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  1. username

    Griffin & Howe

    Let us know how it goes. What price did they quote you? Hope they get close to that quote. A friend wanted a claw mount installed for a old Mauser. When he picked it up, the price was double what was quoted. They did have a pair of shotguns for sale - $250,000. Think they were Purdy's.
  2. username

    Does anyone know what type of die this is?

    If the bottom most part is free to move up and down, I would say a primer seater. Can you put a piece of brass at the top and tighten down?
  3. username

    Gut shot backing out - all on film

    +1 - they always go to water...
  4. username

    Back on the Goats - 2016

    As luck would have it, the goat earned Gold!
  5. username

    Whats better than a Swarovski? **Pics added**

    I like the big magnification offered by March. Otherwise, it's Night Force. I think NF has the most precise click mechanism on the market. Truth be told, there's probably two factories turning glass out for all of the manufacturers. I bet the top scopes share the same glass. The difference probably comes down to coatings. Some manufacturers will optimize coatings for dusk and dawn, knowing that's likely how the scope will be judged. Would like to try a Thermal some day...
  6. username

    Alternate to Carfax?

    Does anyone have a cheaper source of information comparable to Carfax? $39.99 isn't too bad once you've seen the car and kicked the tires. However, it would be nice to have the Carfax read before: perhaps, saving you a trip. Would like to see accidents, frame damage, flood damage, # of owners and the like. Buying from a private party. Any suggestions? Please advise.
  7. username

    Hunting Clothes Laundry Detergent

    Doesn't A&H still use a UV brightener? Deer do not have a UV filter in their eyes. Being the only thing in the field that is a source of UV brightener would concern me more than scent. Does can be curious and inquisitive about scent. I clean my clothes in a scent and UV free cleaner (or just water), place them in brown bags filled with pine needles, and leave them in the garage, free from any scents of gasoline and the like.
  8. username

    Your archery release

    Don't know if they make releases any more, however, has anyone ever tried a Timney? They make some great triggers, would love to try their release.
  9. username

    Lyman Turbo 2500 Pro Magnum Case Tumbler

    Great tumbler for someone looking to reload.
  10. username

    Bunch of Rifle Scopes for Sale

    Bump... I have used Burris' for years and cannot recommend them enough. I took this deer at about 385ya on 6x using a 3-9x40mm E1 reticle. Only selling these scopes to finance the new one: a March 8-80x56mm. Crystal clear optics and no problems.
  11. So who's starting the list? Who's checkin' it twice?
  12. username

    Lyman Turbo 2500 Pro Magnum Case Tumbler

    I live nearby Fairfield and work in Secaucus.
  13. Great condition Lymann Turbo 2500 Pro Magnum Case Tumbler, just like the one shown here at Midway. As per Lymann, 1000 cases of 38special can be tumbled at one time. Lymann's Webpage. Comes filled with media. $50.
  14. username

    Bunch of Rifle Scopes for Sale

    Selling scopes to buy another. Aside from cosmetic issues as noted, all optics are clear and without problems. (1) Burris Fullfield 6.5-20x, 50mm bell, 1" tube, matte black, adjustable parallax with Ballistic Mil-dot reticle. >> Burris' Webpage. $250. (2) Burris 22LR Droptine: 3-9x, 40mm, 1" tube, matte black, with Ballistic Plex reticle. >> Burris' Webpage. $125. (3) Burris Fullfield E1, 3-9x, 40mm, 1" tube, matte black, with Ballistic Plex E1 reticle. >> Burris' Webpage. $190 (4) Burris Fullfield II, 3-9x, 40mm, 1" tube, matte black, with Ballistic Plex reticle. >> Burris' Webpage. $125. (5) Tasco, fixed 4x, 32mm, 1" tube, matte black, in China. $25. (6) Unknown, 3-9x, 40mm, 1" tube, matte black, made in China. $25. Please review the pictures below where I noted issues like: scope ring marks, nicks, and the like on the tubes. There are no problems with glass. If you would like more images or have any questions, please advise. #1 Burris Fullfield II 6.5-20x, 50mm. Note the ring marks. Comes with a bikini scope cover. #2 Droptine with Ballistic Plex reticle calibrated for the 22lr. #3) Shown below is the Fullfield E1 with ring marks. #4) Shown below is the Fullfield II with light ring marks. Scratches on the knurled knob. Another view of the Fullfield II's ring marks. #5) The Chinese Tasco in fixed 4x, 32mm. #6) Unknown manufacturer in 3-9x, 40mm.
  15. Looking to finance another scope and would like to sell the following spotting scopes: (1) Tasco 15-45x and (2) Burris Landmark Compact. The Tasco has a variable 15-45x magnification and a 60mm objective. It comes with a hard case, soft case, table top tripod, window mount, and what looks to be an extra eyepiece ring. The only issue is with the lens cover for the objective which has a crack which causes it to fall off. No problems with the optics or mechanics of the scope at all. $45. The Burris is a compact, fixed 20x magnification with a 50mm bell. It comes with a soft case. $30. The spotting scope is like one shown here at Midway. Will ship for actual costs. The Burris should fit inside the PO's $7.50 box.