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  1. NotJust22s

    So I tried a new archery store

    Bad experience, twice.
  2. NotJust22s

    So I tried a new archery store

    Personnelly I would skip Strickly Archery
  3. NotJust22s

    Z4 Piece of Puke

    It's the Orange Army
  4. Haven't they watched Jurassic Park? Mother Nature will find a way?
  5. NotJust22s

    For sale

    Wish I was a 33 waist..
  6. NotJust22s

    Today is the day follow up.

    Nice buck, good luck.
  7. NotJust22s

    LittleM shot a bear

  8. NotJust22s

    Keep your AR-15 magazines ... LEGALLY

    At $42.00 a piece, I don't think so.
  9. NotJust22s

    Just some FACTS !!!

    I say we disarm all NJ politicians security details and give them all hockey pucks. Then I would feel safe.
  10. NotJust22s

    For Sale 12/20 Gauge Target Loads

    $30 a case and I'll take both
  11. NotJust22s

    Something to make you go Hmmmmm

    I'm speechless
  12. NotJust22s

    140" buck

    And now you're a criminal for taking it home.
  13. Does it include my 11 playboy mags
  14. NotJust22s

    Hey Kid! No Candy Canes for You.

    Also no books because the represent the Bible.
  15. NotJust22s

    Top Dealer For 2018 - Mission and Elite