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  1. Deerslayer21

    Got my buck

    way to go Mike !!!!!
  2. Deerslayer21

    Sorry, not enough room for the both of us!

    great looking blind... very well hidden....
  3. Deerslayer21

    He Passed!

    im sure I will see him driving around...
  4. Deerslayer21

    He Passed!

    oh boy i guess he will be driving around town !!!!!
  5. Deerslayer21

    Hope he sticks around

    hope he isnt a PA buck.... no baiting in PA...... unless you remove pile before you hunt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Deerslayer21

    Shot a nice one last night no recovery

    when in doubt ... Back out.. Veteran move and I know it will pay off. Post pics when you find him .
  7. Deerslayer21

    Camera cut down. SD card taken.

    thats interesting... I never knew that !!! I have to check that out for sure !
  8. Deerslayer21

    Deer Capes needed

    reach out to Charlie Sahanas he might be able to help out too !!!
  9. Deerslayer21

    VA Camera Photos

    i hope you get him !!!!!
  10. Deerslayer21

    Stir Fry

    i go to the chinese restaurant and get an order of broccoli in Garlic sauce and rice and do the same exact thing with my cooked venison . I cook the venison on the grill slice it up and add it all together. Myself and the kids devour it !!
  11. Deerslayer21

    Maine bound

    nice work !!!! Congrats
  12. Deerslayer21

    Ground Blind Recommendations

    trust me I already know.... LOL
  13. Deerslayer21

    Ground Blind Recommendations

    how far back you looking to go ??????
  14. Deerslayer21

    Post your favorite deer fillet recipe

    salt, pepper, minced garlic ( in the jar) , oil and red wine. pour over loins let sit in fridge 15 min max... Fire up grill high heat cook to your liking.. Im a rare fan.... I also started adding Montreal steak seasoning and taking out the salt... Thats been real good last 2 times I made it...
  15. Deerslayer21

    More deer heart...

    heart is great!!! next time sautee it in a pan with butter, salt, pepper, and minced garlic... Slice some italian bread and toast it in oven. slice the heart up and put on Italian bread . You can thank me later... lol