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  1. Like many people, I can eat a whole jar of pickles. I like Vlasic brand best … Kosher Dills, Polish Dills, Zesty Dills. Because of a health problem, I need to cool way out on the sodium. I found this no-salt recipe online by a guy with heart problems. I'm sure I'm going to be very disappointed when I make them. lol. Wife said Shoprite didn't have any fresh dill today, so I have hunt it down. Or, use the dry stuff?
  2. I used to duck hunt with the man that married my wife and me … Rev Nolan Landry. Anyway, Michael … I'm not your man. I'm a lone wolf. But, I hope you do hook up with someone. Alone, deep in the woods, with God and His nature … I get it.
  3. NJOA does net get involved in gun issues. They are solely conservation … battling anti's and misinformed legislators. They claim to do nothing else. Support them.
  4. Ford employees that belong to Ford-employees African-Ancestry Network (FAAN) sent a letter to CEO Hackett demanding that Ford stop making police vehicles ... Ford CEO Hackett wrote a quick, firm but polite response … (paraphrasing) "bite me."
  5. Yes. I'm a long time member. I wish more people were, and also acted on the email alerts that they send out. In addition to the other groups mentioned … if you don't wish to utilize the very cool Cherry Ridge gun range, ANJRPC has cheap "non-range" memberships. We're all in this together.
  6. Me, too. I just quickly looked online … lots of people saying the same. State biologists in New Hampshire and Vermont said probably because of a great mast crop last summer and a mild winter.
  7. Yea, I agree. I'm hiring a lawyer in Union County where the situation is, though I live in Morris County. Luckily, though it's unfortunate since the pandemic caused most of it, lots of work can be done virtually. My conferences with the lawyer will be via Zoom. The County Surrogate Office is closed to the general public and work is being done through mail/fax. Probate and Administrative Courts/Judges are trying to work with people.
  8. Evele (or, however its spelled) in Raising Arizona. That movie cracks me up.
  9. Really nice work! … as usual. And, congrats on the kill ...
  10. Thanks, guys. I know it is a difficult question to answer. I'm just kinda bent out of shape from the whole situation. The Executor of the Will has turned out to be rotten jerkoff … causing hassles and the wasting of money. The Union County Surrogate has a video in which he quotes Benjamin Franklin … "Never say you know someone, until you share an inheritance with them." Believe me, its true. lol. The situation is in Union County. Yup. I found a lawyer in the area that specializes in such situations … I get the feeling he will be on the high side of cost. Find out soon.
  11. Is there an average hourly rate … a range? I realize that years of experience, and even office location, will factor in. Just looking for any generalizations/experiences folks may have. Unfortunately, I may need to get involved in a sticky probate situation, and was told it would probably be billed hourly, not a percentage of the estate. Other than buying a house, I've never hired a lawyer. Thanks.
  12. That's why the marsh gods gave us pump guns.
  13. Jim_

    R.I.P Charlie Daniels

    I listened to a lot of county rock … if that's what you call it … when I was a kid. The Fire in the Mountain tape got a lot of play in the Pioneer 8-track player in my old F-250. Dang, I'm old.
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