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  1. I agree. My son just grabbed some turkey loads made by B&P from an online sports shop ... just to be sure he had some ammo at all.
  2. Jim_

    Post Office!!!

    Cost cutting, to try to move the USPS toward profitabilty ... that was implemented by the new director and board at the start of 2020. On top of COVID. Screwed up the mail-in voting, too.
  3. You're probably right. It was the layout of the building ... the way the second floor is ... that made me wonder if it was something other than a retail place.
  4. Underage drinking will also be decriminalized. From NJ.com The entire pot bill was just put on Murphy's desk ... awaiting his signature. In addition to Murphy always claiming that the new funds would go toward easing NJ's financial problems, he stated he would come down hard on underage pot possession. Apparently, he is about to cave to the black legislative caucus on both of those things.
  5. Do you know what was in that building before Ray's moved in?
  6. When my oldest was 9, I bought a youth 1100 LT-20. It was kinda expensive, but great investment. Lots of family use. No recoil. Then, I put a slip-on recoil pad ... just to bring out the LOP, bought a rifled barrel for it, and shoot sabots
  7. About the tax on it ... isn't 25% of it going to DUI enforcement, and the rest going to the "communities impacted by the war on drugs?" In other words ... more handouts for the good-for-nothings. Murphy used to say that the money would go toward fixing the state's financial problems. I bet that's why many people voted for it.
  8. That is so cool! Should have put this in the Lounge, Hemlock
  9. Jim_

    Advice On Snowblowers

    Look at that Rusty guy with the 3-stage machine! The man does not mess around. I also have the 30" Troy Built with a 357cc engine. I have no traction problems. Maybe Hammer is right .... going too quick? And, to the OP, I agree with JimmyS ... it may be overkill for just normal use. It is kinda unwieldy with its weight and width. Even with its "power steering." It is a snow-eating beast, though. Good luck.
  10. Yup ... "Universal Background Checks." There are many uniformed people in this country that think it will somehow reduce crime. Just a stupid slogan.
  11. Biden has always been interested in scientific research and government funding for it ... both as a senator and as VP. For whatever reasons, Trump immediately tried to slash government R&D spending and seed money, starting with his first budget. Lyme Disease research has always had limited funding. Not all states are severely impacted, and most that are , are blue states. Pfizer and Valneva both have vaccines in trials, but they're on slow track funding. U Mass has something ready for human trials, too. Just getting a small amount of money in the next federal budget would jum
  12. I also had no bullseye, but never saw the tick. I just assumed it was from fishing at Assunpink. This was about 18 years ago. Misdiagnosed for many weeks. Facial paralysis .. it was really bad. Also ended up the hospital. Ticks are evil.
  13. I sure wish that was the case. These things are a scourge. I'm starting to have grandchildren ... I couldn't live with myself if one got Lyme Disease while with me. FWIW ... there is now a pro-science administration in Washington. Remind Menendez, Booker, and your US Rep that more money is needed for tick/vector research at CDC, NIH, and the universities.
  14. Very sorry to read this. Sounds like a terrific man. Sincere condolences to you and your family. Jim
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