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  1. BillW0323

    Water Slide Fun

    Perfect weather outside today so I broke out the water slide for my son to play with.
  2. Nope you don’t. I’ve done that trip twice now. It’s a lot of fun. You can bring your own atv/utv/dirtbike or you can rent. There are endless trails ride. You can leave the cabin and ride the streets to stores/restaurants/gas stations. It’s a great time.
  3. My brother is looking to sell the gun. He’s into it for $1,350. He is asking $600. Located in Paramus. PM for his number.
  4. How far would you willing to travel?
  5. Check armslist.com also. You can usually find good prices on there.
  6. BillW0323

    Sons 1st Gun

    That is the original stock.
  7. BillW0323

    Sons 1st Gun

    I bought this .22 off my brother today for my sons. Guns only got about 100 rounds through it. He Mentioned selling it so I figured it would be a nice gun for my sons once they are old enough to shoot. It’s a Savage BRJ .22 LR.
  8. I have an air fryer and absolutely love using it. I’ve done eggs, chicken, steak, wings, fries, onion rings, potato slices and many other foods. IMO the food taste way better than deep fried.
  9. I've also been wanting to get one to try it out. One of these days I'll actually buy one.
  10. Ordered a “Taco” pie from The Taco Shop in Hasbrouck Heights. It’s an 18” white pie with 18 tacos on it. 6 shrimp tacos, 6 chicken tacos and 6 steak tacos. It’s cut into 6 slices. I’ve downed 2 and currently on my 3rd haha it’s too good to stop eating!
  11. Guy that owns the property I hunt sent me this the other day lol.
  12. There is also a store on Rt46 in Saddle Brook next to Targeteers called Spy Shop Covert Resources.
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