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  1. NotJust22s

    welp this guy is screwed

    So how did he buy 2 tags?
  2. NotJust22s

    Compound Bow shooting ?

    I do the same as you're doing, always worked for me
  3. NotJust22s

    Bear Group on Twitter

    This has nothing to do with $ or common sense. These nut cases need something to focus on. Unfortunately it's us and our wonderful governor is equally nuts.
  4. NotJust22s


    What do you consider "breaking the bank"
  5. NotJust22s

    Cow butcher

    Try googling Butchers in Sussex County
  6. NotJust22s

    What's up with this doe?

    Nothing wrong, just the way she's standing
  7. NotJust22s

    Liberal/Socialist Mantra

    I put a red bulb hoping someone breaks in.
  8. I would love to see the REAL truth come out someday. What they promised her or what she told her "therapist"
  9. NotJust22s

    Warren Cty Plumbers

    Gallaghers out of Hackettstown
  10. NotJust22s

    Congratulations Justice Kavanaugh

    She looks like she's about to spit out her dentures
  11. NotJust22s

    He Came Back, But He's Nocturnal

    Small, 175 tops
  12. NotJust22s

    Anyone getting pop up adds here?

    So now we have banners at the top, weird block adds between posts and banners at the bottom. Looks like we're following NJHs lead. I guess business is business and it's all about the almighty $$$, shame.
  13. NotJust22s

    Bob Menendez is in trouble

    If everyone on this site voted against this POS we could kick his worthless ass out.
  14. NotJust22s

    Door install cost

    Where are you located, if you're close I could save you a couple bucks.
  15. This case has absolutely Nothing to do with truth or fact. It's politics, period.