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  1. Farmingdales Finest

    Compound Bow shooting ?

    If you knuckles are behind your ear you likely are shooting a draw length at least an inch too long. Here is a good video to help.
  2. Farmingdales Finest

    Old School Bear/Deer hunting

    After your first post I did a search and there were several crashes into those ridges going back to the 1940's. Mostly military airplanes. But still not sure what you were referencing with it regarding mine or anyone else's posts.
  3. Farmingdales Finest


    Both. Worthington State Forest is at the bottom by route 80. Then several miles north you will see entering the the Delaware Water Gap national recreation area and that’s federal. Then I believe it goes back and forth further up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Farmingdales Finest


    That was great and I am glad my experience yesterday prompted you to post your story!
  5. Farmingdales Finest

    Old School Bear/Deer hunting

    Not sure what you are referring too? Also for anyone interested in seeing my pics I have this story with photo's on the New Jersey Bear Hunting spot on FB.
  6. Farmingdales Finest

    Old School Bear/Deer hunting

    It's funny you mention that. That was the trail where I expected to be for Saturday.
  7. Farmingdales Finest

    Old School Bear/Deer hunting

    Attachment not working from my phone.
  8. Farmingdales Finest

    Old School Bear/Deer hunting

    Ok anyone have any idea how to post pictures to this site? I have never had any issue posting them on any other site using Tapatalk.
  9. Farmingdales Finest

    Old School Bear/Deer hunting

    Plans got changed on the fly while at the Gap yesterday but still had a great time. I planned on parking on Old Mine Rd and hiking up to the AT but it turned out you aren’t allowed to park overnight at the trailhead I wanted to go in. The sign also said the trail was closed due to the storms back in March which surprised me further. I drove farther down the road and came upon a pull off area and parked. I got onX maps on my phone and never needed to have a map downloaded in NJ before but once I got about 1/4 mike from the truck and went to look and see the best route to the top the Topo feature didn’t work. [emoji22]. So I made the best of it and scouted the bench I was on and found a saddle that came down through a ridge that had a bunch of trails converging over an acorn flat. After 3 hours and only seeing a few squirrels I got the itch to move. I decided to move down the base of the ridge until I found a creek emptying into a swampy area. Almost as soon as I stepped into the swampy spot I jumped a big body buck about 40 yards away. I moved slower down the hill and found two trails that came off the ridge into the swamp. There were some raspberry bushes and a bunch of oaks dropping acorns. About 15 minutes before dark I hear something above me and see two does at the top of the trail. If they take the right trail they come down to me at about 30 yards unfortunately they went down the left side and came out at about 70 yards and fed farther down the ridge until I lost sight. I pack up and start following the ridge down the hill to go to the truck. As I am walking I come upon a giant abandoned barn/garage. In it were two super old cars and farming apparatus I can’t identify. I figure there is going to be a road down to the main road. Nope! It was completely isolated. Very weird and spooky. I was thinking I was glad it was Friday the 12th and not the 13th because I was fully expecting Jason to jump out and slash me to death. 🤣🤣. Once I realize there is no road down I come up to some of the thickest briars I have seen in my life. All I can say is tank god I had trekking poles with me because I was able to push a lot of the stickers away. They also saved me twice from falling on my face when I had to climb down two banks and cross two streams. Once I get down to the road I hike about 1/2 mile to my truck and call my wife to let her know I will be home later after I make some dinner at the truck. I pulled out my backpacking stove and made a mountain house beef stroganoff and some hot chocolate. So when dinner is cooked I pull out my stool and it promptly breaks as I sit on it and fall backwards into a creek from all the rain runoff. As I am driving out I had two raccoons waddle so slowly accross the road I had to stop and sit for almost a full minute. I go about another minute and the same thing happens with a opossum. Then finally about two miles farther I see the glint of an animals eyes low on the road. I think it’s another raccoon or opossum. But it turned out to be a bear! It was laying in the road eating a road killed squirrel! As the lights shine brighter I see it jump up and run up the hill! All in all a pretty good day! IMG_1112.HEIC IMG_1113.HEIC IMG_1124.HEIC IMG_1127.HEIC IMG_1132.HEIC IMG_1133.HEIC IMG_1134.HEIC IMG_1136.HEIC Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Farmingdales Finest

    Who Remembers This Old Timer?

    Congrats on a great bear! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Farmingdales Finest

    Whole house dehumidifiers?

    Do any of you have flood vents in your basements? My house was flooded during Hurricane Sandy and was lifted 3 years ago so now my crawl space has become 1000 sq ft above ground basement. This year with how much rain we have had I am now getting mildew everywhere down there but based upon what I have read from the links on this thread I may be out of luck with a dehumidifier since I have these vents?
  12. Farmingdales Finest

    Climbing Stands

    The treewalker is the lightest I know of for its size. It has tighter tolerances than any stand made so tight that you don't need straps to connect and carry the two sections. More stable and safer than any stand. All are rated to 350 lbs and being someone that is 275lb and been as big as 296 i can tell you there is no flex.
  13. Farmingdales Finest

    Buck Down

    Congrats! Great Buck!
  14. Farmingdales Finest

    Old School Bear/Deer hunting

    Plan on it. I jut got a Gopro too but have to figure out how to synch it up with my phone, Turning it on manually it makes really loud beeps but apparently with a remote from the phone its silent. I think these tech companies do shit like this just to do it. There should be a manual way of doing it or if not silent would be better for most conditions.
  15. Farmingdales Finest

    Old School Bear/Deer hunting

    I know I should have been there for today but it was kind a spur of the moment thing. Also when I decided this yesterday I saw the weather for the weekend is going to be almost 20 degrees cooler. So that should be better for me because I sweat like a pig and the cooler temps should be better for deer movement.