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  1. When I was in high school, I worked at sports authority on rt 1 in Lawrenceville partly for the 20% employee discount 😏. To my disappointment they yanked all hunting equipment and guns 2 months into my employment. Then came the fishing to much surprise. It only took a couple months after that to have the store close shop. History repeats itself. I couldn't let the rod racks go into the garbage. Wish I could have salvaged more.
  2. Hello all, I'm looking for some recommendations on kayaks one can stand and fish out of that wont break the bank. Im 5-10 175. I currently have a 17ft old town canoe that is great, but definitely not a 1 man rig. I do like the open style of a canoe, so this one caught my eye. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/ascend-h10-sit-in-hybrid-kayak-desert-storm I dont need a whole lot of bells and whistles. Just a stable platform to flip and cast off of when working down an area. Thats right in the price range I'd like to stay at. What do yall think? Also if anyone has one they are looking to offload let me know! Thanks-LouD
  3. Lou.D


    Way to put in the leg work @Greybeard sounds like it was a nice stroll and recon trip
  4. Great offer. How did she shoot? Still holding tight with my nitrum 30. No need to upgrade at the moment. GLWS
  5. Take a number and get in line! WOW!
  6. Great work proven killers! Good luck with them. Have you ever poured any with a shorter shank hook for sheepies?
  7. I cant wait to....currently at work down in Texas for another couple of weeks. Hopefully the weather stays steady enough while im home to hit the south branch or Delaware for some. Good luck 👍🏻
  8. @hooks91 I also fished the 206 bridge and had some jacks and small seabass action but was targeting sheepshead. As @LifeOutside773 mentioned, those fish were caught a little south of you at Matanza Inlet and Rattlesnake Island. Lots of good current on a tide swing with a mixed bag opportunity of reds, specs, black drum and sheepshead. Good luck. Cant wait to get back! Good luck!
  9. GETTING IT DONE!! Good stuff man ill have to get down therein the fall!
  10. I try to go down at least once to 3 times a year if the work schedule allows it. Nice to have family to stay with so it cuts down on the price of travel. Great place to be especially this time of year!
  11. My aunt lives there full time in crescent beach and my grandmother summers there. Cant beat the frontier flight out of Trenton-mercer for 60 bucks to get to Jacksonville! Not a bad setup!
  12. I love them! As my grandmother says "Its like whipped cream" 😂😂 Thanks again for steering me in the right direction!
  13. Good luck! I totally agree when I first started I had to learn on my own and did not have a big budget. There are some great people on this site to help you along the way 👍🏻
  14. Some may disagree with me but any camo or earth tones really should work. Be sure to be properly brushed in or have a large object behind you to break up your silhouette. Also keep movement to an absolute minimum. Position yourself so that you can call and you are ready to shoot at an instant with minimal movement. I stated with a cheap camo top, facemask, and gloves from Walmart and od green dickies when I first started and was successful... The Movement is what will alert them and will get you! Good luck!
  15. Shot down to St Augestine for a couple days. Missed the snow luckily and had some good weather. Managed to find some fish that wanted to play. Big thanks to @Buck154 for giving me some intel and putting me on the fish. Not quite the numbers I was looking for but cannot complain! Nice to spend some time on the water and have the family enjoy the filets! -Lou D
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