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  1. BillW0323

    Jersey spring bears 2018

    Yeah definitely. Looks to be the same bear in the 3rd to last photo as well. The 3rd to last photo you can also see the sow is double tagged. I saw her last year while in my stand.
  2. BillW0323

    Jersey spring bears 2018

  3. BillW0323

    Your BEST wildlife pictures, POST HERE!

    Took all of these today while walking one of my hunting properties and setting up cameras.
  4. BillW0323

    2018 Velvet bucks/Trail cam pics

    Saw this guy on one of the properties I hunt today when I went to set up a camera.
  5. BillW0323

    Taking Jr riding tonight

    From what I heard is that the mx track is going to remain open that only the drag strip closed.
  6. BillW0323

    Taking Jr riding tonight

    Looks like a fun time!
  7. BillW0323

    Man Caves

    I played a little bit when I was in middle/high school. Don’t play anymore. The stick on the wall is an autographed stick from Martin Brodeur that was given to my little brother right before he passed away. I have a jersey of his as well that I still need to case and display. The case thats above the floating table is a baseball bat signed by Cal Ripken Jr that was also given to him before he passed.
  8. BillW0323

    Man Caves

  9. BillW0323

    Some VA Camera Photos

    Are you sure that’s not a small cow haahaha. Awesome pictures. The bee picture is awesome.
  10. Definitely don’t have that laying around lol but should’ve used the smooth & cheesy dip I have! Next time I’ll do that.
  11. I love broccoli rabe also but didn’t have any so I used what I had available lol.
  12. Nope I wish. Those ones are Nathan’s.
  13. Have plenty of venison sausage left so decided to make some philly style sandwiches. The recipe I based it off called for broccoli rabe but I used creamy spinach instead.
  14. BillW0323

    Remington Lock-on f/s $40

  15. BillW0323

    Any Home Security Guys on Here?

    That’s not bad at all. If you look on Amazon there are a lot of really good quality camera systems that are completely wireless but the battery life aren’t the greatest. I’ve personally seen the Arlo cameras and they have great video/picture quality but are quite pricey. Do you have power to the shed or gazebo?