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  1. With it all online, anything more than a week is your police department dragging its feet.
  2. I think it’s pretty.
  3. A brand new 1974 Ithaca model 37 featherlight deluxe. Paid $150.00 hard earned paper Route money. Still have it and still use it.
  4. I come to the door in my boxers scratching my balls, couching, sniffling, wiping my nose with my hand then reaching out to shake their hand. Most will leave. if they don’t I tell them it’s time to let the pit bulls out to pee. Then close the door and call the dogs.
  5. They are the reason Cabelas sucks
  6. Cabelas ceased to exist the minute Bass Pro bought them.
  7. If you’re close I’ll take it. I’m in Hackettstown 07840
  8. It was actually immigrants that ruined America, 100%. Not the ones that crossed the river, it was the ones that crossed the ocean a long time ago. This must have been a beautiful place before we got here.
  9. Dam, I never was good with that Ge agh ruffy stuff.
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