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  1. I look at it differently .... I think you should use the gun you now use for upland and/or ducks ... if you have one. You'll become that much more super handy with it for field and range. Have fun
  2. So cool! Love the photo of her smiling with the gun! Great job, pops. (I didn't know any Citoris were made in Belgium)
  3. Bears in the woods don't spook me ... some close encounters over the years. Had one follow me out of the Water Gap near Dingman's when I was dragging a deer out. It was after dark in the afternoon ... didn't seem him, just heard someone/something following me ... ... when I got out to Old Mine Road to my truck, that's when he ran out. I guess that was a shady situation. But I don't like them around our houses. They are out of their natural element, and may act erratically. I think that's a dangerous situation. Not my house, but my neighborhood abuts Wildcat Ridge ... these bears seem have no fear at all of man, they just come cruising through. And now, another year of no hunting the WMA.
  4. All of us in bear country .... and everywhere in the state ... if you know of dangerous bear interactions, be sure to inform your legislators and the media. It seemed to me that DEP was keeping these things quiet.
  5. Jim_


    It used to be shocking when an innocent child was gunned down. Now, it's virtually daily and doesn't make the news. The child murderers are the progressive mayors, city councils, and district attorneys who have hamstrung their police departments ... ending the anti-crime units and such. Here is the little 6 year old that was killed over the weekend in DC (the day before the shooting at the Nationals-Padres baseball game). I hope all these stupid politicians are looking at her photo. But, they don't really care. I see the NFL will be doing their anti-police garbage again this year. They don't care about the dead kids, either. Pathetic.
  6. Jim_


    My wife buys me these. Racist!! All the Polish people are outraged, and looting the kielbasa stores.
  7. I didn't come from a hunting/shooting family, so my first rifle came from the Army, too. lol Later in the 80's, I bought a Rem 700 in .308. I figured a good caliber for Pa Whitetails and fun at the range. Still gets family use.
  8. I loath Gov Murphy and what's become of New Jersey, but I live here. lol I have duck-hunting family that lives on the St Lawrence River in Canada, so it's just the cost of transportation and licenses for me. United has non-stops from Newark to Quebec City, so it's easy and quick. I hunt whitetails in Pa. every year, but someday I would like to go hunt larger game out west US or Canada someplace.
  9. straight-stocked Browning BPS Upland Special pump gun ... 12 ga, short barrel
  10. Jim_


    And they're having such a terrible drought out west. Personally, I'm sick of this hot, humid, wet crap. Come'on October!
  11. Jim_


    The way this progressive "mom" is raising her children ...
  12. But, vaccinated people are welcome, just have to do some planning. COVID-19 VACCINATED TRAVELLORS ENTERING CANADA Unless I'm understanding something wrong. Hope not, we shoot ducks in Quebec F & E
  13. Looks so good! I could just sit there and eat a bunch of those. I've been wanting to do this since you last posted showing how you do them. I was looking around and I kept seeing that an additional way to keep them crisp was to cut off the ends, or at least the blossom end., at the start. I don't know. It was posted by RPK0620. I really like them, too. As you said ..... a great crisp and cool summer treat.
  14. Maybe it would be best if we all just start ignoring Trump, let him fade away, and concentrate on winning back the White House. Lets get rid of the democrat. Seems like Florida Governor DeSantis is the rising star, anyway.
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