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  1. We had corned beef and cabbage for dinner last night. Just picked up another one to make Reuben sandwiches for tonight’s dinner. I just might have to grab a few more while they are on sale
  2. That looks delicious. I am a big fan of the Campbell’s slow cooker packs. I have used several different ones and they were all good.
  3. The drift wood came with the mount.
  4. Not sure if he is from Indian Mills but he is currently in Sicklerville. When I picked these up he said he was moving to Estell Manor in the near future.
  5. I love hunting with my son but there is something special about getting out in the woods with my daughter. I started taking her out when she was 3. She is now 16 and still going strong.
  6. For the price you can’t beat it. They are extremely accurate. GLWTS
  7. Looks like he has some potential. You just might be rewarded for letting him walk.
  8. For you South Jersey guys check out http://bpskulls. com. Brian does excellent work with a quick turnaround and the price was not to bad.
  9. Just got back two euro mounts from this year. The spike is my sons first deer that was harvested on youth bow day. I took the second one on a drive during six day.
  10. It does not have to be a booner to be a trophy. That’s a really interesting set up you have there. It looks great.
  11. Going to take my son and daughter turkey hunting for the first time this spring. My son is 11 and on a good day is only 75 pounds so he is going to use a 20 gauge. Wanted some help on selecting the best shell for 30 yards and in. I was looking at the Federal TSS #7. From the research I have done they seem like they will definitely get the job done but $6 a shot is kinda of expensive. Any other recommendations will be appreciated. Thanks
  12. As a Marine I absolutely agree with that. It’s amazing watching the hard work that these little guys put in everyday. It will make you physically and mentally tough. The mental aspect of BC is the toughest part and wrestling will definitely prepare you for that.
  13. Never wrestled a day in my life but I am thankful my son decided he wanted to wrestle. It has definitely taught him some life lessons over the past 6 years that no other sport would. He has learned at a young age that if you want to be successful you have to put the work in. No participation trophies allowed in my house it sends the wrong message.
  14. I thought that I had seen it all before my son started wrestling. I feel bad for the BS that the refs have to put up with. Wrestling parents are absolutely out of their minds. No one is going to remember a 6-12 year old state champ but listening to the parents you would think that their kid just just lost a college scholarship because of a bad call.
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