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  1. mattg1500

    Yes You Can Call Me Lazy.....pic

    Hit the woods then!
  2. mattg1500

    Yes You Can Call Me Lazy.....pic

    you should have that little thing done in a weekend! LOL
  3. mattg1500

    Tips with dealing with road noise.

    Cellular trail cams. The deer will txt you when they are on their way. Lol
  4. mattg1500

    New Long Range CVA Muzzleloader

    Smokeless? Ive seen plenty of customs shoot 300+ on smokeless powder
  5. mattg1500

    Truck undercoating?

    Agree. I have a friend with a body shop and he says bad idea. Moisture gets trapped underneath and eats the undercarriage worse than if left alone
  6. mattg1500

    What Brand Scope Is Your Favorite?

    Leupold is my go to workhorses but my Swaros are sweetest
  7. mattg1500

    What gets you a bit upset?

    When someone uses all the toilet paper and leaves the empty roll
  8. mattg1500

    Rage penetrating spine

    went so deep it hit a chinaman on the other side of the earth!
  9. mattg1500

    Anyone own a Browning x-bolt pro rifle?

    I own a Browning X Bolt western hunter in 7mm mag. I believe it is only a few ounces heavier than the pro when compared in 6.5cm. The barrel is skinny IMO but it shoots very well and with the factory brake its not bad to shoot. The trigger is nice, not custom nice but nice for a factory one. I originally wanted the hells canyon but it was a bit more and the cerakote was the only dif i saw. The stock is nice and fits me well at 6'. The action is nice and smooth. Buds had the best price when i was shopping
  10. mattg1500

    Zone 6 Muzzy Monster!

    Giant! Wheres the tag?!!
  11. mattg1500

    Savage 220 Ejection Issue--Update

    Why dont you just send them the barreled action?
  12. mattg1500

    Lets talk PU trucks - 1500 series, 6cyl, Ford vs Chevy vs Ram

    Ecoboost. plenty of power,plenty of speed
  13. mattg1500

    Reheating A Pre-cooked Ham On Grill

    One year my uncle got so drunk he smoked a smoked ham still in the wrapper. I advise against thats
  14. mattg1500

    Favorite Christmas Food/Dessert

    Anise cookies, pignoli cookies and prime rib!!
  15. mattg1500

    450 BM advice/opinions

    I own 2 450 BM ARs. They are 200yd MAX guns. Hornady has the market for ammo unless you reload. Ive shot many hogs with them and every hog I shot over 120yds away ran at least 50yds before crashing. The round hits hard and would probably do a little better on deer since they arent a tough skinned as hogs. But they are called " thumpers" for a reason, they hit hard at mid range distances then are blobs. 458socom IMO is better but ammo is more and so i recoil and I dont get anymore range.Fox Arms makes custom 450s off of savage actions, Precision rifle makes them off the 700 action and then Ruger and savage both make their own for less. Good luck!