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  1. Remember if it is free you are the product.
  2. Well, there is always Bob & AJ's! They carry both and are running a sale one the Excalibur!
  3. Would you say there is enough room in it for a parent and young child? Or is it really for one person?
  4. Problem with a safe like that is if you use your guns you will have to keep moving them to reach the one you want to shoot. More dings..
  5. Well if this was an invitation I am sorry I can't. Make it. I would haveoved to visit. My in laws 50th surprise anniversary. Have fun cant wait to see pictures.
  6. Awesome! It is an awesome feeling I bet. Great job young lady!
  7. Gift box https://dibruno.com/ https://www.termini.com/Default.aspx
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