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  1. BillW0323

    I got the Big A$$ Buck!!

  2. BillW0323

    First EVER harvest(s)!!!!

  3. BillW0323

    Listened to the advice and scored

    Kill it and grill it! Congrats!
  4. BillW0323

    Just an awesome year! Another great buck.

  5. BillW0323

    Venison & Potato Au Gratin - Crockpot

    Just for a little added flavor on the potatoes and to help soften them up a bit. I’ve seen it done with milk or cream instead as well.
  6. BillW0323

    Best release?

    I’ve always shot Scott releases. Have tried others but never enough to switch.
  7. I love using the crockpot during the winter months. Decided to give this a try. 2lbs russet potatoes cut in 1/4” thick slices 1lb ground venison 1 onion chopped 1 pepper cut into slices 1 cup cheddar cheese 2/3 cup chicken broth salt, pepper and garlic to taste Brown the venison. Put a layer of potatoes on the bottom of the crockpot. Sprinkle with salt,pepper and garlic. Add a layer of pepper and onion. Add a layer of meat and cheese. Repeat until your crockpot is full. Cook on high for 3 hours.
  8. BillW0323

    Bears and coon mounts complete

    Looks awesome, as usual
  9. BillW0323

    What Brand Scope Is Your Favorite?

    I have Leupold, Bushnell, Nikon and will be getting a Vortex shortly for my Savage 220. My Leupold is definitely my as of right now. Waiting to see what the Vortex is like since I've heard a lot of good things about them.
  10. BillW0323

    How much venison

    2-3 a year most of the time. If I plan on making summer sausage or jerky I’ll take 4.
  11. BillW0323

    Fitness Challenge 2018

    Now that we are in 2019, how did everyone do on their 2018 fitness challenge? Will there be a 2019 fitness challenge? Thankfully the “new year, new me” hasn’t hit my gym yet. I go Mon-Fri and do outdoor activity on the weekends.
  12. BillW0323

    what does everyone do for reading trail cam cards?

    My tv has an SD card slot so I look at them on there. I have 10 sd cards that I swap between 3 cameras. Each time I’m out I swap cards and take a look when I get home. I had (2) different card readers for the phone and they both stopped working so I gave up on that.
  13. BillW0323

    Venison Sheppard's pie

    Looks delicious
  14. BillW0323

    Got my Savage 220

    I’m in between a Vortex Diamondback or a Burris Fullfield E1 and I’ll be going with a 3-9x40.
  15. BillW0323

    Finally caught up with this brute, my best to date