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  1. Yeah including my 4 landed I probably saw roughly 10-15 landed.
  2. I ended up landing 4 of 6. Lost a good one about 15-20 yards from the shore.
  3. I’ve only gone out for striper a couple times. Last night a buddy of mine invited me to join him and his friend. We were throwing lures only which I’ve never done. The first spot we tried the one kid hooked up and landed 4 within the first hour of being there. After an hour of nothing happening we decided to make a move and head north about 20 minutes. I ended up going 4 of 6 all on a white & yellow darter. I think I am officially hooked on striper fishing!!
  4. Doing the burn off period that Pt Boss calls for. Says to tun the smoker at any temp over 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes to burn off any glue and/or contaminates.
  5. The one linked above that I’m looking at has a 65 lb capacity hopper for pellets. From what I have seen through YouTube and reviews is that guys go through an average of 1 lb of pellets per hour.
  6. I am not into babysitting the smoker right now. For me with two little kids running around it’s much easier to “set it and forget it”. I was interested in this Pit Boss Model because I’ll be able to set it up and monitor it from my phone and check in on it every so often.
  7. Looking to upgrade my smoker. I am looking to get this pellet smoker. Does anyone have one? If so, what are your thoughts? https://www.lowes.com/pd/Pit-Boss-Pit-Boss-Pro-Series-4-Series-Vertical-Smoker/5001563923
  8. Coworker gave me a few beers to try. This one is very good.
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