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  1. Agreed. Some of my favorite merino base layers are from black ovis.
  2. Congrats and really enjoyed reading that.
  3. With Energizer lithium they should get over 3k pictures. Tactacam also make their own solar panels or you can get other brands from Herd 360 I just bought the tactacam solar chargers for 2 cameras. Hopefully everything works as I expect it. Thanks for the input. I appreciate it.
  4. No issues with battery life sending timely? Every thing I read said to send 2x a day.
  5. Deer seem to enjoy them or like the mushroom top look.
  6. good video. Interesting
  7. A very well written article and thank you!!
  8. I bought 2 of those bug assault 3.0 guns. Kids probably shot over a thousand of them. Had to get the leaf blower out to clean get rid of them. They are alot of fun and really do work.
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