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  1. I have a 12 ga. mossberg pump that i would get rid of... 2 barrels ..
  2. dont beat yourself up about it ... chalk it up as a lesson learned...
  3. glad she is ok. Very scary when it happens to your kid...
  4. which falken wildpeak do you have . There are a few models ...
  5. if you put your own stone down and grade it yourself you can defanitely do 1800 sq. feet in blacktop for less than 10k... In my opinion you can get it done for a little over 2$ a square...
  6. i have all half racks on my cams. No full racks anymore
  7. butt out tool and knife is all I need. Never break any bones... Just gut it and get outta there. Hang it up in garage make sure i got all out take the inside loins out and let it hang for a few days... thats all folks....
  8. agree 100% with Jack ... Bahia honda is great
  9. I have a full sneak and I dont like it at all. I can take a pic of it later if you want. I think tuck is right try moving it to eye level and i think youll have a different perspective.
  10. Made a venison stew in the Instapot yesterday afternoon. I never post pics of my cooking but, this was out of bounds. It came out excellent and was so damn easy in the Instapot. I winged my own recipe but I will list below what I did Ingredients Celery, Carrots, Potatoes, beans, corn , mushrooms, Onion, crush Garlic.... I sautéed a package of my stew meat with onions and garlic on sauté in the instapot. Added 1/2 cup red wine after meat was browned. I added all the other vegetables into instapot and a Jar of marinara ( any kind or use home made) . Closed Instapot and set it f
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