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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Just ordered 6 boxes just to have some on hand.
  2. Went out to PA to help my in laws take care of a few things around their house Saturday-Tuesday. Got a few casts in at the local lake within their community while my wife & kids swam. Tuesday I went out with a guide that I have been using for the past 6 years on Lake Wallenpaupack. Had a ton of fun as usual and caught my personal best smallie. Today I went out with a guide and a few buddies on Lake Hopatcong. Fishing was very tough & slow. I hadn’t hooked up with any fish for the first 3 hours of the trip and then lost a good 2-3 lb bass. We decided to change things up and target stripers. I ended up hooking up a very good striper but unfortunately the line snapped as the fish turned and went under the boat. Less than 5 minutes later I was hooked up and was able to land this beautiful 7 lb hybrid striper.
  3. BillW0323

    Bear Porn

    Question is why have you been searching bear porn?!?
  4. BillW0323

    Bear Porn

    This guy in the background is either enjoying the show or is waiting for the sloppy seconds!
  5. BillW0323

    Bear Porn

    Just got this series of pictures on one of my Tactacams.
  6. H&R single shot 20 gauge. Still have it and plan on having my kids use it.
  7. I have a thrower you can have. Send me a PM and we can figure out a time/day to meet up
  8. Trying to give this away before it heads to the dumpster. In good condition. Pick up in Saddle Brook or I can meet you somewhere.
  9. Sorry for the delayed response. Yes the truck is still for sale. Private message me if you would like the contact information to see the truck.
  10. Thanks. Been a while since my dads shot a good buck. It would be awesome to see him harvest a good one.
  11. My dad has been hunting this property for close to 50 years. The past few years he has passed on all bucks and only taken a few does per year. About 3 years ago I helped him start a mineral plot each spring and then adding to it throughout the season. Looks like it’s finally starting to pay off. He hasn’t seen a buck this size in probably 6-7 years now.
  12. A close friend of mine’s uncle passed away and his wife would like to sell his truck. Truck is located in Saddle Brook. Message me for her contact if you’re interested. 2016 Ford F-150 Super Crew Cab Lariat, 3.5 Eco Boost with 6 1/2 ft. bed, bed liner & soft tonneau cover, tow package, & extended gas tank. 55,000 - 60,000 miles. Asking price is $40,000.
  13. I know I’ll catch crap from the “real chainsaw” guys like @Rusty for even having this thing!! 😂😂😂. But I bought this thing for those late night chiminea burns so I wouldn’t wake up the neighborhood cutting up some wood. Honestly it works great for that and/or cutting small branches, pallets and such. I no longer have the chiminea and haven’t used the saw in a while so figured I’d sell it. Retail is $259. I’m asking $125. Located in Bergen County.
  14. BillW0323

    RIP grandpa

    Sorry for your loss.
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