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  1. Thanks, RPK0620. More garbage just busting the chops of honest, law-abiding Americans … while doing nothing to stop the vermin.
  2. in an ever changing world, still such a great tradition. can't wait.
  3. Jim_

    Trump Rally

    in those three states that trump surprisingly flipped last time to give him the electoral college victory, he won each by less than 1%. for various reasons, so many democrats stayed home last election. trump has pissed off all those people. they'll be voting this time, including all the good-for-nothing deadbeats. its the same in other battleground states. president trump has to throttle back the jerkedoffness. and he has to stop the constant lying. so some more people in the middle will vote for him. because I don't want one of these friggn' progressive, America-hating democrats ruining my country.
  4. Jim_

    Trump Rally

    And, FOX News polls, and his own campaign's polls from April. It is so early now, but Trump has some problems.
  5. The alternative to having Sweeney as the Senate President … is much, much worse. Just the way it is. (Pretty sure I'm going to spend the rest of my life in NJ, so I need to rationalize everything in my mind, so I don't go nuts. lol)
  6. Jim_

    Friend dying of cancer

    So sorry to read this. Sincere condolences. Such bad stuff happens to good folks. I'd be willing to support Joe Biden's "moon shot." It's friggn' time to do this. Too many families ravaged by cancer.
  7. Well, I just learned something new. Yup, that's the sound I've heard a few nights out behind the house. I thought it was a she-monster, or something.
  8. Jim_

    What was your 1st car?

    A beat up 1968 Mercury Monterey that I bought from a family friend for next to nothing. I put a Pioneer 8-track player in it, an amp, and great speakers. The rest of the car was a POS, but it I could blast the tunes.
  9. Terrific! Beautiful girls! Great job, Pop (I can't wait to have grandkids)
  10. Nice rides. Man, I would take that Pontiac Goat. 1966, right? As long as it has the 4-speed, I'll take care of the engine. I even like those red pinstripes on tires, sometimes.
  11. Wishing you guys many happy years together ...
  12. That's because we have all these hipsters or yuppies or whatever you call the youth these days, drinking their gayberry-flavored beers. Or, not even drinking beer. Instead drinking bottled pink-lady cocktails. Or worse yet …. wine!!! I drink Bud. Brewed right here in Newark. They suck the water right out of the Passaic River. It's the dioxin in the water that gives Bud its crispness.
  13. If you do use a wench, be sure it is geared for plow blade use, and not general wenching duties. FWIW, I use a manual lift on my Kawi 650 atv plow … where you use an arm while seated to lower and raise the blade. Works good enough for my ~6 car driveway, and the neighbors' sometimes, too. Even my kids used the same setup on a 350 atv. ATV's really do a pretty good job at plowing. Good luck. ATV wench ...
  14. Folks that remember Tom Costanza (TJC) from NJH … he had a pair DD's. Really great pheasant hunters, anyway. Kick up rabbits. They were fun to hunt with. Anyway, I know labs. And, yes … sure can flush birds, chase bunnies, and retrieve ducks. And, do it well.
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