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  1. just wondering what did he have at Echo Valley? Just chukars or both Pheasant and Chukar???
  2. Ronnie to the rescue !!!!! If anyone on here would be able to accomplish that feat I wouldve put my money on him !!! Ive known Ronnie a lonnnnnnggggg time and ever since we were kids he has been one of the best hunters and shots I have ever known.... Trust me on that !!!!
  3. you can try http://bestpheasantry.com/index.html . Right over the border in NY.. Great birds. You just have to go pick them up...
  4. I tried it last year. you have to be precise in your cooking times . I made two of them and one came out great and another came out like rubber... More my fault than anything....
  5. we have been getting our sausage and kielbasa from this place. Right off 287. Both really good... http://www.themeatingplacenj.com/ Also, been getting a bunch of stuff ( hot sticks , brats ) from this guy in Pompton Lakes.... https://www.yelp.com/biz/farm-view-pork-store-pompton-lakes Both places take meat off the bone ONLY... They will NOT butcher but will make the products...
  6. I would like to try this if you dont mind giving out the recipe...
  7. ahhhhhhh.... that looks awesome
  8. did it have that grilled flavor ???
  9. guess you cant eat that heart ????
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