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  1. Jim_

    My Dog Passes On

    One of those really rotten days in life …. euthanized my girl. Swiftly growing tumor rapped itself around her organs. Nothing could be done. Only 10 years old. Her goofy outlook of life brought so much joy into so many lives. All the neighborhood kids would just go behind my house to play fetch with her. Little girls next door would ring the bell, asking if she could "come out and play." Gentle to all people and other dogs, but attack black bears out back. My home has a big hole in it. This sucks. Dogs truly are one of the wonderful gifts that God gives us. The day we brought her home. Trips to Whittingham …...
  2. Jim_

    Few Of Us Can Relate

    While duck hunting in neoprene waders … we called it EMA (emergency marsh action) lol Yup
  3. Fun read. Great time. "..... Should have had a few more but some of us had bent barrels on our guns ….. " lolol
  4. A bit of a culture shock for that Mississippi pup ….. near zero temperatures with a strong NW wind. lol Look forward to seeing a photo of the little nipper. Have fun with the new member of the family.
  5. This is NOT the way our democracy is meant to work. It's turned into partisan gridlock. For years now. We're at each others throats. Our government was set up to force compromise, but now …. it's a dirty word. Our government is dysfunctional. This is sick shit. I don't see how it's going to end. Now is the time for a third party. It wasn't so before, for me anyway. People like Perot just took votes away from the republican. But now, with the far wing dickheads calling the shots …. its time for all the reasonable people in the center to run the country. We sorely need leadership. As far as our service personnel, when I was living in the snow and mud on the West German - Czech border, having President Reagan and US Rep John McCain make a quick, surprise trip to see us when they were in Europe for NATO meetings …. meant a lot to all of us. It would be appreciated if Congressional leaders, including Pelosi, would go to such a dangerous area as Afghanistan. Again, concerning the hate-filled partisanship that has consumed Washington, this is how it used to be ….. ...…… very conservative President Reagan and very liberal Speaker of the House O'Neill, making the sausage …...
  6. ".... flying commercial …." The Speaker of the House along with a Congressional delegation flying into Afghanistan on a commercial aircraft? Trump's a dickhead. He should not have even publicly stated that there was going to be the trip. Afghanistan is not Iraq. Didn't Trump go to Iraq during this present government shut down? Then, turned it into one of his campaign rallies …. with lies and all? He REALLY should have not done that. Let her go so she can convey a message of support to our deployed service personnel from ALL Americans. Both political parties are being run by dickheads. This is no way to run a government. And, I don't see it changing in the future. Trey Gowdy / Nikki Haley 2020 … on the Independent ticket. Or, vote for me.
  7. Jim_


    Great photo!!! (I'm REALLY looking forward to grandkids)
  8. Wow …. a blast from the past. Good to hear from you.
  9. I don't know who any of these people are. lol. But, I see that two "rappers" will also be performing during half time. OFF goes the TV in my house until the 3rd quarter. I was pissed after Lady GaGa did that fantastic rendition of our National Anthem before the game that year, but then the smelly pig Beyoncé does her black panthers thing during half time. I see Gladys Knight will sing the National Anthem this year. I hope she does a powerful, respectful job.
  10. It's been some 25 years since I hunted Sawmill, but I did it often. I have no idea what things are like now, but there was a small camaraderie of hunters there. Again, I threw a real small jon boat in my truck, and hid in little pockets. I can't remember exactly how I would get in there. I never crossed the river. Thinking I got in somewhere along RT 7 …. need a truck to do it, but I wasn't driving in marsh or mud flat. ALL kinds of ducks. Unique duck hunting experience …. maybe call it industrial NJ waterfowling. Have fun.
  11. Trump barely won last time. And, some weird stuff happened then ..... that won't happen next time. I really wish Trump would throttle down the jerked-0ff-ness, and stop the stupid lies. He hasn't broadened his base at all. I REALLY don't want to see a far-left liberal become president. There are normal democrats, like West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, but they wouldn't stand a chance in the democratic primary. I don't know if Joe Biden has it in him to climb down into the septic tank that will be the 2020 presidential campaign. lol MAN! …. I don't want Elizabeth Warren to be my president. Trey Gowdy / Nikki Haley 2020 … as independents
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