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Who Remembers This Old Timer?


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It's Rich aka 35 Whelen from NJH days !!!  Rich and I have remained friends for all these years, he got permission to hunt bears on two different tracts of land in the Blairstown area. I went with him to look them over, he decided to he liked one over the other, put out bait and only had small bears hitting it at night, the other piece the people only hunt deer but kept getting a bear on camera always during daylight hours, they wanted it gone. So for about a week and half Rich has been baiting with donuts and sure enough this bear was hitting numerous times per day during daylight, as well as a sow with cubs. He couldn't hunt yesterday, but he went and got settled in by noon today. The bear came in 6 times, and finally presented a shot. He called me at 4:19 to tell me he shot the SOB, so I drove the 1/2 hr with my JetSled. We started tracking, the blood wasn't good he heard no death moan, I told him this bear will be found !!! Then it seemed the blood couldn't be found, those damn leaves with red specks on them doesn't help. So I suggested calling Darren Doran and his dog, he said he will be there in 30 mins, while Rich was BSing with Darren I found more blood, and I followed it, and it got better & better.....I was looking down searching for more blood, this land is so damn thick....Rich yells out THERE HE IS !!!!!  He was 15 yards ahead of us. It took 4 of us to get out, as the JetSled was getting hung up on many saplings. Got to the check station, live weight was 374 #, dress weight 317#.....Took it to "THE BUCK STOPS HERE" butcher, our friend Frank will be mounting it for him.




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