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  1. PD can’t do the fingerprints. It’s required by the state to use a outside company.
  2. Protect and lose your job and possibly be indicted. When the government does not allow to effectively do your job then is what you get. CNN Headline. Cop defies orders and engages with the peaceful protesters to stop property damage. He was immediately fired and charges are pending. Would that outcome make you feel that we are doing our job?
  3. And what is it you would like the police to do? Attempt to stop it, make an arrest, god for bid put their hands on one of them. When your hands are tied behind your back and you are not allowed to do your job this is what you get. At the end of the day the cop is wrong attempting to stop it and wrong for watching it happen. God bless the next generation of officers. It will be like hitting the Powerball if you can make it to retirement. But hay where are the police when you need them.
  4. That’s what policing is coming to. Your a coward if you do not stop the looting but your a killer who should spend the rest of your life in jail if you defend your self when someone fires a weapon at you. Thank god my kids are smart enough not to want to follow in my footsteps.
  5. This is a no win situation. No matter what the police do right now they are wrong. If you stop the looting you did it with to much force. If you don’t take any action you failed to do your job.
  6. What part of GC were you hunting? I was deer hunting in Sewell, in the area of the old Ron Jaworski’s golf course, and saw one at first light. He was traveling south along the Mantua Creek. There were several reported sightings.
  7. Survey done. Good luck with your project.
  8. You must be a great supervisor sounds like you handle stress really well. Are you sure your guys aren’t wanting to walk off of the job site because their boss thinks his shit doesn’t stink. Keep up the good work and try taking the stairs instead of the elevator next time. Then you won’t have to stand so close to a infected person but what do I know I’m just a dump cop.
  9. Congratulations!!! You won the asshole post of the day.
  10. They started closing already. It took three stops to find one that was open today. A bottle of Tito’s and two case will hold me over for the foreseeable future. It was crazy to see people loading the beds of their trucks with cases of beer.
  11. You got more out of the articles that Backwoodsboy posted then I did. The only thing I see is a family lawyer looking to cash in. There are no facts that tell the story but automatically we have a bad cop that just felt like shooting someone. The stupid mistake they make is waking up in the morning to serve and protect ungrateful people that have nothing better to do then bash cops on a hunting forum.
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