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  1. Maybe you just smell sweet
  2. Crossing my fingers that it misses us near Hackettstown
  3. Got a friend in Lopatcong said they got Hammered. Said it is the worst he has ever seen.
  4. I need at least 2, they'll go great with the butt plug I & II
  5. Doesn't keep them away from the biggest threat, CATS.
  6. Nice to see that many polts survive this long
  7. Everything needs another year.
  8. I found this interesting. I have this garter snake that lives in a block wall in front of my office. He's there every day and suns himself every afternoon. The other day I was leaving the office and as I walked by I noticed my snake buddy looked a little different. I took a better look and was surprised to see this other guy living in the same hole.
  9. I agree, shoot as many as you can. Also, set a price point. A good shop will let you shoot different bows. Depending on where you live, Simon Peter in Newton has a great selection and will work with you. Good Luck
  10. Unfortunately sheep need to follow somebody, most don't have a mind of their own.
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