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  1. $19 at Walmart but the story is priceless. Brought my dad to Ga to my buddys to shoot some hogs. He had a bad week with 2 misses then didnt see anymore. I had killed 8 so far so i asked him if he wanted to ride with me one night. We go to a spot i had put 50lbs of corn out at the night before and in my thermal i see a glow like NYC. There was 40 hogs easy in the pile. Ingive him my gun with a thermal scope and walk him to about 150yds from the 2 biggest that are seperated from the sounder. I watch in my monocular as he shoots and they take off like bulls on parade. Hes slingin barnes like they are free. Finally i see 1 standin alone by the edge and he sends it. It humps a little and heads into the swamp. I ride over and no blood anywhere. The last shot was about 400yds. I said well run the dogs tomorrow and see what we get on, do u have a knife. He said ill get 1, thats where the knife purchase comes in. Next morn we cut 3 dogs loose in that field and nothin. They cant get a track for snot. We head to a cut in the middle of the swamp and cut all 5 dogs loose and bam were on 1. They bay it up about 300yds from the field from last night. I grab its legs and dad stuck it. Lone boar with................. a graze mark right across its pecker! No BS o am 100% convinced it was the last shot and that poor bastard humped up because his mangood had been trimmed. That 308 musta dropped 6 7in at 400yds and thats what grazed him and left the slit along his underside. It was the only hog to exit the field over that way and size wise its a match. To us thats what happened and thats the story with our $19 knife. Sorry its so long
  2. You woulda had a great sausage sandwich! Or maybe some bracciole
  3. No rain here in Pa. Beautiful day since 630am. Im seeing 70% coming around 7pm. But i prefer 4 wheels.
  4. Look at Air BNB. I rented a huge chalet style house on Lake Wallenpaupack for next weekend. 3 days on holiday weekend was $800. House is on the lake with a dock. Boat rentals available from 3 places on the lake also.
  5. PM sent. Theres also a stocked pond in Carteret.
  6. Yea that shit is out there but rare. There have only been 9 reported cases in dogs and out of that only 2 were hog dogs. Its like us worrying about west nile. My buddys place is clean and he bleaches out pretty thoroughly after doin hogs. I always wear nitrile gloves when butchering them and change them frequently
  7. Trichinosis and brucellosis are the 2 Ive heard of. Both are avoidable with proper handling and cooking.
  8. Not really. Ive only shot a few that stunk and they were down in the swamp.One was a boar and one was a sow. She actually stunk worse than he did. I usually take the big boars and make sausage. Havent had one that tasted bad yet
  9. Ive shot them 4 nights in a row at that bait pile. They rolled in the sand once the corn was gone. Ive shot them and others came in an hour later and ive shot them and they didnt come back all week. It depends on how much they get shot at. My buddy and his friends shoot at them all the time at all hours especially while planting or cutting the corn.
  10. Those ran about 50yds. I was zoomed way out to get a good video instead of accurate shooting. The rest dropped with the front of the shoulder shot.
  11. Yup. Been going for over 12yrs now and have seen an increase in population. I have not seen the size I use to but the sounders are double what they use to be.
  12. Mines about 5yrs old now. It loves those 168gr. I wish i went with the 18" barrel instead of 20 for mobility but i still love it. Killed many things with it. I use a PMAG but you have to shave the top of it or it wont cycle right or lock back. If you find any older gen pmags they work without trimming. Other than that its aces
  13. The first 80% of this message went waaaay over my head. But i understood PITA and youtube lol. Thanks!
  14. Ga about 1hr west of Savannah. DPMS G2 Hunter 308, 168gr barnes TTSX
  15. mattg1500

    Ga Hogs

    Some pics from my annual Ga hog hunt on friends farms. Not an outfitter, no guides all self taught the hard way and some elbow grease to get land to hunt...for free!
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