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  1. For long range? No way! Ideally, you would have all the moa on the rail and none in the scope. Use the rings and base from the scope manufacturer. Or, check out mounts by Spuhr. What's long range? For public ranges in NJ, there is no long range. I've rarely seen a Leupold on the 1000ya line and never at ELR. For 1000ya BR it's mostly Nightforce and March with a rare S&B. You really need to tell us what you want to do with the scope: hunting, precision, low light, general merriment? Neither of the reticles shown have much in the way of hold-over/under or windage. I wouldn't use either for BR or hunting.
  2. Hong Kong: population 7,500,000. Borders China. Did not lock down like us/US. Deaths due to Covid 19: 4.
  3. Don't forget, according to the Democrats, "you can kick their balls, but you can't touch them."
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    Mower Blades...

    ... butter knife sharp, not scalpel!
  5. Question for @Rusty, not sure if these are true or myths - what's your $0.02? #1 - although I always tell people to leave the fawn alone, Momma Doe will return; is there any truth to does rejecting fawn that have been handled by people? #2 - is it true that Momma Doe eats the fawn's poop to cover its tracks?
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    I would try to find a used Edmund's Scientific Astroscan; a classic telescope that not only does a lot, but neatly goes into a backpack. Like this one for $150.
  7. U.S. Supreme Court throws out Bridgegate convictions, 6 years after an epic traffic jam
  8. Murphy may decide Monday on whether to reopen schools during the coronavirus crisis
  9. Many kids rely on schools for their daily meals. Although provisions have been made to ensure they get meals at home, who is to say that they do? Then there are cases of neglect and abuse. Not being able to see the kids in person makes both harder to detect. This is why gym teachers are so important - they are often the first ones to notice abuse. I'm no fan of our current system, but for many kids school is an escape. The schools should reopen in July and run through the summer. If we have to go through another disruption later this year, those two months could have a big impact on development. If we don't have to shutdown again, just take a few weeks off here and there until you get 180 completed. I wonder how many teachers would work the summer if they could take two weeks off for the rut and a month around Christmas time?
  10. No way she becomes his vp.
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