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  1. mattg1500

    How can i find out if my 870 shoots 3in

    If it jams you clear it as you would any malfunction. How long is a spent 2 34 compared to a live 3"? Pretty dam close to the same. Trial and error is how most learned im surprised someone of your age does not understand that. I dont think putting a 3in in and pulling the trigger is good but chambering and ejecting is fine 100% no harm no foul. Rem tech support may be someone scanning a chart for solutions just like every other support # u call. There are no "techs" in tech support anymore.
  2. mattg1500

    How can i find out if my 870 shoots 3in

    If you check out the info on the rem forums the markings "magnum" were a sales tactic. The super mag was the only receiver that had mods to it and that was to jandle 3.5" shells. In 2009 rem went the the rs prefix and the old coding chart was obsolete for the newer shotguns. All the newer ones ive seen have been 2 34 and 3in capable. Again chambering a shell then ejecting it will tell you.
  3. mattg1500

    How can i find out if my 870 shoots 3in

    Id say go somewhere where you can safely chamber a shell then eject it. If it functions then IMO id shoot it
  4. mattg1500

    How can i find out if my 870 shoots 3in

    But then i saw this on rem forum Sorry guys but Every Express ever built is a magnum receiver and it does not say "Magnum on the Reciever. The first ones simply had "Remington Express" on them as the word magun was being used since the "Remington 870 Magnum" was the Police version. They then started useing the word "Police" on the 870 Police models and this freed up the word Magnum and they started "Remington 870 Express Magnum" just words Words since they are the same receiver. Today they simply have "Remington 870" on them, still the same receiver since there is only on 870 12ga receiver. Every older Remington 12ga shotgun that has a serial number ending in the letter "M" is a Magnum receiver and every Express built from day one uptill 2mid 2009 has a serial number ending in the letter M. And every 12ga Remington shotgun being build today is a 3" magnum receiver except for the Super Magnum which is 3.5". Since Remington was bought by Freedom Group along with a bunch of other companies, they have gone to a new serial number system. It begins with RS for Remington Shotgun and then has 5 numbers and ends in a series letter. They started with A and are now on B and will go to C when all the numbers are used up in the B series. So after all the above, yes you can shoot 3" in any 870 Express shotgun as long as it has the original barrel which is chambered for 3" shells. I just want to correct the inaccurate information given about that the receiver had to say magnum on it. Check the barrel incase it was a used weapon bought in a pawm shop or auction site as these are notorious for having parts changed out on them.
  5. mattg1500

    How can i find out if my 870 shoots 3in

    https://www.rem870.com/2016/06/27/how-to-find-out-if-remington-model-870-shotgun-has-a-magnum-receiver/ Here ya go. Based off this id say no it wont.
  6. mattg1500

    How can i find out if my 870 shoots 3in

    Is it the original barrel? If so then it will shoot 3in and eject them just fine. The receivers are the same the difference is the ejector in 3in is larger to eject the larger shell. So if your receiver is from a 2 3/4 essentially it will fire a 3in but wont eject. Numrichs sells ejector parts to convert.
  7. mattg1500

    Rt 78 West is a parking lot.

    78 sucks anymore. I travel Pa to the Parkway by Hillside and I see Truckers driving like douchebags the whole way. Regular cars and trucks also but an 18 wheeler doing 80 is gonna f up stuff when it hits it.
  8. mattg1500

    Favorite Candy

    Eye candy! But twizzlers are ok too
  9. mattg1500

    Trapper Coming to my Land

    If yotes are a problem shoot them. Pa has no closed season. People would love an opportunity to call while in the off season
  10. mattg1500

    Rage or fixed blade??

    You got the deer soooo definitely a RAGE!
  11. mattg1500

    2018 Velvet bucks/Trail cam pics

    Cam check. Not too exciting
  12. mattg1500

    WTS Bear barrel

  13. mattg1500

    When to start baiting?

    I agree with minerals now. There will be lots of natural foods for the next few months so youll have to compete with that. The blends of corn with sunflower seeds and crap seem to be a good feed that has some variety
  14. Small established club searching for land in Hunterdon,Warren,Somerset county. Any info or offers appreciated.