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  1. Looks like you have a good spot good luck
  2. I think $75 is basically the norm. I pay $95 for the way I get it Always does a good job quick turnaround
  3. Finally got in touch with Mitchell's butcher something was wrong with their answer machine All is well and still in business Thanks for Everyone's Help
  4. I actually seen my 1st doe tonight no shot though Maybe next time
  5. That's a different number than I have I used him all last year 973-423-3874 Thanks
  6. Does anybody know if Mitchell's butcher in Hawthorne New Jersey is still open tried calling several times no answering machine no answer?? Or no of another deer butcher in the Bergen county area Or Passaic county. Thanks
  7. Just got settled in zone 6 hopefully today is the day good luck to all
  8. Just got settled in in in zone 6 hopefully something walks through good luck to all
  9. My 3rd time out too haven't seen a deer yet. just 3 bears
  10. Quite here to nothing at all
  11. I have not been seeing much at all on camera a couple of does last week that's it don't know what's going on
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