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  1. Lou.D

    10-13-18 Zone 12 - 8 Pointer Down

    Thank you for sharing! Congrats to your Pops!
  2. Lou.D

    First Experience at Assunpink

    Tcook. You aint lyin! Break out the flak jackets. 2 years ago my tree got peppered from a gentleman whos glasses were thicker than a mason jar bottom. Somehow didn't see my blaze orange and orange flag on the tree
  3. Lou.D

    Carter wise choice

    I own a Wise Choice. While I have not hunted with it yet, I do like the release. Definitely helped me to pull through my shot and not slap the trigger. My goal was to hunt with it this year, but did not quite have the comfort level yet or confidence that I have with my caliper release quite yet. The release will let you know quickly of your form is off. Its a great training tool.
  4. Lou.D

    New Episodes of MeatEater on Netflix

    Steve Rinella is one of the driving factors that pushed me even further into hunting and fishing. As well as exploring more options while cooking the game I harvest. His podcast on PERMISSIONS is also a great help while aquiring new properties to hunt. Check out that podcast!
  5. Lou.D

    Nice VA Bow Buck

    Stud 8 nonetheless 👍🏻
  6. Lou.D

    Climbing Stands

    Summit viper SD is what I use. Great stand with a few mods. Mollie pack bacpack straps and third hamd archery bow holder and your good to go!
  7. Lou.D

    Philly airport bucks

    When my Tug and barge unit would dock at Ft. Mifflin in philly, (Across from the airport) I would watch slammer bucks be damn near hand fed by the terminal workers. They were growin em BIG! We would be in and out of there every few days. Very cool to watch them progress from velvet bachelor groups to wanting to bury eachother in a couple months.
  8. Lou.D

    Friday 10/5 PM Check-in

    In since 430 in z 41. Just caught a glimpse of a few doe. Hopefully they work my way. Good luck everyone.
  9. Lou.D

    Caption this trail cam pic...

    This is just too good not to post This is a pic off of my cam at a horse farm I hunt. Field was primarily on stadby, then they threw a horse in there. Needless to say he claimed his territory quickly
  10. Lou.D

    9/25 pm, zone 15

    Jeeze! I was thinking the same thing! If you are anywhere near me in z15 your gonna need a canoe to get out nevermind the headlamp!
  11. Lou.D

    Vacuum Sealer Processing Question

    Very well. Thanks guys gonna get to cuttin! I appreciate it. -Lou
  12. Hey all, This year I was gifted a vacuum sealer that I plan to use on the deer I harvested. I have done all my own processing in the past with just the normal plastic wrap and freezer paper with good results. My question is, with the vacuum sealed bag, should I wrap that in freezer paper aswell? Will it make any difference? Just wanted to check before I got to cutting. Id hate to have all of the meat not properly finished for the freezer. Thanks. -Lou
  13. Lou.D

    9/23/18 mid day to evening live hunt

    Out in zone 41 rain stopped, hope they get to steppin! Good luck everyone.
  14. Lou.D

    09/20/18 PM Check-in ***BUCK DOWN PIX ADDED***

    I usually use grim reaper razortips 1 3/8". But damn that cut is nasty. She damn near did a backflip when it hit
  15. Lou.D

    09/20/18 PM Check-in ***BUCK DOWN PIX ADDED***

    Awesome buck! Got a nice doe tonight. Pretty impressed with the rage trypan's she didn't go 10 yarda and piled up