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  1. Thanks Doug see you this week. Thought your username was someone else. Crazy we know each other anyway!
  2. Ill take them John. It’s Tim Walsh shoot me a text 201-575-1133. I can grab them this week.
  3. Sent PM yesterday- ill take it. See PM for meet up details.
  4. I like these and have a bunch. I will offer $150 if you ever come north to Ringwood area. Tim 201-575-1133
  5. Hey there, curious what county your in? I lost my lease about 2 weeks ago in Marion County after 7 years and it being like a second home, outfitter offered 15X what I was paying!
  6. Thats me Sleep Stalking, I like to stay hydrated when doing so. Great scouting tool.
  7. With ice just getting to a fishable point in many places I pray for very little! Stay cold!
  8. Beautiful buck! Congratulations! I’d put him right at 120!
  9. I’ll never forget the first one I shot, was on Lake Superior. We made fettuccini alfredo and put hooded merganser on top! Worse fettuccini I ever had. Now if I shoot one I like to make stew, usually beef.
  10. This pains me to hear, literally. You may be right though.
  11. Just gave a Stikemaster 8” gas auger to a friend yesterday. I have the Ion X 40V lithium with extra battery Im never going back. On a 10 day trip up North about 6-7 years ago I had a guy accidentally spill enough gas to cover the bottom of my sled and everything in it, not happening again!
  12. My bad- tried looking it up couldnt find it online. Funny that this is what I was told when I called shop. Anyway, really mentioning because some people seem to be completely unaware. Like the seller today who wanted to meet at Home Depot. Thanks for the correction.
  13. Bought a gun today from a NJ resident, trying to avoid breaking the law so I called the local gun shop to see if we needed to go through a FFL and have a NICS check done. Sure enough as of 12/10 that is the law according to what I was told. What a pain in the stones. NICS was closed today, being Sunday so I had to leave the gun there to pick up later in the week when the NICS can be done. Just a heads up, skip private sales on Sundays! and plan on adding the cost of NICS!!
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