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  1. NotJust22s

    WANTED: 3D Targets $$$

    Good or bad
  2. NotJust22s

    Future Target Buck located

    You might have to let him grow another year...or 2... or 5
  3. NotJust22s

    Same Bear?

  4. NotJust22s

    WANTED: 3D Targets $$$

    Thanks Jay
  5. NotJust22s

    Jihadi Obama

    Everything that's wrong is Trumps fault, isn't it ?
  6. NotJust22s

    Jihadi Obama

    I'm sorry, what does this have to do with Trump??
  7. NotJust22s

    WANTED: 3D Targets $$$

    Jay, sent you a PM
  8. NotJust22s

    WANTED: 3D Targets $$$

    Still looking for more, any condition
  9. NotJust22s

    WANTED: 3D Targets $$$

    TttTttThank you Tater I sent you a PM
  10. NotJust22s

    WANTED: 3D Targets $$$

    Thank you Tater I sent you a PM
  11. NotJust22s

    WANTED: 3D Targets $$$

    Just expanded my range so I can keep,the kids interested. Looking for any 3D targets, any condition, any animal. I'm in Warren County but will travel for the right deal. Cash $$
  12. NotJust22s

    Dick's Sporting Goods

    I would do without before I buy anything from a bunch of Dicks
  13. NotJust22s

    Need a few rooms painted RAHWAY

    I've been in my "dream world" for 25 years. And to clarify, it's Sq Ft as in room size genius. Good luck
  14. NotJust22s

    Need a few rooms painted RAHWAY

    $2.50 sq ft
  15. NotJust22s

    Need a few rooms painted RAHWAY

    How much are they expecting to pay?