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Christmas trees as cover?

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If I’m remembering this correctly someone on here or another site posted a topic on how they used Christmas trees they grabbed off the side of the road this time of year to brush in their ground blinds. Anyone ever do this? Thinking about trying it on a couple blinds that need a cover touch up. 

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9 minutes ago, Batsto said:

I made a natural hedge row in my back yard with the neighbors Christmas trees and other debris.  I use for my dog to hunt and chase rabbits during the off season. All types of song birds love it. In addition, it creates a barrier to keep illegals alien landscapers in check. 

Pelosi says if you mow your grass short, that will deter them from crossing because you can see them easier


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32 minutes ago, Merkel said:

Sounds like a good idea but wouldn’t you spook the deer if your property doesn’t have evergreen trees and you introduce a few for concealment? 

Like any blind they might be wary at first. The longer it would sit the more they get used to it.

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