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  1. Yea, Crazy thing is so many slammers on our property and the adjoining ones they are all fenced in and have security 24 hours 7 days a week and the deer almost seem to know it. 😎 ton of fox also
  2. He has a doe on total lock down. He is all rut swollen his left eye was pretty beat up couldn’t get a picture fast enough.
  3. Nope just an expensive Buck that showed up at our depot in Elizabeth way to go White Buffalo for ripping off Staten Island for millions. Guess what the deer are still swimming back and forth to Staten Island and the doe’s are getting bred by NJ Bucks. Although it would make a nice conversation piece in the trophy room with the tag in his ear.
  4. I use it just looked at it. Loads but it appears all my locations are now gone. And they have added some cheesy electronic deer, turkey and rabbit calls. Probably sold the locations to China!! 😎
  5. In order to be fair I have seen and know a lot of guy’s who use an atv on public land to bait and bring in ladder stands etc. When I ask them why do you think it’s ok to use your atv on public land the response is I pay a lot of money for a hunting license and permits yes I know it’s illegal but I am not tearing up the place. So are they just trying to justify doing something illegal to fit their needs? These guy’s are also the first ones to complain about hunts being ruined by atv and dirt bike riders. Just sayin.
  6. Someone tried a year or two ago blind with corn off the walking path arrested no hunting license etc etc.
  7. Open further review Beaver.
  8. Joeybeets

    Any Idea??

    Found this jawbone while scouting. The one tooth slid out and is quite long muskrat maybe??
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