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  1. username

    need prayers

    Will continue to pray for you and your family. Keep the faith.
  2. Nightforce or March.
  3. Hong Kong: population 7,500,000. Borders China. Did not lock down like us/US. Deaths due to Covid 19: 4.
  4. Don't forget, according to the Democrats, "you can kick their balls, but you can't touch them."
  5. username

    Mower Blades...

    ... butter knife sharp, not scalpel!
  6. Question for @Rusty, not sure if these are true or myths - what's your $0.02? #1 - although I always tell people to leave the fawn alone, Momma Doe will return; is there any truth to does rejecting fawn that have been handled by people? #2 - is it true that Momma Doe eats the fawn's poop to cover its tracks?
  7. username


    I would try to find a used Edmund's Scientific Astroscan; a classic telescope that not only does a lot, but neatly goes into a backpack. Like this one for $150.
  8. U.S. Supreme Court throws out Bridgegate convictions, 6 years after an epic traffic jam
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