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  1. Let them spend their money. This billboard will have absolutely no effect on any future hunt. The only thing that will effect future hunts is future governors
  2. No, more like having a root canal and a colonoscopy at the same time.
  3. In that condition it’s probably worth 2-3 cents.
  4. I thought the bomber was closed?
  5. I bought my truck in 2013 and have had tires on it ever since.
  6. Needs another year. Quality Deere Management
  7. I kicked in $50. Never been very good with traditional gear. hope for a complete recovery.
  8. If you reversed the colors liberals would be going Nutz
  9. I think you need someone (hint) to help thin those does.
  10. Where on the Millstone? I used to fish for carp there when I was I kid, always a great fight.
  11. I usually hunt around Warren and would offer to show you how But the EHD where I hunt, it pretty hard. My spots are dead, literally.
  12. He did it intentionally, how do you think he lived this long.
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