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  1. Best post ever !! Just brings back so many memories its scary.
  2. roman candle fights.. shooting BB guns at each other and also putting other objects in the gun and shooting them at each other . Also, rock fights with rocks no bigger than your palm and no head shots.. A shit ton of injuries but all in fun.... Also a ton of fishing, hunting , and just general screwing around. I was never home and no one cared LOL !!!
  3. yes the entire area is off limits to motorized vehicles...
  4. the area is patrolled often... If you give a call the wardens will defanitely stop by. Ive been checked there a few times...
  5. i know where you are.... Thats a busy area....
  6. Deerslayer comes from my kids who when they were little would tell me your a deerslayer you kill deer.... the 21 is an old address of mine from when I originally joined the site....
  7. Deerslayer21

    Buck Down

    those damn deer !!! thank god she is ok..
  8. nice job congrats and welcome to the carnival !!!
  9. I have had good experience going to the bait shops and talking to the employees. they give you some good tips and tactics...
  10. lets see if you overcooked the steaks !!!
  11. either costco Boneless NY Strip or T bone from Sussex Meats in Wharton ...
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