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  1. Thats not what I said at all. What I said was its every day multiple times of people needing them. Read some posts. Some say it was low light or far shot but he was big. Since I started hunting Ive used a dog once for tracking. I have also had to mark last blood and return with a friend the next day and I have not recovered 3 deer. Its a shitty feeling but every year if Im taking my bow out Im shooting it a few times a week. I would never just poke and hope and say well the dog will find him.
  2. They are an excellent resource and I had to use Darren once for my state land bear in 2017, but every day I see multiple posts all over hunting groups asking for dogs to help. Doesn't anyone practice anymore? After a year of Covid and people sitting home you should have had the time to hone your skills? And with a crossbow how the heck do you have something run more than 30yds? Maybe its just me but seems crazy.
  3. Yup legit. Their wool base layers are top notch
  4. Cant shoot what you cant see. You also get repeatability with high end scopes. You know when you adjust the dial then return to zero it is dead nuts on.
  5. I have 3 Millennium M150s and 1 M50 that uses the same quick bracket. The 150s are the most comfortable stands I have ever used
  6. If its directional it gets pointed. They perform better than the vertical
  7. Long range external antennas fix 90% of service issues. They are directional as well for "best" performance
  8. Queen size head board, frame, box spring and sleepys mattress. 2 night stands 2 cabelas faux antler lamps Hunter Adirondak 52" fan all very good condition. This was a spare bedroom we are now turning into an office. Best offer for everything. Would like to sell it all together
  9. Totally disagree. Your stuck back in the old days. Todays firearms with the proper bullet in the hands of someone who put the time in to learn their rifle is easily capable of those distances. You cant be the guy that shoots his rifle the week before the season and make those shots. Ive seen the njhunting fb page. Guys shouldnt even be shooting crossbows at 20yds based on some shots ive seen🤣
  10. Evolution. None of those calibers will reach out to the ranges he wants. Hunt Pa where people still use those. Theyre the guys that have to unload on a buck to get it down where as we are 1 and done. No different than the guys that buy a truck to never haul anything with it lol
  11. You dont need a custom rifle to shoot 3-600yds for hunting. A good quality off the shelf rifle will work fine. Spend the $ on a good scope and learn how to use it properly. That will benefit you more than a custom rifle. But if your set on building one Id do a 7mm stw or 280AI
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