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  1. Farmingdales Finest

    Anyone have arthroscopic surgery for torn meniscus?

    I had it 3 consecutive summers in college. The last time was 32 years ago and haven't had an issue since until a couple of months ago. The orthopedist said he was surprised with my history I wasn't bone on bone and I now have some arthritis. He gave me a cortisone shot and PT. It feels much better now. That being said the doctor that did y last surgery gave me some advice. He said if you can bear the pain and the knee doesn't lock up or give out than put it off as long as possible because eventually you will need joint replacement and you can only do it a few times in your life.
  2. Farmingdales Finest

    The Tax Cuts Were a Bust

    Me too and a refund for the first time in many years!
  3. Farmingdales Finest

    Found a nice one today!

    Nice finds!
  4. Farmingdales Finest

    Wide Late Season 8pt Down

    Congrats John! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Farmingdales Finest

    Hang and Hunt for NJ deer hunting?

    I agree 100% and have been doing this about half of the time I hunt public land. A hang on can be set up anywhere the climber can go and and almost anywhere the climber can't. I will say as I get older if I know the area well and see a pattern change I will often use the climber first to observe the new spot and then move in next with a hang and hunt.
  6. Farmingdales Finest

    1/19 check in

    Out in 50. No deer but the reddest fluffiest coat fox I have ever seen at 8:20. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Farmingdales Finest

    First EVER harvest(s)!!!!

  8. Farmingdales Finest

    3D archery

    Farmers Sportsmen's and BlackKnight bowmens bot have what your looking for. Sportsmen's has steeper hills and would be more realistic for western hunting.
  9. Farmingdales Finest

    Deer Classic-Anyone going?

    I went on Saturday with my wife and daughter. While they walked around I entered the 3D shoot on a whim. Haven’t really practiced since October between hunting, work and it getting dark early other than a few shots in the basement at 10 yards. To my surprise I made the shootoff on Sunday. I was the only one to qualify shooting a hunting setup and got smoked the second day! LOL [emoji1787][emoji1787]. It was good seeing the deer and the guys from UBNJ. The pickles were awesome but most of the exhibitors were lacking to say the least. It also fell on a bad weekend this year. The ATA show was this weekend so most of the big dealers were there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Farmingdales Finest

    Cabelas, Bass Pro..say it isn't so!!!

    Ironically the Delaware store is better stocked than the Pa. store even though its significantly smaller and then you pay no sales tax.
  11. Farmingdales Finest

    So...who here is "fixed"???

    You don't want to know mine. LOL I was on the table and the doctor told me I was going to feel a pinch. Well I just about jumped off the table. He then asks how much do I weigh. I told him 245. He then says "oops I thought you were about 220Lbs. He said I can't give you more anesthesia so we have two options we can put a stitch and you come back another day or you can tough it out today ." I told him I would never come back and to finish. I grabbed the side of the table and clenched my teeth and he finished. On the positive side I had virtually no swelling and bruising. He did lie to me about being able to ride my bike within a couple of days it was about two weeks before the pain was gone enough to ride.
  12. Farmingdales Finest


    I met Christie after Hurricane Sandy. He is an Asshole but I think overall he did a good job. Just like I think Trump is an asshole but overall doing a good job.
  13. Farmingdales Finest

    Winter bow check in 01/01/2019

    I have had several over the years lick my hang on ladders. Never understood why.
  14. Farmingdales Finest

    Last Sit of 2018 check-in

    It’s funny that you say you hate getting in at the crack of light. I do too but then think back and realize some of my best hunts have happened when I was climbing in my stand as the sun was coming over the horizon. Also we were in Nassau last week. Took a cruise unfortunately my wife took a hard fall on the deck and didn’t make it more than two blocks from the ship. It would have been great bumping into you and your wife. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Farmingdales Finest

    Big Monmouth County 10 point

    Congrats on a Slammer!