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  1. My son shoots so many on the porch with the salt gun. That I have to fire up the leaf blower every few days to clean it off.
  2. My wife saw it many times in the hospital. Had no idea but it’s pretty common.
  3. Have a safe trip! Best of luck!
  4. I work at the post office. Dejoy was in office for about 10 minutes and started dismantling mail processing machines. They are still sitting in the parking lots of all the processing plants on our area. Between that and covid and the EEL leave for federal employees it’s not good.
  5. I used coopers on my first Taco. And when my new one needs a set it will be coopers again. Great tires!
  6. I have a black diamond headlamp that I wear just for walking in and out. I had one of them cheap ones from Amazon for tracking it was very bright but didn’t last. What one do you guys recommend? Thanks
  7. Def look into a pattern master choke tube. Buckshot relies on multiple hits to make a kill. Your pattern testing will tell you maximum range.
  8. All settled in. Zone 35. On the couch drinking beer watching college football Good luck to everyone out. Be safe!
  9. That’s great! Congrats!!
  10. Could be a hybrid from Kensington and Fishtsown. A fishington fox
  11. I bought the Vortex 10x42 last year. They are awesome and won’t break the bank. Have read some good things about Vortex’s customer service too
  12. That’s awesome. Must be a hell of a fight!
  13. Outstanding! Wow! Enjoy it and congrats!
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