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  1. Having to read posts like this and decipher all of the insane laws NJ has will keep me from hunting again in NJ next yr. I live in NY and could throw a rock and hit NJ from my property. But I will stay in my home state frome now on. The only exception will be if your state allows an archery bear hunt again next yr. I never thought I would say that NY laws regarding guns and travel would be better than other states. However, hunting in NJ leaves me feeling uneasy traveling back and forth. Even when Im always 100 percent legit as always. Im sure a few of you guys will be like great stay home in NY. Lets not turn it into that. I’ve heard that sentiment on here more than once. Actually I here lt alot in NY as well when guys see a NJ plate and public land as well. I never understood that. Were all hunters and if we dont stick together no matter what state we will be doomed. Regardless, I will continue to use this site as my go to site as Imo this is a great site with a great group of hunters.
  2. Bannock-pt.

    Big Bear Shot Yesterday

    Guy is one hard working bear hunter. I stop there often to get bait supplies and just talk bear hunting. Great job, you earned it!
  3. Bannock-pt.

    Knight revolution

    I shoot the knight disc elite. Serious tack driver. Have it for yrs and will never give it up. I got one of the first ones off the line back when the barrels were built by green mtn barrels.
  4. Bannock-pt.

    Beaver carcass

    If any succesfull beaver trappers in northeast Nj need or want to help a fellow hunter out I'd appreciate it. I could use a beaver carcass for my bear bait. Feel free to respond or pm me. Thanks for any help. I would like to kill a bear before this hunt disappears with the new politics.
  5. Bannock-pt.

    Traditional archery shop

    Are there any bow shops that have a traditional bow selection? Or a trad knowledgeable staff? Thx
  6. Bannock-pt.

    To all the chewing tobacco users on the site, do me a favor!

    Quit chew 6 weeks ago. Best thing I ever did for myself. Hardest thing to do as well. Wish I never started the crap years ago. Funny how they gave free samples in hunting mags years ago. I know for a fact that it cost me some game animals as well.
  7. Bannock-pt.

    Arrested in China Shoplifting

    I read that china has a 100 percent conviction rate after indictment. These 3 I believe have been indicted. Not a good situation for them. I dont know enough about the case to comment further. However I thought that bit of information was worth sharing.
  8. Bannock-pt.

    Election day - check in

    Up in high point for the muzzleloader hunt. My first and last time participating in this hunt. My son had off from school and this is his first deer gun hunt. Had a spot baited, ground blind , cam. Sweet setup. Left it alone yesterday so it was nuce and fresh for him. Came in, pulled card. Bucks , does and bears. Sweet. Well wouldnt you know. No action in a.m . Go figure. at 12:30 Guys start doing a drive right through spot. A muzzleloader drive. I have nothing against drives. And the guys were very polite. Just rubs me the wrong way I guess. Its public and legal but knowing that youll be walking by people and through peoples setups would leave me feeling dirty. Needless to say, guys have moved out, but junior and I arent feeling very confident in our spot now. Cam had deer feeding at 2:00 yesterday. Today at 1:30 guys were whistling. Just feel bad for my son. Had a great feeling he was going to kill his first deer today and the chances have gone down dramatically. We'll keep at it until dark, you just never know.
  9. Bannock-pt.

    Catch any deers?

    One of the funniest posts ive read in awhile. Love the pics. Great presentation!
  10. Bannock-pt.

    Some Youth Pheasant Success!!!

    Great Job. Way to raise em right! The smiles say it all...
  11. Bannock-pt.

    If you were "going to get sick"

    Tomorrow and Friday will be warm. If I only had a couple days to pick, I would choose next Tuesday and Wednesdsy, or possibly Wed- Thurs. next week. Midweek means less people. There's a front blowing out monday night Tuesday morn. Should be prime chasing next week.
  12. Bannock-pt.

    Cross bow hunters

    Taditional shooters vs. compounds.Some compound shooters wonder about crossbow shooters.Some bow hunters ask why hunt with a gun. Some trad muzzleloader guys look down on inlines. Fly fishing vs. spin, etc. Do what floats your boat. Theres definitely a harder way to do just about anything you decide to do. If you choose that path and get more satisfaction from it than thats awesome. But when you feel content, dont look at the one whos doing it harder or easier and judge. Theres enough people doing that already.
  13. Bannock-pt.


    Ha, imagine what I'm paying for all the tags as a non-res. Then Im paying for my sons tags also.I hunt ny as a res, and jersey as a non-res. I must be nuts because I'm thinking I need to start hunting Pa as well next yr.
  14. Bannock-pt.

    Moose Hunt picture dump

    Congrats. Looks like alot of memories as well as a freezer full of meat!
  15. Bannock-pt.

    10/13 check in

    Out in zone 2 for the afrernoon hunt. Son just passed on a tiny bear. Looks promising.