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  1. There's a guy on Rt 202 that gets them repo. I think he's connected to the finance co. He's got a storage unit and there's one by the road there with a sign. He usually has several.
  2. See if they'll eat spaghetti,
  3. Definately 70's I have a 52 inch 45 lb. Bear Kodiak. it look very similar.
  4. If you had the insurance you could just send it back. If they're out of I5 's they'll send you an I6 or 7
  5. I guess the cop would be trespassing?
  6. Irwin is a good butcher, I haven't found anyone else that even compares. I shot a big doe and brought it to someone in Hunterdon. Got a small box back, the steaks were sliced into strips. Who does that?

    My new machine

    Tough to get out now with the ground still frozen.
  8. Sounds like fun. What was your rate of recovery? How many birds did you put out and how many did you get?
  9. Saw one at Yards Creek (generating station) in Blairstown, last month, when I was working there. Just minding it's own business...
  10. My neighbor is a tree guy, I'm in Clinton Twp. PM me if you need his quote.
  11. The ash is dropping here in Clinton. Lost most of the 6-8" trees. Some of the bigger ones went down too. The bigger ones are slowly dying, Would be nice to save a few.
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