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  1. Antique items, clean them or not

    Got a set of brass stag candle holders and they turned the dark brown with greenish color that brass does. I have seen them onlune for sale between $150 and $180 for the set but all were cleaned up. I always thought you didntclean that stuff but... id like to sell these now but dont know if i clean them or leave them. Any thoughts
  2. Where to shoot a turkey

    In the face
  3. Night vision/thermal scope ???

    Here'sa good vid from Todd Huey
  4. Night vision/thermal scope ???

    I have a gen 2 night wision in wpt and will be going thermal for next year. With nv you can not see through brush,mist or fog. A coyote 100yds away walking along high grass is hard to pick out and nv needs some type of light to work, either moon or IR. My experience is that animals can see the 850 ir when you cut it on. Thermals are more $ but have better warrantys, usually 10yr on internal. They are smaller and lighter. Need no light and can record wich is pretty cool. They are temp sensitive, i have read if you sight in in 40deg and hunt 80 or 90deg theres a poi change but some claim no issues. Pulsar claims their thermal can handle recoil of 375 bolt gun. Most others and nv say 30 cal rated. Either one is cool as shit to use. I use mine to kill hogs and yotes and an occasional armadillo. Good luck with your purchase! Let us know what you kill!
  5. Trail Cam

    I have 1 of those and my dad has 1 also. Those were the $60 dicks ones. Discontinued now but still a good cam. Maybe check trailcampro for a demo cam. Usually half price of new so you can grab 2 for 1
  6. 3D Leafy Camo

    I use it when its warm. Its great for bugs and nice and cool when walking. I got a set from bass pro
  7. Trail Cam

    I have a few bushnell cell cams and regular trophy cams and trigger speed is very fast and pics are great quality. I got my last TC for $60 from Dicks last year.
  8. Night vision/thermal scope ???

    Thats their digital nv. Pulsar very popular over seas. I believe Sellmark in Tx is the major hub in US. The quality of their products is awesome. I love my Armasight stuff but when I looked through thermals the pulsay was more clear. Id buy the n750 if its a good deal, screw it. Good luck!
  9. Night vision/thermal scope ???

    I know in Pa its a NO so in NJ Im sure you cant even own one. But I want a Pulsar Trail XQ50 if you can get a deal! Lol
  10. Other Forums

    Ha wasnt meant to "promote" any other sites, just curious. I tend to uses this as my main forum because everyone is so open to help and answer questions. 68 helpped me find specific things i needed for my build, lonestar and gon gives me my hog fill.
  11. Other Forums

    What other forums do you belong to or find helpful. Heres my list 68forum GON.com forum HuntingPa.com Lonestarboars Longrangehunting.com Out of all of them I find hpa to be the least active or sociable

    Andersons are $40 online. The machining is ok but may require some fitting. It also doesnt fit as tight as others. The anodized coating is a different shade than others. If you dont care about accuracy or quality then they are good. I got rid of mine. Dpms,spikes,aero and bushmaster have all been better to me.

    $90, stripped

    Stripped, sorry
  15. Move to PA with handguns?

    All the people that move here from NY and NJ want to ruin Pa like they did those states. They come here and complain the racetrack is to loud or the shooting ranges are loud and unsafe. Nockamixon was closed down because of that. If you do come remember why you came and dont F it up