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  1. First time in a long time I am able to actually enjoy the site all the ads had my eyes going crazy. I know you say they are needed to run the site but getting blasted by all the Bogus ads redirecting you got to be to much. I use Verizon for my phone and internet.
  2. Mom & Pop stores cannot compete with Big box stores as it is. Add in your Amazon.com etc web stores. It’s pretty tough to survive. R.I.P DICKS
  3. So when you become a member do you get one of these jackets??
  4. Pretty sad day if you are a pats fan. He is just another old horny slob.
  5. Nice way to finish out the season. This weather has been really strange.
  6. Feel better. I use the Find Friends app on my Verizon phone and share my location with my son he knows the woods we hunt in. When I get to a spot I text him “headed into the woods etc” the app works really great we tested it out a few times and it was right on the money each time.
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