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  1. Looks delicious! I’m gunna give the rub a try.
  2. sorry for your loss.
  3. I recently used Home Advisor for a retaining wall. I had a great experience with it. I had been trying to get local guys out to my house for 2 weeks and NONE of the local guys showed up. Home Advisor gave me 3 contractors and they all showed up within a couple of days and provided quotes site on seen. I still waited a week and finally got 4 local guys to come out. I ended up going with one of the Home Advisor contractors because he explained the job thoroughly and responded to every text/call I had for him (trust me there were a lot because I don’t trust ANY contractor that I don’t personally know). He also had the most reasonable price (his price wasn’t the cheapest nor the most expensive). I explained to him that I was having a hard time getting contractors out to look at the job so he showed me the Home Advisor work order and he actually gets charged $65 just to go out and quote the job. I haven’t received any excessive calls or anything from any other contractors. All in all I hard a very good experience with Home Advisor.
  4. My dad and I both have the Pelican Catch 120. My dad only fly fishes and he loves it. It’s a very comfortable and stable kayak.
  5. Before I post it on Facebook I wanna give someone here a shot at it. If you or anyone you know could use it, it’s yours for free. The carseat is a Cybex Aton II and the stroller is a Babyjogger Vue. Pick up in Saddle Brook or I can meet within a reasonable distance. I also work in Jersey City. I have the stroller, 3 car bases and the infant carseat. PM me for any questions.
  6. RTIC is running a good sale right now on multiple coolers and drinkware. The 30 oz tumblers are $9.99 when they are originally $29.99.
  7. $99 for a great blind plus an additional 20% at checkout. I used the same blind last year and loved it so I just ordered one. Link: Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind
  8. My favorite beer is Yuengling but I enjoy all sorts of beer. I’m a big fan of seasonal beers. My current seasonal favorite is Porch Rocker by Sam Adams (drinking one as I type this). Harpoon Camp Wannamango is a good summer beer also. For the fall I really like Yuenglings Oktoberfest. For winter I’ll go for Magic Hat Winter Mingle or Sam Adams Cold Snap. What are some beers you guys enjoy?
  9. I thought the same thing as I was making it. that it looked like a large dogs pile of crap . But it was delicious so it’s all good.
  10. This meal was inspired by my best friend who is middle eastern. His family does bbq kabob, chicken and vegetables every weekend. I’ve been wanting to try it with venison for quite some time now. Although I wanted to do it with wood instead of regular charcoal it cane out delicious. I mixed 1lb of ground pork with 2lbs venison. I used the pork in order to hold better on the skewers. I seasoned the meat with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder. Put the cooked skewers over rice with a little ranch.
  11. I agree with you that most of the time the camera is off to the side. I have also seen camera man above/below the hunter. I hope that this was just a bad shot but the fact that the hunter said “I took a marginal shot and I probably should have waited” tells me that he tried to squeeze an arrow into a spot that he couldn’t without a doubt see.
  12. First off congrats on a beautiful buck. But the difference here is that you had a clear view of the vitals from the looks of that camera angle. The guy on the show did not have a clear view of the vitals and took a shot regardless. We all have things happen at some point resulting in a shot placement issue. I know I have had bad shots before. But I would not take a shot if I cannot definitely see the vitals.
  13. I was watching The Final Draw this morning and watched one of the hunters take this shot. He called it a marginal shot and later on said he should have waited. In my opinion, I think he made a bad decision to rush the shot and risk it. He got lucky and hit the aorta and the deer died within 100 yards.
  14. Yeah Deerfields a fun lake as well to fish. And yeah I kept saying to my wide I really think that’s yours son. I wish I was still there when you called. I would’ve went over and fished with him for a bit. We will have to get the boys out there fishing one of these days.
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