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  1. Njhunter77

    Traditional bow online tournament idea

    I’m in
  2. Njhunter77

    Time goes by way too fast.....

    6B3E7303-715E-4F74-8AEE-2C607A705304.mov I’m My sons 7 I didn’t get into hunting at an early age but he is and loves it.pics are from age 2-6
  3. Njhunter77

    Bow fishing success

    I want to but I’m shy some weight mine was grass carp hunter Whitehead has it at 65 lbs my carps 53 the 45lb records for common carp
  4. Njhunter77

    Bow fishing success

    Had some fun doing Trenton tournament got biggest fish at 50lbs and this weekend shot another at 53lbs weighed it day after best parts not the fish it’s the people le on the boat laughing and having a good time .
  5. Njhunter77

    Jersey Jay made it to the big screen

    It’s on his fb along with another in the comments should work on there
  6. Njhunter77

    Jersey Jay made it to the big screen

    Saw this today on the tube hope you guys can see it I’ll try on his Facebook if not
  7. Njhunter77

    How Old?

    Old enough to know candy will rot his teeth
  8. Njhunter77

    Any one out shed hunting yet

    Can’t find my other pics one set was chewed by mice or something
  9. Njhunter77

    Any one out shed hunting yet

    I found couple so far jw if you guys are out or waiting till February. I still have deer on my cams with there racks
  10. Njhunter77

    Butcher review problems and changed.

    I now go out to pa to elys it’s insane how well it’s done and nothing to hide he walks you around and shows you the deer and the whole process only thing is its pricey but you get a lot of meat and it’s done right. I used couple other guys and was paying $140 for two deer plus one was caped out with that price but I’m hooked on elys place now his jerky and bacon are addictive makes just about anything. I left with 3 big boxes of meat
  11. Njhunter77

    Another bruiser from zone 7

    Holy cow
  12. Looking to buy a cell cam that will work from different state and not mess up, I know place good batteries in em and I’m guessing get a good provider such as Verizon I dnt know how that part works being I have T-Mobile wich sucks.
  13. I’m all for couple guys planning and going together would be fun also could cover more ground