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  1. username

    Anyone selling a bolt gun?

    I have a Howa 1500 in 270 I could part with. I think the Howa's are probably the best bang for the buck. I love my 700's, but they are a bit expensive, considering the stock will be a throwaway with the trigger following shortly too. Tikka T3 Lite would be my next suggestion. With the Howa and Tikka, you get a accurate and precise rifle with nice triggers. Their basic stocks, like the Remmingtons, are fine for hunting accuracy, but not precision shooting. Boyd's makes a nice alternative until you search out McMillans. As for the American: a nice cheap rifle that will help you make some noise at the range. Again, fine hunting accuracy, but precision, lacking. You'll want to dump the stock and trigger as well. What are you looking to do? Hunt? Precision? Tactical = short barrel. I would avoid. Shorter barrel, shorter impulse, less speed. Do you have a scope? Are you going to reload? At $504 for: rifle, scope, base, and rings, you will find it hard to beat the accuracy and precision of this rifle. Also, I would probably go with the 308. Too much reloading data and bullet choices for the 30 cal's.
  2. username

    What Brand Scope Is Your Favorite?

    I think Night Force is the best bang for your buck. Glass is good, but the precision in the clicks is the best. For the long range game, hard to beat March. All that said, my Burris scopes have dropped more deer than any other inside of 450ya. Nikon and Bushnell make great stuff until the day you realize that your scope should cost more than the rifle! #Rusty
  3. username


    + 1. Go to Griffith and Howe and see how many shotguns they have for 5 and 6 figures. I was there once and saw a $250,000 shotgun: maybe Purdy? The lady asked me if I wanted to pick it up -I declined, I was afraid to breathe on it! You only live once lads, don't be afraid to scratch that itch!
  4. https://www.foxnews.com/great-outdoors/illinois-hunter-bags-51-point-buck-possibly-one-of-the-largest-bucks-ever-shot-in-america Illinois hunter bags 51-point buck, possibly one of the ‘largest bucks ever shot in America’ An Illinois hunter’s 51-point kill may be one of the “largest bucks ever shot in America,” the state Department of Natural Resources announced this week. Keith Szablewski, of Johnston City, shot and killed the deer in November during the first weekend of the shotgun season in the state, WSIL-3 reported. "I was just sitting there and I heard the deer behind me," Szablewski, who only began hunting deer four years ago, told the news station. After making the kill, "I walked up to him, I looked at it and thought, 'What a blessing,'" he added. State conservation officials have since told the man that the buck, which weighed roughly 265 pounds, “could have as many as 51 scorable points," WSIL-3 reported. That’s four more points than a world-recording breaking 47-point buck, which was shot in 2016 by a hunter in Tennessee. Szablewski reportedly plans to take the buck’s antlers to the Illinois Deer and Turkey Expo in July. There, a panel of judges will again score the animal and officially determine if it broke the record. “I pray before I go hunting,” the hunter told the RFD Radio Network. “And on that day, I did pray to God to bring me a buck, and He sure answers prayers.”
  5. Hold on a second, the get-together is tonight?
  6. username

    Crossbow Question

    As mentioned before, I bet the high shots are because the deer is getting lower. It is interesting that you are having the classic "high shot" problem. When shooting uphill or downhill: shoot low. However, this is usually for steep angles. It would be interesting to see what an angle adjusting range finder would have to say. Again, you're probably: too close, fast enough, and not steep enough to have to make those corrections.
  7. I'll donate BSA Binoculars: 10-30x60m. Brand new in box. Bought two, used none.
  8. username

    Looking to buy Remington 870

    Do you have a link we can tell the year from serial numbers?
  9. username

    Stack-On Green GUN Cabinets

    Just thought about that and edited. Close to Fairfield NJ. I could bring one or two to Pub 199 this Friday.
  10. username

    Jansport H2O BackPack

    For sale is a nice condition Weeklong backpack by Janson, I think the model is the H2O. Nice condition, no problems, comes from a smoke and pet free home. $40. Close to Fairfield NJ, but could bring with me to Pub 199 this Friday.
  11. username

    Stack-On Green GUN Cabinets

    I have a few cabinets that are no longer needed - looking to make some room. The cabinets are 8 and 10 gun, green, and in good condition. They come from a pet and smoke free home. There are a few scuffs on them, so you probably will not want to make them the center-piece of your dining room. There might be a piece of foam missing, please ask questions. First cabinet is an 8 gun where the guns are on the side which I call the SxS. I believe, but am not sure, the model number is GCH 8RTA, similar to this one, at Stack On. There may be a piece of foam missing on the side that is not shown. If interested, I'll provide more images. $80. The first two images. Next is another 8 gun, but not as deep, where all the guns are lined at the back of the cabinet. I think the model number is , however, I am not 100% sure. It looks like this case. $80. See the third image. Last, is a 10 gun case, where again, the guns are on the side - looks like Stack-On's model number GCG-910. $90. See the fourth image. Close to Fairfield NJ, but could bring with me to Pub 199 this Friday. 8 gun SxS image 1. 8 gun SxS image 2. 8 gun, not deep. 10 gun.
  12. username

    Lyman Turbo 2500 Pro Magnum Case Tumbler

    Any interest? Extra media and I could bring it to the Pub this Friday.
  13. Rusty, Count me in and possibly +1.
  14. Cautiously optimistic I will be there!
  15. A man in Ballard County, Kentucky recently bagged a “two-headed” deer, the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources announced Thursday. https://www.foxnews.com/great-outdoors/kentucky-man-bags-deer-with-decapitated-buck-head-stuck-in-its-antlers