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  1. Nice one. Anyone getting a bird today deserved it.
  2. Not sure what looks cooler the duck or how the water is around it. Awesome pic
  3. Looks like the right side is a little bit thicker and more structurally sound at the base. I am taking the right side for the win.
  4. I use decent decoys. I think with any decoy and turkey hunting is that they will either work great or they will mess everything up. I am at a stage where I would prefer not to use them.
  5. You would need to introduce the scent to the scenario first. The scent you can buy simulates the scent on the base of the antler when it falls off. Put some on an antler she chews and make your dog look for it. The dog will catch on pretty quickly if they like to retrieve/fetch. Once the scent portion is down get her used to looking for the antler by sight. Place some in an open field then start covering portions of them. Bring the dog to the spot you already hid them and she will try to find by scent and sight. Dont forget where you put them in case she doesn't find them.
  6. He doesn't bird hunt but I keep him looking for sheds all year. I use the shed scent to keep the sheds fresh all year. It is definitely his favorite thing to do. Started him at 8 weeks old. He is 5 now. He looks for sheds every where we walk. Below is a real good day from last year. Hit a couple of spots a day.
  7. Weather feels like a Spring morning turkey hunt. Good luck
  8. Greg Ribbs does all my work. Never had an issue with time and it is A+ quality.
  9. Would make a beautiful full body mount. Congrats
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