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  1. 3.5" tukey loads with flame thrower backup!!
  2. I actually stopped buying Nike products back in the mid 1990's. Primarily because the guy who owned Nike always claimed to be Mr. Social Justice yet all his products were manufactured in sweatshops in Vietnam. Was never impressed with the quality anyway.
  3. ssm1957

    Piebald in Sparta

    I saw that deer last summer. Right across the from the Sparta Diner on Stanhope Sparta Road!
  4. Very nice! Congrats on the new digs!
  5. The Greatest Generation!! What they did would be incomprehensible in today's world!
  6. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. I wouldn't ever tell someone what they can or cannot do. However, I am not the least bit impressed. Also, in my opinion it does not give a good impression of hunters to the general non-hunting public.
  7. Sorry to hear. It really sucks.
  8. I did it on my 50th birthday. Was probably one of the coolest things I have ever done! I highly recommend trying it, you won't be disappointed!!
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