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  1. Enjoying a few beers before firing up the grill for some drumsticks and thighs!
  2. That’s awesome! My grandfather was just buried there in October. Glad to see that the flags were still put up and thank you to all that helped. Also THANK YOU to all who have served, will served and all of those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice!
  3. I actually ordered mine off of Amazon as an open box. I paid $74.99.
  4. CamoFire has the Big Denali today for $104.99
  5. That’s my favorite one as well. I bought the combo with the black rack
  6. I just mixed salt, pepper, garlic, old bay and onion powder together. Sprinkled half of it on the drumsticks and then added bbq sauce and shook it all up. Sprinkled the rest of the mixture on the drumsticks and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours.
  7. Brand new condition. I had it as a spare. Sold my other bow so now I have 3 of them. Asking $60 to your door or I am in Saddle Brook and willing to meet within a reasonable distance.
  8. Watch CamoFire. I check it daily and will update this thread if I see it again. I’ve seen the Hawk Big Denali on there twice over the last couple weeks for $79.99.
  9. BBQ chicken drumsticks on the grill. Founders Solid Gold and a Perdomo Reserve
  10. I have the Big Denali blind chair as well as the treestand. The treestand was absolutely a PIA to setup but the chair was a piece of cake!!!
  11. I’m looking to get a split unit installed for the ground level of my house. I wanna get some quotes. Before going and looking up any local guys I wanna see if there’s anyone on here that does it or have any friends/family that do it. I’m located in Saddle Brook (Bergen County). Thanks.
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