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  1. Jim_

    Son's First Bow Deer

    Congrats, Eric! Great read, too.
  2. Jim_

    9/13 afternoon sit. New Youth Hunter

    That's GREAT!! Congrats, son. (Good man, Dad)
  3. Jim_

    Serena Williams

    I really don't care, but this cartoon in an Australian newspaper cracked me up ….
  4. Jim_

    Tracking The Hurricane

    I like your Mom. Anywho ….. hope all goes well with your family down there. Great your boy is there.
  5. Wow! Nice one! Congrats, Lily!!
  6. I know nothing about training pointers, but I've trained some very good flushers. And, I've had live pigeons for them to play with starting the day I brought them home at 8 weeks, even earlier. Reinforcing their instinct that going after a bird is the most fun thing in the world. I guess physically attacking birds would be counterproductive to pointer training? Anywho …. wishing you many happy years with the new pup.
  7. Jim_

    Scouting 101 (with a baby)

    lol Cool! Man! …. she's beautiful!
  8. You're right. As evidence, look at the models on Nike's website. And, that's cool …. different groups spend their disposable income on different things. But, this is different. This isn't LeBron James or Michael Jordan or Derek Jeter. Kaepernick preaches hate. I was going to call Nike about this …. calmly and intelligently explain to them about his hatred. Reference some of his tweets, etc. But, it would be a waste of my time . Nike thoroughly examined the situation, probably had some heated board room debates, and they still decided to go all-in with Kaepernick. It's the country we live in, today.
  9. Kaepernick, and his little posse, are all evil, lying, race baiting jerkoffs. Spreading hate, and turning black kids against the police and against their own country. If these kids eat that stuff up, they will turn out to be angry failures in life. Just what the Kaepernick posse wants, so Kaepernick can tell them that America is keeping them down. I've sometimes looked at the twitter thing of Kaepernick and his friends over these many months ….. pure hatred of the police and of our country. Sickening. Nike has given the country a big F.U. …. police officers, military folks, decent Americans. Especially so to families like mine with police officers. Someone desperately needs help in one of these urban crapholes? …. let them call Odell Beckham or some other worthless, cowardly professional athlete. One of Kaepernick's tweets, teaching black kids that the police are their enemy ...
  10. From the Chatterbox to a Wawa. Bummer. Every time the world changes, it kicks me in the rear end.
  11. Jim_

    The future of our sport

    A path to introducing non-hunters to hunting is introducing non-shooters …. even anti-gun folks …. to shooting. It can be as simple as bringing a portable trap to a WMA range, but I feel that a place like Thunder Mountain Trap & Skeet in Ringwood State Park, with the nice atmosphere and an area for novices to shoot, is even better. It's great to see the big smile on the face of a newbie when they break their first bird. A family orientated gun range like ANJRPC's Cherry Ridge is also a great place to take them … let them try the rimfire, small caliber handgun, etc. I've taken coworkers …. Asian immigrants …. and my kids' friends, with their parents' permission, to both of these places. Then, as mazzgolf stated …. hunting does not necessarily have to mean deer hunting.
  12. Jim_

    Favorite red wine for fall

    I'm not too much of a wine drinker, but I do sometimes make a big pot of homemade gravy (sauce ?), meatballs, etc …. and I try to keep the tradition alive by drinking some red wine as I do. I guess this stuff is so cheap, that it doesn't even have one of those real wine names. lol. My wife gets it at Shoprite Liquors. Goes down easy ….
  13. Jim_


    A Britt pup and a little girl at home …. life doesn't get much better than that! All of my dogs have adjusted to schedules such as yours. It's their nature. Best wishes to you guys.
  14. Jim_

    NJWW Looking Back on 2017 BOW SEASON

    Never got a better buck in NJ ...
  15. Jim_

    Screen Savers what is yours.

    Different Terry Redlin stuff. This winter, I'll change it to one of his olden-days, snowy Christmas scenes.