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  1. Jim_


    Thanks to all that serve. Jim …. US Army 2/2 ACR
  2. Jim_


    While I do have some "libertarianism" in me …. many folks in America do ….. I don't think the Libertarian Party is electable. But, I do think that an independent "moderate" could be elected. Fiscally on the conservative side, socially moderate …. a known, honest man with character and integrity. Not a jerkoff. They're in front of us. But this mindless, partisan, "tribalism" is screwing up our country. But, will such a person step forward? And, insert himself, or herself, into this stupidly that is American politics? I hope so. Many good folks are leaving politics because of the BS. Read Republican Rep Trey Gowdy's letter that he put in the NY Times, explaining why he's leaving. He's disgusted. Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. How did our country come to this? I don't think it's going to change … the primaries are going to produce the same results. I think that now is finally the time when all the reasonable people in the middle can come together. Never give up. BTW, if anyone is interested in the presidential debate criteria, THIS PAGE FROM THE COMMISSION spells it out, including their reasoning.
  3. Jim_


    So, maybe this is the time for an actual, viable third party candidate? There are gazillions of republicans, in addition to the moderate independents, that voted for President Trump …. but didn't want to.
  4. Jim_

    Double Does in z50!

    Nice ones! Congrats …...
  5. Jim_

    Bear Hunt Court hearing speed up

    Glad to hear this. Something positive. On another note, an injunction against the state's new magazine restrictions was swiftly struck down ... from ANJRPC:
  6. I don't know what kind of meat it is. Or, even if it is meat as we know it . But, they go down easy. Limited time only, folks.
  7. Jim_

    10/27 Check In - Dylan is Home!

    Terrific news! Good looking little nipper! Great job, Mom!
  8. Jim_

    Zone 8, 9 Pointer Down - Pics Added

    Wow ….. nice one! Congrats ….
  9. Jim_

    duck hunting is... hard

    lol …. they can be very tricky to hit. Lots of fun! Like little fighter jets maneuvering through the trees. Great morning for you!
  10. Jim_

    8 Pointer Down Friday

    Nice on! Congrats! Good to hear from you, too.
  11. Jim_

    Big 7pt on public land 10/19/18

    Big daddy! Congrats!
  12. Jim_

    My little guys first harvest...

    Nice, guys! Love the photos. Great job, Pop.
  13. Jim_

    41 years later

    I just woke my wife up blasting "T For Texas." Ronnie is smiling.
  14. Jim_

    Delaware water gap hunting.

    Not sure if you're talking deer hunting, but …. I want to stress what others said …. go in deep, and you'll have some quality, peaceful deer hunting in a beautiful area. I see you came up from Union County. Before I moved my family up to northwestern NJ to be live among the hill people , we lived in Scotch Plains. Other than some permit hunts in the Great Swamp Refuge back in the day, I've driven up to the northern part of the Water Gap to hunt deer, to be away from everyone, for many years. Natural blinds, near the water. I got my best NJ deer ever on the 2017 bow opener. Not any record-setter for sure, but a pretty nice buck for zone 4, I think. They're there. So are bear, turkey … I see and hear grouse. I've never duck hunted in the Water Gap, but there are lots of holes in the woods in NW NJ, if you like shooting ducks like that. I do. When I first started hunting the Water Gap, I sought out info from the employees there to be sure I was doing everything legal. At least back then, all those folks were really nice and helpful. Help keep that area beautiful. Welcome to northwestern NJ, I think you'll like it here. A lot.
  15. Jim_

    Epic fail

    Best wishes for Dad …. and the whole family … during this difficult time.