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  1. Mite want to throw this on huntingpa.com. we have a dedicated flintlock season in some counties. Glws
  2. Pa leases are much less than NJ, if you can find them. If 200 is a week i think thats on the high end. There are a few clubs I know around the Kempton area that are $700yr dues with on site hookups for campers and a pavillion. For 200 a wk I would say you need to have stands and plots.DIY hunts in OH can be had for $500 and you have the opportunity to take a quality deer. Do I think you will get 200, yes.
  3. I have been using my link micro for a while now and it has been performing great so far. I took time to look at my bank and noticed "international pos fee" I assumed my card was compromised and called PNC. The charge is because Spypoints billing is in Canada not US so there is an international fee. Its only .50 but still WTF? Just an FYI for users to look for this on your cc statements and know what it is.
  4. Interpret the law as u will and keep your mouth shut. Too many people like to talk. JMHO
  5. Bought a few hundred lbs last year. Cut them in half or 3rds depending on the size and they sat for the most part. Deer would poke around them sometimes but no where near as effective as i had thought.
  6. CVA Accura MR w/ Leupold VX 3i 3.5-10x40 3 whitehots Harvester Scorpion
  7. So far 2000 pics transmitted and battery says 100% on the micro. My only complaint is that it stopped alerting me it uploaded pics.
  8. I know the cost I have been there. You only live once and you cant take it with you LOL
  9. Los Suenos. I believe it was mentioned before. Costa Rica is beautiful and that resort and marina is tip notch. JH place looked sweet but these words would keep me away....." and 6 others we met from NJ" Im never looking to go that far and meet people from my hometown. Just me tho
  10. Im in Pa and this past month we have started to notice them. It started with 1 now we kill 2 a day
  11. Inlaws live in Pipersville, so we avoid the area! Hahahaha
  12. Never been to Bob n Ajs but I can attest to Lancaster Archerys quality and variety. If Bob and AJs has what youve narrowed down to then save the gas and try it.
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