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  1. Survey done. Good luck with your project.
  2. You must be a great supervisor sounds like you handle stress really well. Are you sure your guys aren’t wanting to walk off of the job site because their boss thinks his shit doesn’t stink. Keep up the good work and try taking the stairs instead of the elevator next time. Then you won’t have to stand so close to a infected person but what do I know I’m just a dump cop.
  3. Congratulations!!! You won the asshole post of the day.
  4. They started closing already. It took three stops to find one that was open today. A bottle of Tito’s and two case will hold me over for the foreseeable future. It was crazy to see people loading the beds of their trucks with cases of beer.
  5. You got more out of the articles that Backwoodsboy posted then I did. The only thing I see is a family lawyer looking to cash in. There are no facts that tell the story but automatically we have a bad cop that just felt like shooting someone. The stupid mistake they make is waking up in the morning to serve and protect ungrateful people that have nothing better to do then bash cops on a hunting forum.
  6. It’s just common sense that you are going to have some bad apples on the job being that we are all human not robots. The problem we have is there are some people that want to make it sound like the majority of law enforcement are waking up in the morning and thinking who am I going to go shoot today for fun today.
  7. Looks like Backwoodsboy has an ax to grind. Let me guess you got a ticket and now all cops are assholes. Your doing a great job but remember when you need help all cops are assholes. Handle it yourself because I am sure you would do a better job.
  8. What a great read. I now understand exactly what happened after reading that article.
  9. Your neighbor is screwed. He will be charged with possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose. Possession of hollow points or dumb dumb rounds. Depending on the gun he was carrying he could all be charged with possession of a high captivity magazine. If I were him I would be looking for the best lawyer that he can afford. He is possibly looking at do some time. I did not know or forgot is not the best excuse here.
  10. What a great way to end the season. Thanks Robin and Matt for putting this contest together. It put a big smile on my sons face today when I told him the news.
  11. They are taking the fun out of the sport, it’s supposed to be a primitive weapon. Technology is great but where do you draw the line. It sucks when something goes wrong and there is a click instead of a bang but they are some of my fondness memories that always come up when we are BS about the monster that got away.
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