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  1. Nikon Monarch Leupold Vx3i 30mm tube- workhorse go to scope fo me. Leupold Vx6 Swarovski z5 Meopta Nightforce Huskemaw Some from every price point
  2. If you dont care about small groups then why buy a rifle? 2in @ 100 grows to 3 then to 4 etc. Thats no different than saying why practice with my bow, i can get it within 2in and by broadhead cuts 4in so im good. Precision is everything. We want to shoot the best we can with our equipment just like anyone else does with theirs. This is no different than breaking in an engine. Do you changebthe oil after so many hrs or run it til its scheduled to be done? Some people may be total fanatics and say you absolutely need to do that because......... rifles are the same way. Youll have people that buy n drive em and others that take the time to break it in
  3. I have 2 223s identical barrel, length,bolt. I purposely did this to see if there was a difference and there was. Was it a lot no, but there was a difference. I also have noticed overall the 6 that i did a break in on have performed better than the rifles I have that i did nothing to but shoot. Again not huge but still tighter. I dont believe I own a rifle thats not sub moa now. The only exception is my ML. I took it out of the box,cleaned it and shot it.
  4. Savage model 12 w/ blind mag and accu trigger 55gr Hornady Vmax Nikon monarch 5 5-20 100yd 5 shot groups off a bag
  5. I started doing a break in a few years ago and noticed those guns have been tighter and clean easier. I just got a Criterion barrel and broke that in last week. 1 shot 1 swab 4 times, 3shots then swab 4 times then a few 5 shot groups then swab. Using hoppes and a nylon brush. My xbolt got a similar break in and its a shooter as well especially for a light weight barrel. now my AR performance barrel required more love and it shoots ok until its dirty then it turns sub moa. I wont clean that barrel again so it can build up some carbon. its really up to you and how you feel about it. A hunting rifle doesnt get many rounds down it compared to a range gun so maybe you dont care about the break in or maybe you do and want the most accurate rifle it can be. Most rifles will shoot better than the shooter these days out of the box
  6. mattg1500

    WTT Buffer

    Have a new Expo arms 3.8oz carbine buffer. Looking for an H3 4.5oz. Also have a new CMC ar15 buffer spring, carbine length.
  7. $75 3 boxes that stack on top of each other. About 26in wide and 65in tall. All 3 have locks and i have 2 sets of keys. Bottom box has some rust on lip where paint scratched off over the years. Easton,Pa
  8. Who the hell leaves Texas for NJ?! You st st stupit or somethin?!!lol enjoy
  9. Youth 12 Rocky camo hunting boots. Bought them for my son and he grew out of them quickly. Excellent condition only wore 1 or 2 times. $25 Easton,Pa
  10. Took a shot this year with my 220, 3" accu tips off a rest at a buck that I guessed was 160yds away. My 157 BDC put the top crosshair just hovering over his back. Clean miss. Buck was actually 190yds. That slug drops hard and fast. I wouldnt take it past 150 now. Who knows what penetration youll get? Or how much of that will expand? 450bushmaster is pushing a similar 260gr bullet faster and with more energy and its touted as a 200yd gun. Ive shot hogs at 150 with the 450 and they carried that bulled 50yds or more before piling up. I was very confident and comfortable in myself and setup but now some wind has been taken from my sail. Next year will be a muzzleloader year instead.
  11. Check out this skull i did!
  12. I actually tried to create one!
  13. I have a 4100watt peak and a 2500sqft home and i run all but the AC. Not sure what NJ code is for residential but I used a seperate 220 breaker with an interlock kit. You install the breaker in the 1st position and it buddys the Main. With the main on the 220 for the generator is blocked off. Turn the main off and you can turn the generator breaker on. I ran 10ga wire from it fo the 30A plug outside. Total cost $100 with conduit and LB
  14. 308. My g2 is a 308 also with a 20" barrel and i got tired of carrying it and lugging it through fields and swamps. This along with the 6.8 i built will be a dream!
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