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  1. The boys be hiding today

    Good Luck Dan - Good day for a nap in the sun!
  2. Balls deep bow bird

    Nice work Dan! Way to go!
  3. Northern pike- behind the scenes

    Nice touch up!
  4. Will Russia Replace Putin

    I read "The man without a face" a book about Putin. One bad dude!! He'll need to die to be replaced, he's rewritten all the laws!
  5. Snow/blue geese mounted up

    They look great! Nice work!
  6. Attention Bowhunters Don't Do This

    The brighter side is if they run out of Buffalo burgers at the funeral, they've got Dee's crickets etc. to back it up. God knows I'd be first on line for a burger!
  7. Attention Bowhunters Don't Do This

    This is Darwin 101, not to belittle him but I guess all his wives can console each other.
  8. Just One Lure?

    I caught a brown trout, rainbow, walleye, largemouth, small mouth and yellow perch on a 4" Keitech minnow in the same day in NY last year, also caught crappie, rock bass, and a fresh water drum on that same swim bait. And have had some unbelievable days fishing the 2,3 and 4" model so I would have to take the Keitech minnow in Sungill or Alewife
  9. Not Where I’d Put My Bow

    Geez- my goes in the passenger seat with a belt on, and I always make sure the passenger side air bag is active in case of trouble. My passengers don’t always agree but they get the option of driving themselves otherwise!
  10. Barn Beams for great room

    They’ll look awesome! I’ve used a guy in NY to build some furniture and love the look. Can’t wait to see the finished product. If your ever looking for rustic furniture check out. https://m.facebook.com/Reclaimedlumber in NY. Expensive but stuff is beautiful.
  11. Dinner for a King

    King crab is one of my top 3 meals! Looks great!
  12. What are your goals for this coming deer season?

    I certainly will - successful or not I will certainly provide a story! Thanks!
  13. I love the idea! I would defined participate if in NJ and if not would just make a donation. Hope this happens!
  14. Little Yak Fishing

    Nice! Can't believe those crappie were that active and hitting those baits!
  15. What are your goals for this coming deer season?

    I am fortunate enough to be going Elk hunting for the first time this year and I would really like to harvest my first elk. My wife also just got her bow license so I hope that she shoots a bigger buck than I do! Hunt as much as possible!