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  1. Farmingdales Finest

    Verifiers peep sight. Has anyone tried them?

    I switched to a verifier 4 or so years ago and it’s a game changer. If I didn’t have one I am confident I would no longer be able to shoot my bow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Farmingdales Finest


    Twice I was scared. The first time was walking to my treestand when I kicked a grouse in the dark and it flew up against my leg I screamed like a little girl. Then heard a bunch of snorts. [emoji23] The second time was much more serious. It was opening day in the water gap and a deer was walking down a saddle. I am waiting for a clear shot when suddenly I hear a gun shot so close I nearly shit my pants and the wad of the guys shotgun hit the tree a few feet above my head. It was before I was smart enough to wear a safety harness with where I was my stand was set in a pine about 10 feet off the ground. I jumped out as I am composing myself a guy walks out and asks if I saw his deer. I read him the riot act and then when I calmed down I helped him track it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Farmingdales Finest

    Need Tires for my Ram

    I had the Goodrich on my Yukon XL and I have the Coopers on my Ram now. I liked both tires a lot. That being said the BFG's are better in snow and off road and much louder on the street. The Coopers are good in all conditions just not as good in the snow and off road. When I have to replace the tires again I will be getting more Coopers. Also they are about $100 or so cheaper per tire so my bank account likes that a lot! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Farmingdales Finest

    Best trail cam under $100?

    Not really a big trail cam guy but I would suggest going to campfire.com and signing up for their emails. Today they have a bunch of trail cams and accessories on sale. They all seem to be about 30-40% less than regular retail. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Farmingdales Finest

    Best NJ county for solid bucks?

    Lots of deer there! Counted 47 in a drive out there this spring. This was less than 20 minutes and a couple that already had branch antlers by May. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Farmingdales Finest

    Climber Recommendation

    I second the Treewalker. It is much more stable than any summit, larger for the weight, most are lighter than the summit, you sit higher in the top section so there is less movement to stand and the top section is lower than the summit so that you are less likely to hit the stand with your bottom limb or cam. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Farmingdales Finest

    2018 UBNJ 3-D Summer League

    Looking forward to it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Farmingdales Finest

    What PACK do you run?

    Mystery Ranch Glacier. Just under 4300 cubic inches. Rated for 100 pounds. After seeing that the MR Metcalf was the most popular hunting model at almost the exact same size. I couldn't justify paying over $200 more for 150 pound rating and a game shelf. I paid $260 on sale at moosejaw and bought the Kifaru Grab it to carry any game bags as well as it making a great bow carrier. In NJ I use an Easton 2200 bowhunter pack. It's perfect for winter layers. Almost too big early season especially when I just carry some water and my knife. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Farmingdales Finest

    Any New Hunting Purchases Before The Season?

    Spent a small fortune on hunting this year. My son and I are doing a backpack archery elk trip to Colorado. Bought two new Mystery Ranch backpacks, Mountain smith shelter, Garmin Inreach gps, a dozen slick trick viper trick broad heads, another dozen Beman Ics realtree arrows, two 120 qt Coleman extreme Marine coolers, new Under Armour synthetic camo and a whole bunch more for our adventure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Farmingdales Finest

    CDC states they found a NEW way to keep away Ticks

    That's correct. I used to rep repel insect repellents and cats nervous system will get screwed up and may die while it's wet. Once dried even if it becomes wet it won't hurt them. It is also safe on the skin and I use it on myself every year. Just on my hands and rub onto my neck and face. Then spray down my clothes it works great to avail chiggers too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Farmingdales Finest

    DIY Colorado Archery Elk

    Thanks for the info and have you used the two services that you linked?
  12. Farmingdales Finest

    DIY Colorado Archery Elk

    I missed the part about the spike camp sorry. I have already spoken to my cardiologist and he is on-board with it. Even at this weight I am able to ride my mountain bike with a heart rate as high as 180 bpm. If I go over as measured by my Polar heart rate monitor that I wear when I am working out hard I have to stop for about 10-15 minutes to get the rate down but can basically go unimpeded at 180 bpm which would be considered peak for a 51 year old. I had a Widow Maker heart attack at 43 just 6 months after I won the Pan Ams for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I had 100% blockage of the LAD artery and the cardiologist that put my stent in told me I probably had at least a 90% blockage when I won the tournament. I not only survived I had no damage to the heart. I am not on any heart medications and the only medication I take is 10 mg of Crestor which is an extremely low dose to help control cholesterol. It's genetic with the cholesterol I was only slightly elevated at the time of the heart attack with a level of 218. I appreciate your concern about my age and weight but I have learned to work within my body and not push so hard for me that I or my cardiologist is that worried about it. That being said I will be taking a Garmin Inreach for the emergency beacon just in case as well as will be looking up where the nearest hospital is from where we hunt.
  13. Farmingdales Finest

    DIY Colorado Archery Elk

    I had not thought of a drop camp. I have always been a DIY kind of guy so it never crossed my mind. I understand in theory our success rate should be higher because they would be taking us in to an area that should be better scouted than I may be able to via aerial photo's because they actually are in the area and can scout it but I kind of like the challenge and if successful I am sure the sense of accomplishment would be much greater. The biggest upside I see is having a mule carry my stuff in and out and if we do get an elk then it saves a ton of humping it out but I am not sure that is worth an extra $4000 out of my pocket. I also don't have a party of four which it sounds like they really want. Have you done this? I am not closed off to it I think I just need to be better educated to the advantages of a drop camp.
  14. Farmingdales Finest

    DIY Colorado Archery Elk

    I originally thought this was going to be a trip that I had 3 years to prepare for but last week my wife suggested we do it this year. The reason being after my son graduates there is no guarantee that he doesn't have a job by the time elk season comes around and then I am not getting any younger! We are both much bigger than average. I am 6'2" and 278 Lbs down from 296 over the Holiday's after ballooning up from a construction accident that left me in PT for 4 months where I couldn't lift a gallon of milk with my bow arm and barely walk the dog around the block this time last year. So I went from 250-296. I am shooting to be 240 and hopefully lighter by the hunt. Then my son is just a big boy at 6'5" 260 and not really fat. After a lot of research I found the Big Agnes Encampment 15 and it is much larger than most bags but at a weight penalty. Not much I can do about that though. I bought some Eddie Bauer Trekking poles when I ordered some of their Guide pants. These are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn and I may be done with camo pants for life. A kifaru pack is just not in the budget but I bought for myself the Mystery Ranch Glacier for myself from Moosejaw.com for $250 on sale. MR is the company Aron Snyder recommends to people that find out Kifarus don't fit them properly. It's rated for 90 lbs and it makes 50 lbs feel like its not much more than 25 lbs. Based upon what I have read I want an Inreach for my wife's peace of mind if for nothing else but I have no idea what the difference is between the two models ro what would be better for us? Any insight would be greatly appreciated! I have never needed a GPS here in Nj so it will be something I need to get very soon to learn how to use. I ahve a first aid kit and the same water filter already.
  15. Farmingdales Finest

    DIY Colorado Archery Elk

    I won't be able to take enough time off of work to go a week early unfortunately. We will be driving from here to there. According to Google Maps it's about a 30 hr. drive so we plan on leaving two days before the opener and come home labor day. So about 4 days driving and 5-6 days scouting/hunting.