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  1. ssm1957

    VE Day

    Probably 90% of adults don’t know what yesterday was. Really sad. Says a lot about society today.
  2. The Financial Times is hardly "conservative": "In the U.S. presidential election in 2008 the Financial Times endorsed Barack Obama. While it raised concerns over hints of protectionism, it praised his ability to "engage the country's attention," his calls for a bipartisan politics, and his plans for "comprehensive health-care reform".[46] The FT favoured Obama again in 2012.[47] The FT endorsed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the run-up for the 2016 U.S. presidential election.[48]"
  3. Drove by it last weekend. Didn't look like they had done much of anything.
  4. I appear to be the outlier here. But I have a couple Cutco’s and have never been impressed. My go to’s are my Henckels.
  5. Say hello to my little friends!!
  6. Don't laugh, you are probably right..
  7. Bowhunt or Die. I watch it on Roku but I believe you can find it on You Tube. Midwest Whitetails Chasing November is pretty interesting. Just started watching Red Arrow. Kip Campbell the host was at Harrisburg, good guy, pretty funny and entertaining.
  8. Term Limits - Vince Flynn style..
  9. I think it needs another year!!
  10. Have to say it was a great year. My first 2 bow kills. Missed a "slammer" during my annual NY gun hunt, but, all indications are that he is still running!!
  11. I went Tuesday. Totally enjoyed it. A lot of people but not overwhelming. Got to see everything I wanted.
  12. I'm thinking come summer Fridays a lot of work places will suffer outbreaks of Corona Virus!!
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