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  1. Bannock-pt.

    Talk about a big waste of money.

    There posted all over stokes
  2. Bannock-pt.

    The Pre-Rut is heating up starting now!

    Whats up with the state of nj sticker?
  3. Bannock-pt.

    Updated Bear Totals - 139

    I love my muzzleloader , but those savage bolt slug guns are really nice as well. Very accurate and pack a wallop.
  4. Bannock-pt.


    Chewing tobacco?
  5. Bannock-pt.

    Maine bound

    Congrats, love those dark antlers
  6. Bannock-pt.

    Updated Bear Totals - 139

    13 bears yesterday. Seems like a huge waste of money to have this type of reporting situation for that few bears. Waste of publics resources to pay all that money babysitting protestors when they could come up with a much more responsible reporting scenario.
  7. Bannock-pt.

    Who Remembers This Old Timer?

    Congratulations, beautiful bear!
  8. Bannock-pt.

    Did anyone score today?

    Looks like more bears on the first day this year than last yr.
  9. Bannock-pt.

    Nice VA Bow Buck

    Beauty buck. Congrats to the hunter. Agree that its no where near 180 but its still an amazing whitetail.
  10. Bannock-pt.

    Shoot thru mesh

    Thanks guys for all the feedback. Really appreciate it. Im going to set up an extra blind in the yard tomorrow and give it a whirl. I’ll post some feedback after. I have to be 100 percent confident that it wont mess me up before I will even consider it. Not sure I have enough mesh for that though.
  11. Bannock-pt.

    Shoot thru mesh

    Just wondering what the consensus is on shooting through the mesh on groundblinds. I have never done it before. Always had the windsows open. But, I set up a blind today and was thinking of how much extra concealment the mesh gives you. Would be nice to hear opinions.
  12. Bannock-pt.

    Tonight is his big night....

    Definitely enjoy the hunt together. Try to make it a fun adventure ! Take lots of pics, trust me when I say you will look back on this night fondly many years down the road.Good luck!
  13. Bannock-pt.

    Less Bear Hunters Next Week !!!

    Not buying one this year. I live in NY, close to the jersey border. Out of state license is just to expensive for me to purchase just to prove a point. Last year my son and I camped at stokes. Thats money NJ wont get now. Spent money at numerous establisments, jumboland, elias cole, dales market,lots of bait runs to andover hunt and fish. While we were there we bought lots of other stuff. Nj itself as well as many fine establishments, a few tips for wait staff at restaurants etc , will not be getting my money this year. Too bad NJ politics are costing its working class people and establishments. Sad.
  14. Bannock-pt.

    So word is.....Jorge and Sons is closed....yet again.

    Used Jorge last year for the first time. I can say that the place was spotless. It was the hands down best processing job that I have ever had done. I was impressed and Im sorry to see him go.
  15. Bannock-pt.

    Sussex county butcher?

    Had some specialty products made. However they wouldnt give me my regular cuts until everything was done in january. Why couldnt I get my steaks, roasts etc, before then? I went in more than once asking for my regular cuts, I was told no deal. Policy.