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  1. 220 meat grinder, now that is some serious power
  2. I’m a big fan of paying it forward.
  3. Sorry Mike, woodsman416 already claimed it.
  4. I believe it’s illegal to convert a rifle to a pistol but not the other way around . Good thing you guys “disposed of” those things long ago.
  5. Great to see fellow sportsmen not gouging each other. I saw a guy on that other site, selling bricks of CCI Blazers for $90 and people buying them. That is flat out crazy. 👍👍 2 thumbs up to you.
  6. I saw someone looking for a canoe so I decided to post this one. It’s bidder than what he’s looking for but I figure someone may want it. It’s missing the 2 cross supports but it’s water tight. 100 bucks takes it. If you’re coming March 20th, you can take it then.
  7. I don’t see anyone offer so I’ll ask, who’s bringing the 6 ounces of legal weed?
  8. She offered $5.00 for information on whoever shot, what’s his name, the dog guy.
  9. Dog walkers are a dime a dozen, French bulldogs are hard to get.
  10. Firearms are only allowed on the gun range but that’s for another day.
  11. You would probably get more activity if you had a better title.
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