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  1. Steve

    Hunter's Butcher - Scammer? Help?

    The transaction occurred in Howell, not where you live in PA. Make a police report in Howell and sign a theft of service complaint with the municipal court there. That costs nothing and hopefully he will show up in court and you will have good success.. Good luck
  2. Steve

    Got my Delaware mount back

    Nice mount and wall
  3. Steve

    Another Brother Shot

    Rest in peace brother. Prayers to your family.
  4. Steve

    Nice way to end the season

  5. Steve

    Better late...than never

  6. Steve

    Winter Buck

    Nice buck congrats
  7. Steve

    What was your NJH handle? (if diff from NJWW)

    Papdog 128.
  8. Steve

    So, what does everyone do for work around here?

    Police Sergeant, April 1st I start year 24. Single father of 3. Unfortuntetly my wife passed away November of 2016 at age 42. So really not sure what's after retirement I take it day to day.
  9. Steve

    I got the Big A$$ Buck!!

    Good job, congrats!
  10. Steve

    Got my coyote back...

    Very nice mount.
  11. Steve

    Wide Late Season 8pt Down

    Congrats, nice buck
  12. Steve

    Nice buck down

    Congrats nice buck
  13. Steve

    Just an awesome year! Another great buck.

    Nice one, congrats
  14. Steve

    My boy got a deer tonight

    Congrats to both you