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  1. $ 2,500 in damages. Take your emotions out of it. Don't feel sorry for her. It's an accident. let the insurance companies deal with it.
  2. Congratulations! Must be a good feeling...
  3. Keeps more fish in the streams, since there's no one there to catch them.
  4. If gun owners organize, we would be "the militia" that could legally keep the government in check.
  5. My son just got his permit and looking for something dependable, and reasonable. Thank you.
  6. List your home for sale.
  7. Replacing mulch this year with cedar mulch. Last year had a lot of artillery fungus.
  8. Cory Booker was elected by special election Instead of Christie appointing a Senator to replace Lautenberg. This move (if Booker won) would insure he was not on the governor ballot, giving Christie a better shot at a 2nd term.
  9. My grandfather used to plant the garlic in the fall time. He had different varieties. Would like to get some started. Do small animals mess with garlic?
  10. The working people are the slaves for those who don't want to work (the entitled).
  11. Nice picture. For landscape and still shots try using a tripod and a remote . This will steady the shot, and allow for a longer exposure.
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