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  1. Shoot them and read about MIM parts, one and two piece guides rods, main spring housings.. Most importantl shoot them. You'll find slight variations, sights, serrations, ejection ports, triggers, hammers, grip safety 1911's can be a work of art and hard to beat a nice trigger on one. I like traditional 1911 no rails and 5 in barrel. Springfield Wilson Ed brown Dan Wesson are nice but I like American made STI makes some nice ones Ruger has a nice one. I will not get one without front checking. My hands sweat. I'll scope out what my local place has to shoot. They we'll look at a range day.
  2. What do you want it for? What are you looking to do with it? I like Springfield TRP without a rail. Also like S&W e series 1911. Ruger also makes a nice 1911. Also like HK USP 45. How much are you looking to spend? Go rent a 1911 and then other types of 45's Wilson Combat CQB and Ed Brown are nice but in 2500 range. 1911's vary on fit and finish. If you want to travel to 18966 zip we have a place that rents a lot. Classic Pistol is awesome. 10 per rental I think you have to buy store ammo when renting.
  3. Remember, You can get a good look at a t-bone by sticking your head up A bulls ass but wouldn't you rather take the butcher's word for it?
  4. An attorney may state what the law is and how it has been interpreted. I live in PA. we have carry classes with attorneys all the time. Case law and what happens in court. What your rights are and boundaries. Example.. in PA this question came up a lot. Discussed on PAFOA to infinity.
  5. Only problem with ion cam is company filed for bankruptcy.
  6. I can't believe how clear it is. Both videos are awesome! I think I am almost sold on the ION. How do you deal with the vibration?
  7. Just saw this on FB this morning. Unreal. That is why carry is so important everywhere. It might not have saved one or the first person, but the next may have had a chance.
  8. I was just watching reviews of the tactacam 5.0 It has image stabilization, zoom up to 8x magnification adjustable, also bigger sd hc card up to 64 gig, holy crap now they have a scope.. https://www.tactacam.com/ Remote sync if you use more than one. (I will not) They also have a 5 wide lens.. not sure which would be better for archery or upland ION CAMO CAM is pretty nice as well but no zoom then again $130
  9. So my buddies sell the tactacam. I will compare the ion to tactacam. I am looking to get my archery shots on video. Also looking to record myself and dog upland hunting. I think there is a wide angle and regular tactacam. I will check them out at the shop. Which ion did u get? There is one for 100 and one for 300.
  10. So I am going to be purchasing something. I am thinking a go pro to record archery and upland. What do u prefer and why?
  11. How does the twp have any authority to regulate hunting, fishing, or game? Is this not the states responsibility? If it is not then I suggest you get something like preemption legislation.
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