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    Oil Change

    I've had STS (Mavis) try to say the oil was very dirty they recommend a flush for another 59.99, I've had mechanics "forget" to change the filter ( I marked it), I've had 2 quarts over the line, So, that may explain my skepticism. My diesel takes 15-40, that's what I want in there...The van takes 5-20 That's what I want, so, you're right, for the peace of mind I need, I'll change my own. To say they are all crooks is wrong, there are a FEW good , honest mechanics out there. Dealers have good technicians, although they are the real crooks.

    Oil Change

    I don't trust any mechanic, let alone Jiffy Lube, They will try to sell you, then use inferior products. Change your own, you'll know what kind of oil and filter. Most places use a pump through the dipstick now,and you're lucky if they change the filter.
  3. Wow, that's a lot of work! Looks great!
  4. Scrape and Drylock also epoxy floor. Any groundwater needs to be redirected from outside through drainage piping.
  5. Don't forget that when you close, you will receive the balance in the escrow within 30 days, also you will skip one payment, that should be almost enough for closing costs. With a 20 year mortgage, your payment may not change much from 4.25 to 3.25, you will just be reducing the length of the mortgage. Also, make sure you get at least 45 days when you lock in, because when it expires, they want you to pay 1 point to re-lock.
  6. Same here, first the 6-8 inch diameter trees fell, not all the 12-20+ trees are dying. I have at least 20 dead or dying ash trees that need to come down.
  7. If Biden picks an African American woman as his running mate, wouldn't that be racist?
  8. She's just getting her click numbers up,

    Weed ID Needed

    My guess is wild strawberry.
  10. I wound up upgrading to 5.3 x 12 tires with the rims from Central Jersey Trailer and Hitch for $50. a piece.
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