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  1. we tend to lay off them as well.. I know a few groups of guys that do not but like BHC said its your choice....
  2. nice job fellas !!!!!!!!!! OMC always puts everyone on fish !!!
  3. unfortuantely we cancelled our trip.... Sucks cause I look forward to it every year. My company does not want anyone traveling at all. Just not worth it... Ill be back up there in May for turkey....
  4. congrats... That last pic is hysterical...
  5. i just looked its exactly the same as last year.. no clue what you read...
  6. i knew you would react to that LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. why you ask? Are you expecting to do a lot of walking from December on ???? LOL
  8. nice job as usual jack !!!!!!!!!
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