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  1. Lou.D

    Lew’s Tournament MB Baitcaster Reel F/S

    I have 3 of them. Really like them and cast light lures very well GLWS.
  2. Lou.D


    Damn! Those are some SLABS!!!
  3. Lou.D

    Amazon Prime ????????????????????

    It pays for itself during the holiday season for myself. Also the rest of my family piggy backs off my account so its worth it for me. But i agree, the tv/movies are lacking. I use it pretty much exclusively for the shipping.
  4. Lou.D

    Opening Day Tomorrow

    Good luck! Heading back to the gulf tomorrow for 3 weeks. Will catch the tail end of the season. Knock em down!
  5. Lou.D

    Tactacam Double at 3 yards!

    Right in the wheelhouse!!!
  6. Lou.D

    So, what does everyone do for work around here?

    Merchant Mariner 2nd mate unlimited tonnage 🤙
  7. Lou.D

    Great Weather for Fishing

    Thats awesome! I fish st. Augestine once a year or so, not spot burning, but where were you hookin up on those sheepies!??
  8. Lou.D

    April Fools, NOT

    Ive Been lucky enough working down south most of the Winter. But the last 3 crew changes there has been a dumping of snow every time on my travel day 😡!? At this rate yall can expect snow sometime around memorial day with my schedule . Hope it clears up enough flights up north wont get cancelled
  9. Lou.D

    To many to build

    Keep em coming! Tight wraps!
  10. Lou.D

    To many to build

    Nice work!
  11. Lou.D

    To many to build

    Ive got 2 to twist up when I come home from work after easter. Both are spinning setups, one is a gift for a buddy's graduation gift. And the other is a buddy "handout" rod to whoever wants to roll along with me fresh or inshore, medium spinning setup. Ill keep yall posted
  12. Lou.D

    To many to build

    Its a labor of love! If your feelin a little under motivated, take a little break. Your finished product will thank you! Ive boogered up a few projects rushing when I wish now I took my time and focused. Are these personal builds or for customers?
  13. Lou.D

    Florida Trip Update

    Nice Red! Ive been chasing them for 5 years now since I started workimg down south and cant get enough of them!
  14. Was blessed with a few great days of fishing in St. Augestine with my pops! Went out with a guide as well as banking it in a few spots in the area. Booked a half day guide with Hooked Up fishing. Day started out fairly slow with a few small reds and specs. As the day wore on, my dad picked up a nice slot size black drum! Getting closer to the end of the day, our guide Charlie broke out the local knowledge. We cruised to a spot that was just about washed completely out with the outgoing tide. I was skeptical at first, but within 10 min, I was hooked up into an upper slot red! The fish were hanging on a flat in less than 8 inches of water. Incredible! So crazy how these fish can stay hidden in such skinny water. All fish were caught on a few of the rods Ive been building, so needless to say I was stoked! Such privalage being able to finally treat my dad to something and spending some time doing things we love!
  15. Lou.D

    Snow Shoveling Treasure Hunt

    Now thats what Im talkin bout hahaha!