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  1. And to be fair I/we the club have not bashed anyone in this. I did not bring names into it. Many others on here have put 2 and 2 together and connected the dots. If seems many have dealt with him Or them in the past and had negative experiences. I wish when the ad was posted someone replied STAY AWAY and it would have saved a massive headache.
  2. Thanks we appreciate any assistance to avoid the legal fees. They started adding up quick once we sat down. Once the cat was out of the bag him and the land owner went dark.
  3. Last years ad. Just keeping this fresh because the guilty are seeing all the hate they caused.
  4. Looks like the same ad with some sections removed but I gonna say its different. That ad says Z1 for bear and our land is Z2 and Sussex co. But the same parties are involved and at that time were together in the same club so it reads like they are pumping it up. Ours was capped at 10 hunters also until I said I have 12 guys in my club. The number is at 24 right now. 24 that we physically saw and spoke to who all said they were told the same thing.
  5. I included no names. If you have a person in mind then you must have suspicions on their integrity as well. There was ample opportunity to defend his actions. He is a real tough guy behind a keyboard but now that he has been caught red handed and called out about it back into his cave he goes.
  6. Yea i just figured since others on here had negative interactions they would have posted sooner. Lets have a njww wall of shame for all the douche bags. I am assuming the other party in the pic is as guilty since they were on today and I know this info has been sent to both parties. Cant wait to see if poached bear makes the menu!🤣🤣
  7. If so many people know this guy is a scamming dildo scumbag why let him solicit on here?
  8. Everything is in writing and we agreed verbally. Still a contract. There was also with the insurance he provided as well as the landowner has asked everyone to leave the land until he has been provided a policy in everyones name. The land is advertised with atv trails and they have started to be blocked so you cant access your stands. Everything that was a part of the lease is now gone from the # of people to the trails to the insurance and now being denied access. Definite legal case
  9. My guess is they may have not even known the situation and are innocent. I only posted the about the facts I know not assumptions. If they have additional info that may help our case Id love to hear it though.
  10. You were one of the extra 5 guys we were told about. Congrats on the bear!
  11. ah yes I know your name. Came from heaven
  12. Ha you could be the 25 or 26th person than!! Its great the number keeps going up.
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