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  1. I taught you eveything you know!!!! NICE job
  2. from what i heard is that there is some discrepancy with the state over the flow of traffic and what not... Thats why they havent even started yet....
  3. there is no way you wait until 9 to eat !!!!!
  4. nice Jay !! next year you will have to get an 18 wheeler of corn lol
  5. looks great.... Reverse Sear is the way to go...
  6. used to stop there and get a sandwich and head up to Layton for the day..... Would always stop at jumboland in the AM for breakfast or the 5 star diner occasionally...
  7. what no pics of the Layton General store????
  8. the bangers were awesome !!! everything was real good .
  9. nice meeting all you guys !!!! Food was great and the raffle was even better for me lol !!
  10. its a feeling you cant describe.... always a knee or a shin too !!!!
  11. I called it .... That was great !!! I will defaniely pass that on !!!
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