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  1. I was on my way out it was extremely hot out and they did not look like they were in the mood to be answering questions. Hence the topic.
  2. Saw this yesterday not to sure what To make of it. Strange how they talk about cutbacks but yet have all these workers and materials to build these gates. Anyone know what is going on here?? I know several ramps are closed at other lakes but did not see or read anything about this one.
  3. Kind of a tough sale from what I have heard the owner of the property is selling the entire property. So depending on who buys it and what they plan on doing with the property it is a pretty big risk for someone looking to buy that store unless they can swing buying the whole property. Sorry to hear it is for sale and hopefully someone can buy it and keep it going.
  4. Have you cleared the pages in your background ? If not press down on your screen on either the left or right side of your phone and swipe it up to the opposite corner then you will see all the pages just swipe them up one at a time to get rid of them. Also shutting off your phone for 5- 10 minutes would be my next move no need to reset your whole phone. You can google a video showing you how to swipe those background pages if needed. Good Luck.
  5. Nice,it’s been tough getting as of late.
  6. Casino the nj connection
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