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  1. Lonewolf76

    Has anyone ever killed a droptine?

    Not NJ and not sure it counts as a droptine- but I shot this guy with the bow.
  2. Lonewolf76

    Bottom fishing paradise

    I'm Tim W! Pictures look great Dan. What an awesome week fishing with Dan, Tracey and my good buddy Tim G. This place is seriously one of the most beautiful places that you will ever put a jig in the water. You are in the shadows of the snow covered Mt. St. Elias (2nd tallest on this continent)while fishing. On causal Wednesday when you can't target Halibut, we did a private glacier tour, caught some rock fish, king salmon and spotted prawns for a scampi appetizer! The fishing is second to none for a guy that likes to jig, you don't know if your hooking a 5 pound black rock fish or a 300lb halibut. For anyone that thinks Halibut don't fight, try jigging them on light tackle 8-16oz in up to 130 FOW - the fight is awesome! Well a great week had by all, am always grateful when the company turns out out to be as good as the trip!
  3. In this case the Hanson buck. Ive seen an exact replica of that rack at ground level its unreal! In most other cases I like some character. Old hole in the horn is too much character for me. Give me double droptines and Im all in.
  4. Lonewolf76

    Seafood Feast With A Legend

    Wow- I know what Im having for breakfast! That looks great, sounds like an awesome evening!
  5. Lonewolf76

    Full Cooler

    Fishing beats the hell out of the alternative! And to the 10 pound club, I used to fluke fish a lot more than I do today, and always wanted a 10 pounder however my wifes come closer that me with 9lbs 2oz. The day she caught it, she had snagged about 15 of my bucktails, so I tied on a big red round bucktail that I didn't care about because I was running out and she say "he babe I think this is a big fish on the first drop". LOL story of my life, she also caught a 30+lb striper the first time she ever snagged a bunker! Good Luck we all know you will fill that cooler many time this summer!
  6. Lonewolf76

    Sunrise session between the reefs - Abaco

    Awesome! Thanks for the cool pictures, had me day dreaming from the office with a text that reads "rain will begin at 11:06AM". Keep it up, my wife would have to drag me off that fishing!
  7. Lonewolf76

    Epidural Next Week !!!

    This is a breeze! With today's technology it's nothing, I actually looked forward to the last few because the relief is great! I had 5 or 6 over time and with what everyone else is suggesting have overcome 3 herniated discs that 2 Docs wanted to do surgery on, now they are insignificant on MRI. Good Luck, you'll be better than ever. Take everyone else's advice seriously. Also good PT really helps in that area!
  8. Lonewolf76

    Life Sux

    Where are you located? There are full scale indoor climbing facilities all over the state. I have been a rock climber for 24 years, climbing all of the country and many vertical walls over 1000 feet. I also got into climbing ice, mountains, glaciers etc. I can tell you from experience that I have seen and climbed with MANY individuals in their 70's some as strong as the the climbers in their 20's because they never stopped climbing! The sport is becoming more and more popular for general fitness and is also going to be in the 2020 Olympics!
  9. Lonewolf76

    Life Sux

    PS - Glad your out of the hospital and God Bless!
  10. Lonewolf76

    Life Sux

    Yes - great form of exercise for anyone, no experience necessary. It is a total body workout, it is fun and it can be as simple as climbing a ladder or as difficult as you want (once you get a bit better). I have seen people as old as 86 reach the top of climbing walls. Where do you live?
  11. Lonewolf76

    Rough day on the Raritan Bay

    Thatas awesome! Nice work!
  12. Lonewolf76

    Iowa draw

    Congrats! I will be there bow in hand 2019! Can’t wait and congrats again!
  13. Lonewolf76

    Dream Property!!

    Live to Hunt - I am seriously looking, and already own a nice piece in KS with big whitetails! Now that I know where I want to be and what I want I am more seriously looking for bigger acreage and a house! I would love to be neighbors!
  14. Lonewolf76

    Dream Property!!

    I have a friend buying land and moving to Idaho, he's looked at many properties just waiting on the right one. He claims, there are more opportunities for big game tags in Idaho than any other state in the lower 48. Also just told me that the elk population is growing significantly and that bow hunter harvest percentages are double that of Colorado (this is word of mouth). I will likely hunt there once he secures his new property!
  15. Lonewolf76

    Dream Property!!

    I own a couple of properties in a few different states and have been thinking about consolidating into 1 dream property. So I thought I would put it out there to hear where, what size, why, would make your dream property. I think I have mine narrowed down. I am a bow hunting whitetail fanatic, nothing makes my heart pound like a 150+ whitetail showing up while I'm packing my Elite! The only other species that really interest me are Elk, Moose, Caribou and Mule deer. I completely respect everyone else's choices and in many way am thankful that the Grand Slam isn't my passion! Cause I couldn't afford it and would go broke trying! So, mine would be a whitetail property in Kansas with a 3 bedroom log home, big front porch to sit out side on, a lake on the property with big crappie, and somewhere between 250 -640 acres that I could manage for giants! What's yours?