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  1. Lou.D

    Switching gears

    Oh yeah this is the time of year I catch up on building the rods that I have put on the backburner all hunting season. Have 6 to spin up, a couple for friends and a few for myself. Will post a new thread when they are done. 🙌🏽
  2. Lou.D

    I suck at shed hunting!

    You and me both! The only time I find them is when I am in no way, shape, or form looking for them 🤔
  3. Lou.D

    Wide Late Season 8pt Down

    Hard Earned Buck Congratulations Buck154! Way to keep on em and close the deal!
  4. That first Buck...... WOW!
  5. Lou.D

    1/19 check in

    Out in 17 weirdly quiet hope they get movin soon. Good luck everyone
  6. Lou.D

    Check-In 1-18-19

    Slow this AM. Was hoping to take 1 more doe and hang it up for the year. Looks like Ill be heading out in the AM, would like to tonight but cant... Took a doe last night, front leg flailing like a wet noodle. No visible wounds or anything. Im think a car maybe last year even. There is little to no muscle left. Ill take a picture when I have her cleaned up.
  7. Lou.D

    Check-In 1-18-19

    I can't be the only one out!? Quiet. So far in z17. Big flurries still falling. Maybe 2 inches on the ground over in Chesterfield. Good luck be safe everyone! -Lou
  8. Nice looking rig! That looks like a workhorse. Good luck with the trade or sale. I already have a similar setup unfortunately so I cant chip in
  9. Lou.D

    Some nice bucks today 1/3/19

    WOW! They are lucky!!
  10. Lou.D

    First Buck... Finally. So happy.

    Congratulations 🤙🏼 well earned!
  11. Lou.D

    Buck Down!

    Great Buck 🤙🏼
  12. Lou.D

    Any knife makers here?

    @DBuckI have made a bunch of knives from usaknifemaker.com I havent had anything but good success from their pre cut heat treated blanks as well as their raw steel. Ill have to post a couple pics of thier pre made blanks that just need a scale added. Very reasonably priced and quality steel. Good luck 👍🏻
  13. Lou.D

    Merry Christmas HORN PORN

    Good luck that wide one would be a dandy!!
  14. Lou.D

    Bourbon and Scotch collectors

    🤣🤣 my reaction checking back in on this thread after a few evan willies' tonight!
  15. Lou.D

    Bourbon and Scotch collectors

    Oh boy let the roast begin haha! I am a devout Evan Williams connoisseur'...but i cut it so i cant justify any of the good good stuff 🤣