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  1. mattg1500

    Question on sighting in

    Also remember if your scope is a BDC your 0 stays constant but your bdc circles change with magnification
  2. mattg1500

    Cameras stolen!!!!

    WTF! Every day theres a new post like this. What the hells going on?
  3. mattg1500

    Trail cam problem

    I format my sd cards when they are new on a laptop then every time i replace the batteries i format them in the cam with the option. this is what Bushnell recommends and I have not had issues with them yet.
  4. i have 3 sets of scent blocker base layers, 2 sets of black ovis merino wool base layers, 2 sets of polar tec base layers. outerwear i have 4 different sets but your base layers are getting all the sweat and any scent off your body. Also they are what wicks moisture away to keep you warm
  5. mattg1500

    State tax map site

  6. mattg1500

    Free Youth Camo and more

    Polartec gone
  7. mattg1500

    Free Youth Camo and more

    As they grow i will have more to give lol
  8. mattg1500

    Free Youth Camo and more

    Camo gone
  9. mattg1500

    Free Youth Camo and more

    Im in Easton,Pa My boys are 7 and this stuff is gettin small on them
  10. mattg1500

    ROOKIE MOVES/List them here!

    Went to the range yesterday. Drove 1hr there. Forgot mag for rifle
  11. mattg1500

    Free Youth Camo and more

    Cabelas youth S insulated bibs 2 youth M insulated jackets 1 youth 4-5 lined jacket 2 youth M cargo pants Old Saf T Bak upland vest id guess adult M or L Deer drag harness Cabelas ECWS polar weight XXL Tall Everything used but in very good condition
  12. mattg1500

    Best guns

    Best high end rifles Cooper,Dakota and McMillan Shotguns I like Browning,Fausti and Franchi Rimfire- CZ and older Kimber AVG joe rifle- X bolt and older rem 700 AR platform- LWRC
  13. mattg1500

    Best Muzzleloader ????

    CVA Accura. Im under 1" @ 100 and at 1" @200 with the MR, shorter barrel. If you want a custom smokeless then Bad Bull is the $hit
  14. Wind is blowing 30mph and itll be raining next week so scent will be gone. No diff than someone walkin through to track a deer they shot next door. Itll be ok, bros before hoes!
  15. mattg1500

    WTB kids upland jacket with game pouch

    Blains Farm & Fleet.com also Amazon