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  1. Good luck wish you the best
  2. Ummm what about Wharton in Burlington county....only saw Wharton atlantic county?
  3. I work in a hobby horse factory. I drill the assholes in the hobby horses. I love my job it is very fulfilling.
  4. It's a crock of shit. The SE usually has an earlier date than the rest of the state. The state said no early date this year the state will open on the 18. I got my license and stamp over two weeks ago. The kids and I waiting for opening date the 18th. Then under a blanket of darkness they open it 8am today. It is a crock of shit. I cant imagine what the hunting season will be.
  5. Well, i thought it was funny scent crusher was saying https://scentcrusher.com/ozone-truth/ - these are pretty interesting - https://halosil.com/products/the-halo-disinfection-system/
  6. I understand the NJFID. It is pointless. Same check you get when you buy the gun. The pistol permit is a joke as well. There is no reason for all these hoops. You should not need any permits. you pass a background check when you buy the gun. I got my NJFID when I turned 18 back in 1994. It is still more bs they make you guys go through in NJ. All of this was cited into play by politicians who were elected numerous times. That is the real problem.
  7. so you are trying to access the camera without using the app? Sorry I wrote to fast. You might not be able to due to the camera having build in encryption.
  8. Glad to hear it for NJ. The nics card is a joke and really needs to go away. Good luck.
  9. It's not so much the data but the bandwidth. That is being tested like you cant believe. Changes are going on now, small but there will be many more after this.
  10. I got it as well. My wife did not. Wonder if it is tied to corporate plan? Telecommunications?
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