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  1. Come hang out with some miserably married guys. Shoot some shit, fling some arrows, drink some beers.
  2. It looks like most people are tied up one way or the other, so let’s work on something for the summer. in the meantime, anyone wanting wood, PM me and I’ll be happy to load you up. Also, anyone wanting to just stop by and shoot some 3D let me know.
  3. I’m still good, let’s see how much interest we have. Chime in if you’re interested. Bring you bow for some 3D, a trailer to take home some wood, beer, food, whatever.
  4. Reminds me of a story, We started seeing stray cats then they started dying. I called the health department and they tested the cats and the water. They determined they all died of lead poisoning. Strange part is that there’s no lead in the water.
  5. Stop feeding him all that junk food.
  6. You can tell it’s a young cougar by the tail and sway in the back.
  7. Typical liberal feel good BS. Let’s save the poor cats that have no business being out at the expense of every other living creature.
  8. My wife says I act like a kid, does that count?
  9. Google How to Reset a Vapor Switch on a Rheem Water Heater
  10. I couldn’t get it to stick. Going to try staples. if it makes you feel better, my wife and I both felt like hell the following day after #2, so that’s something to look forward to.
  11. It was her fault for being there. she probably didn’t even have her keys with her.
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