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  1. Barrel could be cross threaded?
  2. Need to keep them in climate controlled garage.
  3. The thermostat is calling for heat check if its calibrated properly. Water heater needs to keep the water hot.
  4. Since there's no creeks feeding RV they did not have an algae bloom. They are drawing the water down for scheduled work to the dams.
  5. They used to live in our storm sewers, so if we got a quick downpour, they would come out after the rain.
  6. Round Valley is being drawn down for the work they are 'about' to do.
  7. Congrats! Nice Buck!
  8. What is your location? My BIL is a tree guy.
  9. I have a large paper nest, bald faced hornet, in my hedges, I've been avoiding all summer.
  10. Looks like a shoulder hit. Opposite antler deformed.
  11. They probably get your account numbers from on line shopping.
  12. You gotta check out John Sakos on Rt 22 in Readington. He's a wood carver, and sells kiln dry live edge walnut, and made a few river tables with blue glass. Absolutely stunning! https://www.johnesakosandco.com/
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