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Zone 14 Buck down 11/09/19

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Shot this buck on Saturday 11/09/19.  Past couple weeks the deer activity at my stand had been very slow, many sits I didn’t even see a deer. Basically the bucks had pushed everything to other end of property where the cover is very thick and all the deer were coming to my area at night to feed on acorns. 

So Saturday I get in stand around 3pm... wanted to be in by 2pm but major car accident had roads completely shut down. Needless to say I was not very happy, but I managed to get to stand and get some tree time in. Wind was swirling like crazy and at about 3:30 I hear grunts behind me. Look back and this buck is about 40 yards away walking towards me. I start getting ready when he stops and does a 180 and walks away. I figured he winded me since wind was blowing right at him from me.  Tried a few grunts that fell on deaf ears.

I settle back in and around 4:30 I have a spike come in and feed for about 15 minutes. He slowly works through and walks to where I last saw the buck. A couple minutes later the spike come running back at warp speed followed by a doe trotting. I see another doe coming, she is staggering like a zombie and breathing like she just ran a marathon. Buck is right behind her, nose to ground and grunting like crazy. She walks right past me at 6 yards so I draw and wait for him to step into my shooting lane. He gets into lane and I grunt at him... nothing. He won’t stop!  Quickly find doe who’s in my next opening at 14 yards. I hold pin where she is and buck comes walking into my sights. I set pin and let arrow fly, buck is slightly quartering away and I aim through him for opposite shoulder. Doe takes off and buck does a mule kick and takes off. Shakes hit me and I sit for about 20 minutes to collect myself. I climb down and arrow is stuck in ground from pass through shot. Blood on arrow is not very promising and I call in a buddy to assist in tracking. After about 45 minutes we start looking for blood. First sign of blood was about 50 yards from shot and was just small drops here and there. We keep going and blood trail starts to pick up with lung blood but it’s still sparse. He made it about 125 yards. Shot was high on entry side and exit was right through opposite shoulder. Guess the blood wasn’t getting out of the shoulder side because of the bone? 3rd pic is entry, 4th is exit.  Side note, his eyes were all jacked up from fighting the other buck I have on camera, lucky he didn’t lose an eye fighting for the ladies.


thanks for reading and best of luck to everyone still in the hunt!





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