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  1. Hunter24

    One Day Early But I'll Take the 8pt.

    Congrats Len! Happy Birthday!
  2. Hunter24

    12/05/18 6-day Firearm Check In

    Congrats Mixbaghunter!
  3. Hunter24

    12/05/18 6-day Firearm Check In

    Lol no, I took the big guy who made that rub in November. Pic below just because I’m proud of that guy.
  4. Hunter24

    12/05/18 6-day Firearm Check In

    Got up in stand at 6:15 in zone 14. Couple deer started huffing and puffing while I was climbing up. Was looking to fill freezer and connected with this guy at 6:55. Good day in the woods, meat for freezer and some antlers for the dogs. Good luck to everyone out there!
  5. Hunter24

    11/21. Who’s going out today?

    Kudos to your willpower! I was going to go out but it’s practically Gail force winds here. Pulled the plug and decided to hunt vicariously through you guys lol. Best of luck to you die-hards who are out in this!
  6. Hunter24

    11/21. Who’s going out today?

    Going to sit with muzzleloader in zone 14 for a doe. Hopefully up in tree by 2:30. Little windy but hopefully the colder temps will force them to move. Good luck to everyone going out and be safe!
  7. Hunter24

    Smoked Backstraps

    Unfortunately he did not get to partake, I will make it for him though. He gets some of the snack sticks I make and loves them.
  8. Hunter24

    How many days do you Hunt?

    Early bow season 12 days Permit bow season 3 days (tagged out, would have gone more) 6 day usually 2-3 days muzzleloader 5-10 days shotgun permit 3 days winter bow 5-10 days
  9. Hunter24

    Curing deer meat

    Nicely done! Lots of work, all the savages that gobble it up have no idea what goes into it haha.
  10. Hunter24

    Post the view from your stand

    From the early season. Been slacking on treestand photography this year. Will get an updated pic during 6 day
  11. Hunter24

    Smoked Backstraps

    Lol I always share with them. Just a small piece they got to split haha. Thank you! I knew it had to be easy, just couldn’t figure it out.
  12. Hunter24

    Honey BBQ Venison Nachos

    Looks great! Will try this soon. Thanks for sharing!!!
  13. Hunter24

    Smoked Backstraps

    Also if anyone could enlighten me on how to respond to a specific person I would appreciate that. Can’t figure out how guys are posting a reply in threads that quote a specific member.
  14. Hunter24

    Smoked Backstraps

    Smoker temp around 250 degrees. Smoked for 40 mins and then pulled wood from smoker. Continued cooking at 250 until internal temp of backstrap hit 125 degrees. At 125 I brushed on bbq sauce and continued cooking. Pulled from smoker once internal temp of backstrap reached 160 degrees. Could pull them off at 150ish for more medium-rare. I left them on till 160 just to be safe since wife is pregnant. Hope this helps.