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  1. Looks like a shoulder hit. Opposite antler deformed.
  2. They probably get your account numbers from on line shopping.
  3. You gotta check out John Sakos on Rt 22 in Readington. He's a wood carver, and sells kiln dry live edge walnut, and made a few river tables with blue glass. Absolutely stunning! https://www.johnesakosandco.com/
  4. The way to advertise on Zillow, Trulia, and other sites is through a system called IDX, You will be able to chose your tenant, and maximize your rental amount. Let me know if you want more information.
  5. Responded to your PM. Thank you.
  6. You would need to spend an entire day there. Who's got time for that? Nightmare!
  7. Still need to find a decent car.
  8. Asphalt millings. You may find for free.
  9. DEP says don't touch the water at Spruce Run. People are still allowed to kayak and use their boats, but the DEP is asking anyone who may come in contact with the water to wash it off immediately. Boaters say it's important to wash their equipment shower when they they're finished. The agency is also warning people to not eat any fish from the lake or let their pets come in contact with the water or drink from it. Environmental officials recently closed Lake Hopatcong due to an algae bloom.
  10. My tenant used to pay me cash, until one day when I deposited it, one of the Hundreds was counterfiet. Not his fault, but he had to give me another one...(Bank does not give it back to you)
  11. Anyone can stamp certified on a check too. And cash can be counterfeit.
  12. 1965 Mercedes 230 fintail. My dad was a mechanic for Mercedes dealer. wish I followed his footsteps... the car got around, but sometimes you had to take off the air filter cover and stick a screwdriver in the carb to get it going. Gotta love those old carburetors.
  13. Doesn't Roly live down that way?
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