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  1. Jim_

    CupCake Thief Of Rockaway

    I also live in White Meadow Lake, where also the video of the sow and her FIVE cubs frolicking in a backyard pool was videotaped. The bears have completely lost their fear of man here. I can't even remember how many years ago my garbage was disturbed, they're just running threw the properties roughshod. My normally harmless retriever got into a nasty fight with one in my backyard a couple weeks back. It also happened some years back when I had a different dog. No one is saying black bears are ferocious beasts, hellbent on devouring our children. They're large, powerful, opportunist omnivores, who are in a very unnatural setting around our houses …. where our kids play. One of NJ Bear groups directors, Eleanor Hoffman, also lives here at the Lake. She was arrested at a Whittingham protest a couple years back. I think she lives alone with some cats. Concerning kids playing in their own backyards here and bears, she said any parent who allows their children to play outside without them, should be arrested for child abuse. Any age kids. Nut job. I'm not afraid of bears. I was bowhunting very deep in the woods at the Water Gap near Dingman's back in the early 80's … where bears are in their element. It was rare, but it was cool to see a bear in the woods ….. at dusk on my way out. Even signs of bear was fun to see. Now, its out of control. These things don't belong in our back yards. Its not funny. I wish I could put some rubber buckshot into their rear ends. Murphy better listen to the Division's science.
  2. Jim_

    Urban Pheasant Habitat

    Saw Mill Creek. Its the first place I shot ducks. Lots of mud.
  3. Jim_

    F'en ticks are unreal.

    FWIW ….. I just saw on News12NJ that the NJ Dept of Health said the number of reported Lyme Disease infections hit a 19 year high in 2017. And, preliminary reporting for 2018 are at a higher rate, still.
  4. Did Gov Murphy say something about the bear hunt in the last couple of days that I missed? THanks
  5. Jim_

    F'en ticks are unreal.

    Sucks. At least driving home naked must have been fun. You're right. One of my sons has a 4-month old pup. Everything, everywhere has ticks in it. We have a place to do water retrieves ….the only place without ticks. Sucks. You just have to double up your tick prevention methods for bird training.
  6. Jim_

    Paracord Products

    I believe this is the guy that made up some lanyards for me. Exactly how I wanted each of them to be …. very nice work.
  7. Beautiful place! Best of luck!
  8. Jim_

    Ribbon Snake, plus other pics

    Nice! Really enjoying everyone's photos on NJWW. Wildlife photography is cool!
  9. I'm with ya! Though with me, I'd stop paying my state income tax. My property tax is a lot (for me, anyway), but at least it gets spent in my community. My state income tax is spent elsewhere in this state ….. Trenton throws us crumbs. If the state didn't have my income tax dollars, our cities would completely turn into third-world "sh*tholes." I'm just hoping that the tax payers get fed up with Murphy, and we vote in a moderate republican, as happened in the past. I wouldn't mind Mike Pence taking over the presidency, too.
  10. Jim_

    Crow mount - behind the scenes

    Very cool …. interesting. I enjoy all of your posts.
  11. The article I read in Forbes, if I understood it correctly, stated that there is some weird language in the tax code that would allow it. And, that's why states are trying to do it. Forbes figures that Congress either has to write a bill to change the language, or the courts have to interpret it against us. Either way, screwing us is in President Trump's political interest, so expect more things in the future. Sucks being a republican tax payer in Morris & Sussex Counties in NJ ….. my governor in Trenton doesn't care about me, and my president in Washington wants to screw me. And, I send more than my fair share of taxes to both, to be used on other people. Boy, I wish I accepted that job in Salt Lake City 25 years ago. lol
  12. Jim_

    I'm a daddy!

    Beautiful!! Congrats!
  13. Jim_

    300+ mile ride leaves Wednesday morning

    Great cause.
  14. Jim_

    Is this a Traitor?

    I think the country may be truly ready for a moderate independent candidate in the 2020 presidential race? Maybe a moderate republican like John Kasich?
  15. Jim_

    Any clue?

    Almost too cool to scrap. Maybe keep it in the man cave garage and crack nuts with it? Is there anything on that model number plate? Or, is the plate gone ... I can't see.