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  1. Ill let you know when i see where she used that trimmer
  2. I lied. Heres another bump. found a sxs I want so I need the $$ $1200obo
  3. These are nice. They let you use mineral/feed blends that usually clog up broadcast feeders. GLWS
  4. Aluminum bifold ramp included
  5. Im selling my ATV to get a side by side. So far Ive been to 4 different dealers and the most knocked off was $1000 off a leftover, but then they charge 999 for doc fees so.....
  6. You are 100% correct! Thats also the generation that when they mouthed off to their parents got their ass whacked or soap in the mouth. They all turned out just fine.
  7. I have never seen a commercial for a MSR that says or implies that if you purchase this product you will become anything. I dont know that Ive seen a commercial implying you will have to kill anything. Most ads are of punching paper, ringing steel or walking in the field. I see more Benelli commercials with fowl dying than rifle commercials. Its all about the mentality of the person buying the firearm. If you buy an AR style rifle and think you are Rambo then your just an asshole. We are not children wearing cowboy hats and shooting cap guns anymore. We are responsible adults, role models and mentors to the less experienced regardless of their age. They should go after the mother that purchased her mentally unstable child a rifle so that he would like her. These events sicken me and it sickens me just as much to see lawsuits like this paraded around the media for all the uneducated to back and fund. Thats my rant
  8. Got my boys a bow at 5 and took then Red Ryders. Once they were 6 the shot the 17HMR. My daughter is 5 and is asking for a bow.
  9. That blows. People are scumbags
  10. It rained that day if you check the weather. Also it shows it can handle various conditions lol. Thanks
  11. Could pay it off and get title if it makes the deal better. Buyer would need to meet at Pa notary to sign title.
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