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  1. Beautiful photography! I recently had a hummingbird hovering just outside the window I was sitting next to. Really cool birds.
  2. Good, clean fun. Plus, learning meaningful skills along the way.
  3. Jim_

    Colonoscopy Tomorrow!

    lol. I had a procedure down at Morristown back in May with Propofol. The anesthesiologist says to me … "You're gonna like this."
  4. I just looked at Rutgers' website. Their stated "cost of attendance" for in-state, on-campus students is over $36k per year. (I don't know if beer money was included in "miscellaneous") When my wife and I attended in the 80's, a $2500 Stafford Loan and part time and summer jobs paid for it all each year. This is just our state university. Things have changed, for sure.
  5. Simon Peter Sports Company, Newton NJ … http://www.simonpetersport.com/ Thanks, Mazz
  6. It really is a decision we all have to make. Taking the back roads, I'm minutes away from Rockaway Dick's. Still, I hop on the highway and drive up to Simon Peter. And, so do my n0w-adult sons.
  7. That was the case for one of my sons. He took the firearms course while he was still 9. They held his certificate/license until he turned 10, a month or two later. Mailed it to us, I believe. Great job, Dad, getting your son out there.
  8. A couple neat photos in it ... WASHINGTON POST
  9. That's why I started going to the gym in the mornings before work. There were always excuses I could make to not do some working out at home, or at the gym, in the evenings … have to work late, problem with the house, kid stuff, family stuff, or just dog tired from the day. There's nothing to stop me from actually being at that gym at 6 am, other than I did not want to get out of bed. And, that makes me a bum. lol
  10. So important to work those muscles! I took it a step farther 4 years ago and starting going to a gym before work in the mornings, that's kinda on the way. No super heavy lifting, just do circuits on all of the machines. Father Time wants to rob our strength and endurance as we age. Don't let the bastard win.
  11. Jim_

    Vegan Cold Cuts

    I don't buy any of this fake-but-tastes-like-meat stuff. One time on Everyone Loves Raymond, the women made a TofuTurkey for Thanksgiving for "health" reasons. That friggn' thing ended up in garbage. They ended up eating real turkey from the diner.
  12. You have a really nice ride, man. (I like that yellow Camaro, too)
  13. 61 here, and still hunting with a very old Jennings compound, that I bought "mail order" from an old bowhunter's catalog. For my bowhunting, I've just never had a reason to use something else.
  14. It seems to be accurate. To hell with them. There are other places to buy everything. BUSINESS INSIDER SOURCING USA TODAY
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