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  1. I bought mine and they had the new one a week later in the store. The new one has the accustock and adj fit.. The older one does not it has the trigger but not the stock.
  2. I use 3in accutips I tried the 2 3/4 but was able to get more 3inch Sighted in 3.5 inches high at 100. Will be shooting more this week.
  3. In one of my posts I was asking about dip kits. NMC02 hit me up through DM and asked if I wanted his camo stock for the 220 since that is what I was going to dip. He gave me the stock. He shipped it to me on his dime even though I offered to pay. I can't thank him enough. Selfless act of kindness. Thank you! Wishing you the best luck this season and I hope I and repay or pay forward your kindness.
  4. Awesome job both of you! Well done young lady! Memories forever!
  5. Get in good with someone who plants the birds. It is way different over here in PA for Pheasant hunting.
  6. So you know the state issues permits for use. When people say they have a permit they could very well have a state permit. Why not work with them?
  7. I know. Make sure everything is documented. Time of year, dates, license, feed etc. Doesn't make up for ruined season or the fact the responsible party can't pay, but has to be done. Are you able to hunt anywhere?
  8. Why not just work with the people there? IF there is a group training, why not ask what areas are open? What was the name of the group?
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