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  1. Boycott Yeti

    I think the township was forced to take it down, because of lawsuits by militant atheists. At least they filed lawsuits to do so. Pretty friggn' sad, whatever the case.
  2. Youth Day at the Range

    good, clean family fun
  3. Youth Day Turkey Down 10YO Granddaughter

    Nice one, Lily! Congrats! What a wonderful read. Great job, Grandpa!
  4. 2018 Bear Hunt Is A Go As Of Now !!!

    The anti bear hunt folks don't even have anyone to introduce their bill in the Senate. Their lawyer, Doris Lin, is just repeating the same things that lower courts have already dismissed. As Bucksnbows stated, the State Supreme Court already forced the Division to spend the time and money to bullet proof the management plan, and it would just be political theatre by Gov Murphy if he does indeed do a last minute "moratorium," and stop this year's hunt.
  5. Set scope back to zero

    Leupold is a great company to deal with.
  6. Happy Birthday to FrankieD / Nutleysigns !!!!

    Don't know ya, but .... Happy Birthday! Many more ...
  7. I've read that ..... some folks feel that Frontline becomes less effective over time. I used Frontline for years, but I switched some years back because it seemed to me to lose its effectiveness after the dog spent a lot of time in water .... though it claims to be waterproof. I don't know. I've been using AdvantixII.
  8. Can't wait till Saturday morning

    Good luck to the young hunters ..... and have fun!
  9. I was wondering what folks use on their dogs for protection against ticks. I've been reading around and I can't find anything done by a reputable source about the effectiveness of the different products. Just casual comparisons of cost, dosing, methods, etc. Different vets have different opinions. Some are against giving the dog a medication to be given my mouth like Bravecto, others prefer them to the topical treatments like Advantix. Ticks are an evil scourge.
  10. 2017 Fall bow buck is home

    Really sharp looking mount .... and bucks
  11. Skills USA Awards Ceremony

    Congrats!!! And, good luck!
  12. Barn Beams for great room

    Really neat. Please post photos of how you incorporate them.
  13. Syria

    Make no mistake ..... Our country is NOT made up of Donald Trumps and John Boltons and Shawn Hannitys and Jim Jordons etc and whatever ends up on stupid TV and social media. America is made of brave men and women who will do whatever it takes. Regardless of what dictator Putin tells his 1st Amendment-lacking, blindly-following citizens ..... their weapon systems often outright fail when put to the test. Ours are the best in the world, and our military personnel are of the highest character, and are the best trained and equipped.
  14. PA opener golden rainbow awesome!

    Really nice!