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  1. NotJust22s

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    So we loose a opulent million drug addicts, no big deal.
  2. NotJust22s

    Valentines day

    I'm in
  3. NotJust22s

    This country is really getting sad.

    But he doesn't swallow
  4. NotJust22s

    NJ tax return

    Apparently he left out the IRS
  5. NotJust22s

    Great Interview With Christie

    I can't watch Bill Maher or that fat sh*t.
  6. NotJust22s

    So who is hunting the last day tomorrow?

    More than half the fawns are bred every year, but you knew that.
  7. NotJust22s

    So who is hunting the last day tomorrow?

    As soon as you open up that doe, those babies will come running out. The season should not run this long.
  8. NotJust22s

    What is it? A martin?

    Martin ? No. Looks more like a Kevin or maybe a Jimmy.
  9. NotJust22s

    Ok what is THIS on trailcam?

    I'm going with rabbit
  10. NotJust22s

    No NRA Weekend @ Cabelas?

    Call cabelas and ask
  11. NotJust22s

    New Jersey Pride

    He's a big fish in this little political cesspool we call NJ but doesn't stand a chance
  12. NotJust22s

    Ravin crossbows

    That has got to be the stupidest thing I've seen posted here in a long time.
  13. NotJust22s

    Bushnell Impulse Scam. Horrible CS from Bushnell

    Ask for a supervisor and push it up the ladder.
  14. NotJust22s

    Another Red

    That's not mange, It's a ringtail red. I didn't know they were still in NJ. Very rare
  15. NotJust22s

    Beaver on the Beam

    Sorry, please do not post porn on the site