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Who Will Bear Hunt In December?


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per the web page 197 tagged bears available before the hunt, 44 tagged bears taken already


Correct, but when 59 tagged bears (30% of the 197) are taken, the hunt ends.  Based on the ratio of tagged to untagged bears taken this week it would take another 200 bears to reach the 30% mark.  

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I did not get a bear do if I see one going to shot it . Really wanted one with the bow.but will take one with the gun . My question is are people going to keep there bait going for another 7 weeeks .

I walked over my bait, donuts still there, I took my bear on Monday at 4:15pm....if while bowhunting I see one of the two big bears I had on my cam I just may be convinced to resume baiting.....but Im in deer mode now....so let one walk by on its own Edited by BHC
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I'm still going with same mind set 200lbs bear sow or boar as long no 1st year cubs, I'm taking it. Not and was not looking for a slob just a good size decent eating animal. Only shot I had was a sow with 4 first year cubs. So if there is a season I will be out.

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Not a complete a$$ hole just one of the dingle berries that hang off it.

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