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  1. thefirstndsecond

    For Sale Like New 2017 Elite Tempo, 10 Axis 350 5MM, $600

    Great set up. Hard to beat. This is a 1000 bow not to mention the arrows, nocks, and quiver. Great deal...
  2. thefirstndsecond

    2019 Obsession Bows in Stock Now!

    What do you like about them? I have shot Mathews, Elite (Really Like the Ritual), and Bowtech. When I get a chance I am going to go up and shoot the Ritual 30, the new Mathews Vertix, the Ritual, and I'll add these to the list.
  3. thefirstndsecond

    For Sale Like New 2017 Elite Tempo, 10 Axis 350 5MM, $600

    Anyone, anyone, Bueller, Bueller...
  4. Wonder if the wardens would charge him for two deer one permit?
  5. For Sale $600 Like New Elite Tempo 29.5 inch draw length 60lb Right hand 10 Axis 5mm 350's 4 luminocks - 1 green and 3 green red flashing Wisker biskcuit Hoyt Carbon Pro sight 3 pin G5 Head Lock arrow quiver Storkerized stabilizer Elite Hand sling ******************************************************************************************************************************************* This is my bow. I purchased it from Bob & AJ's Archery World in June of 2017 after taking close to a 10 year leave of absence from bow hunting. (living in the city, kids, life) This is a very forgiving bow. I have used this bow to target shoot and to hunt last year and this year. I am getting a new bow this year from the store (Elite Ritual 30 very likely, maybe new Mathews, maybe) and putting this one up for sale. If you are interested please send me a PM. I WILL NOT SHIP THIS BOW. Local pick up close to 18966 All sales final.
  6. thefirstndsecond

    Bow sling and broadhead safety

    You made a great choice. I have this quiver. Yes it will break in. Bought this because my buddy Bob and his brother Ralph use it on stalks. Arrows very secure with two points of hold.
  7. thefirstndsecond

    Rage Mechanical Broadheads

    By chance do you know the weight of your arrow? I am curious as to others who have had success or failures and the weight of their arrows.
  8. thefirstndsecond

    fix or replace older ipad 2

    With black Friday approaching and cyber Monday.. maybe time to get new. You should be able to get a nice deal.
  9. thefirstndsecond

    fix or replace older ipad 2

    check out batteries plus or youtube. If you have any type of handy man skills you can replace the battery on your own. I just had my daughters touch screen replaced for 140 i think. Hers only has wifi not 3 or 4g
  10. creepy - just appeared in my feed - https://www.amazon.com/HAT-DEPOT-Washed-Profile-Baseball/dp/B01ENQ4HUA/ref=sm_n_au_dka_US_pr_con_0_0?adId=B01ENQ4HUA&creativeASIN=B01ENQ4HUA&linkId=4d0e6db3c7a8edea618d4b2a9e0c3bfd&tag=njwowa-20&linkCode=w41&ref-refURL=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.njwoodsandwater.com%2Ftopic%2F26151-11818-pheasantquail-season-opens-saturday-november-10%2F&slotNum=0&imprToken=Ob1TGozlEgWiYm9FlpD1Pw&adType=smart&adMode=auto&adFormat=grid&impressionTimestamp=1541780175998 https://www.amazon.com/Outdoor-Cap-Panel-Profile-Orange/dp/B003DQTVEE/ref=sm_n_au_dka_US_pr_con_1_0?adId=B003DQTVEE&creativeASIN=B003DQTVEE&linkId=4d0e6db3c7a8edea618d4b2a9e0c3bfd&tag=njwowa-20&linkCode=w41&ref-refURL=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.njwoodsandwater.com%2Ftopic%2F26151-11818-pheasantquail-season-opens-saturday-november-10%2F&slotNum=0&imprToken=Ob1TGozlEgWiYm9FlpD1Pw&adType=smart&adMode=auto&adFormat=grid&impressionTimestamp=1541780176004
  11. best to wear solid orange hat.. brim orange, no logo and no writing
  12. thefirstndsecond

    Buck bomb!

    If you spray the entire can sounds like something you would spray in the house. If you only use short bursts and a little does a long way no problem. Also, while in the stand in the afternoon.. give it a little spritz, again not much. I have had deer follow the spary drag in. Had them follow around a tree - young bucks. Less is more. I will also say there were already deer in the area.. NOT like i walked into the woods and started spraying stuff. Red neck also puts out a hell of a scent collection. Never used signal 11 yet.
  13. thefirstndsecond

    Buck bomb!

    Young padawan... once used correctly it is very hard for deer to defend against the scent... I also only use some on a drag on the way in, less is more.. and then near my stand right before light. when it first came out, I didn't use any scent on the way in. Climbed the tree. Popped the cap and let the whole can rip. I had the similar results as you. Deer running like mad in the dark chasing. Come day light nothing around.
  14. I downloaded the digest and found what I was looking for, page 27. Firearm hunters must wear a cap made of solid daylight fluorescent orange or an outer garment containing at least 200 square inches of fluorescent orange material visible from all sides at all times while engaged in hunting. A camo-orange hat alone is not adequate. This applies to all persons while hunting with a firearm for deer, bear, rabbit, hare, squirrel, coyote, fox, railbirds, and game birds including while in a treestand. See exceptions below along with ground blind hunting fluorescent orange requirements. It is mandatory to wear a hunter orange hat when firearm hunting for small game on wildlife management areas stocked with pheasant or quail. See list of WMAs at Pheasant and Quail Stamp Areas, page 14. * So I guess it is called hunter orange and not blaze orange anymore? * a hunter orange hat with writing and orange vest so long as it equals 200 square inches of fluorescent material INAL but this is my interpretation. I ask these questions because I had in writing one year the regs and response from the div. Then at a WMA the game warden was handing out tickets to people without a solid orange hat all the while 15 minutes before I cleared with another game warden that a solid orange hat was not need so long as you had an orange vest. * don't know about you but trying to find a solid orange hat with out any writing is not an easy task.