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  1. This guy has been all over the world hunting. What makes him even want to do something like this???? I just dont get it... What a scumbag !!!
  2. unreal !!! all for a set of horns. what a greedy bastard!!!
  3. hopefully find time to get out !!!!
  4. the only way you save is if you hunt 3 zones which we sometimes do during gun seasons
  5. Deerslayer21

    Proud of my baby

    nice !!!! great car ! drive safe...
  6. you should tell him to buy that beretta... Great gun at a great price.. I have one and I love it....
  7. wheres my tuna? ill post pics of the meal lol
  8. got it filled it out.....just wish they would include other zones. Like zone 2 or 3 or 5 .... The ones I want lol
  9. congrats !!! Great accomplishment for sure !!!
  10. well its about time they caught up with the real world !!!!
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