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  1. Yea … stupid question. And, I own a 308. I have to go to bed.
  2. I belong to Cherry Ridge, but I'm curious, too, as to the Division's intent. Is yoda's .308 not allowed? You can shoot a 30-06 … but not a .308? Or, was the intent to keep calibers under .31? Maybe should verify with the C.O.'s at the Clinton office ...
  3. I'm not going, but I just went to Trump's website to check it out, and it seems they were ready to give me confirmation for two tickets. What happens to this large "overflow" crowd?
  4. Wildwood City School District has cancelled school for that day out of an "abundance of caution." The rally doors open at 3 pm … the same time the close-by middle and high schools get out. A day will be added at the end of school year. Guess they're expecting quite a crowd.
  5. That's Bon Jovi … not Springsteen. Bon Jovi and his family are close friends with the Murphy family, for many years. Don't know how that one started.
  6. I do that every time. I go down to the Fredericksburg area sometimes. It takes a little longer, but I enjoy driving through beautiful green mountains and stuff … instead of ugly ass I-95, and all its jerkoffs. lol
  7. When you buy a custom made rifle from Nosler or somebody, its barrel is broken-in before you buy it … removing almost microscopic imperfections, to zero in it's accuracy. Not so with production rifles. I think you owe to yourself to break it in properly. Good luck.
  8. Who was the guy on NJH who had the signature … "I once got a small deer discount from the butcher." lol Congrats on the harvest! All of my kills were from the ground, too. I bet you will find butchering to be a rewarding part of the hunt. I learned how to do it pre-YouTube days. Learned it pretty quickly. Fun. The grinder/sausage attachment I got for my wife's stand mixer is adequate for my uses.. Have fun.
  9. Maybe I'm dating myself here. My memories of Springsteen is blasting Rosalita and Born To Run and stuff on my truck's 8-track, back around high school days, in the 70's. Along with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stones ... If I did a politics test for everybody, there wouldn't be that much music I could listen to. Or, movies to watch. Etc. Anyway, it seems that he and his wife did a good job raising their kids. A reporter stuck a microphone in the boy's face after the searing-in ceremony … a very modest, quiet, and respectful young man. And, now … a Jersey City Firefighter. Good job, Mom and Dad.
  10. Very cool! Nail em. Good health
  11. You're right … fun day! Nice bird ...
  12. Nailed 'em … congrats!
  13. Yea … RIP, Stevo. A good human being.
  14. Jim_

    need prayers

    That sure hit a nerve (especially so for all the parents here). I'm thinking of your boy … and your family during this medical battle. Prayer.
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