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  1. Huntingdon County in 4A Have fun, everybody.
  2. My deer hunting is compound bow in a stand in NJ, and walking with a rifle in PA. Two way different things. The closeness of arrowing a deer, but "on the hunt" in Pa. Can't choose.
  3. Nope. UBC is pretty meaningless. But, much of the country thinks it would be important, "common sense" crime prevention. You're right about the Senate. Should the democrats be able to pull off those two races in Georgia ... they could do some damage. They are eager for "revenge" against Trump. Then we'll see if a President Biden stays moderate, or goes off the deep end.
  4. I'm using a little, light Browning BLR lever in .243 for the first time this year. I've used a Remington 700 .308 for about 30 years. A few years ago, I started using my son's .270 I bought this used .243 for new/youth ... but after working with it at the range, it's all I need for Pa. whitetails. I stalk around in an old logging and mining area ... no stand. Good luck, everybody.
  5. Nice one, Mrs A&N! Congrats!
  6. Congrats on the nice doe! Sorry about your buddy ...
  7. I misspoke. Bucksbows is correct ... I've heard Biden announce nothing. What I posted about voluntary buy-back, etc ... I had read on the party's general platform back during the campaign. I just looked again, and the detailed plan is gone. I feel sure that he is for bringing back the "assault weapons ban," ... seems like more than half the country is ... but he's never been a crazy anti. Regardless, sure glad we have the Senate and Supreme Court. When it comes to gun control legislation, I always think of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Twenty dead little firs
  8. Cigar never leaves his mouth ... even under water. lol
  9. I don't know. CVS does have a questionnaire on the website. I called my doctor, and he emailed me a note. Then I made the appointment at CVS. I have no symptoms.
  10. From Pa. Dept of Health ... So, I guess we're on the honor system? lol Where I go, there are only two little hospitals in the whole county, and both are filled. The closest big hospital ... U of Pitts. in Altoona .. is starting to run low on ICU beds. I think that's why the state is doing this. I had the test done this morning at CVS. In and out. Get the results Wednesday or Thursday. Figured I shouldn't bring the virus with me into the 1000-person town I have a place in.
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