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  1. I did it on my 50th birthday. Was probably one of the coolest things I have ever done! I highly recommend trying it, you won't be disappointed!!
  2. Since you are no longer a resident of the county you won't have to serve. I think you have to fill out an online form. Your new address will disqualify you. At least thats what happened for me when I moved from Morris to Sussex County and received the Morris County jury summons.
  3. Maybe we can bring that back at the summer shoot. Pretty sure we just have a roach coach truck this weekend.
  4. You need to try it sometime. We also do a shoot in August where all archery tackle is allowed.
  5. Hey Guys. Just wanted to put out a reminder that it is time for the Whittingham Traditional 3D Archery Rendevous put on by the Appalachian Bowmen. The shoot takes place this year on April 12th, 13th & 14th at the Whittingham WMA. The weather is looking pretty good! All the usual good stuff will be there! If you go, stop by to say Hi. I will probably be at the Appalachian Bowmen table in the barn selling t-shirts. Ask for Steve. Thanks & hope to see you there!
  6. Nice Buck! Also looks like you got a real nice trophy room going there!!
  7. I have the Ultra Light in 20 ga. 1st day in the woods with it killed the deer in my profile picture. He dropped right in his tracks! Needless to say I am a fan.
  8. Yup, Dick's are not worthy to receive $'s from outdoorsman. Sound like they have been feeling their decisions in their financials also.
  9. I'm in Hopatcong. I woke up to 4" - 5" inches of snow. Fortunately it was pretty light and fluffy so it was a relatively easy shovel.
  10. The air fryer is the only kitchen gadget my wife has ever purchased that I like. Well worth the investment.
  11. And yet, more proof you can't fix stupid!!
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