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  1. Joeybeets

    How many Deer Permits do you pay for?

    This year probably 6 total 3 for me and 3 for my limited income grad student son.
  2. Joeybeets

    How to take perfect Turkey harvest photos

    Although the photos did come out great.
  3. Joeybeets

    How to take perfect Turkey harvest photos

    Nice but nailing a turkey to a stump for a photo. That’s like stapling a deers tongue to the roof of its mouth so it doesn’t hang out.
  4. Joeybeets

    Suburban bucks

    Sweet pics.
  5. Joeybeets

    Recommend Woodsman416 for tires or other auto work

    Good to know.
  6. Joeybeets

    Cam check funky buck

    Nice pics!
  7. Joeybeets

    NJ-Js `Caught off site

    Like it nice!!
  8. Joeybeets

    Rhode Island Fluking

    Real nice enjoy those babies!!
  9. Joeybeets

    My New Work Truck

    Sweet enjoy!!!
  10. Joeybeets

    Denali Vacation

    Enjoy have a great time!!
  11. Joeybeets

    Removable antler

  12. Joeybeets

    Single or Both Eyes Open to Shoot

    Both eyes open and crossed.
  13. Joeybeets

    Just got my buck back from Jersey Jays

    Awesome looks great!!
  14. Joeybeets

    This month is dragging....

    Nice pics!!
  15. Joeybeets

    Doe with Quadruplets or not?

    I have seen a lot more multiple fawns this year compared to years past.