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  1. ssm1957

    first buck

    Congrats Nick! I got my 1st 2 bow kills this year also. Really great feeling isn't it?!! Many more to come!!
  2. What a great story!! What a great buck! Congrats!!
  3. Not hunting the opener this year. My host is in Wisconsin chasing monsters. Will be heading up next Friday (Nov 22) instead. Will be 2 of us on 150 acres of really nice deer woods.
  4. Holy crap!! Awesome buck!! Congrats, I’d be on cloud 10!
  5. Nice picture! Glad to hear you are on the mend!
  6. I voted about 7:15 this morning. I was outnumbered by poll workers 4 to 1.
  7. Nice freakin' deer!! Congrats!!
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