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  1. Did you take it out? I still have the other one.
  2. NotJust22s


    There has t been a single case of the full since The COVID got here. It has been completely wiped out, wink wink
  3. If you can see a road you are to close.
  4. Based on the arrow direction that waterbuck was not broadside
  5. He was just looking for a friend. Besides not many grizzlies in NJ. The wolves eat all their cubs
  6. That is a giant eland, congrats
  7. I’m going with coy-labrawolf
  8. I’d take that shot every time. A lot of blood vessels in the mouth.
  9. How often did you have cops follow you. 👮🏼‍♂️
  10. I’m half way there. 🙄
  11. I think the problem everyone here is having with you is the complete lack of preparation. First, read everything you can about NJ hunting regulations and NJ firearm laws. Second, learn everything you can about the animal you choose to pursue as well as any other animal you may encounter. Going in blind is Never a good idea. if you are truly interested in hunting, once you learn as much as you can, come back and we would be happy to help. if you’re a troll then beat it.
  12. Simple answer, No you can’t carry a firearm for protection. As for bears, you need to respect them not fear them.
  13. They were 3 of my favorites 😩
  14. I’m not sure who that is but he’s poached 3-4 blow up dolls from me this month alone. I hope you reported him.
  15. great buck Nick, congrats.
  16. Perfect whitetail rifle
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