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  1. Good luck. Saw alot of deer running around driving to woods. Moon is brighter then a flashlight out here.
  2. Yobuck293


    Man that looks painful. Update if you hear one. Thats horrible.
  3. awesome first buck. congrats
  4. Been on many rifle hunts. Get a caliber that is common in case you have any issues (forget ammo, need to re-sight etc...) some one in camp will probably have. I love my browning hells canyon in 308. I have a leupold vi 3x18x50 on top. it is light and very accurate. not a lot of recoil at all.
  5. That stinks. Every time i see a picture like this it is amazing how tough these animals are. Hard to tell exactly where it hit him.
  6. Years ago shot a buck with the muzzy. Saw it drop and I waited about 30 minutes. We dragged that deer about a mile. Went to start gutting and it started kicking. Amazingly tough animals.
  7. nice one for sure. congrats
  8. Awesome bucks and that was a trip of a lifetime. Awesome when it all works out for everyone. Congrats
  9. Just a few stitches? Geesh. Did the guy pose for the picture prior to going to the ER? If he did that is one dedicated hunter.
  10. I ordered these last week for use in all my trail cams. They arrived today. They all look good and the ones I tested in the box were brand new. Good heads up and thanks.
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