election in November. This lawsuit, and one filed today by the District of Columbia Attorney General, should concern all Americans who cherish both the First and Second Amendments to our Constitution regardless of their views on what laws and regulations are appropriate to address the criminal misuse of firearms. Meanwhile, gun control groups are already fundraising off of the decision by the New York AG to pursue litigation against the NRA. In an email, Giffords told supporters that “We won’t rest until the organization has been dissolved for good, but we need your help to keep up the pressure,” before asking donors to contribute anywhere from $10-250 to the gun ban group that accepted a six-figure PPP loan from the federal government to help keep its anti-gun law firm up and running over the past few months. James decision to try to dissolve the NRA, as well as accuse LaPierre and others of breaking state and federal law without choosing to file any actual criminal charges, adds more weight to the allegations that her investigation and civil lawsuit are motivated more by politics than public service. As Allahpundit noted in his piece at Hot Air, James called the NRA a “terrorist organization” back when she was running for AG in New York. Attacking the NRA has been good politics for James, and with the election just months away anti-gun activists clearly believe her latest salvo is good for the Biden campaign as well. The allegations against NRA leadership are serious, but James is undercutting her own case by making it clear that her ultimate goal is to destroy the NRA, not ensure that its 5,000,000 members are being well-served. Cam Edwards has covered the 2nd Amendment for more than 15 years as a broadcast and online journalist, as well as the co-author of "Heavy Lifting: Grow Up, Get a Job, Start a Family, and Other Manly Advice" with Jim Geraghty. He lives outside of Farmville, Virginia with his family. https://bearingarms.com/author/camedwards/ https://bearingarms.com/cam-e/2020/08/06/lapierre-nyag-dissolve-nra/
  10. - The NRA is just like any other corporation in such as it has leadership that has abused their finances. Remove the leadership. Build NRA 2.0, get rid of the FUDDS. I am a Patron member, and believe I am the NRA. A ineffective member just throws money to the NRA. A great members gets involved. Writes, calls, attends, and finds out how we can be effective against losing our rights. The NRA is the federal big guy on the block who swings a big stick with politicians. Here in PA I have seen then widdle away things that local grass roots organizations worked hard to build. Then when successful they came in and swooped the praise. The GOA meh.. they do not hold as much weight. I wish these groups worked together to keep the government in check. I still support the NRA and support changes. I have my kids just about paid off as life members. I think the NRA should fight all the way. As a CEO of any organization they deserve the same. House, car, stock whatever. Just because you work for a just cause or a non profit which the NRA is a for profit, doesn't mean you don't deserve to be compensated as a CEO. I have an issue with the Marketing company and the double dipping and the other expenses.
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