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  1. I was just looking for something for a few hundred bucks. Wouldnt want to insult her. Im open to other trailers but figured a utility was my cheapest option.
  2. Nothing fancy just something to fit 1 ATV and haul from SNJ to NNJ on weekends. Thanks!
  3. Range goes to 50 but Ill go 40 as well. Never seem to get a shot further than 25 though in the woods! I run a Spot Hogg Hunter 5 pin with the bottom pin as low as it goes to be out of the way.
  4. older model but works fine. No time anymore to make my own with kids sports. Also have a bunch of Blazer vanes some inserts for CE Maxima 350s and an allen stripping tool with 2 new blades. $50 pickup in Easton,Pa
  5. Hogs are invasive and cause an unbelievable amount of damage to farmlands. I have dug many 223 bullets out of boars plates. A knife to the vitals kills them quick. You can kill way more hogs with dogs than a bow or gun. We run 7am to noon and get between 10-15 hogs. They are not game animals dont forget that.
  6. Awesome adrenaline rush and watching the dogs work is great. When we get a new pup he gets thrown in with 3 or 4 regulars and its sink or swim
  7. https://youtu.be/eSIYXWvkAo8 another good vid on the subject
  8. Looked at one last night. Extremely light and very quiet even with the factory aluminum arrows. I went to see the rdx400 but it was much louder than the m370. Anyone own the 370? How do you like it?
  9. Real men hobble em! Lol. I stick em and shoot em also. Not a hunt but an eradication
  10. No where did it say NJ residents do you carry in your own home. It asked how many on here do it. He asked I answered then everyone else chimed in with their opinions of why it was right or wrong which took it off topic, not my response.
  11. Firearms near the door are useless to me. I have kids and all my guns are locked up except the one I am carrying. I have a dog and he alerts us, but in the event of a home invasion think of the amount of time it will take you to get up, locate your firearm, chamber a round, identify threat and engage it. And add the stress and fear factor into it. Try this exercise and see how ready you are. Have your wife set an alarm for a random time and day that you are unaware of. When you hear the alarm get up and see how long it takes you to wake up,locate your safe,open it and get your defense weapon. You wont believe the time it will take. I have the right to carry in my state and I do. I have the right to hunt with a rifle and I do. We all have the right to protect ourselves and our loved ones and I do. A properly sized 9mm with a quality holster feels like nothing under your tshirt. I dont wake up Saturday morning and put it on and go cook breakfast, but if we are going out to breakfast I do. I sense jealousy from some on here that wish they had the freedom we do here and they are making excuses why its bad or stupid in their opinion. If it makes you comfortable then do it. Do you need to? maybe not but how many times do you read the news and say "if they had a firearm"
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