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  1. BillW0323

    Any guesses?

    Did you request an HD copy? The HD copies are much clearer. Here’s an HD shot zoomed in that I received the other day. To me it looks like a doe squatting to pee or licking itself but really hard to tell.
  2. Sorry to hear and I hope everything turns out alright. I watched my little brother go through two of them and it’s a scary thing to witness.
  3. Buddy sent me this picture of some more Bergen County bucks. Cool group including a Piebald.
  4. Looks & sounds delicious
  5. Hunter115522 posted zucchini boats a while back. Finally got around to making some. Did mine a bit different. I made a large batch of venison chili yesterday so I used that. My boss’s family has a farm in Vernon and he gave me a couple of extra large zucchini. So I cut one in half and scooped out some of the inside. Scooped venison chili into each one. Topped them with some cheese. Baked at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Washed down with a Founders Solid Gold lager.
  6. My aunt just texted me this picture of these 3 bucks on her street.
  7. When I went onto mine this morning the app prompted me to go to the App Store and update my app.
  8. They had 2 beers out which were called Pale Horseman which is a Strong Pale Ale and the other was called The Goose is Loose which is an Irish Extra Stout. The Pale Horseman was really good. I am not really a fan of stouts but figured I’d give it a try anyways. I didn’t really care for that one.
  9. Garden State Plaza is hosting drive in movie night. Took my son and a couple of his friends to see Ice Age! They have a couple food trucks and a beer truck by Ghost Hawk Brewing. Chic-fil-a, Glazed & Confused donuts and a few others. Kid is having a blast!!
  10. I have a boat on Lake Wallenpaupack and my in laws live about 10-15 minutes away in a community called The Hideout. Every summer I rent a house on Wallenpaupack with a bunch of friends & family. Every owner that I have met has said the same thing as Toxo. They have all said rent don’t buy. Multiple of them have told me that the power company actually owns the rights to the lake so anything you want to do around your property (cut trees for lake front views, add docks, etc) all has to be presented to the power company and has to get approvals. They have all said that it is a big headache. There are ao many beautiful houses on that lake that you can rent and enjoy it for the extended weekend like you want for a fraction of what it would cost you to own it. If you need a boat there are multiple places to rent like Pocono Powersports. Looks like you can find a lot of the information in the link below. Not sure how current it is but worth a look. http://www.wleonline.org/poainfo/buildingreg.pdf
  11. Made venison burgers for dinner. Mixed ground venison, salt & pepper, garlic and lipton onion soup mix. Melted pepper jack cheese on top of the burgers. Toasted Portugese rolls with cheddar cheese on them. Spread smoke bbq sauce on the burgers. Add pickles and enjoy!
  12. Pronghorn is spoken for. Other mounts are potentially spoken for as well.
  13. These were given to me by a friends that bought a house and they were left behind. I had them up in my enclosed porch but that room is getting torn down and replaced by a deck. They are older mounts and have some issues. Cool to have up in a garage/pole barn. Figured I’d offer them up here before tossing them to the curb. The turkey head falls off lol. Nothing a little glue can’t fix. Pick up in Saddle Brook or I travel to Jersey City for work. I also travel to the Blairstown area often for my hunting land so I can meet someone on the way out.
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