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  1. Two small pink/white skirted buck tails and 6 inch gulp with long strips of fluke belly. Pink Shine and Nuc Chicken were the colors of choice.
  2. Good luck Bucky heading north. Just got back from Nantucket yesterday. This was my first time fishing there and it was unbelievable. Fish two days and we easily limited out both days. We had at least 4 DD on the first day. 14 & 12 were the biggest. Did really well on monster BSB also. My advice is keep it simple, we had more tackle then most stores and used a basic chicken rig with 16 oz of lead. On day 2 dropped down to a 8 0z buck tail and teaser during slack but that did not last long. Good luck!!
  3. Congrats on the successful hunt. The smile on your daughters face says it all. Just ordered a copy of the book. I am sure the kids and I will enjoy it.
  4. Very sad indeed but they need to use a little common sense. I can’t understand their reasoning for having mass religious gatherings when they are dying by the thousands everyday.
  5. My wife and I both I received the Pfizer vaccine in December. She was sick after both shots. Nothing crazy just mild flu symptoms. After the first shot my arm was really sore for two days but otherwise felt fine. About 12 hours after the second shot I got a fever, a bad cough and puked for 4-5 hours. Was back to normal on the third day. Not sure if it’s shot related but have gotten a fever and puked out of no where several times the past three weeks. Out of no where I start to sweat and my stomach gets upset. Feel fine after everything empties out. Seems like your damned if you do damned if you don’t Good luck
  6. Taking a walk in the snow for the last hunt of the season. Anyone else playing in the snow today?
  7. Had this guy show up a couple of times at the end October then disappear. Caught him chasing a hot doe opening day of shotgun. IMG_2385.MOV
  8. Just took a look and there are 2 that think it’s November going at it.
  9. That’s a great picture. I always check but have not been fortunate enough to get one.
  10. 25 years on paper. I promise you this job adds another 25 years of wear and tear on the mind and body. Congrats BHC and enjoy your last year.
  11. I put my camera out in September. Everything worked as advertised until November 9th when the batteries died. I replaced the batteries and attempted to install the new update. The camera would not accept the update and stopped sending pictures. I went back and forth with customer service for two weeks. I was finally told that I would need to send the camera back so they could reflash the hard drive. On 12/21 I received a email stating that they reflashed it with the latest update and it would be shipped later that day. After doing some research this seems to be a common problem. I will update once I get the camera back.
  12. After reading a few articles, the family is claiming he had taken pain meds the night before and the morning of the incident. That’s what was filed in the family’s lawsuit. It’s a reach if you ask me no matter if he was under the influence or not. You don’t see people who are driving while intoxicated charged with capital murder so I am perplexed why it fits in this case. Does not seem like he had intent to murder the young man, it was just a tragic accident.
  13. I picked up a CVA scout 20g for my daughter a few years ago and fell in love with it. I have taken deer out to 140 yards with no problems. I have been unsuccessfully trying to find another one for awhile. Good luck
  14. That thing need’s to be drained by a SST. That could be one big and stinks blood trail.
  15. Getting ready to head out to do a couple of drives. Depending On how that goes might end up in the blind for a few hours before dark. We got the perfect amount of snow in my area but the freezing rain did not help. Everything within a 1/4 mile will here you coming.
  16. Congrats. That’s smile tells me we have another youth hunter that has joined the club.
  17. Good luck to everyone out there. Hopefully the weatherman is wrong and it does not change over to rain down here is SJ. I took off tomorrow with the hope of having a few inches on the ground. It’s been a couple of years since I had the chance to hunt the snow.
  18. They are looking kinda round, guess they have been eating well.
  19. Never heard of beef wellington before, but after looking up the recipe it has me interested. Thanks
  20. IMG_2385.MOV I know the feeling, I love having the cell camera but sometimes I would just rather not know. It seems that I have a big one show up during the day between Oct 28-29. It was no different this year. Took a half day at work to get in the blind on Oct 30. Ended running a little bit late and started getting pictures. Had to enjoy the show from the couch but as luck would have it, we crossed paths on Monday.
  21. I made it out three days this week. Sat in the blind Monday morning and did not see anything. Decided to still hunt and was rewarded with a nice mature buck that was on a hot doe. Took my son out Tuesday afternoon and we saw 7-10 while still hunting. Did not take any shots but it was a successful hunt watching him spot and stalk several deer without being detected. Did a couple small drives on Thursday. Had plenty of opportunities just no shooters. We did have one decent buck get around us. Taking both kids out tomorrow, hopefully they connect.
  22. Nighthawk


    Congrats. That’s a stud of a buck!!
  23. Another accident that could have been easily avoided. Sounds like they were hunting past the legal hunting hours and his son paid the ultimate price. If it’s to dark to positively identify your target then don’t take the shot. Simple mistake ruined what was probably a life time of good memories. God bless both of them.
  24. Nothing better then having a young one excited to be in the woods. If done right and your not to worried about spooking a few deer every now and then, you will have a hunting partner for the rest of your life. Started taking my daughter out when she was around 4 or 5, she is now 18 and still enjoys being in the woods. Good luck!!
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