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  1. Setup is basically brand new only used a few times. Cannot get comfortable throwing casting setups. Rod is a Shano Sellus Worm & Jig 6’8” MH Fast. Reel is a Quantum Accurist S3 with the Flippin switch. Looking to get $125. Located in Saddle Brook.
  2. Looking to sell my H&R Ultra Slugger. I am asking $750 with (2) boxes of ammo, scope and a double gun hard case. Scope is a Bushnell Trophy 3-9x40. Located in Saddle Brook and travel to Blairstown often. Willing to meet at an FFL within a reasonable distance. I will also consider trades. Trades that I would consider would be crossbows, newer compound bows, kayak, etc... let me know if you have something to trade. Can’t hurt to ask.
  3. My coworker was talking about The Social Dilemma today at work. I plan on watching it next week.
  4. My app has logged me out several times over the past couple of weeks and I didn’t really think anything of it. With everything going on over the last week I haven’t been on. This morning I went to go on and found that I was logged out again. After searching it a bit on Facebook I come to find out that Facebook has a new activity tracker and if you don’t show much activity it will log you out. I then came across a post about off Facebook activity. I followed the steps in this picture and it is true. Facebook is tracking things that you are doing even when you are not on the app. If you follow t
  5. It’s been a crazy week at work with a ton of overtime and double time continuing tomorrow. So I figured I’d enjoy a few beers today and tomorrow when I get home. Grabbed a few local brewery beers to try while I was at the store. I work very close to Departed Soles in Jersey City which I will eventually stop in to try some of their beers. Ghost Hawk Brewing (Clifton) Flag Ship Lager. Alementary Brewing (Hackensack) Hackensack Lager.
  6. Hunted both of these deer for 2 years each. The top photo deer came into 65 yards of my stand one day in November of that season and then I never saw him again. The second deer ended up getting shot by a neighboring properties friend on opening day muzzleloader.
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