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  1. Deerslayer21

    The .410 was poppin today!

    not if you hit em in the head !!!!
  2. Deerslayer21

    Need To Check My Camera More Often

    that thing is a beast !!
  3. Deerslayer21

    Venison Hot Dogs

    youre not suppose to answer my questions !!!!!!!
  4. Deerslayer21

    Venison Hot Dogs

    Fellas.... Usually get hot dogs done every year and Im looking to see who everyone uses. Went to Janek's for years and obviously he is closed. Used Dirty Jim in Highland Lakes the past few years and unfortunately he passed away last year. I live in North jersey but, am willing to travel to get good Hot dogs. Thanks ......
  5. Deerslayer21

    Z4 Piece of Puke

    sucks and so anoying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Deerslayer21

    slug gun success! first deer with a shotgun!

    great job !!!! Congrats
  7. Deerslayer21

    First Timer Seeking Advice in Zone 3

    license needs to be on back not in pocket !!!!!!! Good luck
  8. Deerslayer21

    Good deal/Hunting boots

    i continually buy the camo Herman survivors from Walmart. They only last a year but are cheap enough that I can validate it. They are real comfortable and are great to walk in. Put a bunch of miles on them during the hunting season and have had zero issues. link is below... https://www.walmart.com/ip/Herman-Survivors-Men-s-8-Camo-Hunting-Boot/642752913?athcpid=642752913&athpgid=athenaItemPage&athcgid=null&athznid=PWVUB&athieid=v0&athstid=CS020&athguid=e021e797-9bc-16764c54b889b1&athena=true
  9. Ill be in 2G !!! Cant wait to just get away from the rat race and hang out in deer camp with the guys and just chill !!!!! Good luck to all !!!!!
  10. Deerslayer21

    I took a very nice Kansas Whitetail

    real nice buck !!! real nice !!
  11. Deerslayer21

    Got my buck

    way to go Mike !!!!!
  12. Deerslayer21

    Sorry, not enough room for the both of us!

    great looking blind... very well hidden....
  13. Deerslayer21

    He Passed!

    im sure I will see him driving around...
  14. Deerslayer21

    He Passed!

    oh boy i guess he will be driving around town !!!!!
  15. Deerslayer21

    Hope he sticks around

    hope he isnt a PA buck.... no baiting in PA...... unless you remove pile before you hunt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!