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  1. Check with the dealer. They quoted me on the same Zone lift kit, wheels and tires as OK4WD and were $2700 less
  2. Thanks all. Im gonna just let it run and see if it holds
  3. I def have a leak they told me but they think its slow and with the new freon i have its expensive to find and fix. House says 71 and thermostat set to 71. Ive had it set to that for 6yrs never an issue unless it was low on freon. The ductwork is made of that insulation crap and the takeoffs are metal
  4. Our York Diamond furnace is 25yrs old. Our condensor and coil are 6yrs old. 2yrs ago we had to add freon because the coil froze. This year we added it because of the same reason, then it was over charged, then they thought there was a bad orifice. Anyway today my wife saw water dripping from the seem of the ductwork in the finished basement. Condensate line is clear and pump is working. Only thought i have is its running low again. House is at 71 but units running constant. Ideas?
  5. mattg1500

    New Cell Cam

    Good luck. Better swap to Lithiums! Cell cams eat batteries. Spypoint had the worst batt life for me.
  6. Fox. My buddy in Stewartsville has them swarming his coop from sunset on. He even has goats but they are scared of the fox so they stay inside. They suck
  7. Many Yotes over by Valley Rd in Asbury. Lovin some baby deer snacks now. Shoot them F*rs
  8. Texas Hunter or All Season Feeders is the way to go. All those other companies suck. Moultrie,Boss,American Hunter, etc they are all over price sub par equipment. You could try a Spyder Feeder head.
  9. We rented a boat from Rubber Ducky on Saturday. Shoulda waited til Sunday cuz it was chilly.
  10. We rented for the weekend. House was on Laurel Lane. Our first time there and it was nice. Tons of NY and NJ Lol
  11. Awesome! We are there also. Packin up now though to head home. Enjoy!
  12. mattg1500


    I prefer the buzzard preservation society. Lol
  13. deboers was always good. Everyone we knew on Irob Bridge Rd used him
  14. I love my Kimbers! Full size stainless, ultra carry and pro raptor. All shoot great and are made very solid. If your going to carry it at all ever then get an aluminum frame. I carried my Raptor for years and it felt like a brick on my belt.
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