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  1. Many thanks for all the useful info you provide ....
  2. I recently read an article about Filson's ... not only have they been laying people off, but also selling the high-end sewing equipment that those people used. The investment firm that owns Filson is rumored to be going public soon, and may want to make the company more profitable on paper to draw investors ...by shifting more production to south Asia and South America. Sucks. At least it isn't China. I have their bullet proof bird hunting stuff. My wife sewed on blaze orange Ten Mile Cloth. Made in Idaho, IIRC.
  3. Fun read! Nice buck. Vito sounds like a good dude.
  4. Nice one .... congrats!
  5. Ahhh, mud ... it comes in all consistencies, depths, and odors. Anyway, you should write a little monthly column in one of the outdoors magazines ... "The Adventures of ... " Written in a Mark Twain type vernacular.
  6. Wow... that is a nice one! Congrats ....
  7. Then and now ..... very cool. All the best to your buddy
  8. Wow, nice one ... congrats!
  9. US Army 80-84, SGT, 19D scout, 2/2 armored calvary, West German-Czech border. Serving in the military changed my life.
  10. Good luck to everybody ... have fun and be smart. Very fond memories for me.
  11. Sorry, ,man ... that really stinks. They're never with us long enough.
  12. Jim_

    Rest In Peace Mom.

    I'm very sorry. I remember you posted an example of Mom's sense of humor. Sounds like a wonderful woman, all around.
  13. Jim_

    Veterans Day Facts

    Very cool, Batso. Big thank you to Pops for what he did. That photo gives a sense of the conditions there. My father was a Bronze Medal, with cluster, and Purple Heart, recipient, from the Pacific. Mom was a 19 year old US Army nurse, that's how my parents met. To all my fellow vets, have a beer, or root beer, on me. And, thanks to all the men and woman serving now. Jim 2/2ACR US Army Scouts Out I thought this was kinda neat. CSX Railroad has a "Honoring Our Veterans" (painted on the radiators) locomotive that is pulling trains around the eastern US ...
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