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  1. Western Somerset county is loooaded with them
  2. The deer I hunt evacuate the area and I never use a flashlight, I like sneaking into my stand when the ground is damp, steady breeze with mid 30's to mid 40's temps and the rut is on
  3. so every deer for a mile away hears you crunching your way into your stand
  4. Thats another good reason to hunt from a tree
  5. Even if it patterns well beyond 30 yards, you will have to worry about penetration issues
  6. Where the hell were all these sex crazed female teachers when I was growing up, there may be some merit to hands on sex education classes
  7. Getting her prepped for Americas new official language
  8. Next year I will give it a try havent seen it on the shelves yet
  9. In most cases bigger is betterI have used both, you would be surprised what another inch will do also the diameter is larger. Plus the sea basstards tear the 5" up a lot quicker
  10. Nice job, but try the 6" pink shine
  11. Perfect deer hunting weather, its only going to be 85 degrees today, good luck to all
  12. bucky

    Money well spent!

    deleted already posted
  13. I heard Nick is back but changed his user name to Flavor Flave, is this true?
  14. Sadly, the whole art of hunting will be lost in ten years
  15. https://eastonarchery.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Hunting-Arrow-Chart-2019-2-1.pdf
  16. Our captain talked to him yesterday when we were out on the water, he stroked it also!
  17. Headed out yesterday for my last day of fluke fishing and it was a bust, six of us fished hard until the south wind came up in the afternoon only landing 4k and 9 shorts. They either had lock jaw or the storm started their push offshore. Fishing was so bad the Fish Monger was fishing the river when we came in! Hopefully some cooler weather will move in shortly so I can get out enjoy some deer hunting
  18. How do you know if its a dry doe, maybe her fawns are playing on the other side of the woods
  19. Nice job, good thing you went crabbing because fluking was horrible, they either headed out or they had lock jaw..4k and 9s yesterday for 6 guys that usually crush the fluke
  20. I try to enter my stand from the opposite way the deer are coming from so they don't cross my path, but not always possible. Doing so also keeps my wind from blowing into the bedding area on my way in. That's just my opinion, but when hunting mature whitetails I try to avoid their noses at all costs using the wind. I have used all rubber boots that have worked on occasion as well
  21. Not a Remington man myself ,I never tried the site but good catch
  22. Most mechanicals are one and done thats why I stick with fixed with replacement blades
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