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  1. Beautiful buck! Hope one of you guys get a crack at him this coming season! 🙏
  2. Great scope, love the 3.5 X 10 X 50 too. Good luck with sale, should go quick at this price!
  3. Looks like a possum to me too, almost half his size!
  4. Definitely a cool product! Adding 1/8ths sucks!
  5. Quick look at the score sheet and it looks like your only off by 1/8 of an inch! I think there’s a 5/8ths difference in main beams making the deduction 1 5/8 not 1 3/8. I am tired though and only looked quick! Cool thread and nice work!
  6. Are those La Sportiva Nepal Extreme boots your wearing? Boy, don’t see them to often. Pretty Cool your gonna wind up with a bowl.
  7. Looks like an incredible trip! Congrats , those Flint Hills are a special place.
  8. We saw lions too but figured everyone sees so many in NJ it would have been to easy!
  9. Nice work! You have braid on that reel?
  10. Looks like he knows the camera is there! Cool pic!
  11. Cool Animal to see and evidently they are making a pretty good come back in the Adirondacks.
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