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  1. Nothings ever stopped me like Lyme disease and Bartonella from a tick. 6 months IV’s- 4 other meds some full time some a week a month. Thought I was dying slept 12-14 hours a day for weeks, wake up like someone pulled your spine out. Misdiagnosed with Lupus etc. Thank God with the right Dr. and being to stubborn to lay down I fought my way back to 95%. Permethrin and being smart is the only way to win here in Northern NJ. If anyone is really suffering PM me I was referred to and treated by the best Lyme Dr in the country.
  2. I was going to post this same topic, I run cameras year round. 1 farm I have 3-4 mature hens with 0 poults, here at home I have a hen that has a single. I am waiting for her to show up alone. Also have a good friend who had a hen on his property with 8 and now runs with 0!
  3. Pretty awesome! Congrats, looks like an great day on the water!
  4. Lonewolf76

    Mushroom ID??

    Stinkhorn- Clathrus columnatus My guess.
  5. Nice work Dan! Hi to Tracey!
  6. You are a sweetheart Mark! 😁 Pretty awesome of you!
  7. Thanks guys! Jaime - great to meet you and BS enjoy the cases!
  8. NotJust22s- has the rest. Thanks Guys, made that easy.
  9. Please post here too if you are interested.
  10. 1. New Dolica 62” tripod 2. (3) Gun cases all in good shape- 2 doubles and a single. The one in picture with broken latch is not one of them. 3. Various Ammo - couple boxes of .300 win in 150gr. 2-3 boxes. Various others. 4. Digital depth finder for Vexilar Flasher 5. Leupold Medium Rings and Base New Few other random items in picture. I would prefer 1 or 2 transactions max if anyone has a need or interest. Pick up in Ringwood. Shoot me a PM or text 201-575-1133 Tim
  11. I get tons of alerts that I have pictures, I use the spartan app I think you can shut off those alerts but I am not sure.
  12. I lease out of state (KS) and have used Spartans for a couple of years and love them. I am with @mattg1500 on the solar setup from Mike at Herd 360. I dont know how long the batteries last with this configuration because the 3 I’m testing locally have only been up for about 6 weeks and are still at 100% battery. Speaking to Mike at 360 he’s said he has customers that have had them up for over a year without the need to address batteries. This is huge to me as I have literally had to pay a farm hand to swap batteries for me. So far I like the setup and other than 3G cameras not being good after the end of 2020, Spartans have been trouble free for years. Couple of recent photo’s!
  13. I need an extra. Ill take it. Sent a PM if its not sold. Thanks.
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