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  1. I skip breakfast ever day. I’m just to lazy to eat breakfast in the morning
  2. Can get on for 313 on sportsmenguild if you Sign up for the sportsmenguild club.
  3. Rifle probably meat hogs and just over bait nothing fancy I don’t got to much money to spend
  4. Would love to go with you but don’t have enough money saved up yet
  5. I’m looking to go with a gun for 2-3 days from 500-800$.
  6. i was worried that would happen to me during the rut I split a whole bottle of doe piss in my room
  7. How can that guy get a deer in his house with food? I can’t even get a deer in the woods with 50 lbs of corn
  8. The garbage men never take the geese out of my garbage can the hate us during hunting season
  9. Good luck! I just bought the Mossberg patriot 22-250 shooting Remington 55 grains soft points for coyote
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