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  1. They are also having a 20% off sale on their website if anyone is looking for a different frame style!
  2. Awesome!! Gotta love the mixed bag opportunities the southern waters provide 😁 I myself am a sucker for sheepshead. They will drive you nuts like tog haha. Good work 🤙🏼
  3. Not quite sure, I would hope it was not a EHD or CWD. Never seen any signs of it previously. Not ruling it out but I believe they were possibly hit by cars and were run down into this area by coyotes. They are in different stages of decomposition, but most looked like they were eaten from the hind quarters forward.
  4. Found my first one of the year too... It still amazes me how I can find these little suckers and not stumble across and big ones, especially when I know there are very good bucks in the area...I also came across 5 dead ones definitely from this year. Like above were all were near water.. 🤔🤔
  5. Thats a killer setup. GLWS
  6. Great Job all. Blessed to have harvested 3 does and a Buck this season. Working on ships 3 weeks on/ 3 weeks off gives as much opportunity to hunt as it does take it away during the season. Bow: Buck/doe Shotgun: 2 doe. Thanks for the help with the shotgun/ scope recommendations. Savage 220 ate twice at 75 and 150 yards. They didnt take a step. Good luck all stay safe.
  7. Most definitely agree!
  8. Congrats!! You will love it. Took two this season with accutips to 150yards and didnt take a step! Very efficient tool, good luck with her!
  9. Surprised Vortex hasn't been mentioned. I run vortex 10x42 diamondbacks. Im happy with the weight/profile and clear glass for the money. Great Warranty aswell.
  10. I have heard great reviews on DD. But can personally recommend an aero precision AR. Quality rifle and if you wait for deals they can be had for a steal! I love my m4e1 upper and lower
  11. Ending the year proper right there! Congrats thats a Stud!
  12. Lou.D

    R 100 3 D shoot

    Man that sounds fun...And so close to home! Maybe my schedule change., would love to try this out
  13. Those are some gnarly brutes! Good luck with them.
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