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  1. SO GREAT to hear positive news about her situation.
  2. Jim_

    Round Up 365

    It sure is. Invasive as hell. Takes years to get rid of it … using both preemergent and post-emergent herbicides. For me, anyway. Fenoxaprop (Bayer Crabgrass Killer for Lawns) also worked well for me.
  3. Jim_

    Round Up 365

    I think ROUNDUP FOR LAWNS2 has the same chemical composition … with the addition of MCPA. I use it in my battle with stiltgrass in my lawn.
  4. Jim_

    Round Up 365

    over 10,000 lawsuits …. and growing. Once the personal injury lawyers got hold of it, and started with the tv commercials. Bayer told the NY Times that they are deciding now about only making it available to commercial entities … not homeowners, etc. However that works. We have a big, fat problem with the jury system in this country. Shaking down corporations is a financial plan now in this country. Not, a problem with Glyphosate , IMO. Anyway, I have great success with regular Roundup. Including on hardy, nasty stuff.
  5. Congrats, kid! Nice one! Great job, Pops. Especially during this period, the photos of your boy smiling with his catch like that … remind us how great life is.
  6. The photos of Manhattan, too … Times Square, financial district, and such all but empty. Kinda eerie. Conversely, the cell phone footage that was around of the Newark Police trying disperse a crowd of their fine residents that were hanging out together defying the orders. Yelling at the cops … "This is our hood … get the f*ck out of here." Calling the Newark officers crackers and spics.
  7. Best wishes. Hope its just some weird coincidence virus, and not covid. So, what now … quarantine yourself at home?
  8. I was in Rockaway Home Depot this morning, listening to three men mocking the situation, how everyone is acting like pansies, stuff like that. WTF. It really is something how this virus wrecks some people's lungs like this. You're right … I let my feelings get the best of me.
  9. And, across the Author Kill from SI in the grassy areas on the NJ side. Even in Linden, etc
  10. You mean standard Invector vs Invector Plus? nope. Invector Plus tubes are longer, for Browning's backbored barrels. BROWNING
  11. " … offering up space … " Maybe there's a lot of "space" available? The ability and logistics of actually producing the needed items is something different?
  12. Great poll, Paul. Are you majoring in Wildlife/Environmental Science? Or, you just wanted to take the course? Regardless … good luck in your future.
  13. This morning, both the Washington Post and Politico are reporting that President Trump yesterday fired Inspector General of Intelligence Michael Atkinson. An honorable man, that did his job. This is what on Trump's mind these days … exacting revenge on those that dared not to kiss his ass. South Korea and Germany have STRONG national leadership from the top … vs. our totally ineffective non factual shameful federal horror show. Plan for the worst...… pray for the best
  14. Completed, Paul. Good luck, and have fun, in your studies.
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