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  1. Jim_

    Getting A Flu Shot ?

    So true. Cracking me up. I went to Chili's with my son last night after helping him with his new fixer-upper house, and ordered this bad boy. Asked them to put chili on my fries, too. Washed down with Budweisers. But a flu shot? No way … I watch what I put in my body.
  2. The confederate flag on the roof of the General Lee Charger will get you in trouble with the always-primed-to-be-outraged patrol, too.
  3. That really stinks, man. We know your pain. So sorry.
  4. Possibly not very relevant because of time, but … I hunted there each year until we moved away in 2000. I did the best, and started hunting exclusively, in the area accessed from parking lots 30 & 29. The deer liked to slip in and out of the quiet neighborhoods there. But, look for sign well off the beaten path. Good luck.
  5. Jim_

    Got him!

    Wow … nice one! Congrats!
  6. Jim_

    Getting A Flu Shot ?

    Who writes the scripts here? I'll take some of that Propofol stuff. Anywho, my employer offers on-site flu vaccinations each year. They're not mandatory, but when year-end evaluations are done for raises and advancement … I want to have all the brownie points I can get. lol
  7. The thing I got from DFW some time ago stated early 2020.
  8. Very cool! Nice one, congrats!
  9. Wow, man … that's a beauty! Congrats!
  10. But … If President Trump actually did this … withhold congressionally approved critical military aid to Ukraine that would protect them against Putin, to squeeze Ukraine to start an investigation into the family of his political rival … should Trump be ridden out of Washington on a rail?
  11. Jim_

    Getting A Flu Shot ?

    When we get the vaccine we are not only helping ourselves, but we are helping to contain the spread of the virus to those in the community that could have life threatening complications from the flu. I realize that our government has been very anti-science the last couple of years, but we can trust the CDC and NIH … they're on our side.
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