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  1. I shot one a few years ago but it didn't really impress me. This one impressed me, a lot. Super quiet, super smooth draw without a difficult peak before roll over. Beautiful let off and wall. No jump in my hand and the stability was awesome.
  2. Last night, I had some IT work to do at Bob & AJ’s Archery World. About the time I finished my work the guys in the shop were trying out the 2021 lines of bows. It isn’t too often I get this opportunity so I took advantage. I tried 5 different bows. Each, while in my hand, I compared to my existing set up. There were two in particular that I kept wanting to shoot. One was 32 inches ATA and the other was 34. Both were set to about 72 lbs +/- 1 lbs. Both had the same grip as there were made by the same manufacturer. The grip, it was different. The rear of the grip was very comfortable
  3. Long guns are a vague description. There are plenty of long guns that are not legal in NJ because of their configuration.
  4. What i find amusing is you fault a business for not wanting to deal with NJ's crazy gun laws or Attorney General. NJ's gun laws really are restrictive and confusing compared to the rest of the country.
  5. Talk to a smith about safes, water, and steam damage. I have seen guns that did not burn but had that damage. Also, home owners may not cover. I know mine does not. Has anyone used the nra insurance? I know guns, scopes, bows, etc add up quick for replacement value. Some safes are just to keep kids out and make it a little more difficult for thieves. I am partial to liberty and cannon but also look into the safes you can dismantle. I have seen some hide a safe in plain sight, fridge or freezer, Armour, etc. My biggiest issue is having t
  6. Come on over to PA and rent before you buy. I am partial to SW MP. HK are nice but they have a different mag release so muscle memory may be weird. Full size you may also want to check CZ, and SW 1911 in 9mm All depends on what you want to do. Every single one has a different trigger take up and reset.
  7. In the pines crazy things happen. There used to be respect around sets in 19, 21, and 23. If you saw a truck or stand you went somewhere else. You would also leave notes for communication. I started using a climber for this very reason. I will say the pines are different than North Jersey. There is the written law and then there is the piney law. Good luck and hope everything works out.
  8. NOOOOOOOOOO!!! I signed up for their emails, bought a few shares, and was really hoping they were the next competitor to BASS BLOW SHOP! Cabelas and Bapp pro have gone down hill! Damn
  9. Great info thanks! Remington = Vista Barnes = Sierra = SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Clarus Corporation’s (NASDAQ: CLAR) (“Clarus” and/or the “Company”) subsidiary Sierra Bullets, L.L.C I did not know they were publicly traded - https://www.claruscorp.com/
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