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Hunting the Wind


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With all the scent eliminating clothing, sprays and gadgets out there. Would you hunt the wrong wind if had the chance to hunt your target buck.

When i was younger i would but now i don't. I start work early so i get out early enough to hunt almost ecery day.  I have to wait for the right wind for me to go. I know you can't get them unless you go but hunting older bucks I think its a must to wait for good wind. I still keep my hunting stuff scent free as possible cause you never can tell where they will come from.

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8 minutes ago, bucky said:

only thing stupider then a 1.5 is a button buck. haha

I had a yearling spike come down off a ridge on the wrong side of my tree.  When he was 10 yards from my tree he smelled me and darted back up the hill 20 yards.  He waited a minute or 2 and then came right back down the same way.  He caught my scent again and ran 20 yards back up the hill again.  He repeated this 4 or 5 times until he finally circled 10 yards upwind of my tree so he could walk past without smelling me.  :rofl:  

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