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  1. The Sig Kilo 2000 is more rangefinder than you'll ever need. I use it for the long range game and have lased targets over 1500ya. As a bow hunter, that distance is way too much. However, what it excels at is returning results. The Sig returns results almost as fast as you can push the button. I have had it return multiple results in a second. Great when you are trying to get a distance on a deer that is moving. Again, more so for longer ranges. Also, the display brightness adjusts to ambient light and it has the angle compensator. At $400 it does what the Leica's do, but at half the price. Buy once... Aside from the glass, one of the most important aspects for light transmission is the coatings, which is what gives the glass either the blue or purple color. I think Sig uses coatings optimized for low light conditions. That said, I would give the Leica a slight edge on low light transmission. However, would buy the Sig all day long. There is also a Sig Kilo 1250 which if is anything like its big brother, could be a great deal. A little less magnification, 6x compared to 7x, but more important the same size 20mm lens at $207.
  2. You should have let the the fourth from the top go. He was a true patriot! :-) ...Even made sure the blue was into the wind!
  3. Any tricks for a Flash Voyager Thumb Drive that malfunctioned and the computer no longer recognizes?
  4. You spoke too soon. Philadelphia shooting: Mayor calls for gun control
  5. Did you try printing out a copy of the scope cover chart and seeing what lines up the best? Or, just measuring. I have found as good a fit as any using just a pair of calipers.
  6. username

    The Last Pint

    Have one for us!
  7. I paid more when my Barnett Vengeance Reverse Draw X-Bow was new, however, here it is with for $650, with free shipping. It will be hard to beat at that, or any other price. It comes with an illuminated scope that I did not care for. Good optics are expensive. Add in some electronics and you're talking even more. I promptly purchased a Nikon, like this one for $139.95. Seeing that the x-bow has come in under budget, perhaps, you could spend a little on Zeiss Optics, which should be much better in low light. Here it is for $299.99. Disclaimer: I have never seen this scope in person and I am just name brand shopping at this point. Also, don't forget, some of these x-bows are not fun to cock. The Barnett uses a tool/string which isn't bad. However, I would be concerned if you have back problems. You might want to try before you buy. Good Luck.
  8. Source. At its 2019 Convention in Houston, the NEA adopted New Business Item 11 which"will incorporate the concept of "White Fragility" into NEA trainings/staff development, literature, and other existing communications on social, gender, LGBTQIA, and racial justice whenever and wherever context and expense allows."' "Rationale/Background White supremacy culture has fashioned a social norm insulating white people from the impact of racial stress, which consequentially constructs a social atmosphere that depresses the ability of society, in general, to tolerate racial stress, also known as “White Fragility”." According to author Robin DiAngelo "white fragility" is " a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves. These moves include the outward display of emotions such as anger, fear, and guilt, and behaviors such as argumentation, silence, and leaving the stress-inducing situation." Source.
  9. + 1, what he said. If we want reasonable gun laws, let's first start by getting rid of gun laws that that aren't reasonable.
  10. There cant be much error with that! ...get it, "cant"!
  11. I wonder if their information is similar to yours and the bank teller made an error.
  12. ... and let's continue by saying that the Second Amendment does not give the right, it guarantees the right. The right is unalienable.
  13. If you can do that in the field, you win the prize! I find that a bipod with my back against a tree is better than most benchrest setups I see at the range.
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