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  1. They are taking the fun out of the sport, it’s supposed to be a primitive weapon. Technology is great but where do you draw the line. It sucks when something goes wrong and there is a click instead of a bang but they are some of my fondness memories that always come up when we are BS about the monster that got away.
  2. What a dick move. I love when someone goes on a public forum and puts someone or a business on blast and does not back it up.
  3. Congrats!! How much damage did the 50 cause?
  4. Check out the Parker Challenger II youth crossbow. It’s a awesome little crossbow. This is the third season that my son has been hunting with it and I have no complaints.
  5. I know the feeling. My son has a 7am show 8am start. Might be able to sneak out in the afternoon depending what time he finishes up.
  6. I purchased my daughter a CVA Scout 20 gauge a few years ago. It has become my favorite gun to shoot. I wish I would have picked one up for my son before the stopped making them. If you can find one I would absolutely give it a look.
  7. What a great buck. Congrats!
  8. My gun was useless until I found the Patternmaster Choke. I am extremely confident out to 60 yards with 3.5 00 buckshot.
  9. Congrats. The B&W photos look great with the snow.
  10. That’s a good looking euro mount. I love the plaque.
  11. Nighthawk

    Who on is the

    I guess he was to lazy to move a few spots away where there is not a light standard taking up half of the space or he just did not give AF.
  12. Nighthawk

    6 Day Buck

    Congrats that’s a good looking buck. It’s amazing that he was still getting around with his injuries.
  13. I know a guy that does cheap mounts. Here is a great example of his work. All kidding aside you get what you pay for.
  14. It’s probably better that you don’t come across this POS while committing the act. It’s not worth what will happen when he calls the PD. These types love to make their selves the victim.
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