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  1. The warm temps did not help this year but that smile is worth more then any buck in the woods.
  2. It was a quiet morning. Hopefully we have some action tonight. Good luck!!
  3. Out for another youth day with my son. Just got set up in the blind in zone 49. Good luck to everyone.
  4. I have a Mossberg 510 in 20g that I am willing to let go. See link below for more information. Let me know if interested. https://www.sportsmans.com/shooting-gear-gun-supplies/shotguns/mossberg-510-youth-mini-super-bantam-black-20-gauge-3in-pump-shotgun-185in/p/1295430
  5. Congrats!!! That’s a beautiful buck.
  6. Just got set up in zone 49. Hopefully they get on their feet since the rain stopped. The last few days they have been moving throughout the day.
  7. Love this time of the year when the little guys think they are bigger then they are.
  8. Was planning on taking my son out today after the rain. Left work early so we could get in the blind as the rain stopped. Got called back in 20 minutes before we were heading out. Watched buck after buck come in on the camera all afternoon. Hopefully they show in the morning. IMG_2385.MOV
  9. Sounds like you had a good day. It nice to see the thick schools of weakies again. Hopefully they start growing to the size they were in the past.
  10. He should have went hunting instead of playing video games.
  11. Out for my first solo hunt of the year. My son decided he would rather play video games instead of sitting in the blind tonight. We had good action last night and this morning but nothing he was interested in shooting. I wish I had that problem when I was 13. If it was brown it was down for me at that age. Good luck everyone.
  12. Only a small buck so far. He has been in front of us for 20 minutes. Need the right one to show.
  13. Me and my son just got settled in the blind in zone 49. Had a good one show up yesterday morning. Hopefully he is going to do the same toady. Good luck everyone.
  14. It’s a roll of the dice with this generation but I am thankful my son 13 and daughter 18 are still happy to go. Nothing like watching a young one harvest a deer. I would take that over me getting monster any day of the week. This was the first youth day he has not be successful but he is growing As a hunter at a young age. I will never tell him to shoot something that he is not happy with just to do it.
  15. We had one small six come in tonight. My son has been spoiled the last couple of years with mature bucks. We let 6 basket bucks walk in the last two hunts. Makes me proud that a 13 year old tells me it not big enough and is happy to try again another day. When I was his age a button was never going to get any bigger. Heading out in the am for a 3 hour sit. Hopefully one of the good bucks shows.
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