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  1. I tried your advice the other day and have a few questions. First, what if a deer does not have a green or red dot on it? I've only seen fawn in the States and Sika outside of the US with white spots; never red or green. In any case, there's so many spots; which would you choose? Second, why not just shoot through the heart? Finally, what part of the heart would you suggest we shoot: right ventricle, left, or both?
  2. Done and will continue to do so.
  3. RIP Eddie Van Halen. Also, RIP Mark Stone, original Van Halen bassist; who also passed away a few days ago from cancer.
  4. username

    need prayers

    Will continue to pray for you and your family. Keep the faith.
  5. Hong Kong: population 7,500,000. Borders China. Did not lock down like us/US. Deaths due to Covid 19: 4.
  6. Don't forget, according to the Democrats, "you can kick their balls, but you can't touch them."
  7. username

    Mower Blades...

    ... butter knife sharp, not scalpel!
  8. Question for @Rusty, not sure if these are true or myths - what's your $0.02? #1 - although I always tell people to leave the fawn alone, Momma Doe will return; is there any truth to does rejecting fawn that have been handled by people? #2 - is it true that Momma Doe eats the fawn's poop to cover its tracks?
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